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my cousin's in South Carolina are now aware of who you are my cousins in law I like on calling me like they calling my wife in some Savannah Georgia and families in armed justice about her uh yesterday you brought it up I wasn't gonna mention Hillary and I'm not gonna talk long but are we in cut in this country in danger of creating essentially monarchs of political families and is that danger I think it is okay here's what the story is in my view here is you're putting your finger although I disagree with you just a little bit okay on a huge issue okay all right what does democracy mean ma cracy really means it's not a complicated ideas everybody has input everybody votes right yeah that's what it means one person one vote what you got now is a economy which is largely rigged in the sense that almost all of the new wealth and income is going to the top one percent gotcha okay and you have an incredibly unequal distribution of wealth okay that's what the one reality and then you got another reality and the reality is that the folks who have the money they're not putting that money under their mattress they want political power so as a result of this disastrous citizens united Supreme Court decision billionaires can now buy elections that's so they could spend as much money as they want and that's what's happening when you have one family like the Koch brothers an extreme right-wing billionaire family they and a few of their friends are going to spend 900 million dollars on this campaign that is more money than the Democrats will spend more money than the Republicans what does that sound to you as I saw like democracy definitely is not but it leads me to ask this I have a lyric where I say you know could it be the man behind the man behind the man behind the throne I consider you a good man with grand ideas but that pessimism and apathy that seeps into my community into the general American community arm says don't go out and vote because whether those brothers by Hillary or by Trump or by something two seats for sale how do we I don't want to say how do we know you're not facilities for sale how do we know the presidency of the United States is not bought and paid for to the point where the grand ideas that you have that could help and radically Changez country won't get stifled because of the money well first of all even if even if every speech that I give that's what I say I say hey do you think Bernie Sanders can do it alone I can't let's be very clear about this the powers that be Wall Street corporate America the corporate media campaign donors do you think if I go into the White House and I say hey you know Wall Street I got a great idea I think you should pay a tax on speculation so that I can put all of our kids into college tuition free what do you think they're gonna say to me like hey that's a great idea Bernie why didn't we think of that idea what they will do is go nuts right how do we beat them you only beat them when all kinds of people stand up and say you don't want you guys you're gonna have to take pay a tax on speculation so that young people in America will have the opportunity to go to college I can't do it alone no present so to answer your question I don't think I can do it alone gotcha all right but your good question is how do we get people involved and people have been disappointed people have been hurt and when you talk about the media watching the TV I gotta tell you I think in many respects media does a awful job in educating the American people about the reality of what's going on and they got a reason to that too you know something about the media I suppose sided I do I didn't I you talk about the education of a Americans you seem to be the only politician that wants a smarter constituency you seem to be the only politician that wants a smarter constituency and now I understand why because you're one of the first politics out her say it's a weak it is a collective of people I believe that the people that got fired up in 2008 about Barack Obama the ideas not just that you're human being who's tall slender look who had a cool-looking family like you know Cosby Show part three it really was he set forth ideas that we had been told for too long don't wish that hi you are the natural evolution I think of our feeling and I'm not saying he's part two of rock Obama in no way am I saying that I'm not saying that he's here to collect carry on a political campaign starting $2,000 in it I'm saying that the feeling that I had of the hope and possibility to change you have come and voiced an actual policy that you're willing to push through for all of us to get behind and why aren't people seeing it that way Val you're like we are taking on the world gotcha I mean you know we are who we're taking on a corporate media which is much more interested in looking at politics as a baseball game yeah or as a soap opera rather than dealing with the real issues here let me throw it out to you you tell me if you've seen this on TV as a result of Technology the average worker in America is producing a lot more correct gotcha okay yeah why is the person everything being equal earning less money good question err good question why is the United States the only major country on Earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all people good question so there the question all right is it moral that the top one-tenth of one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% absolutely not more right you hear that discussion on CNN and NBC not too often so what we are trying to do and I'm very proud we're gonna have a whole many thousands of people out here in Atlanta you know we have 27,000 people out in Los Angeles all right people are beginning to hear it but I'm not a fool and I know you don't change this country overnight but the main thing is and let me repeat it nothing happens unless people stand up you know I just visited dr. King said yeah all right what was that whole thing about do you think he said hey I'm dr. Martin Luther King I'm really smart guy I'm a great orator I'm gonna change the world he was a profound organizer correct yes sir that's what he did and that's what we have you went to the king you went to the king mark you went to the day I have a dream arch you were there and you have consistently you could organize what sneak you tip like that's the pretty I know mix extreme location yeah good that's that is that I also have language that's a bomb like that his dad is absolutely look this is what we felt we were in the north we were in Chicago got a student at the University of Chicago what we saw if I can use some bomb as we saw our friends getting the picked out a woman getting beaten to help gotcha alright so we try to get some money they were the brave ones not us we got sick of money there and in Chicago what we worked on is the fact that the school that I went to a great prestigious university turns out that they own segregated housing how's that so you know what we did we'd send a black coupling to an apartment they go in to say hi you have any apartments available no sorry we just saw an hour later we sent the white couple in oh yeah let me show you those reappointments that we have available so we kind of explodes that we made an impact we got involved in segregated schools in Chicago but the issue that I loved most about dr. King is not just that he helped lead the civil rights movement and destroying segregation and so forth this man was incredibly courageous man you know why he was courageous if you were sitting in a sense all the media everybody loved you and you look at what you did you got the Voting Rights Act and you desegregated the south what did he do next he's appreciative the war in Vietnam and poverty taxis talk sadly and then everyone turned their back on they said you know what they said to him they said you are an african-american leader your job is to worry about civil rights who the hell are you talking about the war in Vietnam why are you talking about distribution of wealth but because this guy was a brilliant guy and this is what I love about him he began his mind grew and grew and grew that's a smart person you don't need you don't stay in the same place your whole life and he began to understand yeah so we broke down segregation at a lunch counter what the hell difference does that mean if you can't afford the hamburger if you can't afford to send your kid to school absolutely if you're talking about non-violence and the United States in the world Vietnam was a major perpetuator of violence you're a hypocrite if you don't talk about it he was not a hypocrite and is an extraordinary man and this is what I have wanted to get to King is often and it's it's no it's not by accident we're in a barber shop and it's not only because I own the barber shop and it's a great business promotion opportunity barbershops seem to be the only place in my life that black men in particular have been able to speak the truth and not worry about getting killed um it's a place where beyond black men working-class men can come speak the truth without worrying about the I was cutting them off at the job a lot of union organizers started happening in the back of a barber shop or whiskey house you know um you have been besides Alice Johnson was a white woman my friend and mentor besides James and Warren she was an organizer with dr. King it's featured in that movie they did about Selma on besides joseph Lowery besides Andrew Young the people that I've met that I know from the civilized movie you're the only person who has there to talk about dr. King's connectivity or connecting Warren poverty with segregation and racism with the economy with workers rights with women's rights you're the only one in my 40 years of I've seen do this on a national stage where was thought the king when he was assassinated he was in Memphis doing what he was supporting a union effort absolutely to improve wages and working conditions for people who are terribly exploited that's what he was doing and what was he working on what was the big project that he was working on in the last month's of his life a poor people's much absolutely okay that was not just African Americans that was whites that was Hispanics Native Americans and that's exactly what I'm getting to you have been the only candidate that I have seen able to connect people who were once disconnected in this way and I believe the disconnection is something that is orchestrated I believe is something that's encouraged I believe it's something that for the last at least 40 50 years there has been a political agenda to make sure that people choose teams I often speak at colleges and the number one thing I tell kids is they brought me here they talk about racism and to talk about police brutality because they know that's my box I'm a black guy I have to think about those things on a daily basis but what I need you to do today and I tell kids is is to tell yourself issue come in the door I'm gonna put my team to the side and I'm gonna look at how my team is interconnected with these other teams and how can we as individuals be different he's different and help each other tell your story of other than my gotcha in the 1950s what state in this country had the lowest paid white workers what's the thing you guys how'd imagine Georgia Alabama try Mississippi that makes it okay what did the whole system tell these white workers who are the lowest paid white workers in the United States American other words these workers were being exploited yeah what I said is you can go to that water fountain and drink and the black guy can you go to that bathroom you can go to that rest of man you got it good meanwhile you paying we're paying you nothing so you divided blacks from whites this case whites from blacks this is what they always do then they go and they say see that woman up there she's an uppity woman she wants your job man you're not gonna let that woman take your job you got a divide from her and that guy's gay over there man you gotta hate him gonna destroy your marriage cuz he's gay gotta hate him oh and there's a person speaks with the Spanish you know little bit Spanish it came from Mexico she's supposed to hate that man you're not going to work with those people that has been what the ruling class has got over and over again why because they understand when we come together you fight for decent wages we you fight for education for your kids you can fight to strengthen Social Security we went hands-down but if they divide us up eggwin this amazing man the Democratic Socialist guy used to worry so much and you know everyone else is saying the eye of the York you know is I have this on it's your problem I am you know I just wish man that I wish to stay as angry as you you know there are days where I just say well you can be relaxed you're gonna you know you're gonna retire middle-class you tell your kids okay and yet I find a new reason to get angry every year and I used to think that it was gonna kind of taper off you know I was gonna I tell myself I'm gonna retire to Jamaica in ten years but I know it's a lot I know that whenever this thing I do call wrapping is over and singing and dancing that I'm gonna be angrily shouting out of someone's office in their landing you mean yeah if you see stuff that's bad you don't respond with what it can call it the fierceness of the urgency of the moment or something there you know uh then you're not alive so don't lose that anger

  1. Come on pepple.. how has one of the most beautiful and powerful conversations of our lifetime not gone viral ….. spread this word to the world…. and you will get the world you deserve….

  2. Can’t believe I didn’t know about this interview before now. You never see presidential candidates being this real and straight-to-the-point. It’s no wonder the corporate media is constantly trying to silence Bernie.

  3. Watching this in 2019…….We're going to blast Bernie to the oval office so fast,,,,,,,he'll forget he broke his foot kicking Trump's ass out of Washington.

  4. Happy MLK day… just watching this now thinking how this guy could have been the President lol

  5. I think people should be extremely cautious of socialism because this means an increase of governments power, reach and influence. But with that being said I really do think on just a human level I feel like Bernie did genuinely give a damn about people more than the other options. It's a shame he didn't at least get past Hilary.

  6. It is stunning, absolutely unbelievable, the outrageous manipulations that occurred BY THE CLINTONS AND DNC to keep Bernie from being President. He would have won the Presidency had everything been legit. There's something very comforting about Bernie.

  7. BERNIE SANDERS, I hope you read this. You don't have to be President to be the true leader, keep speaking out for those with no voices. Keep holding a vision of a better tomorrow, no one can stop an idea who's time has come.
    Keep people aware of what is really going on in Capital Hill.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  8. Im not even American but watching this is captivating. You can feel the passion they both have. Hopefully in the near future people like them will be world leaders!

  9. So sad he is not on ticket for 2016. Our country is going to hurt from the nominees left. How did we come to this? I will probably vote for the independent.

  10. Bernie would be a good idea later, when we have fixed our economy and we could be able to fix it after Clinton Bush and Obama Ruined it. But since that had happen we cannot have him in office it would only cost us more which is too bad. Clinton would not improve our economy and ruin us more, Trump would most likely improve it but, there is a slight chance that since the media played him as a racist, it would not improve us. I feel like since Bernie is not going to be elected, Trump would be the best choice other than Clinton. The lesser of the 2 evils. If anyone would like to debate me on this I would gladly.

  11. This part made me cry. When my Black Brother was looking for an apartment, I referred him to where my friends lived because there were vacancies and it was close to his job. When he called the managers office they said they did not have vacancies. I'm assuming because they could tell he was Black. So I asked my White homegirl to actually go and inquire about their vacancies. Sure enough they showed her three available apartments and quoted her a price. She then said she would take the 1 bedroom and put down a deposit. Then she told the manager that she was going to get her boyfriend so that he too could sign to be responsible for the rent. When the manager saw that he was Black, all of a sudden it became VERY formal and to the point. Because there was a discrimination act in place, she could no longer refuse renting to him because of his race. Turned out that my Black Brother became the Managers "go to" for her legal and tax matters. Imagine? Today, thanks to Killer Mike, I am a Bernie supporter 100%. And as for Killer Mike, WHY hasn't our community embraced him and utilize him to represent "Our People"? If Killer Mike decides to run for anything, my "hard earned money" will be shared for the cause. Thank you Jesus for today, Amen <3

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