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okay okay am I talking into a camera am I just talking to him all right we talked on the phone but great to meet you my name is Mike Rinder nice to meet you Bernie Sanders thank you a professional on his arm killer Mike I rap and I rap about a lot of the stuff that you ran about and I want to talk about that I'm a kid that grew up on the west side of Atlanta not far from here working-class community I like money I've always considered myself a capitalist I've always tried to invent ways make money I remember stuff would fall off the back of a truck we get it we come to school sell it whether it was toys candy or what not and out of the stuff that I got or when my grandpa died go fishing we catch extra fish or one of the neighbors would grow at the time and my community people still grew stuff had chickens in the backyard stuff like that um you kill a chicken or get aged you take and share it with other people we still have chickens in the backyard in Burlington Vermont I definitely should take a visit but I say that because although I consider myself a capitalist and I wanted to make money young there was a certain compassion to it there was a compassionate capitalism of sorts in which I understood I was a part of a bigger community so the lady Miss Ruby whose yard I used to cut for $25 I cut her front and back yard when she start paying me less and I complain to my grandmother my grandmother explained to me that she didn't have the money she used to have she'd have money she used to have because her Medicaid so I got affected but I stayed doing the job because I knew that her yard needed to be cut it deserved because she deserved to have the dignity that she had always had and then I started learning about in high school tenth immense of other political systems besides capitalism socialism communism what a death spot is you know and socialism although preached in a very scary way boogeyman lightweight to citizens of this country now it's not far and you were born 1941 I'm essentially Franklin Delano Roosevelt so president the things that he was proposing at the time like Social Security things of that nature were considered socialism taking us on the road to communism and I think that's something very mean damn they're evil that said when you're talked about because it doesn't represent what I think your real philosophy is and people of my community my ethnic community haven't had an opportunity to hear you simply say these are the things I think so what is socialism and what does it mean to the black community what it means to me what it means to the black community what it means to the American community is the understanding that when we talk about rights right yeah you have freedom of speech you can go out on the street corner give a speech after you have the constitutional right to do that absolutely but you don't want to be truly free you need economic rights as well actually all rights even go out and give a speech they don't have any food in your stomach in around our house roof over your head you don't have any education are you really free and I think that in the richest country in the history of the world Mike which is what we are right now we can do infinitely better in providing economic rights to our people so when I talk about democratic socialism this is what I say you have a right regardless of your income to healthcare yes I believe that where you're rich whether you're poor you're old young black white you have a right to health care you have a right to have an education and I think in the year 2015 you have a right to have free tuition at public colleges and universities if you have the ability I don't think if you're poor you should be denied that education all right I think you have a right to have a decent job that pays you a living wage and you can't make it on seven and a quarter an hour which is why we have to raise the minimum wage why we need pay equity for women workers so what I am talking about when I talk about democratic socialism is to make sure that in the richest country in the history of the world which is what we have right now that everybody at least has a minimal standard of living and some dignity as a result of that so at the end of the day people want to get paid a fair wage exactly um because people in favor of our wage people will get to have fair living condition absolutely on people get to spend more time at home with their children which gives children a bonus of confidence of I should go to school and perform well because now I have a parent that's in the household that can help me like you're making a huge point which we don't talk about all that often when I was growing up 400 years ago hey you know that one person in those days often the man could work 40 hours a week absolutely and provide for the family absolutely and today what are you seeing all over Merc you're seeing husbands and wives working incredibly long hours have some are they spending the time with the kids that they should be spending they are they can't so the kids are hanging out in the street corners yeah kids are getting into trouble absolutely and on and on it goes and again in the richest country in the history of the world we should not be having the highest level of childhood poverty of only almost any major country on earth but right I guess senator Sanders like what where are people not seeing the connect like to me all these things are interconnected um I grew up organizing right down the street with a group of suburban kids rowdy gang member kids regular DNA student kids C and D kids right down the street led by a woman named Alice Johnson from Chicago and she introduced me to the ten minutes of social justice good right I didn't know what social justice was we all were just like we are here trying to live we what is social justice and my first lesson of social justice where she organized on the behalf the Atlanta folds conventional children in you but a woman named Jean Charles young Andrew Young's on late wife and she said there's no way I'm going to organize on the behalf of kids and not have kids a part of that process not have kids a part of that talk so you seem to be the only candidate that is inclusive of ideas that you just can bring to the table ideas other people I'm literally here on a tweet I'm here because I tweeted I thought your ideas are progressive and I'd love to have a conversation with you and the response is that you're here that's a very different narrative than anyone running for national office especially u.s. president you are different why

  1. Bernie is the bedst man for the American people.His spirit,his heart. His dreams are for all americans, not just for people with way to much money that they could ever spend. Who needs a house with 10 rooms. As Sheekeye jr says.Americans are the only people who vote against their own best interests. Why is that ?

  2. Mr. Mike Render… I just tried to send you message and I'm not sure if It transmitted…. please … please let me know if I messed up and didn't deliver or I did …. it was very significant putting IT mildly…. much love …. Moses

  3. I'd like to start by saying Mike & Bernie, you are BOTH cut from the same cloth and they don't make that fabric, anymore!
    – I am the great-granddaughter of immigrants. My great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents were all self-made business owners, who passed that "self make yourself" mentality onto their children. My sibling and I, both started and began running our own businesses at the ages of nineteen…fast-forward, ten years later, when I was diagnosed with a chronic life-changing illness, which forced me to sell my business and run through my entire life savings due to medical bills and trying to properly care for myself.
    Let's, fast-forward almost another ten years, and now, my grandparents are now both living with my parents because Medicare, refuses to pay a dime for anything until both of their life savings have been completely bled dry. Meanwhile, I have been fighting and struggling physically because I barely have an income, lost my healthcare coverage a few years ago and am in need of special medical care and surgery, both which Medicaid, continues to deny and refuses to cover. Now, that my father has retired, my family can no longer afford to help me out because social security is almost impossible to survive on. Unfortunately, for myself, I will soon be faced with selling my home and moving back in with my parents.
    How is it, that four generations of self-made business owners, who religiously paid taxes and into the programs that this country promised, would care and provide for them, if and when the time came, should we ever really be in need of them, have now basically told us to "go fuck yourselves and die" !!??? It's criminal, inhumane and BEYOND mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually devastating and degrading.
    As Americans' we have ALL been sold multiple lies from our government. They said "give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" and so we gave them every ounce of life, energy and hope our bodies had in them and now, they turn their backs on us, and are going to leave us to die with LESS than my family came here with four generations ago??! – I say all this, to say, I am with you both and from the bottom of my broken body and heart, thank you both for doing this interview and for giving "the tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to breath free" a voice. Infinite love and gratitude <3

  4. Everyone needs to watch this video clip…the words are so so true and hits home for a lot of people!

  5. Bernie Sanders is telling the truth. But socialism is not the way, social justice is the way forward.

  6. Voted for Sanders as a write-in candidate, but have recently changed my mind about him.
    Like a typical politician, Sanders has changed his position on the 2nd amendment in a knee-jerk reaction to recent events.
    Like Killer Mike, I'm pro 2nd amendment and will not abdicate my right to self defense.

  7. Came back to this interview in 2018 because it is still one of the best interviews I have ever seen of a political figure. It is an absolute shame that the corporations and politicians allowed two evils to fight against one another to represent the citizens of the United States of America.

  8. In this video: a guy talks non-stop for 6 minutes 31 seconds, and bernie talks for 1 second. There, I summed it up for you all.

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