Talking about racist jokes, antifa, and communism with a viewer

okay I'm here can you hear me you're muted by the way just in case you don't know now I know I know you can hear me but I can't hear you you're muted unmute yourself oh there we go sorry can you talk now I believe that what they were serving me I didn't realize that bringing them into this channel automatically super mutes them that's dumb I don't usually use this channel users do fucking private calls they left that they left the thing knew they couldn't keep me there or now that they couldn't hear me maybe they couldn't talk hoo-wee also my gosh thank you for the subscription here's so sweet you thank you you are all wonderful and your support means everything to me seriously Thank You hoot wheels and welcome to the collective that's what I'm gonna call my me until I until I pick something better like an hour ago Robin the bard asked me a question on on on stream labs that said Lexy completely not considering likelihood or populate or anything best candidate right now can you name one out of all the ones that are doing it I'd say other ones like in the race Bernie bio bombings Bernie's brains the best candidate right now but yeah I don't know if I would just say one outright okay never mind hey can you hear me because I can't hear you if you're talking I can't hear you I'm in the call with you though no I don't think hey I got banned I don't I don't think it ever happened hey boys alright hold on there you are yeah yeah I can hear you give me a give me a good testing oh you got echo one sorry okay can you can you hear me and stuff okay I muted twitch because there's a lot of echo but I can hear you yeah okay okay yeah good if they switching this is on yeah you'll hear me a couple times but I can everyone else here daily moisturizing lotion okay hey yeah so what did you want to talk about Harmon immigration I wanted you to defend your position you said as a flat-out fully fledged communist myself that begs for violent revolution even I understand that over immigration does result in over labor supply which absolutely does create competition in rag down wages of our nation's poorest there's a fuck ton of evidence on that from very esteemed economists I love the left that sometimes they seem naive and I'm willing to accept some difficult truths I won't open border to worldwide but you're talking about doing away with the nation so I want to ask first what do you mean when you say doing away with the nation you're talking about doing away with the idea of the nation-state which I'm in favor of I want to see a globalized world right that's like Kennedy I mean it's all the workers unite but that's a huge thing you know you got a river to take it slow under with the idea of it but the realities of it are yeah it's it lowering wages it is taking it is creating competition for our workers poorest in our nation so they refused to identify that which kind of pisses me off well I don't think they refused to identify that I think there's a couple different conversations that are being had there there's one where you can say my idealized society I prefer like open borders but I'm in in in addition to those open borders I would also like to make sure that I whether or not it's even even some capitalist I know people like like destiny you say things along the lines of that open borders and stuff like that but along with the ability to make sure the people can have the most amount of freedom to make the best choices you know move wherever they want and and and also you know get various jobs you know that you know throughout you know throughout various you know areas get that right opening borders would probably increase you'd have people who think in turn about so it's and things like that would with easily or easier get to where it needs to be gonna take time you can't just have that happen instantly I mean that's that's a massive change and I feel like the left wants to push it too hard you have to understand what the right is coming from a little bit and realize that they do have some legitimate creative criticisms of that I mean I mean nice okay okay poor guys they're hurting from they're hurting from immigration stuff like that they're poor and as a communist I people right for a second would you say you what people as a communist I relate to poor people I relate to the working Kronus and I understand that yes over immigration is probably hurting them it's hurting their wages it's hurting their job competition so they're having to go oh and and and work for wages that are barely survivable and I don't agree with that so I mean okay okay so there's a couple different things here one is that this idea that that like yes poor people can be those that are that are the most affected by immigration I don't know what you think is like over immigration right now because like we have like a like one of the strictest immigration policies like it's incredibly strict right now especially consider like comparatively to to any other western country like at all like like I said it takes years for people to get in separately I understand that poor people are usually the ones that are most impacted but that doesn't mean that I can't advocate for both like open borders or or disagree with a lot of the rights ideas of arbitrarily controlling the flow of immigration when instead you could just create policy that helps those that are better the most offset by by the immigration I agree that our policy needs to be reworked so that so that people get in right it's too slow right now and and people deserve if they're willing to work hard and things like that to get into the United States puffing up their selves right have a first-world income and do good and just do good for their family and things like that but the borders right now instantaneously that's too much okay much of a shocking I don't think what gradually okay even though I currently advocate for open borders I don't think that like I have a cape for it as a as I as a as part of it is a political position but it's because of like where I am morally like my morals my ethical system is one in which open borders would be the most reasonable option and and I I feel like it I don't know I'm gonna say it's disingenuous but I feel like it's like I'm not voting there's no one that's like in the race right now that's like we need to tear down the border there should be no no border whatsoever with Canada or Mexico and we need to just let everybody and there's no one saying that in the political race right now so I don't think that I'm really like destroying the conversation or anything by by advocating for what is like I believed with like the most moral thing I can say this is the most moral thing I think we should like work there I think that we're not really going to get there without you know significant either like violent revolution or whatever like there's a there's a lot of stuff that can it's part of it I just I I don't love the way that you've phrased this argument you started by saying but there's like over immigration and it like supports it results in like over labor supply stuff like that when that's not the situation we're in whatsoever and it feels like it's capitulating to this right-wing idea that like like along with the way they along with the way that you said the doing away with the nation it's a very it's very dog-whistle ii in in plays off a lot of what the right says about about you know you know turning turning the country and in like mexico and stuff like that the left needs to not just write off everything that the right says right I don't think they do worried about they're probably worried about immigration for legitimate causes so the nation's poorest are you stop are you sure meet in the middle and really advance to works progress you really have to kind of try to put yourself in their shoes and stand and think that you know hey maybe what they're saying isn't just a little bullshit maybe they actually have some legitimacy they can have legitimate concerns but they can still be bullshit like okay okay if your idea I'm here let me can we try think about a vote of an analogy when we think of an analogy that that better suits this so if i if i say that that say aliens are attacking great and and I remain me a Lian's just like like random aliens come they come to earth they don't even do anything they just they have a ship and they land and they sit there right yeah yeah they just home they sit in their ship and some people say we need to kill the aliens because they're aliens and they're here and they're invading us and we have to kill them right now before they do anything whatsoever and then other people are like well we don't even know why the aliens are here do you think we can maybe like figure it out first like no we have to do it right now we have to kill them right now because they're gonna destroy everything they're gonna just wear everything they're gonna destroy their you know they're gonna go our way of life they're gonna make a slaves like well I don't I don't really I can't can we like go like figure it out first okay if it's what it's what it feels like right now where there's significant number of people who are literate like the same kinds of people who support the president saying that they're like all rapists and thieves and stuff like that that and some of them maybe are good people like where the idea is that they're mostly bad people mostly like gang members you know breaking the law and stuff like that like like yeah when you with the rhetoric from Trump is bullshit most the immigrants they come across the border are not bad people they're really good people probably family people looking for you know just a basic job personal income things like that they're not wanting something bad maybe some of them are but but the right does right if you do some some some kind of research and watch some YouTube videos on the psychological differences between those the right and the left the the conservative brain is more fear driven they are there are more kind of lizard based brain they respond to fear so as soon as you say immigration they're gonna go oh my god you know they're different they're invaders they're terrible and yeah their ex Ponce's their response is definitely too extreme I would agree with you on that but the underlying tone is that there is some concern there the right does take it too far but but yeah okay and so so I offer it a tacit agreement with you that yes there are some things and sometimes where we should do a reasonable job and in in not even engaging with the bullshit that they push and instead just looking for what's the what's that what's the heart of this issue why are they really with what's really upsetting them and in some cases you can say it's just pretty outright racists like it's just it's just racism like there's a see yeah there is there is a real fear among among lower-class people that are mostly lower class white people with lower class people that that they sorry everything there's a real fear I'm lower class people that like they will be off off off you know they they won't they won't have their jobs anywhere to be that we pushed out by these new immigrants so I thought that might be a real fear these people have but they don't ever actually engage with the ways that would get them out of that position if you know what I mean so so I Clinton Clinton as much as I hate I don't like her Clinton had a plan to retrain a significant number of workers that might have been like pushed out by immigration is you're gonna retrain them so that they could get new chugs and and no one engages with it because they because it's not because they don't care but like they're there already so fundamentally far away that like this like yeah even even when we do actually try to find a hard the issue they don't really care yeah well I mean they're conservatives right they want to they don't like change they want to they want to stay and kind of this same system that they've already made it themselves they want to stay in trench to that they don't want to go Luke no go learn new things and new skills like that and move on so any disturbance to that they're they're not gonna take it very well sure I I agree agree yeah though they won't take that kind of stuff well but you're thinking we're gonna argue much than we actually know I wonder I wanted to make sure because it was really frustrating people who usually say shit about immigration being bad and then continue to go to the next position of and this means we're no longer I have a country that's usually a dog with so four Mexicans are gonna turn America into Mexico and you don't want you want America to be like Mexico break Mexico is just a shithole like that kind of stuff I just kind of I'm still left in fact I'm very far but serves and even though well you said I'm very far left but very far to left but I see the rights concerns because I try to put myself in their shoes so I do too I tried really really hard to make sure that I really engage with the ideas and not just the the ones that they say out loud but the things that they think deep down I just don't feel like they don't they don't they don't care they're they take it to the extreme right order are not gonna completely upset your way of life you know like but probably mix with it you know they you know Mexicans got some pretty bomb food you know I like it and uh too so so what's wrong with that okay I got I got a question for you oh right you might I'm just I'm curious why while you're discord name was initially containing a slur oh yeah well that was bad right I'll change this a no you can't you changed your name what said five minutes after you joined it's been forever since I've long been a discord with this account uh-huh take that too far right there I think there's some there's some camaraderie could be gained like your family right are you always good to your family no you're not you make jokes about them scurrying up and stuff like that all the time I mean I had to cut out like a significant amount of my extended family but go on well I screwed my brothers all the time right you know I call them names and silicate I think I think more than half the time I don't actually refer them you get their names just like you know hate– dumb-ass something like that so it doesn't to hurt them specifically but it's know each other so well there's there's some camaraderie gain there so I say that are you trying to posit that like the way to the right tries to like be like super racist and say a bunch of dumb shit about Mexico that it's like trying to put some like create some sort of camaraderie together like make this this this we're in it together like if we're making fun of everyone and that's like an okay thing Oh most of its bad but sometimes it is good in one thing like I'll give an example like Indian people Indian people have a probably gonna catch on to this but Indian people have a custom of just shitting in the street okay there are bathrooms of stuff that they've made sanitation better in their country but they still prefer to just go shit on the sidewalk are you are you are you the person that was in here before talking about but me for a second viewer with me it's very interesting that I haven't heard about any conversation about Indians pooping in the streets until someone posted some dumb shit in the shitposting channel and now you're talking about it again are you you swear to God right now you're not that person you're not what was their name fucking revolutionary one back on topic so Oh fun of them but you're not making funny about anything really serious yes you are you're dehumanizing you're dehumanizing them to the point of thinking that they get oh shit in the street and not only that you use the slur in English where the image had it okay okay if I so so if I if I made it fine if I made a meme III saw me I'm Sam saw I saw me one for Chan and the 4chan meme it was just just a joke about how about how black people have they're just you know their IQ is just less than than everyone else's you know they're just naturally their brains you know we could tell by like the shape of their skull that we can just tell we just tell that they're that they're you know they're just they're just they're just dumber than every once they have a lower IQ so if someone made that meme you wouldn't say that's like racist that is racist that's too far I don't I think I have a turtle lines with me and I think that's why you're talking about it it's really hard to pin down but I think that nailing something down about someone's just genetics is this wrong because it's not maybe the meme is just that all of their culture is just is just it's just shit their culture is just wrong and bad you know look at the way that they're all is if you see a bunch of memes that are talking about how like every black guy has like his pants sag down and how that's like unamerican or wrong or like you know every black guy is like a killer or whatever isn't that kind of fucked up fuck that right but it has nothing to do with like the genetics or stuff anymore you were just talking about the culture the same way that you did with the Indian conversation or conversation Indian meme how where's the difference I just I just think it's more hard to judge someone based off their genetic genetics and their IQ truth it is to joke about I I moved away from the genetics and IQ and who stole something it was wrong I've moved completely away from genetics IQ and you still said that it was like it would be racist it was wrong oh I guess like if we're gonna make fun of black people style which I mean maybe that maybe maybe you say it's the culture of like them having children too young and although of having children too young having shit jobs and never going to school or dropping out of school or like it's not like any of them these things are like genetics it's just they may they just may the memes are all about how the culture is just broken isn't that racist I said it maybe instead of it being like a genetic conversation like they have a lower IQ inherently maybe the the memes are centered around the fact that these people are maybe the memes are about them having children too young or the dropping out of high school or dropping out of you know any school not not finishing it going having shit jobs if you happen to live in the ghetto you know you know pushing drugs you know murdering any of that if the means are all about that none of nothing has to do with genetics aren't those still fucked up that's probably due to and it's probably two years of socio-economic depression and you don't think that the the years decades of socio economic depression in India might cause like a culture that that that is fundamentally different than our own and that maybe a lack of education about sanitary care and a lack of facilities causes a bit of a problem you know and that making memes about that is probably pretty racist it well I didn't I didn't mean it to you racist and maybe it was looking back on it now but I shouldn't have did that but it was just the joke it did it was light-hearted I didn't mean to I'm off his race to say fun and trying to build some camaraderie that was it how does it build camaraderie you could make jokes about me like when I heard jokes about white people stuff I don't get very internally so I look at it as an opportunity to just grow closer to each other from that because because humor kind of builds that humor comedy things like that or what or what brings us closer together so that's that's how I look at it is if it's light-hearted enough and it's okay and probably bring you guys we bring people closer okay but but you realize that like white people jokes generally aren't like about how they're like a completely fucked up society that's never gonna get better right yeah they're generally like white people can't dance and yeah you probably don't take that to heart but when it's an entire country of people an entire you know race the entire like I mean they all shit in the streets or whatever it's it's it's not really light humor there and on top of that it plays into lots of racist conversations lots of races talking points okay I'm curious where'd you get it where'd you get the picture Shanna right but skew now that you say like that and you talk you talk about it oh stream everyone I apologize maybe it was it was an insensitive thing to do so thank you for apologizing I I would I would I would urge you to continuously critique yourself and into it to think about these things a little more often before you before you you know share them I will say I have laughed at fucked up stuff I have I do sometimes as you fucked up stuff that I think it's funny it doesn't mean that I think it should be shared especially on a platform with other people who have the potential to be hurt by it of course because you're human sometimes it's just shock humor sometimes it's really fucked up and then it's just the shock humor alone that gets me I I admit it I it happens but just it's just you have to be conscientious about about this stuff there are people who are hurt by it and because there are other people people who are far worse than you who will use this to completely dehumanize them refuse them jobs refuse them you know if you know basic services that they need yeah okay I think there is there's two but I'm gonna hop out of this call that's it come on I feel like there's a is there another conversation she did you have a topic that you wanted to talk about God if you have one if you have one ready we will go through it real quick we'll do one topic of your choosing you can talk about one of the recent ones is that I think I think even if Bernie gets elected up Bernie I care about Bernie and all these policies and things like that but I still don't think it's gonna make much of a difference I think the left is is all for him but if history is any indicator what it's actually gonna take is the people stepping up and doing something drastic to see acts will change true throughout the course of history for a long time people are gonna have to and up do something for their to actually be change so just voting for a politician but in front of the president isn't gonna do much it may it may tilt the needle a little bit but I mean sure remaining I don't this is why I said I use I use electoral politics as a fun farm reduction I think that it is significantly better but both in saw my Trump and someone like Biden but um Biden – us III don't really like Biden you're right I don't I don't think good and yes if you are actually having like an entire if you if you want like a full system change sure people do have to go out like the proletariat has to ban together III agree but it's not really we're like I'm not like I as far as like presidential electoral politics goes I don't think anyone thinks that Bernie's gonna like chain I mean except for the right-wingers that have no idea what they're talking about I don't think any especially a president is gonna like fundamentally overthrow like multiple systems unless they do it like single-handedly and in that case it would be they would they would just get impeached because the the right would do that oh so we agree I'm going on that position sure on the position that Biden or that Bernie won't like completely overthrow systems absolutely Bernie will Bernie will completely overthrow systems it state it put too much too much trust in it if we elect a Bernie better he's gonna make all these things better and it's it's it's really not true they're still gonna be a ton of resistance in the House and the Senate Oh on the shootings like that and it's not gonna be what we expect so well I mean it depends on what whenever I talk about it I don't always like say it if it gets to this point I usually end up saying something along the lines of it would have to be with a you know a blue Congress it wouldn't even have to like you can't like it won't he can't do it by he's a president he can do like like little things he can do is I didn't we calmed the UM the executive orders and stuff like that but but ya know it takes the takes Congress to pass laws and then he would sign them but it's just that what he would push for and what we would hope that the Democrats would fall in line with would be things that would be significantly better than if someone else was there Oh I'm gonna respond to screen a little bit I hope when Humber sent he's faking all the Communists shear in Italy not I am I have been for a while like I am communist I believe that I believe that we're going to get there but I don't gradually like it's not gonna be a thing it happens instantaneously but we that's something we should aim towards you fuck bosses I hate foxes I hate them to their core I think they're greedy pieces of shit that exploit their workers and sit on their ass most of their day so fuck them rest against them who'd you vote for in 2016 I voted for I vote for Hillary okay I believe you I didn't smile you had a lot of conviction in your voice but uh uh uh uh I believe you think people are way too hard on her right I think I think thing was kind of bullshit if you look at it look at all the things that Trump had unders but like you know tax evasion things like that then all Hillary had was emails and that's pretty much all people hold of her I come on yeah actually look at her policy standard he was a better she was a fare Canada at least maybe she wasn't Bernie we should wintered all this progressive stuff but but she was okay she wasn't as mad as most people make her out to be well I mean I think I mean she's a piece of as far as luck you really don't sound like a communist I'm gonna be like really real I don't know how you've got to calling it a communist but like roast me if you like fundamentally don't see the problems with someone like Hillary Clinton you feel like you're not a communist I'm a communist I just feel like I feel like nuance is very important I mean you can have nuance and still say I fundamentally disagree with everything that Hillary was like pushing for outside of like these very specific like harm reduction tactics to help certain marginalized communities yes that wasn't really greatly into politics then but since after that I've gotten way more into it so sure but it's just that at this point as you call yourself a communist you still say like the a killer II wasn't really like it's not like bad or that you seem like you don't understand the conversation or the frustration that certain leftists have with someone like her okay yeah maybe I lack some information on need to learn more well I'm just I'm just curious like and what like wow like tell me tell me how you got to be a communist so just working older guy and right out of high school I went to work and just something seemed wrong of working my ass off and seeing my boss said on his ass and make which I did even though I was the one keying all the value for his businesses so I didn't even know it at first I didn't know it was a communist and it went on and on until rich and I started learning about it then I just I got some some friends said it stuff like that I was like what is communism and then I I learned more about it and I realized holy shit that's what I've been this entire time I knew there was something this whole time so I what in your view what's your at was here at what's your communist utopia sound like like well how would you define like communism for yourself your version of it that's really complicated I mean you can give me like they're like the super base like like if I were to describe it I would say that I'm an anarchist at this point I generally like the leap well actually you know what I'll let you go first I don't I don't wanna give too much away but I want I want to hear yours after so I think that communism I think human being human nature is gonna have to evolve a little bit I don't think we're there yet I think it's gonna take a little bit more time but I want to get to the point where human beings govern themselves so there will be no need for a central government of any kind so we just govern ourselves and it would be a lot like anarchy that we've reached a point where we're very civilized and we can own matters maybe without any laws maybe without without any government and I think that one of the big stain points of four comments with me is that United in terms of progress like there's about the profit motive anymore it's that we're all kind of together I have make life better for everyone involved and advanced or whatever would you say that like money exists in your communist Society oh I would say that money doesn't exist in my conscious society people would do because they want to do it because they care about advancement not for themselves but for everybody else too did you did you do any like prior reading before deciding that you're a communist not read like the full communist manifesto or anything like that have you read like any of Marxists like Marxist works or anything like that Pritz some but mostly my my understanding of communism reading articles and from arguing with people and seeing arguments online and engaging back and forth and things like that okay so what's your what's your grantee of communism at this point III I mean well hands-on I mean if I'm just going like base communism like marks like Marxist and stuff like that I it's generally just I mean classless stateless moneyless society where where I mean you can you can talk about how like what levels of government would would would be involved but but for my real position my the one that I generally sit on is just anarchism where I think that unjust hierarchies should be dismantled that every hierarchy should be justified and I go back and forth on whether or not money would it consists in this world but there definitely still like laws and rules and stuff like that it's just anarchist see so maybe if you already use have a lot of overlap maybe but I feel like you should too a little bit more reading first like go actually read actually like anarchists and actual communists like philosophers I would definitely recommend that to you I feel like if you did read those books that completely took them to heart wouldn't you just kind of encapsulate that person's view and not develop one of your own no I absolutely I've read very I've read various different like there's anarchists that I disagree with because I've read through them and I said oh wait I don't really like this shit but there are other ones that I like some some that I leaned closer to there there are tons like I've read some very very tanky takes some very very authoritarian communism takes that I don't really like I don't really like the the like gulags and shit like that like I don't it's not it's not my meme I don't like it I instead read things and then come to an opinion based on lots of different things my moral and ethical positions and shit like that out of Stalin did nothing wrong to a person no I don't think he he he yeah yeah I don't I don't think he's a perfect guy whatsoever okay how do you feel about like anti-fascist movements I feel like their heart is in the right place sometime so maybe their tactics are the wrong place got you got a look they got some backing behind him some some backing what a mean violent innit I think they got some general kind of backing from the US public but or maybe public around the world but I think their tactics of being violent I don't I don't know people are gonna get behind that so people are skittish to back them I would you filled out no no I don't care what people feel how skittish they are what do you feel I feel in your discord that you know if any real change is gonna happen it's gonna have to be violent revolution pry democratic change and like that again and again and again but if corporations have corrupted the fabric of democracy democracy itself then you're fucked right you're not going to change the system you're gonna have to be window for democratic changes for gone which means you're gonna have to do other things we've moved away from from an tyfa specifically into general violent revolution what is the what's that the antifa just purely like like like like first of all what do you how would you describe an tyfa what do you think in tyfa is early for workers or rights right boy yeah you've cut off say that again I think they're generally for workers rights they want to see workers they want to see justice for workers that are not legitimate so that's one thing and they also could you just ban him baby oh she muted herself again I think he may have just got banned from sentient discord I didn't do it yeah you've not miss server anymore oh my god hey baby hey auntie fuh is when you're for the workers didn't you know how do you feel about auntie pho well I think that violent revolution is always what we need they're typically for workers rights so oh god I probably wasn't go on for too long like I don't I don't think he honestly don't know where he is I don't think he's a troll I don't know 100% convinced that he is like either super hardcore centrist or right-leaning and is trying to pretend that he is because every every post he's made in the discord under that revolutionary name or whatever was like really sucks oh yes fellow comrades oh yeah capitalism and yeah I felt that too every everything that the first account said I'm glad we called him out that it would be in the same person it was good also hey I don't know if you're still here violet I haven't seen you in the chat for a little bit but I hope you had a good stream thank you for the raid I'm sorry that it's me so long to say something about it talking to the fucking dumbasses it's a tolerant love strikes again oh gosh okay what's Chatman up to hot take the left she stopped trying to rehabilitate Stalin I understand what you mean I don't want to say I don't want to say that like everything's solid it was bad or anything like that but yeah he had some fucking shit takes I can confuse every time hear us pronunciation of auntie pho what's the what's the proper pronunciation if I'm doing it wrong oh no my baby left the channel oh okay disconnect that shit


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