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Socialism Makes People Selfish


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The Case for Surrealism | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

August 13, 2019 at 4:30 pm | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

Melting clocks, bowler hats, peculiar household objects, dream sequences, but also uncanny incidents. Dorm room posters, more dream sequences, and according to Merriam-Webster, the year 2016. The word ‘surrealism’ has become a catch-all for the bizarre, the irrational, the hallucinatory; but when it emerged in Europe during the tenuous turbulent years following World War One

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“The Case for Surrealism | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios”

What If Hitler Had Won?

August 10, 2019 at 2:29 pm | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

World War Two, the largest and most costly war in all of human history, is still within living memory of some of us around the world, and the fallout of this massive conflict is still visible 70 years after the event. The aftermath of the war gave rise to a massive displacement and migration of

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“What If Hitler Had Won?”

Amid long economic expansion, why so many Americans are still struggling

July 7, 2019 at 10:47 am | Articles | Ruben Talley -

JUDY WOODRUFF: The numbers are mainly positive,but, for many Americans, the math doesn't always add up. The U.S. is in the midst of the longest economicexpansion since after World War II. William Brangham examines that long progressand the potential dangers ahead. WILLIAM BRANGHAM: As America celebrates itsindependence, it's a time to recognize some good economic

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“Amid long economic expansion, why so many Americans are still struggling”

Poland Under Communism

June 12, 2019 at 9:14 am | Articles | Ruben Talley -

Oh here in the Tatra mountains of Poland the Peterik family have worked the land for generations the hillside farm is small the farming equipment primitive but the land is good land they work it hard and Joseph petard hopes to pass his land on to his children his children may or may not own

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“Poland Under Communism”