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Socialism Makes People Selfish


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The New Economy

at 12:40 pm | Articles | Ruben Talley -

businesses have always been focused on increasing efficiency the Industrial Revolution meant that production could take place on an enormous scale the Model T car was produced by the thousands distributed to a dealership near you this was a great time for America while fixed costs for creating cars were expensive the additional variable cost

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“The New Economy”

Was the USSR Socialist?

at 9:54 am | Articles | Ruben Talley -

recently there has been some controversy on the online leftist Community concerning the status of the Soviet Union was it or was it not socialists here I hope to clear up some misconceptions a minor note though this applies for the period up to right before Khrushchev's reforms after those reforms a separate analysis can

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“Was the USSR Socialist?”

Telling the Truth About Socialism

at 8:23 am | Articles | Ruben Talley -

conservatives may be discouraged by the latest surveys confirming that nearly one-half of Millennials are receptive to living under socialism and equate capitalism with greed but instead we should use this as an opportunity to educate all Americans about the failures of socialism Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson revealed at a Heritage Foundation event that between

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“Telling the Truth About Socialism”