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Empowered by Cybernetics | RMIT Health Transformation Lab

November 2, 2019 at 4:15 pm | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

So I reckon it was in the 1960s and perhaps even a little bit before, we thought a lot about cybernetics. There was a whole school of thinking on this. It was incredibly mathematics heavy. It was this sort of fusion of Computer Studies with Social Theory. The minute these things [smartphones] became the way

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“Empowered by Cybernetics | RMIT Health Transformation Lab”

Learning Journeys: Experiencing a system through the lens of people within it

October 10, 2019 at 4:29 pm | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

Learning journeys are a way of experiencing a system through the lens of the many people and groups that compose it. They involve travelling to places and meeting people in their day-to-day reality, with the aim of gaining a fuller picture of a place and the issues it faces. Hi, I’m Medina Olalekan from Synergos,

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“Learning Journeys: Experiencing a system through the lens of people within it”

Systems Thinking: Understanding the whole rather than just separate pieces

October 8, 2019 at 3:29 pm | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

Big challenges don’t reflect simple cause-and-effect relationships. Instead they involve many elements interacting in mutually reinforcing ways. They’re complex, and this can make it tough to find real solutions. Most social and environmental problems work this way, as do challenges in the business world, in government, and even inside organizations. Hi, I’m John Tomlinson of

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“Systems Thinking: Understanding the whole rather than just separate pieces”

Complex Time: A SFI/JSMF Research Theme

August 23, 2019 at 8:30 am | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

Time is a concept that’s fascinated philosophers and thinkers throughout history. The 5th century Greek philosopher Heraclitus said time is a game played beautifully by children. Albert Einstein said time is an illusion. We’ve never really understood what it was and least of all understood what it is in complex systems. This project seeks to

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“Complex Time: A SFI/JSMF Research Theme”

Energy Systems Innovation

July 8, 2019 at 11:07 am | Articles | Ruben Talley -

energy is truly the lifeblood of our economies a critical infrastructure that affects all of our lives and virtually every activity throughout history one thing that has remained common for all economies is that economic development needs energy how we access transfer and transform this energy into the useful work of heating lighting and motion

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“Energy Systems Innovation”

Political Systems Innovation

June 27, 2019 at 8:00 am | Articles | Ruben Talley -

political systems in an age of complexity is our research paper on the evolution of political organization in an age of globalization and information technology in the paper we trace the past present and emerging future to systems of governance looking at the changing socio-political context as we move into a networked society and the

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“Political Systems Innovation”

What is Systems Thinking?

June 25, 2019 at 1:24 pm | Articles | Ruben Talley -

you it's clear that we need radical new ideas about how and why we work to do so we need to adopt a wider perspective about what the future of society will look like and how we can get there we had Paul Wally go talk to Duncan green at Oxford about how systems thinking

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“What is Systems Thinking?”

Systems Thinking: Unlocking its potential to improve children’s outcomes

June 22, 2019 at 1:36 pm | Articles | Ruben Talley -

hi this is Tim Hobbs director of the Dartington service design lab welcome to this recording over the 2018 lab lecture delivered on September the 19th in Edinburgh by our long-standing collaborator professor Peter Holland from the social system design lab in San Luis the theme of this lecture is systems thinking applied to children

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“Systems Thinking: Unlocking its potential to improve children’s outcomes”