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Tamam, tamam! [FULL MV/ANIMATION] 🤠 Social Media Personified

November 30, 2019 at 1:16 pm | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

Okay, okay About 1,000 men are standing in front of the door (Mmh) Bitch, there is no kiss on the hand (Uh-uh) Only photos plus autograph (Yes) Easy, easy Okay, okay The customers are always calling me (Wrr) And they drive me out of my mind (Yes) Today it’s snowing a hundred gramm No pressure

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“Tamam, tamam! [FULL MV/ANIMATION] 🤠 Social Media Personified”

Conan Gray “Crush Culture” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

November 28, 2019 at 9:16 am | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

I’m 19 years old and I still haven’t had my first kiss yet which isn’t the coolest thing in the world to admit. I just haven’t had my first kiss yet. I don’t know why. If someone wants to kiss me, they can. I’m down. But yeah. My friends were all dating tons of people

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“Conan Gray “Crush Culture” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified”

Conan Gray – Crush Culture

November 27, 2019 at 9:19 am | Articles, Blog | Ruben Talley -

Cru-u-u-ush Culture My God don’t look at your phone, no one’s gonna call you. Quit checkin’ your volume. (Cru-u-ush) I don’t care if I’m forever alone I’m not fallin’ for you, ’cause this baby is love-proof. (culture) I don’t care what you’re sayin’. I don’t wanna participate in your game of manipulation. (Crush) And no

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“Conan Gray – Crush Culture”