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Communist China – The Great Leap Forward

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in January 1958 Mao boldly announced China's second five-year plan the Great Leap Forward an ambitious plan intended to transform China from an agrarian society into a modern industrialized communist nation how did Mao intend to achieve this monumental leap through collectivization and industrialization Mao promised the Chinese people a communist utopia and they believed

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“Communist China – The Great Leap Forward”

History of China | CIA Documentary on a Communist Empire | 1967

at 8:56 am | Articles | Ruben Talley -

Bhushan in China bloodiest and most terrible of all an entire civilization blown apart [Applause] [Applause] there are 700 million Chinese today 1/4 of the human race and they are taught to hate their growing power as the world's greatest threat to peace and light fifty years of torment bred madness to deal with madness

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“History of China | CIA Documentary on a Communist Empire | 1967”

How Socialism Came to Canada as an American Import

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as the Socialist Party faded from the US political scene some of the farmers who had embraced its ideals would take their politics north to Canada today Americans think of Canada as a more radical more socialist place the irony is that Canada's first socialist politicians Canada's first socialist intellectuals are Americans and that is

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“How Socialism Came to Canada as an American Import”