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– At Whirlpool Corporation,
we’re in constant pursuit of improving life at home. And for generations, the kitchen has been
the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to have meaningful conversation. Today, Whirlpool employees
discuss the importance of collective impact on our communities where we live and work. This is Table Talk. So what affect does the
spirit of volunteerism and social responsibility
have on a company like Whirlpool and its employees? – Employees want to be
engaged in communities that they live in. Employees want to also give back. They want to be with a
company that they feel cares about the community, the people, the environment around them. – And I think it goes way
beyond just writing a check. I mean you see a lot employees
volunteering their own time. And that’s really powerful. – We have nine U.S. plants that
employ about 15,000 people. And I think about Clyde, Ohio, which is our largest facility in the U.S. The population of that
plant is half the size of the population of Clyde. – Wow. – So, many of these plants
are the largest employers in the towns where we operate, and so there’s a big responsibility. There’s a lot of pride
that our employees have about the community, and
so it’s a way to give back. It’s a way to participate
in some small way. – And I think doing it
together is the key. Because if it’s any one of
us, then we’re not going to make the progress; but
together we can do this. And that’s why the collective impact model and some of those kinds of things. We all have our talents;
we all have our passions. How can we come together and
create something amazing? – Honestly, Whirlpool has probably one of the best environments I have ever seen. It’s not forced. It’s natural. You see leaders walking the talk. You see young professionals coming in, and getting excited about it. It’s a special place. And the environment,
again, has been created from our founders all the way through to our current leadership team, have really kind of set a legacy and kind of set things in motion. Hopefully, it will carry on for years. – I would love to just
hear a little bit more about your volunteering in the community and why you selected that
specific organization. – My focus is on young kids. I think that personally if
you can help touch a young kid just as they’re beginning to
grow and help them blossom into their full potential then, if you will, you help for life. And so being a part of
the Boys and Girls Club has really helped us, me, to fulfill that. And I probably get more
fulfillment than any of these kids. I’m like a little kid when I’m with them. Because you watch them blossom. You watch the things that they can do. You watch how they act. We’re teaching them
some basic life skills, but we know that these are
things that will help them for years to come. – Harper Habitat for
Humanity probably is the one most near and dear to my heart just because I just think
their whole mission. I love the fact that
they exist to make sure that people have a safe affordable home. And when you think about all of the work that the other agencies do locally, if you aren’t able to go to a safe home, that is kind of pointless on top of that. So, I guess that is really gratifying. I mean, I’ve been on a roof. I’ve been in the boardroom. I gotta say I really
kind of like the roof. – How were you with the hammer? – I am pretty good with a hammer, Mike. (group laughing) But that’s probably my favorite one. I just get the most personal
fulfillment out of that one. – Thank you for joining Table Talk. Join us next time when we
discuss the future of design.

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