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if you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool today we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know before you purchase that house hey everybody Melanie Atkinson here realtor with Smith and Associates and today we have taken this episode of Melanie Loves Tampa Bay outside to this beautiful pool setting and I am joined with one of my very good friends and fellow real estate agent at Smith & Associates Travis Long luckily for us he is also a pool service contractor so he is gonna tell us everything that we need to know if you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool Travis as you know being a real estate agent here too people come from all over and they always want to buy a house with a pool but it’s not always the right fit for everybody so tell me what you typically advise people whenever they’re trying to decide whether to buy a house with a pool or without a pool buying a home with a pool it’s it seems very exciting at first and it is exciting don’t get me wrong but there are a lot of things that especially first-time homebuyers they don’t think about there’s a lot of things and costs that come with buying a home with a pool and that’s just something you have to prepare your client for all right so let’s talk about some of those costs what about monthly maintenance of a pool how much is that about so if you’re going to hire somebody like myself to come out and clean the pool once a week for you it’s gonna be anywhere between $75 and one hundred and twenty-five dollars depending on if the pool is screened or not and that’s per month right okay so they come out once a week but you generally pay once a month okay so but then the theory behind that is that I don’t have to do anything with my pool you’re gonna take care of everything I just get to jump in it on a really hot day like today exactly perfect so what if I don’t hire somebody and I take care of it myself if you take care of it yourself you are going to have to think about you know getting a water sample if you’re going to go into the store and get it tested to purchase the chemicals that you need and well the people in the store kind of guide me and tell me what I’m supposed to put in based on that water sample they should yes take your water they’ll test it and they usually will give you a printout of what you need or what your pool doesn’t have so that’s covering a little bit about the chemicals in order to keep the pool blue but what about the rest of the costs associated with a pool like the equipment some of that can be really expensive right yes you’re you’re gonna obviously have the pool pump which is circulating the water for the pool the pool filter and if you have a spa or the pool is heated the pool heater which all of that together is gonna be in the thousands of dollars if you had to replace all of it right the pump you know average lifespan for a pump is anywhere between three and ten years filter probably ten to twenty years and the heater 15 years if I’m going to buy a house with a pool and I’m a buyer and I’ve never had a pool before what should I want the inspector to look for the general home inspector is licensed to do the inspection for the home they’ll take a look at the pool and they pull equipment but technically they are there to inspect the home and they’ll usually take notes on the pool you know if there’s a leak or something’s going on with the pool equipment or if the equipment looks old you know they’ll make notation about that and you know then you can go forward and have a licensed pool contractor to come out and do an inspection on just the pool itself right and that seems like a good way to go if you want to make sure that your pool is in good working order how about how much does that cost to have a separate pool inspection a separate pool inspection we’re running about between two and four hundred dollars okay so but then if there’s any issues then they will know how to fix them as well right I mean the worst thing you can do is buy a house and you move in you get in the pool and you find out everything is malfunctioning or you know needs repair dirt right so one of the things that I notice a lot in pools around here especially as they get older is when you’re looking at the surface of the pool it almost looks like there’s dark spots and I always refer to it as pitting is that the right terminology and what does that mean when I see that in a pool so if the pool finish is a lighter color you usually will be able to see either staining or etching sometimes calcium can cause this but usually it’s a stain if the Mars site is 15 years and older it you know most likely it probably needs to be replaced or the pool needs to be refinished right and there’s a lot of new technology out there that you can get you know pebble Sheen pebble tech or just you know general MRSA so if I’m talking about a regular size pool say in in the West chase area about how much would it be to refinish that pool to refinish a pool just basic marseilles probably seven to ten thousand dollars okay so that’s a lot of money now what if I chose something like a pebble tech that has a longer guarantee pebble tech it’s a little bit more probably around 15 so that I mean that’s a fairly large investment to make so if the House already has issues with the Mar site before I purchase it then that is definitely something that I need to keep in mind and budget for accordingly if I’m gonna have to resurface it throughout the home buying process clients will you know request to have those repairs made usually the seller won’t do it but it’s you’re right budgeting for it is key but you’re saying a pool company and a pool service company will be able to give us a better rundown of what exactly is going on in the pool of the house that I’m thinking about buying yes your local pool supply store if they aren’t licensed to do pool inspections a general a pool service contractor like myself will come out and do the inspection for you they’ll inspect the pool the pool equipment and make sure it’s all working properly a lot of times in descriptions we see the word salt chlorination system or you know salt filtration as this big upgrade explain to me what that is and whether it is actually an upgrade a lot of people think a salt system is an upgrade or is better it does alleviate a lot of the cost especially with going to the store once a week and buying bleach or chlorine it helps with that but the salt system really is doing the same exact thing except it’s taking the salt that you’re putting into the pool and turning it into a sanitizing agent like chlorine like chlorine okay but I know that people think that it’s better for your skin in your eyes is that true yes yes it’s oh it’s a little less harsh on your skin in your eyes and I’ve had both and I would say that I I definitely consider assault systems to be an upgrade in a pool now there’s still a lot of pools that don’t have salt systems how much is it to replace a chlorine filtration system with a salt one if you want to do that after closing if you’re thinking about converting to a salt system and the pool currently has is just using bleach anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 installed out the doors usually what it’s going to cost you to convert your polling to salt well that doesn’t seem too bad as far as upgrades are concerned especially if that’s something that people are really looking for and it’s better for your skin in your eyes especially if you have little ones jumping in the pool all summer long so every once in a while I’ll show a house and you go in the backyard and you’re excited to see a nice pool and it’s green what does it mean when a pool is green and how does somebody fix that well an even better scenario is when you send a client a listing and there’s no pictures of the pool at all it usually means the pools suppose green and not being properly maintained yes yes so how do we maintain that and keep it from being green well like we talked about earlier with the salt system that will help alleviate keeping the pool from not turning green because you’re not having to worry about putting the chlorine in it once a week but generally it’s it’s just a chemical imbalance with the chlorine and the pH there’s a lot of other things that go into you know with water testing and chemicals but the two important ones are usually the chlorine and the pH phosphates that can be another ailment or the algae and the pool usually feeds off off eighths so if I see a pool that’s a slightly green I shouldn’t necessarily be concerned that it can turn blue again but I do want to make sure all the equipment is working and everything else before I close on that house right yeah correct if if the pump is not working actively and not circulating the water like it should the pool is going to turn green a lot faster yes absolutely bottom line Travis if you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool what are your top three things to consider lifestyle would be one you know make sure it’s it’s adequate and it’s something that you and your family really enjoy or you’re gonna use rights it’s something that is fitting for the entire family absolutely I agree and what would be your number two pool inspection pool inspection yes so we covered that so go past the regular home inspection and if you’re concerned about anything actually have a pool contractor come out and inspect the pool equipment prior to closing in correct right during your due diligence period get a licensed pool inspector out there I mean and not everyone needs a pool inspection if if the equipment looks a little bit older like it needs some work definitely it’s a good idea to get your your pool inspection okay and then number three what’s the next thing to keep in mind maintenance maintenance weekly maintenance is key to not only keeping the pool from turning green but just having peace of mind you know you want your weekly maintenance if your pools are not screened you know you’re keeping the leaves out of there you’re taking care of the equipment well that’s all amazing information Travis thank you so much I really hope that this helps anybody who’s thinking about buying a house with a pool it’s an amazing investment if you use it and maintain it thank you for joining me on this episode of Melanie loves Tampa Bay if you liked this video and found it helpful please click the like button below if you want to make any comments you can do that below as well consider subscribing to Melanie loves Tampa Bay YouTube channel if you want more information on home trends real estate in general or life in the Tampa Bay area you can find that all here or follow me on Instagram Facebook or Twitter or you can check me out on my website Melanie loves Tampa Bay comm again thank you so much for joining us with love Melanie

  1. Thanks for posting Melanie, I am planning on moving to Orlando area. Loving all the advice you are giving! This video was awesome lots of great information. At first I was nervous buying a pool due to taking care of it. I didnt know that I could have someone take care of it for only $75 😀

  2. Great information, things I would of never thought of with pool ownership. What is the monthly cost of electricity to run a pool? Also is there a monthly cost for a salt pool, like there is for a chlorinated pool chemicals?

  3. I just want a pool for therapy not a luxury I have cerebral palsy I used to swim in a pool when I was little and went to the cp center.Thanks

  4. Awesome video and content for a new homebuyer with pool. Trying to get smart about pool ownership and upkeep

  5. 👍Very good video. Pools are great if used often – especially in Florida ! But they do co$t `💰´ My relatives just had to replace all the valves on their pool. They are getting older and now have a pool service take good care of it. 💕

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