(children’s voices overlapping) (schoolbell ringing) (gentle music) – This is going to be our world someday, and it’s really important that we learn to take care of it and be very engaged. As the younger generation,
the reason why we’re so keen about bringing sustainability up is because we are gonna be older and we’re gonna need a
planet to live on. (laughs) I think nobody wants to live on a planet where there’s nothing left. A lot of time, students
are kind of looked down on like we don’t really know
what’s going on in our world. We do understand what’s going on and we are engaged and
we want to be involved, and if we learn to take
responsibility at this young age, it would really help the environment. – We at Microsoft recognize
that sustainability is extremely important issue for Ireland and for the world at large. We focus on our own operations with our Microsoft facilities,
but we also look at how we can empower energy
transformation in Ireland to help meet our community’s goals and also the Irish government’s goals that they have set for their country. We have a partnership with SSE Electricity who is Microsoft’s utility
provider in Ireland and we have a sustainable energy project that we’ve been working on. It is a project where we have
upgraded the energy efficiency here of our building and our sports hall and we also have installed a
nine kilowatt peak solar array onto the roof so that we can offset some of the electricity usage with solar. With our energy efficiency upgrades, we had immediate and
measurable energy reduction, which leads to cost savings
for the school as well. – SSE Electricity is the
largest renewable developer in Ireland. Along with developing
constant responsibility to be mindful of the
community you are working in, but Microsoft came to us with a vision, and that vision was to create
a project in Collinstown around the area of energy efficiency and renewable integration. So working with Microsoft’s
community engagement team and listening to their priorities, their vision, but also their values of what kind of project
they wanted to create, we took away that scope and we developed a scope of a project that fulfilled what we hope
was all of those ambitions. – We had a number of
meetings with Microsoft and SSE Electricity to
plan the next stage, which was the educational program, because right from the very beginning, they were very, very clear, both Microsoft and SSE Electricity, that it wasn’t just
about the infrastructure, that we needed to continue
the impact of this and what better way, and
we all agreed on this, was in the classroom. – We were at a session last
week here in Collinstown Park where the students presented the work that they had done on sustainability and they linked it very
clearly to the work that had been done on the
refit of the LED lighting and the photovoltaic panels, so they could see already
the benefit for them because they were talking
about carbon offset, they were talking about the challenge, the challenge that the world
is facing with sustainability and they’re also talking about the protest that they had made in the
city center a few weeks ago related to sustainability and
to asking adults to do more to protect the future for them and for their children. – I think this generation
really wants to make a change. We were raised by Millennials who came from people who are
from the hippies and ’60s and all those revolutions
and now we’re kind of a new, fresher take on that. We really just show that
we’re ready to make a change and treat the planet the way it’s supposed to be treated, you know? (calm music)

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