Surviving the First 100 Days of Collapse

[Applause] by folks Canadian prepper here so today I'd like to share my thoughts with you on surviving the first 100 days of a catastrophic nationwide power outage so let's get so this will be the first in a series of videos that seeks to try to strategize how we would navigate the first hundred days of different types of societal collapse scenarios now I don't claim to be an expert nor an authority figure on how this might play out however if you peruse my library of videos on YouTube you'll see that this is something I've researched and thought about for a long time now throughout that time period I would hope that my expectations and understanding of what society might look like after a prolonged catastrophic power outage scenario is maturing and focusing more now on how can we actually practically survive one of these situations that means not getting lost in the world of Mad Max fantasy and fiction but actually trying to predict with a very realistic and balanced approach how these things might play home now there's gonna be a lot of independent variables here that are gonna determine whether or not what I'm gonna say today is gonna be relevant to you so in spite of the fact that you might live in a different climate that you might have a different community a different culture that surrounds you or even a different season of the year I'm pretty sure that some of the things I'm going to talk about are universal enough that they'll pertain to you so for the sake of giving this discussion some context and not being too open-ended in our hypothesizing about what might happen we're going to assume that in earth-facing coronal mass ejection has triggered a massive geomagnetic storm that has taken down the majority of the power grid in the Western world this is a one-off several hundred year event that can happen but it absolutely can happen I spoke about it in my most recent video if you want to know more go and research the Carrington event now to further contextualize this we're gonna say that this happens right now in spring and summer because if such a devastating power outage happen in the winter time obviously the lethality would be much higher and there would be many more challenges that we're gonna explore in greater depth in future videos of this sort once again the point of this video is not to predict exactly how things are going to pan out rather to use this exercise as a canvas to understand the implications of a long term disruption of services on society now if I was to imagine the first 72 hours of a scenario like this I would probably be trying to get as much information as I possibly could by whatever means I could be that police scanner emergency radios shortwave radio normal radio weather radio police scanners nowadays of course now they're using a lot of encrypted stuff so they're not very relevant unless you live in a smaller community that hasn't caught up yet but a lot of the major cities now are switching over to encrypted digital forms of messaging one another so that might not be as relevant to use a police scanner but you can use ham radio to communicate with other communities that might be impacted the ability to receive and transmit information especially in this early phase is going to be critical you'll probably be able to ascertain within the first 72 hours that we were in fact hit with some kind of electromagnetic pulse being a weapon or an actual coronal mass ejection that induce a geomagnetic storm in the case of the latter smaller electronics and automobiles will still be running but the power grid itself is going to be what's compromised in the case of a coronal mass ejection because the e1 pulse of a high-altitude nuclear detonation is what takes out a lot of the smaller electronics and that really depends on how close you are to Arthur T Bradley who's one of the foremost authorities in the area of electromagnetic pulse research has indicated that probably only 5% of vehicles would stop working and not be able to be turned back on many vehicles would stall but a lot of them would turn back on and that's because a vehicle itself has some measure of protection because it is a metal box so it does provide some means to attenuate the signals but the longer radio waves caused by a geomagnetic storm would be received into the power grid and likely blow out numerous transformers but now it's likely that not all of the transformers are going to be destroyed and there are going to be some places that still have power and this is where you could probably expect that the government is going to try to stage a comeback from so the signs to look for then of a geomagnetic induced power outage would be that your cell phone doesn't work that the internet doesn't work and the GPS doesn't work because those three systems are going to be severely impacted because cell towers require the grid and of course GPS requires satellites which are highly vulnerable to a geomagnetic storm of this magnitude now it's important to understand that the government is going to attempt to minimize and downplay the severity of any event that happens and as Preppers we should appreciate this because it's going to minimize panic it's going to decrease the likelihood that people are going to start partaking in deviant activities and rioting and looting and all the rest so long as the masses are under the impression that the government has some measure of control over the situation and that order may be restored soon then they're likely to behave so if you're a prepper in this situation and you harbor some skepticism about whether or not the government is going to be able to resolve this situation in short order it's my opinion that you would be wise to keep that to yourself or do whatever you can to minimize the panic and play into the government narrative with your community whether it's miss informative or not because at the end of the day you're not accomplishing anything construct if if you are whipping your community into a frenzy and claiming that this is SH D F and that the government is full of you know what you can know that but don't let everybody else know that now the drawback to this is that if people think the situation is going to be resolved soon they're less likely to ration their supplies which may create problems in the long term but at least this will buy more time and allow for a more incremental transition into anarchy as opposed to an abrupt one which is wrought with panic and anxiety over the situation now as previously indicated a lot of resources are going to be allocated to servicing the 100 nuclear power plants and making sure that the spent fuel rods within those power plants are kept cool because the government knows that if they can't do that then nobody's getting out of this situation alive the problem with North American nuclear power plants is that a lot of them are dated a lot of them have spent fuel rod pools which are as much as four times over capacity in terms of how many rods are actually stored within those pools this means that a lot of energy is required to keep those rods cool now there are backup generators that can do that for short periods of time but not for the length of time that would be entailed in a power outage of this magnitude at best you may be looking at a few supply drops in your community but I wouldn't expect a very large-scale coordinated and harmonious delivery of emergency services any time soon you can expect that as the situation deteriorates the Marshall Law card will be played in an attempt to maintain order now within the situation the government may resort to taking extreme measures against people who are rioting looting or not keeping the peace in an attempt to keep the peace this may mean painting people with live rounds or setting an example or spreading disinformation about people who get on the line in order to scare people from breaking the law but once again the means to enforce that likely is not going to be there unless there is a great deal of support from an outside source or other countries if you are worried about an intense a la situación it's always good to have backup caches of supplies because confiscation of property is a very real probability should martial law take root it's important to realize that a lot of people are gonna get a rude awakening when they go to the grocery store not only is there not going to be any power in the grocery store obviously they're not going to be able to pay because 90% of transactions over $100 nowadays are done with plastic so it's only a matter of time before that situation devolves imagine you're one of the hundreds of families sitting in the parking lot clenching the steering wheel waiting for them to let you in or waiting for some sort of resolution to this problem eventually people are just going to start standing up in front of the store then it's gonna turn to people entering the store against the shop owners will and then it's gonna quickly spiral out of control unless the owner of the store starts resorting to defending themselves with lethal force one of the biggest challenges in a long term power outage is going to be proper sanitation not enough people are prepared to endure the first 100 days without a functional toilet bowl one of the first things you're gonna want to do if you own a home and if you have a yard is obviously finding a place in your yard where you can dig a hole and do your business now if you live in an apartment building you're gonna want to get some sort of portable toilet bowl system and you're gonna want to have a lot of plastic bags on hand probably one of the most underrated preps for sanitation purposes is garbage bags if you're a prepper you should probably have hundreds of garbage bags in your home at any given time personally I have the biohazard waste bags that I would use for that particular purpose because that's a great way to spread sickness and disease is not managing the disposal the proper disposal of feces post collapse and it sounds disgusting but it's just a fact of life if you don't properly dispose of that stuff it's going to attract pests and it's going to breed disease and you especially don't want that contaminating your water supply in addition you'll want to make yourself some sort of solar shower system believe it or not it does not take a lot of water to shower you can shower with a liter of water if you do it right using one of these solar showers you can just paint a milk jug black and let that hang out the Sun for the most part of the day it'll be warm you soap up before you go under and basically you're just using the water to rinse your cell phone sanitation is going to be absolutely crucial because the last thing you want to do in this situation is get sick and that should be another thing that you're being far more vigilant about is not injuring yourself because if you injure yourself in this kind of situation you're gonna be screwed reduced immunity infections any sort of mobility problems things related to being malnourished for having a nutrient deficiency all of these are gonna make life exceptionally more complicated and you may not have access to professional medical care so it's very important that from day one of an event like this that you are far more cautious and careful when it comes to doing what you have to do to survive the next thing is taking an inventory of your supplies it's likely that to last the first hundred days you're gonna need around 150 gallons of water per person to survive that long in a way which allows for a frugal use of water but you're not dehydrated you're gonna be clean you're gonna have your needs met six liters a day is what I would estimate is what you need do all that with regards to food the average man is gonna need 2,000 calories a day for a very low active lifestyle for a higher active lifestyle it's gonna be 3,000 calories a day which it very well may be if you do have to do physical labour in one of these situations but chances are if you are a prepper and you have all your ducks in a row you're not gonna have to find yourself doing a lot of back-breaking labor but then again if it's wintertime you're gonna be chopping wood and in the summertime you're gonna be doing a lot of gardening and you're also probably going to be getting much less sleep because you're gonna be worried about security chances are you're gonna need more than 2,000 calories a day however in my personal opinion you should be running a calorie deficit because the last thing you want to do is be the only person in your community that looks healthy and isn't losing a bit of weight if there ever was a time to go on a diet it would be after a grid down scenario now the average man is going to need 200 thousand calories across that 100 days the average woman will need about 150 thousand calories in the average child about a hundred and twenty thousand calories now in my personal opinion the best food for long-term storage is always going to be freeze-dried food and rice and beans all you need to do is add water to those things you don't even necessarily need to cook it so if you don't want to waste energy on cooking it and you don't want to attract too much attention to yourself and you want to maintain that scent discipline so that you're not alerting everybody on your street whose senses are going to be far more heightened when you're hungry your senses are heightened you're looking for food you know and your body goes into survival mode and it triggers certain chemical reactions that are gonna make you more hyper sensitive to the smell of food because that's all you're gonna be thinking about is food food food so the slightest little whiff of food people are gonna get that and people are gonna know that hey you guys have a lot of stuff give me some of that stuff now No the thing is if you have a dog you should make sure that you have enough dog food on hand to see that dog through that first 100 days because that dog is gonna be a vital asset in an early warning system for you most dogs are gonna sense your own anxiety within that situation their senses are gonna be heightened and they're going to sense trouble coming probably long before you do another thing I would encourage you to do is get to know your community check on your neighbors don't alienate yourself or shut yourself in because that just might make matters worse you want to know what people are talking about you want to know what the community is planning because if you are left out of that conversation that they may be making decisions that are going to impact you or decisions about what they're gonna do with you get a feel for the people in your community who is the most competent who is the most trustworthy and try to ally with those people now this right here is a big subject of debate amongst Preppers but if you don't live in a preparedness community and you find yourself in one of these situations you are going to have to ally with some people in building these alliances this may require you to give up some of your preps now again this is going to be an investment and it should only be with people you've thoroughly vetted and realize that you can actually trust because eventually that community may turn on you and they're gonna be far less able to do so with great consequence if you have some support now another thing that I've suggested which has been a very contentious issue in the past is that if there is a supply drop if there is a food line up like a FEMA truck or whatever the equivalent might be in Canada the military providing aid it's important that you go and capitalize on that because if people don't see you going to the supply truck well they're gonna know that you're sitting pretty and you have a lot of stuff and you don't need to go there so whose house do you think is going to be the target of burglary theft and potentially violence yours now in terms of home fortifications I've done extensive videos on this before one thing I would encourage you to have is sandbags these are good for barricading doors and it will allow you to ascend bulletproof a small area if you did have to defend your home another thing is if there's several people in the home or if you did decide to ally with some of your neighbors then you should be sleeping in shifts and even if you do ally with your neighbors you should probably always have somebody in the home who's awake you need to remember that at night it is going to be pitch-black no streetlights no lights in the home so you will primarily be relying on your sense of hearing in order to know if something is going on another thing you're gonna want to have on hand is numerous fire extinguishers the probability for fire in these situations is going to go through the roof because not only are there not going to be any Emergency Response Teams available to put those fires out but you're gonna have a lot of people once again who are cooking in their homes and we're just you know doing things haphazardly there's going to be a lot of electrical fires so making sure you have some way to put fire out even if you have an extra supply of water that you can use in a water pump and make some kind of makeshift water hose now as indicated in the beginning of this video you're going to have to make a judgment call because chances are all of the people who you care for are not going to be in one place at one time this may mean venturing out into the gridlock streets which will be gridlocked because power is gonna be out so there's gonna be a lot of traffic jams and accidents and you're not gonna be moving too much through the cities so you would be wise to stay to the back roads if you did have to enter an urban environment you may want to park your vehicle somewhere on the outskirts where you're not gonna be locked into that gridlock situation and collect the people who you want to collect and hightail or back to your bugging location now as the situation progresses people are going to become more and more desperate and the situation is going to devolve now if the government collapses completely or at least falls off the radar in terms of communicating with the population then that's when this whole thing enters a world that nobody can predict how that's gonna play out except for the fact that we know that it's likely going to be a very desperate and violent situation before it gets better if the government can maintain a handle on things then maybe getting through that first hundred days is gonna be the worst of it now let's move this conversation into the comments section and you tell me what are some practical considerations for surviving the first 100 days of a catastrophic nationwide power outage I'm really looking forward to reading those comments because there's always something I've missed let me know what you think don't forget to Like comment subscribe thanks again for watching Canadian prepper out the best way to support this YouTube channel is to support yourself by gearing up through Canadian preparedness calm or bug-out roll CA premium quality gear at the best possible price using the incredibly secure and easy-to-use Shopify platform we offer free shipping to the United States for orders over $200 USD and free shipping to Canada over $75 so support the channel by supporting yourself

  1. Prior to the shift…

    Red brick walls. It will stop most bullets. Technically you only need to go up to your windows, or about halfway up your walls. If you're uphill, you don't need much brick wall; if you're downhill, you need more brick wall. This particular prep won't get your neighbors in a buzz; you're just renovating, and you like brick.

    Your living room bay window is an extreme weakness in your defenses, as are your glass patio doors; if you don't wish to get rid of them, you will have to defend them when the time comes (sandbags, plywood, caltrops, etc).

    Invest in steel shutters for your windows. Not decorative shutters, working shutters, even if you never use them to stop bullets, they can still be used to stop wind blown objects, hand thrown objects. Again, it won't raise red flags for you neighbors, you just think shutters are cool accents.

    Likewise, steel roofing will make water catchment easier in a number of ways. Bird dropping will wash away easier in the rain, and you won't get tarry grit as with asphalt shingles.…2.0..0.427.2859.0j12j2j0j1……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….35i39j0i67.3HttVA1k7zA

    For the extra paranoid, you can buy bolts of kevlar, and make your own curtains and I guess blankets. The secret to kevlar body armor is that it's not taut, it moves freely with the impact, so free hanging kevlar drapes is an adequate defensive measure. Hell, it has a nice grid weave to it, so you can needlepoint/cross-stitch pretty motifs and protect whole rooms with tapestries… while also increasing R-value. Again, everyone has drapes; and that family portrait tapestry… you got one damn fine wife. You could even use them to hide things like your library, or… other… stuff, like… secret doors? This is expensive, but once you get into it, you're limited only by your imagination, and… pocket depth.

    Also, it might seem odd to cover your walls with planters, but you can claim to be a hipster, which will completely disassociate yourself from prepper. Many plants thrive in sandy soil, sand being a good bullet stop (which can reduce damage to your brick), and it will also increase R-value, while not waving red flags.

    This is just fortifying your home now. If you have a BOL, do the permanent things there first, cuzz, money and priorities, and limited ability to transport these things.

  2. The mass media is supressing info on what´s going on in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, WWIII is practically imminent! Thermonuclear war and the effects of an EMP is more likely than a CME at the moment………………..

  3. Any place in the south west where it does not freeze in the winter, next a fresh water source and a place to dig a latrine maybe raise some chickens, will beat hell out of the cities, where it will get nasty fast…those stuck there will not have the resources to get out.

    I moved to central america 6 years ago, rural area near fresh water.. its already hard scrabble here for many, all will survive however… it never freezes or even gets cooler than 50F. The starving hords are too far away to get here… small gardens are everywhere. But dont count on a job, have some tangibles you can barter with and a lot of stored vacuum packed emergency food, then live on maybe less than 500 calories a day on occasion. imo get used to fasting, its good for a person.

    Those living next to large farms or banana plantations will do just fine. Those living next to a few guarded banana and fruit trees will squeeze by as well… a man with 50 egg laying chickens will get by nicely also.

  4. Remember to teach your kids not to give up information about your preps. Learn how to deliver babies at home too. My mom had 2 kids at home, and it's generally problem free, with some self teaching.

  5. I feel bad for dialysis patients. When shtf they’re screwed. Unless there is something I don’t know it may spare them pointless suffering to shoot them selves. I hate to say it but it’s true.

  6. Get a composting toilet and a wood burning stove. Stock up on mice sticky traps and roach spray because lack of sanitary will create bugs and rodents.

  7. You can buy a plumber plug. Put it down your sewer line and inflate it with air. Less than 300$. Best to be safe.

  8. I would prefer advice on painless totally reliable 'suicide kits' as I for one am not going to make it – find life difficult enough and a life without 'running hot water' is not for me – although have to say that I'm looking forward to seeing all this happen should be interesting.

  9. Los Angeles increase of garbage and rats in city streets. Typhus infections within LAPD. Prepare yourselves, first responders will not be around for everybody.

  10. I think it is better to leave the most populated areas and move with your own stocks immediately to a place where you are alone.

    This avoids the disaster that will occur in populated areas during the first period of collapse (Raids, marauders, violence …).
    What do you think about it?

  11. Anyone can make a diy windgen for power for $100-$200 tops, gen, batteries and inverter for AC. WindGenZen has free blade/prop carving classes anyone can do cheap.

  12. Become invisible , don't put yourself in harms way . Have enough supplies to keep a low profile . Pick a hiding place that nobody wants to go to . Trust is something that you can't afford to give ! Sorry , but that's how it's going down . There's going to be a lot people who have a large " L " on their forehead !

  13. just stockpile guns, guns, and more guns, guns are currency, have guns and more guns will travel, hoard bullets, lots of bullets, have secret bug out stashes to store guns and bullets. then throw in a couple of mre rations and porn, your good to go, don't forget guns.

  14. Good series, but first premise is incorrect. If it happened in winter global mortality would be LESS. Its easier to get warm when its too cold, than get cold when its too hot. No AC? Heat spikes, as climate trends indicate? Billions will die PDQ. Additionally either season will be rhe last summer/winter with ANY life on earth given 1600 nuclear plants will catastrophically fail when skilled labor stops maintaining them, thus sterilizing earth PDQ thereafter. While some may survive a year or two the radiation, famine, pandemics and widespread crime means only those isolated from urban centers stand much of a chance.

  15. You already mentioned an illegal item. In the US you can no longer possess police scanners unless you have an FCC license via either an amateur radio license or other. You cannot, under any circumstances own a p35 or other encrypted radio without breaking the law.

  16. I am not a prepper however I encourage all of you who are to prepare your body as well as you can for instance get your teeth taken care of you may also want to catch up on your vaccines such as tetanus and lastly get physically fit

  17. 🤯Our extended family who called us paranoid, are now 💩 their pants because we move to Alaska, and they can't longer rely on us.🤭

  18. Thank you, for this video. After seeing what some acted like, durring the recent power/internet/phone outage. this as I wrote to, those here is greatly needed. I still say they need to vet,those who they listen to.Also keep an eye out for, a degrading situation of those in charge. By work I mean network the people, in the group so if a leader goes down. Back up plans are in place.

    Several of us talked after that event,we noticed many thought if it was serious. The goverment would, come to the rescue by day 4. We thought to encourage people ,to be frugle with supplies. To mention how many times, it was days later sometimes up to 12 days. We'd use examples like Katrina/Sandy,avoiding Puerto Rico to avoid panic. We'd give a list of reasons, why slow responce. Reasons like other areas are, probably in same conditions.Getting supplies/fuel and troups, in area takes time. Lack of electrical and blocked roads, take time to get through.
    Get people to round up, additional items to put water in.Get people to start micro gardens,in boxes/bags or egg shells.Locating natural plants, incase supplies start gettig short.Getting knowledge a head of time, to pass out where some services might be able to be found.Like schools for showers and drinking water. plus several other ideas,one to keep people sane/hopeful and vested.

    My self I'm including 3, of each type of mycitracin.regular and extra strength, this way I will have the correct products. Right along with cohesvies bandages and, liquid bandages which is great on even dog bites.Along with 2 bottles of astringent,it's good on most skin irrations.Also a few thumb drives,to down load, some of you tube videos that I know work. It will provide instructions,also enterainment.

    Can't say about the rest of them

  19. Happy I live on a Mtn. Water heaters have water. Probably tastes bad but an option to keep in mind. My 2.5 gallons of bleach will do 10k of water but a high Mtn creek has never made me sick.

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