Suppressor on the MX9 is SURPRISINGLY Good! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (MX9 Best Stealth Class Setup COD BO4)

I got an MX 9 class setup for you guys not just any MX 9 setup this is the suppressor setup that you should be using this setup goes hard right now the MX 9 with the suppressor is surprisingly good it's actually very valuable weapon to use you just got to use it to its strengths you got a bridge the gap between you and your enemies do not try and challenge long range gunfights don't get too greedy just be passive aggressive go around the other side attack the weak side aka flank the enemy and be smart about it you know that's that's what smart players do when you're using a suppressor classic that's how you maximize it let's go ahead and get into the setup we're using hybrid mags and suppressor then we got rapid fire and high caliber I feel like all these attachments are very necessary in winning those gunfights man the time to kill the MX 9 is not that high but adding the rapid-fire and high caliber will definitely reduce that for sure then we got comms ik device so we can earn our score drinks at a much faster rate so we're going to combine this with the crash specialist now what this is gonna do is that it's gonna help us earn our score shakes even faster when we use our TAC 5 boost we're gonna be able to earn extra score towards our score streaks so since we're not using scavenger we gotta activate crashes ammo crate and that will help us replenish our ammo in those situations when we need it make sure you use it at opportune times keep an eye on how much ammo you have left then when you feel like you need more ammo then that's when you drop it you know don't drop it as soon as you get it that's the mistake you're making alright then we got gung-ho so we can fire a weapon fast from sprinting then we got dead silence of that number 1 I don't hear my footsteps cuz I hate it and number 2 the enemy does not hear our footsteps we can be stealthy as possible I mean after all this is a stealth suppressor class setup I hope you guys enjoyed today's video I did run into a subscriber today and I really do appreciate all the support from you guys don't forget to drop like support the channel I really appreciate it subscriber if you do and I'll see you guys in the gameplay materpiece should be coming up on a flank here there you go there's one should be more I believe they are in a party let's keep pushing this keep pushing nobody else there you go oh we got a lot of people right there okay let's retreat I'm not gonna I'm not gonna definitely not gonna challenge that man for sure not going to do that look how many there are right now okay let's go help out teammates I think we can now we got strength in numbers all right oh no they spawned in already I'm assuming and then they propped up right there I'm excited it's not exactly a meltem oisin so to speak you really got to take the gun fight to the enemy close that gap between you and the enemy is what I mean and try to get within range too oh my goodness hold up how did I miss that guy Wow okay gotta check my corners there's one there's another one there should be another one right here okay just get out a nice little streak here whew make sure you strafing when you're in those gunfights I mean like I said that makes nine is not exactly not exactly the weapon of choice you know to win those gunfights you really you really gotta have persistence when you're using it see how I strafe left and right if you're looking for a gun to just outright destroy people in gunfights like head-on confrontation confrontational type of gunfights mx9 is not the one but did he say I love you turbo haha hey that's what's up man go around for that flank somebody behind me I think he's rifling me oh man he got me with a shotgun go to my left see that that's strafing strafing definitely works wonders okay there's a guy coming this way oh yes gotta stay stealthy guys help out teammate okay so this might be a good flank right here where's yet there is somebody behind me oh my gosh I saw him on the mini-map I was like oh there's a guy right behind me what'd I get 31 and eight all right guys you know what's up vibes can't hear me right now my mic ain't plugged in but uh I think he was showing some love man I appreciate it I'll steal your class setups I want your bad words I like that shit okay cuz you know about YouTube's algorithm go subscribe to this man the real turbo man yay hey hey let me a shout out to vibes X oh man I appreciate the love man that's what's up I love it I love it man alright okay we're on the same team right now it's her boat hey man you will be in the YouTube video man I appreciate the positive energy right now man I like that I like that you guys are literally the reason why I make these videos you know I appreciate it that's all I gotta say let's go kill these guys now man let's do it even if you can't hear me right now so let's see here let's try to get some try to get some beads over here I got to show up for my subscribers oh he's right actually I need to get on that tiger class setup soon let's go let's calm down a little bit gotta be cool I need some ammo this is way too far for them x9 I got to bridge the gap just a little bit closer alright the reason why I had that reaction was because I knew I shouldn't have challenged that guy 100% oh man I love it I like this guy he's funny alright so we should be should be coming up on some flanks here oh I handled that close-quarter combat right there you gotta just back it up real quick let's go kill yourself I'm gonna make my way around and rotate again he's coming this way using that car as my head glitch give me the advantage sometimes you got a jump shot as well to make yourself a little bit a heart of a target to hit let's call these scorestreaks now let me get this guy camping in this middle house first I'm gonna take out his teammate come up in here oh he's gone what are they alright we go just got to be patient right they should be spawning in over here somewhere or not there yes yo that guy was like in slow motion are they even like we got a full party on the other team okay we do whoa somebody's got a 12 KD oh my goodness all right I'm gonna just go for it it's like that kill I'll take that kill give me that just keep pushing we got to keep pushing just gotta stay inside don't die oh this guy right next to me I'm dead oh yeah we're gonna go beyond now where they gonna be on now that is not exactly what you want to do with the mx-9 do not challenge people from distance that is what you want to do right there come on we gotta win this we have got some I don't know I'm gonna push their spawn there's one right there autumn I'll go rotate okay top woods sniping okay well there's one right here and another all right looking good let's call this in all right look at that UAV guys mini-map it's gonna be a mean flank right here oh my goodness have to hit fire him right there let's push this push got a good opportunity for some kills right here should be another one there you go all right we got our second sniper's nest in our thresher we should be able to all right oh yeah oh here we go let's go baby anybody you know they're all over the place right there Wow what do we get forty three and seven six point one for Kady with the subscriber right here vibes XO with the call outs man I appreciate it hey you boy got the game play the game baby let's go let's just enjoy this real quick that was tough that was actually pretty tough I felt like you know they were pretty resistant for a while and you kind of just had to stick to the strategy you know I was just flanking doing my thing attacking the weak side and just making sure that I'm closing the gap in those gunfights because the mx9 is not gonna win those gunfights from distance so if you've been using the MX nine and you're trying to win gunfights from distance you were doing it wrong there you go somebody just spawned in it you guys see that all right I'm gonna push this way hopefully I can get a flank without getting come from behind look at this flank man perfect somebody here nope all right so now my teammates are spawning in behind me so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go around I'm gonna take the long route and I'm a flank around this way I could hop up that fence and get those kills and be greedy about it but I'm not gonna do that actually let me do it and show you what happens I'm like I may or may not get lucky Suns tell me not to chase that guy oh he came he's right there oh my goodness see how like out of control that sequence was I don't really like that in my opinion it's just is it's just that the outcome is just too random and it's not it's not set you know what I'm saying that's why I like running a strategy the outcome is usually the same it's very consistent should be there should be one in here in the middle before you fire that okay we got our thresher I'm gonna call this in right now actually if you guys missed my tips and tricks for how to dominate on this map I talked about the spawns rush routes whoa dude that I I had no idea that he could do that okay we got a we gotta get out of here we really gotta get out of here hold up hold up hold up okay oh they're spawning in there spawning in get me out here turn around real quick oh man he got what he got his revenge on me man or prestige maybe that's what I would have been sucks for that guy all right so since my streaks are up I kind of just freestyle how I play I kind of just play a little bit more aggressive because I know there's I sense chaos you know coming from the other team no you don't man no you don't do not do that oh my gosh oh this guy literally just passed right by me let me take out this guy first always attacking the people from behind me first let me get here got iam Clovis in calling this UAV give me some ammo and we're good should be a guy right here I'm playing like a hundred miles an hour right now right behind me right behind me right behind me we gotta go we gotta go somebody's got some Reis ups I'll take it give me that's try not to hang out in those windows for too long because some people like to camp across as you can see I almost died right there so just kind of take a peek or if you're gonna shoot somebody shoot at an angle let me show you what I mean you know kind of like shooting like from right here so they can't see you on the other side I think I might be able to flank this guy yeah that was six oh hey there is somebody coming in strafing is super key key in winning those gunfights so is using your hipfire preman right here should be somebody is let's go baby unsuspecting enemies oh we got a sniper's nest let's go oh my goodness get me out of here all right this match is pretty much over right now it's pretty much over let's go what do we get 38 in 57.6 KD let's go man oh yo I love I love using the MX 9 especially on smaller maps because you're able to maximize the potential of the weapon and you guys hear me say it all the time you guys gotta close the gap between you and the enemy and a map like frequency is very very accommodating for a weapon like the MX not because you could use those corridors and those tight spaces to your advantage so yeah guys I appreciate all the support lately we just hit 64 thousand subscribers we are on our way to 70k guys it feels like it was just yesterday I was saying we're so close to 60 K so keep sharing my videos keep dropping likes on the videos it really does help the channel grow make sure you're subscribed to the channel if you're not subscribed make sure you subscribe right now and definitely turn them notifications also you never miss a video so yeah guys hope you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to drop a like I think I said already and yeah don't forget to get to the chopper come on do it do it you better get to the chopper if you don't and I don't gonna terminate you I

  1. Yo bro love you man. My voice is soo cringe. Sorry I underperformed I was nervous lol. Thanks for putting me in the vid bro. Much love โค๏ธ

  2. I used to use an MX9 stealth class but when I switched to a stealth Saug class with suppressor, stock, and fast mags I did better. Saug is more easy to control when firing.

  3. Hell yeah man, definitely gonna check this class setup after I get home from work bro! Much love! #NotificationGang

  4. GREAT VID AS ALWAYS. TAKE THIS LIKE. You are a good dude, man. Love the videos. You have seriously improved my KD

  5. I'm new to cod , but I just hit the prestige.. oh no.. I lost all of my guns..WTF .. what a mistake.. agh.. thought I sucked before, now I'm totally screwed . I notice you are on level 55 too.. what is your take on this? also i love reloading. just a great movement . turbo is a solid reference.. great content. period.

  6. Yo turbo man just want to let you know I like watching your vidโ€™s and I liked your channel better not like anybody elseโ€™s I really like how you talk about how to be a better player bro and your tips and tricks videos are really helpful keep it up bro thanks much peace out bro!

  7. The MX9 has the MW2 M4A1 iron sights and behaves like the Spectre from Black Ops 2 (Ideal for stealth engagements) Turbo is right if you stay at a distance other ARs and even SMGs like the Daemon and GKS will destroy you.

  8. Great job with that MX9,love your play style,nice of you breaking down and helping to understand what we see,kind of rare.Piece man.

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