Super Arrogant, Ignorant, Radical Socialist, Feminist, College Girl Gets Owned By Ann McElhinney

so I mean like I said we have more resources under our shores and our lands than any other nation including in Russia including Saudi Arabia we just don't have policies in place that allow us to access it I guess what scholastic credibility any of you have just coming from a place of having you know being in college very long time and taking a bunch of environmental studies courses and knowing that you know climate change is real and a big part of climate change is you know the United States is I guess what NIST consumer-driven you know and this is what you're being told this is called brainwashing by the way if you are alright infant mortality rate in black and brown communities like in North Philadelphia is just as high as in many places that is factually inaccurate what can I do can I just do one point cuz I think it's worthwhile even though I have just been consulted personally I'm cells which i think is an extraordinary thing for intelligent people to do if she was talking about academic background that's not what I don't be kind person to us but let's just look at what she said I think it's worth it's really worthwhile so she said the 98% of scientists agree that global warming that global warming is a major problem basically that's what she said ninety-eight percent of scientists everyone in this room is going to college so you're gonna like the logicals if you say 98% of something there must be a hundred percent so somewhere there must be a list it must be a list of all the scientists existed my first challenge this lady is to give me the list of every scientist that exists in America in the world because if they do that's how you can use the word 98% if there isn't a definitive list there is no such things 98% number one logic number two science to a note proceed by consensus science is not democratic and Wonder in history it was the consensus that the earth was flat everyone believed in that everyone agrees laughs one man said that that was not true one person is true the idea anyone who says to you the majority agree with its thoughts truth is not a scientist I don't know what they are but they are not a scientist the laws of gravity do not get agreed by a consensus by a vote via democracy its science is not democratic science about truth one person can be correct the person who quotes 98% of science is somebody who already knows they're losing so they are using a logic 98% of all scientists unless you have an index of all scientists Richard Linton share about the spirit sciences at MIT says we need to not worry about this he was on the IMEC he resigned because of the fact that was so unscientific the list of scientists that I think it running to about a thousands that I've seen and this stuff who dissent with the other opinion it grows all the time but doesn't really matter how big the list is it doesn't matter because the truth is the truth it's not done by majority we can't all vote in this room about the laws of physics and it makes it right and I like the lady who is software here to at least acknowledge my logic at least acknowledge that logic because she is obviously a highly educated person although my question that anyone who need a consult anyone who needs to use ad hominem attacks against the speaker is someone who is obviously really shaky on their facts if he would fax girl but I mean when you have to go down to the personal attacks you're obviously really losing it you're going to give me the list then of the whole number since you have a list of every ever lived but I do have some notes about the inter-governmental and not into Satan it's a governmental tongue it's not scientific yes some of them were actually part of the European and you know you're so Gideon you have the European Union but I'm just saying that you've got a really great I don't know sustainable energies oh I know it's dumb please don't come shopping with us in Spain do you know what the unemployment rate in Spain is where they have this one thing we're supposed to churn for renewable energy expended they have over 20 percent of them this curious yeah in like age well I could tell you one thing you mean if you're about the only person in the world two things that the European experiment is a success they have no money that we bailed out by everyone the whole thing is falling to pieces and she my gosh you need to lead a newspaper you have got to be informing yourself European Union are about to crumble did you you're not look better Europe is falling to me you do know that too don't you you know that they're rioting in Greece in Greece people retire at 50 and they can't continue to pay them Greece has no money you do know that you do new fence if you know that in France there is an incredible problem they're spending more money than they have you do know this Ireland where I'm from we are in such bad shape we have had to give over the sovereignty of our country to the IMF the IMF had come in to run Ireland do not sit here and try and explain to people here that Europe is a success you are one girl in a million people believe that the whole world is acknowledging that the Europeans pyramid wasn't a stink [Applause] the old everyone's trying to come here I don't take humans are stupid by the way Cubans swimming with sharks to get to this country and their family for a while I mean this is amazing Europe I want 12 people died they hide in trucks and man they give their life

  1. The girl is so annoying and she is not an actual liberal. However the women who says the 98% of science point to try and discredit climate change was very much wrong. There is a lot of evidence to suggest climate change is happening. Tons of it. What does spains unemployment have to do with climate change. Economics has nothing to do with climate change. That blond lady is destructing from the climate question for what purpose? It's very suspect. The European Union had been on the verge of collapse for years if you read the papers…. Just to point that out

  2. the film maker here has some major flaws in her arguments. she wants to complain about ad hominem attacks but she starts by accusing the opposition of the argument as being brainwashed. quite hypocritical.

    the argument of wear is the list? is idiotic. I'm surprised that someone who claims to academic is so shit at statistics they can't comprehend the difference between a survey and a census. the 98% is clearly a survey and to claim that a survey has no argumental value because it's not a census is idiotic.

    indeed science is not a democracy. However, if your apply the scientific method to your experiments you should all get the same results provided the you performed the experiment correctly. thus if the majority of scientist agree on something than it is most likely correct. secondly your example of a flat earth is factually inaccurate. the greeks speculated that the earth was round at 4th century BC and proved it was round around the 4rd century and twice again by different methods around the 6th century. the concept of the earth being round was not apposed by scientist every it was religious officials that opposed the idea and even then it was a rare instance. Not that it's relevant but a common myth is that columbus proved the earth was round but by columbus's time everyone knew the earth was round for centuries. point im making is science isn't a democracy but if the vast majority of scientists agree on something then it's probably true because they formed their opinion from experimental and or mathematical data.

  3. Wow…and she took out a student loan to become stupid…These idiots just regurgitate what their "useful idiot" Social Sciences profs feed them….

  4. What a Fukin Asshole! She's in "College" & thinks she knows it all? Another brainwashed liberal & why do all Liberals pretty much look like HER???

  5. "You said washing machines were more liberating…" Perfect example of someone so spoiled, she has no idea what life was like before the technology she takes for granted. Meanwhile, her going away to school was probably the first time she even used the washer herself, haha.

  6. "I read alot, I read alot" Yeah Alot of bullshit.. it scares me knowing that there's people out there same age as i who barely just graduated high school and are moving on to college who have this kind of mindset. This is why WE are here! WE American Patriots who have it in our blood!! whoever you are!! we are here to preserve the privileges we have here! but the fact that people can be this uneducated and ignorant to the point that you don't acknowledge and realize the freedom and way of life we have in this great country?? it's extremely baffling.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. "well, then what experiment works?", asks the hippie dippie chick who's too stupid to know she's got it so good that stupid libs had to invent white privilege to explain how people as stupid as she could get so far. Little does this ditz know that because of "race norming" (look it up) and affirmative action, those who are privileged on the basis of skin color are blacks.

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