Sunday Talk "Personal Responsibility" Rev. Dr. Mark Vierra 03/03/19 NHCRS

all right good morning all right so it would seem that the College of Cardinals had voted for a new pope yeah and it turned out that he was an Irish Pope not an Italian Pope you know most of the College of Cardinals are Italian and they really like it when there's an Italian Pope so this new Irish Pope is in office for a month a little more and it's discovered that he has a very very bad heart ailment yeah and that he's going to need a transplant and so the College of Cardinals meets and they get this idea you know it would be really great if this Irish Pope had an Italian heart so there's going to be a big upcoming day where the Pope blesses everybody in st. Peter's Square and what they decide is because everybody loves the Pope so much they will all want to be a donor for the Pope to get a new heart and so when the Pope comes out on the balcony to deliver his blessing they decide they will release one feather and whoever this feather lands on that will be the person who gets to give their heart to the Pope and so they explain this to the crowd and the crowd starts to chant Papa Pope by taking my heart Papa Pope by taking my heart and it's this overwhelming wave throughout the crowd of people's just love and devotion for the Pope and then one of the the Cardinals raises up the feather he's on the balcony next to the Pope and he blows the feather out over the crowd and you hear the crowd go Papa Pope but take of my heart Pope the Pope but take of my heart so I'm gonna talk today about the principle of responsibility we teach a principle of responsibility in the science of mind and you know the bigger your life gets what you find out is the more you have to actually be responsible for and so this is about self responsibility this is not about blame so when I talk about responsibility please please please don't substitute in your head well this is just blame because nothing gets healed nothing gets grown nothing gets better when blame okay but responsibility that's different because responsibility says okay I was involved somehow somewhere consciously unconsciously subconsciously I had something to do with this okay it may have just been that I lent my consciousness to such an experience it may have been that I did not guard my consciousness well and fill it with light and love and truth and therefore I was susceptible to such an experience but you know if you if you justify your reasons and excuses the universe says okay they're yours you get to keep them you get to keep them but you also get to not be healed or grown or move forward so what we take responsibility for can change what we take responsibility for we can heal what we take responsibility for we can grow in those areas and you know as beings of consciousness we have free will we have choice and we were given this freewill and I believe we were given this choice in order to evolve at our own rate you know the universe does not hurry us it says well you want to stay with that experience for what another six months a year 10 okay if you're not done with it you can stay with that so why does God so what people often ask is you know why does God let people behave so badly well this is why because we have free will because we have choice because every soul is in a process of its own spiritual evolution you know imagine if we had never let children learn you know about making their own choices and the consequences of their choices and I know that starts very young for people with children you know a big part of our own and conscious expansion in life is this thing called choice you know that we have talked at times about this idea of having an intention you know and each choice is a choice of our intention I think that every time we choose to speak every time we choose to act every time we entertain a belief that's an intention we have this actually being expressed and so certainly we all have many aspects to this human part of our being right you know that we can be loving and we can be not so loving and we can be patient and impatient and compassionate and not so much we can be selfish we can be giving we can be bitter on and on and on and on so it's good to be aware that we have all of these aspects to to our being so there was a young brave and a Native American tribe and he was talking with with the elders of the tribe and in particular his chief and he said you know he said I don't really know how to proceed forward in life because I feel like there are two ways I could go you know when the chief says to him well you know it's like this every one of us we have two dogs that live inside of us yeah and one is a beautiful kind loyal and wonderful companion and one is mean and ferocious and a killer and they're always doing battle and the brave says to the chief well which one wins and the Chiefs looks at him and says whichever one you feed the most so this really to me says this is about what we give our attention to so if I'm giving my attention to the negative the negative is gonna win and if I'm giving my self over to the positive to what's life-affirming to what's good in people in life then that's what wins so the strongest part within us is what wins we want to be the same we want that same strongest part of us you know I think that's that's the best part of us right and it's difficult to choose I think our intentions consciously until we become aware of that there are these different aspects of who we are and we want to make our conscious decisions we want to make choices we want to set our intentions from this place of the best within from the best that's within us from that place that's actually going to feed us from that place that will foster us and grow us more this is why we say we want life to go one way you know how I want it to be like this I want it to be like this and yet our experience is so often very very different than that you know I thought I was ready for for this past painful pattern of experience to go away I thought I was done with it why does it keep coming back well I believe the God part of us the spirit within us desires to experience and Express wholeness you know but the other parts may not all right they're not necessarily as responsible as that god part of us they they might be very very strong because we have a history of feeding those parts of ourselves very very well so this thinking about responsibility really guides I think our choices because remember every time we choose we are creating some kind of Karma right and so I'm responsible if if I'm the one who gets angry I will create more of that kind of karma right everybody understands that so many people resist the idea of responsibility and people's intentions largely I find are unconscious they say well I can't help it you know this person they just make me so angry when I talk to them really they made you angry I mean come on they said does this not have anything to do with your response see because that's one of the distinctions we make reacting is unconscious but responding has more consciousness in it there's some level of choice you know so I lose that well I can't help but when you made me angry they had no clear intention to be compassionate and loving right and when people said you know and did whatever they said and did to us I understand you know they did not have the intention to go inward and pray first rather than just behave however they behaved out in the world did you see what I mean here so so this is being big spiritually I think accepting responsibility is consciously choosing the experience that we are in the process of creative all right so I'm responsible for the choices that I make that shape my reality right and so what part of me do I want to choose from I could choose from that place of the highest and best within me or I could choose from that place that's small and petty and snarky sometimes you know we all understand it but a responsible choice takes into account the consequences of the choice so this is pure science of mind making a responsible choice takes into account the consequences of that choice so ask yourself what will my choice in this situation produce do I really want to create that am I ready to accept all of the consequences for that particular choice so if we were like the brave in the story what part of me do I want to cultivate you know what part of me do I want to release spiritually I think we gain or lose power according to the choices that we are making on an ongoing basis that some choices we make actually just fill us with power and some choices we make you can feel the power the energy the life force just drain out of your body to which we should be saying to ourselves okay that was a bad choice remember that next time I will not make that choice see because I believe we want our choices to be aligned with the highest and best part of us that seems to me to be when life works really really well when the choices we're making are aligned with the highest and best within us you know in theirs there is certainly lots of temptation not to yeah always always right so temptation is the it's like the fork in the road you know goes this way one goes that way right which way do I go well one way will be a reflection of my best self one way will be a reflection of my less than best self one way will create good karma one way will create more not-so-good calmer Karma so if I consider my options I can evolve without creating bad karma all right but if I think of myself as someone who who cannot overcome temptation oh who was it wasn't it Oscar Wilde who said I can resist anything except temptation and and I have been that person I am absolutely so I'm saying I choose to be that because that's like saying I choose to be irresponsible I can't resist you know I lack the power so what stands between us and in a different life I think are a more evolved life a more loving abundant life are matters of responsible choices yeah well I'm I'm will I be more enlightened if I make this choice that's a good thing to ask ourselves will I be more light-filled if I choose this or if I choose this will I what's a more loving choice to make is this more loving or is this what's a more peaceful choice to make this or this what's a more wholesome choice for me today at this point in my life what will contribute to the wholeness within me more this or this okay so don't underestimate the power of consciousness you know when we make conscious choices you know we are filled with strength I think and and the smallest dissolves a little bit more when we make conscious choices we're giving more sway to that presence of spirit within us and less to that human personality self that's just always kind of whiny you know yeah I want this I want that so it's really good news that we cannot not evolve isn't that wonderful you know we're here our soul is going to evolve everything in the universe evolves you know the question is is which way you know do we choose to learn as we evolve I can learn through joy I can learn through pain I can learn through hardship I can learn through ease and grace I think expansion of every good thing in our life will come because of internal expansion first right so so often as students of science of mind we want some area of our life out here in the world to get better to get bigger to prosper in a greater way and yes absolutely that is available to us I believe that with all my heart however that external expansion will always be the reflection of some internal expansion or it will not last see if we just try to have bigger out here without becoming bigger in here this is you may get it for a while but then it will disappear and then people say well I thought I had it what happened why didn't it last these principles don't work and it's like no you know work I'm sorry you know and I wonder why people don't come back you know I say things like that right but you know when we notice we're stuck out here in the world well that's just a reflection that I'm stuck somewhere in here in me there's something stuck in my thinking there's something stuck in my heart there's something stuck in my way of being in the world that is keeping me from moving forward and expanding if I want more expansion out here in the world you know I have to make it my responsibility to expand in here why because spirit is found in here you know I got to get quiet I've got to focus on my internal experience you know in a sense everyone everyone even the people we are sure are not on the path are on the path and just we're just look at if we were just considered everybody on earth is on the path now they may not even know it yet but they're on the path so well how could I say such a thing how do I know that because everyone is going growing and everyone is going through stuff right I mean is there anybody not going through stuff do we know anybody you know when you called say hey how are you this week and I said oh I'm fine I'm not going through anything I have never had a person say that to me in my entire life nobody's ever know I have nothing going on nothing no no no issues nothing like that I think I think everyone everyone is growing through stuff right so the whole earth is being invited I think to go to it to go deeper to to a more responsible place and the path leads us to being the biggest the best and the most loving that we can be I think so there and certainly certainly you know we would not say that this is easy there are potholes along the way there are road bumps where the dark spots and our consciousness are actually in the process of coming up to be healed right so you know belief in God is good absolutely we would all agree of that you know and I would hate to go through life without it but knowledge of God is even better than belief see that is the knowledge of the love that is in our life a really powerful person is a person who has a tremendous capacity to love if we look at people think I'll if I'm just loving I'm gonna be a doormat I don't think that's true because you're loving doesn't mean you're not going to have boundaries because you're loving doesn't mean you're not going to accomplish things I mean very loving people have accomplished tremendous things in the world that we live in a really powerful person is a person who has a tremendous tremendous capacity to love so this would be a great thing to take personal responsibility for in every situation that I'm in regardless of what it looks like out here I'm here to add a little love into this situation I'm here to put a little more light a little more understanding a little more peace and that doesn't necessarily mean that I even say anything out loud because sometimes you know we're in a situation and the best thing we can do is just keep it buttoned up not say a word but let the predominant energy because all Minds are connected we teach that because so let the predominant energy that emanates from us be an energy of peace and an energy of love and an energy of healing there's a wonderful thing in A Course in Miracles that says you know you think if you understood people then you could love them right and it's the other way around if you love people then you'll understand them and so I like to play this game when I'm in line at the grocery store because that is a place where I get hooked a lot I I do it which is funny because I grew up in the grocery business my dad always had a grocery store we all worked in grocery stores I worked in a grocery store all through college and so I've done my time in grocery stores and you think I would pretty much be healed around that and and I'm not I'm not so I will be in line and somebody will in fact I was in line okay yesterday just yesterday very recently and and I I could feel myself becoming a different person a different person hmm a person I was acquainted with very well in the past who I try not to bring to the party very much anymore but boy all of a sudden that person was up and out and was like okay okay hey justjust just try to love them just try to love this person just try to send them love send them love send them love and inevitably and this happened to me again and again and again I hear them say something that totally turns my witchy judgey self around completely you know that so I heard I heard the woman in front of me talking to the cashier and she said something and I just sort of melted it's like oh and I'm and I'm aware enough to know that okay I couldn't have heard that if I hadn't been willing say okay I need to be more loving here I need to be more compassionate here alright so think about it when when we're truly filled with love you know our fear is gone and and actually having no fear is a really powerful place to be well how do I get there you know well I that would mean I have to truly truly be filled with love on on a moment-by-moment basis and we say well can't it can't possibly be that easy well who said it was easy come on do you know how hard it is to try and be filled with love every moment of the day but it is but it is an an art and like much art part of what makes it really good is that it looks really easy when people are good at you know when we see somebody who's acting and and they do a great job they do it so effortlessly right you know and we say oh my no we don't know how hard they worked to make it look that effortless and I think this is the same kind of thing we work to be a loving consciousness in the world so that wherever we go we add a little more light and a little more love and a little more peace to every situation whether we're in line at the grocery store we're driving on the 101 and the 405 you know it's about us being a light wherever we are you know so have you ever been like to a museum or a show and said I could have done that you know you see something and you go well that's just a canvas that's all white with a black stripe in it I mean what's that you know like I could have done that it's like yes but you didn't and they did and that's why they're in the museum hanging there all the time and you paid 20 bucks to get in you know that's the difference is it well I could have done that but you didn't you didn't they did they did you know it's funny when ideas come to us I often feel like you know God drops in the idea and if we don't act on it somebody else will we know that so how many times we've been to an intersection in a neighborhood and said oh my god you know what they need here they really need a pizza place here pizza would be so good here at or they need a Chinese restaurant in this neighborhood right and and then a couple months go by you're driving through the same intersection and you see there's a pizza parlor there oh and a Chinese restaurant they really took your idea seriously you know what you think god I could open that pizza place but you didn't they did they did you know so if God gives you an idea and you don't run with it somebody else will mmm something I I observe is that great beings have a purpose long before the world recognizes them know that these great beings that have lived on the planet they know what they are here to do and they just keep going about doing it so do you think we could possibly get closer to God and not be more loving I'll let you sit on that for a second there could I possibly get closer to God while not being more loving I don't think that's possible you I we want our life to be bigger and that means we have to be responsible for being more loving in the world let's try that this week let's pray so thanks we turn our attention inward for a moment recognizing that we are surrounded and filled with God's infinite loving spirit that there is a divine consciousness of which each and every one of us we are a part and so in this awareness of our connection with God the good the greater I also know that we're all connected on the unseen side of life all minds and hearts are joined and so in this awareness I speak the word for each and every one of us that we have an awakening of realization around personal responsibility and we look at those areas of our life where we are willing to take responsibility because in those areas we can grow and we can heal and we can expand and we can evolve beyond anything we have ever known thus far because the good of God that's everywhere and available within us right now is absolutely infinite God says yes when we say yes so we include in our prayer our family members our friends and loved ones our parents and children whoever we're holding near and dear today we see them in our minds eye and we hold them in the energy of our heart knowing that they are blessed if they are surrounded and filled with God's light and love and perfect healing is taking place we let our prayer be a blessing in the world that we live in so think of all the things that you've heard about taking place in the world this week and just let love be your intention to love and bless and heal to love and bless and heal put that energy emanate that from your heart from your consciousness into all of those situations and all people involved we bless our church we bless all churches everywhere synagogues temples mosques ashrams all paths to God and I'm certain that we are blessed by being together that everyone gets to be raised up and so with an open and a gracious and a full heart I say thank you God that this is so I release this word and so it is together we all say

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