Success story of Google Cloud Developer Community Chennai (Cloud Next ’19)

KRISHNAMURTHY: So today we are going to speak
about three topics– what we did for the
community, and what are the results we have seen,
and how we implemented it. Presently the community
center’s 1,900-plus. And we have our own eight
organizing teams in it. Here’s one other
picture, which we have taken in one of
the session, which is having around 107 members
in the [INAUDIBLE] meetup. So first we are going
to look into what we did to achieve these
accomplishments in 11 months. So we completed some
three community meetups. The community meetups ranges
from machine learning, NextExtended and Kubernetes,
and certification topics. And we held three self-study
groups on various meetup which we conducted. These self-study
groups are going to be closed groups, which
is between the attendees and the facilitators. So it helps the
community members to learn along with the
facilitator in the closed group. It is enabling the continuous
learning from the community. And before we start
any of the communities, the community meetup we used
to conduct the poll on it. So based on the
audience interest of the community
members’ interest, we took up the next chapter. And we’ll take it up
the next sessions. So this helps to understand
the members’ interest and proceed further. As of now, we would
say that our strongest part is the discussions. As of now we have
around 91 discussion we just completed in March. And I believe,
like, it has already crossed 95-plus for now. This includes all the
discussions, ranging from the sponsorships, the
job openings, and conference, Launchpads, and
challenges, and Hackathons. So many more are going to come. So with respect to
Chennai community growth, we would say, like,
one of the discussions, one of the key part, which
is the helping out, that it needs to be more interactive and
grow along with the community. So we added all
these four things. One is for the meetups,
another for discussions, and another is for the poll. And we also have
self-study groups. So how we did all these things
is where the [? part is. ?] So we are building on the
continuous development. So we keep improving all
the meetups one by one. And we used to work on
the pattern of 14 days and seven days and seven days. The 14 days would be allocated
for preparation for the meetup, and seven days
would be allocated for the evaluation
of the meetup, and seven days is allocating
on rolling of the meetups. So we used to have
a 14-7-7 cross. And we keep improvise on the
meetups, from the day one, and from the first meetup, which
we have seen on the Next ’18. And if you’re going to
see the present meetup, there is a continuous
evaluation [INAUDIBLE] happen. We look into how the evaluation
happen down the line. And we are taking
some of the initiative to train our organizing members
instead of taking the speakers from the other communities. We are improving the competency
of the organizing team. So presently, we
have a facilitator inside the communities
for machine learning, data scientists, and Kubernetes. This is to continue the
meetup in very different way and enable the
continuous learning. And we believe– we’re doing
the one-channel communication. We used to have all
the communication on the meetup page. And we don’t have
any other channel. This helps our attendees to more
come into the meetup channel and try to see what was
happening in the community, and how this was happening. And they interact
in the other thing. And as we said, we already
have study groups on it. So what are the
feedbacks that we are getting from the study groups? We are enabling that, and we are
putting into the next meetup. And what are the speakers–
they are tutored, and they are going
to have speaker talks in the next meetup. And we show them some other
quick codes and [INAUDIBLE] things to the meetup polls
and meetup attendees. This enables them to
learn continuously on the process of it. So we would say we utilize all
the tools on the, from the poll, to discussion,
to photos, and the discussion, and the meetups. So we enable all the
meetups tools, [? which ?] just helps to roll out– get the full potential
of the platform. And in the,
we have a showcase page. So all the achievers have a– all the meetup members
have access to that. They will post the
certification and achievements on the meetup page. And it really helps to
showcase achievements of the meetup members
to the external world and other organization. Through that, some
of the members have got the job opportunities
and other things. The job opportunities are there. So what are the achievers
we are doing it? So achievers will used to have
a talk on the upcoming meetups. And based on the
upcoming meetups, they used to have a talk
on what have been achieved. And this is motivating the
other teams, other attendees, or other community members
to achieve more on that. And we used a guide
on Learning Pad on how the certification
can be achieved, how the competency can be achieved. And we used to work with other
communities in and around of Chennai from
Kubernetes and OpenScript. We used to work with the other
communities inside in Chennai, and this enabled
the collaboration between the communities. So here comes a
result. So as I said, we started this community
before 11 months. So we started on the May 2018. And July 2018, when
I was presenting the– starting my
chapters on Next ’18, the community
[? center ?] was 250. And presently we have
around 1,900 members. I think it has already crossed– it will be crossing the 2,000
before I close the Next ’19. So it is growing at the rate
of nine members per day. So this is one of the faster– we are one of the fastest
community which is growing in. It’s [? pure of ?]
all the things what we are doing it for the community. OK. So we already completed some
six meetups on this 11 months. We take a initial
break and understand what is the communities
and what is the platform we are going to utilize. So it came out very good. We come [? to there ?]
on the six meetups. And all the meetups,
I would say, like, we are on more than
4.5-plus rating. And it is an indicator of the
quality of our deliverables to the community audience. And it is giving them
more of fruitfulness, and what we are getting
out of the community. So this is a sum
of the achievements made by the community members. So even for the [INAUDIBLE]
team and the organizing team, they did some of
the achievements. So they achieved
around 31 achievements, ranging from cloud
certification, specialization, and courses, and Qwiklabs. I know the count is
already modified now, because I was prepared
this on March 2019. So I think it has
already crossed 40. We look into that– what is
those achievements under? So this is our
community page, where we will have all the meetup
discussion was happening on it. So we used to have– this
is where we started it. This is our first meetup,
which was happen on– Next ’18 Extended on
July, July or August. So if you see the content of it,
we have put some of the agenda, and we put some of
the description. So if you see the
next one, which we are going to have
it on the next month, there is some
different plan, OK? So we completed around the
six meetups, and we started– this is how the first
meetup was happen. We put some of the
things– after we did, we used to update it. So now we are putting a
plan for our own selves, and says that this
is the plan for it. On 31st of March we are
going to start the event, and the 14th of April there
is a closing of Next ’19. We are going to roll out
the registration closure. And we are going to
have a evaluation. So this helps to reduce
some of the questions from the attendees. And we can work
productively on our one. OK? So these are some of the things
which is going to happen. So as we said, we are
keep improvising it, from the Meetup 1. We just keep improvising from
the Meetup 1, and the Meetup 2, Meetup 3, and
Meetup 4, and Meetup 5. OK? So– As I said, we have some
of the achievements. So I’m just rolling out
some of the achievements. So these are some
of the achievements made by the community
members who has completed– these are some of
the members who was from the [INAUDIBLE] team
who was completing the machine learning and other things. All are from the organizing
teams, and the [INAUDIBLE] teams, and from the
community members. So these are some
of the achievements which we are doing of. So this includes
some of the students who is achieving the machine
learning specialization. And it includes the
professionals who are doing it. So this community
was [INAUDIBLE] diversified [? person, ?]
from research scholars to the student. So we are enabling
the learning school for Google Cloud for the
entire portfolio of the school. As we said, we are
utilizing most all the tools in the So this another
showcase tool which is already available on the, which we say [INAUDIBLE] achieved quite good. OK. You can go to the
[? respective ?] URL to see much more achievement
which we are doing it. We are continuously
doing these achievements, and we are collaborating
with all the members. OK. So I take this opportunity
to thank all the organization which is supporting us,
including my own organization, which is supporting
the work-life balance. And as well as all
the sponsors who is helping on
providing the venues and other thing to
run the meetups. And as I told, we have a
eight-members organizing team ranging from [INAUDIBLE]. And we have Naveen, and– we have Naveen [INAUDIBLE]. We have [INAUDIBLE] and we have
[INAUDIBLE] and [INAUDIBLE] So I take this opportunity
to thank all of them. Without them, I don’t think
I would have even achieved this goal in it. And they’re not able
to make it here, but they have been
through me here. And I’m taking this
opportunity to thank all my [INAUDIBLE] teams and
attendees for being there. And thank you so much
for listening this. I hope you had a very
good insight on what is happening in the community. You can check out the
link for more information. So we have a chatbox enabled
with all the organizing team. You can directly interact with
the organizing team, including myself, through the chat. If you need any more
clarification on it, the same link. So this is, we say, like,
one-channel communication across it. You can connect with us for
everyone through this link. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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