SUB.Culture Montréal: Part 1

  1. dude said house music is european. what about chicago, detroit, jersey, and NYC? i don't mind other cities and cultures partaking in the art form, but i am tired of this revisionist attitude in dance music.

  2. Montreal's the shit, tied with Vancouver for best city in Canada. If the winters didn't suck ass it'd be my #1.

    I hate to be that guy, but has anyone got track IDs?

  3. Nah this entire video got discredited bc of dude at 4:10 that says house is European music mixed with disco. Pay your respects & know your actual history house started in the US of A

  4. Been looking for something like this for years, will be looking into Dub Techno clubs soon. Thank you for posting this video, it revives my soul. Subbed <3

  5. great show, I enjoyed this and also as someone that has an interest in 'sustainable seafood from latin america' to Montreal, is now a good guise for myself to partake of what this town, a place I knew for maybe 2 hrs only once,has to offer and  is well …….another locale for the bucket list 

  6. "House Music is European music mixed with disco." – I thought house was pretty much invented by American gay black dudes.

  7. Dear god, look at all these furious commenters.  Christian never said house music was European, he said "house music is european music mixed with disco".  Very different things.

  8. A lot of bullshit was said in this fkn short docu – House is from Detroit . . . Rent is cheaper in Montreal because the economy sucks.

  9. WHAT! Did he say that house music is european music mixed with disco? OMG he has no clue what he's talking about. Chicago and Detroit run House.

  10. eu queria saber mais sobre a cultura bass e vocês me deram mais. Estou muito feliz com esse material. Vocês estão de parabéns. 😀

  11. Wow… Sort of sad when a mature DJ does not get the origins of house music."House music is really European music mixed with Disco" If we were to listen to a track list from the early 80's when house music was being created for the first in Chicago, you would find ALL TYPES of music being added to the mix to make it happen. "European music" (whatever the heck that is exactly) was not the primary source or influence.

  12. I am born and raised in the north side of montreal… And honestly, rap music is one of the biggest rising music and documentaries are not showing the multicultural neighbourhoods of the city!

  13. i swear ive never seen a decent documentary on montreal underground music, is it really that fkn hard to do some homework and get the correct info?

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