Study: Socialism Makes People Happier

wife’s we’re trying to this guy on as a guest
benjamin radcliffe writes in a special to CNN the author of
political economy of human happiness he writes are what conditions best
promote more rewarding lives in terms policy in nations and he says the answer is simple and
unequivocal happier people live in countries with a generous social safety
net or more generally countries whose
governments tax-and-spend at higher rates reflecting
the greater range of services in protections offered by the state these findings come from an analysis of
data from the World value surveys for the 21 industrial western industrial democracies from 81
to 2007 however much may paine conservatives to hear it
the nanny state works across the western world the
quality of human life increases as the size at the state increases it turns out that having a nanny makes
life better for people this is borne out by the UN
2013 happy new world happiness report which found
Denmark Norway Switzerland the Netherlands and Sweden the top five
happiest nations and conservatives might also be sad here that labor unions have a similar affect not only are workers who belong
to unions happier but the overall rate of happiness
throughout the country non members and members increases dramatically is the percentage
of workers who belong to unions grow so there you have it folks now this is the time for a a this time for a libertarian Colin and claim that these people are not
happy cuz they don’t have freedom that they’re lying to themselves they’re not really happy there on Fri they’ve yet to take the
blue pill so they don’t know what’s going on and
this is the problem in this country that the people don’t know what they
want what they think they want something that’s gonna make them happy and then they’re going to have to walk
around with the nanny the whole time also UN survey right haha police home

  1. I'm sorry but that paragraph wasn't even comprehensible.I'm going to try to translate that into an actual intelligible argument and assume you are somehow defending greed with those random nonsensical statements. Money is NOT more valuable than humans. Its paper. .

  2. I see that example so much. But Greece actually works HARDER than Americans(more work hours), and yet uninformed Americans call them lazy entitlists. What largely caused their plight was Goldman Sachs fudging Greece's books to allow them into the euro-zone. Corruption, and capitalism.

  3. The real problem isn't with any particular ideology. There are many aspects of socialism, capitalism and even Communism that are positive and there are aspects that are negative as well. The problem begins when humans take things too far with an ideology. Russia is a good example of communism that was taken too far and The United States is a perfect example of a country that has gone off the deep end with capitalism to the point where it has a negative effect on the population.

  4. Yes the answer to EVERYTHING in life is balance. This is why our government can't get anything done right now. Republicans are letting the extremism of the Tea Party dictate their actions rather than being moderate and trying to compromise on issues like rational adults. Republicans need to boot the Tea Party. Taking things too far with any type of ideology NEVER works. Most of those countries I mentioned have quite a mix of capitalism and socialism and it works.

  5. And you point is?

    Apple was not created by govt, but if you look inside the iPhone, a large percentage of the technology was developed by govt agencies such as ARPA, NASA, etc.

    As for funding, it is the govt that sets the rules for the govt defined entity we call corporations. Contracts are unforced by govt court system.

    If capitalism is a game, the govt created the level playing field and hired the umpires

  6. lol, another study released in the early 2000s came to the conclusion that more suicides occurred under conservatives ( who usually implement austerity measures in their budgets)…

    let's face it right wingers suck – their type of socialism is for the few rich and their corporations. That's ultimately what they are.

  7. We had a similar problem during the great depression. Our solution was to redistribute the wealth. The problem was that it was slowly "fixed" back to what it is now. If you do the same thing again, over time it will be "fixed". All progressive changes in government in a capitalist system are reversed over time. Unlike before, technology really has become a game-changer.

  8. Well in 1997 Microsoft gave Apple $150 million because of increasing Federal pressure on Bill Gate's company. The Federal government began threatening anti-trust measures against Microsoft in the late 90's and in early 2000's Microsoft lost an anti-trust case made against it.

    That money and the anti-trust sanctions helped Apple become the company that it is today. That's not to sell short the inventiveness or hard work of the men and women at Apple… or the child labor and tax shelters.

  9. You should go into more detail explaining why Russia wasn't communist. What WAS it, then? I have heard this elsewhere but would like an update.

  10. A capitalist economy with government social program is not socialism.

    I bet you can't point me to a country where "the means of production" was collectivized/democratized (example-People that worked in the factory's owned the factory's) not nationalized (government taking control of business) ,cause that's 1 of the key aspects of socialism (Unless people have economic freedom they will never have political freedom)

  11. Well that's something. Just don't forget to mention the cheap labor being used from deregulated countries like Mexico and the DRC.

    Also, don't forget that expensive labor from socialist countries like Sweden, Norway & the UK is very lucrative for those involved.

  12. When the child is spoiled and scolded of course the child will cry that his daddy (Government Power!) is evil. Boo hoo!

    The child needs to get spanked to teach it a lesson. When you are really bad we send men in black and beat you with sticks. Then take you away to jail for a few years.

  13. Bernie Sanders is one of the few congressmen that calls himself a socialist. An American Socialist for Vermont. Probably one of the few places in the US that it works better than any other state. Location and demographics are key. His version American Socialism wouldn't have worked in 20th century Russia. He would have been ousted for being too soft and anti-military.

  14. I don't own anything. I'm in a forest right now. I am broadcasting from a tree that I'm hugging…I am one with the universe!

    What about you? Addicted to your iPhone? SLAVE!

  15. Bingo. Even the Conservative think tanks (vehemently anti-communist) admit as much. I've even seen Communist being called the best "Capitalist" in the sense that a small group at the top control the means of production; which is a capitalistic venture for this small group of men. The problem, of course, is that individual liberty is removed for those to decide for themselves. It all comes down to what degree of "material wealth" do a percentage of peoples control.

  16. Wow. This is a surprising result. When you treat people like human beings rather than as commodities, it actually makes them happier.

    Not treating people like commodities? What a strange and alien concept.

    Of course that begs the question of whether we should give a shit about the happiness of a commodity. My guess that the power elite will answer with a resounding NO.

  17. ….. said the trollish little sheep that believed all the propaganda his god (Glen Beck) told him.
    Did I get it right, or should I have said Limbaugh, or Hannity?
    Ever ask yourself why countries like Canada, Sweden, Denmark etc. etc. do just great and have far better measures of everything (conditions, poverty, education, health, happiness etc.) than we do?
    No of course you don't. Critical thinking is beyond your puny wittle brain.
    When you gonna get tired of trolling little boy?

  18. You clearly don't understand what Socialism is or even what it means. Its one of the main reasons why so many countries in Europe are so far ahead of the US in many areas like Education, HealthCare cost/efficiency/quality, economy etc.

    The NFL runs on a Socialist model and is a great example of how Socialism can be employed in a very successful way to bring happiness and equality to all.

  19. No they weren't go and read an academic book on history or Political Science and you won't find any Scholar referring to either of those models as "progressive" or even real Socialism.

  20. No fucking shit to you is not no fucking shit to most people.
    It's good that this gets reported on, as most people still have a VERY skewed view of socialism.

  21. "Happy" is a pretty subjective term, Sam.
    I can't help but notice that Americans aren't CHOOSING to mass-immigrate to Cuba, Venezuela, France, UK, The Netherlands etc
    The Netherlands have a massive brain-drain problem as they don't feel like paying 64% income tax (yes).
    If Social programs worked well – people would flock to them.
    I'm so glad you post these videos as they expose the emptiness of the left's message and reinforce my views on daily basis.

  22. Apple is hardly a 'small business', however many of the technologies like GPS and Siri were funded by the gov't in their early stages. Once progress was seen, venture capitalists picked up the torch. Oh, the gov't dept is called U.S. Small Business Administration for more info.

  23. "If Social programs worked well – people would flock to them"

    A typically asinine thing said by a typically asinine libertarian. Uhhh, people actually FLOCK to countries with social programs—countries like Canada, most of Europe especially the Scandinavian ones–Gee I wonder? is it because of their uber capitalist free market utopias? riiight…I forgot. None of these countries practice the "Real" capitalism, so it can't be that!

  24. The government IS like a corporation, but instead of making profits for a board of stock holders it acts like a siphon that sucks all the wealth up to a small percentage of "owners." These owners are part of a revolving door system where politicians and businessmen enjoy a very intimate relationship, both feeding off each other, leaving the masses starved and stupid.

  25. You bring up a very good point. The "love it or leave it" mentality breaks down when factors like family and financial independence are considered. This is part of the problem with urban decay areas like Detroit; it's not as easy to uproot one's life as conservatives would believe.
    The alternative is progressive policy – and everyone wins in the end.

  26. There wasn't one, but that doesn't mean that things wouldn't work the same or better if the government was investing in him.

  27. As a Swede can i say not worry of medical debts, study debts and other problems as just focus on living helps ppl to stay happy and less stress. I would say i am more free here in Sweden then what i would be in USA because some burdens is taken of my back. Saw studies that we in Sweden was more productive per citizen then USA and we have 5 weeks payed vacation.

  28. First of all you has a misconception about socialism. You still have your own stuff, you just dont get milked out of your money, time and resources by private interests that horde the wealth to a few ppl. Also if we had pure libertarian socialism as Marx, Bakunin, Kropotkin advocated so would the worker own his own means of production and not be a wage slave.

  29. Ok I am an atheist, i am an anarcho-syndicalist or left libertarian flavor of socialist so i want to abolish the state. I am anti Bolshevik style communism which is more state capitalism then close to any of the original thought of socialism. Just read about what the the Bolshevik hijack of the revolution and how they crushed the left wing of the revolution and crushed the resistance in Ukraine and how they destroyed the Kronstadt commune. Ppl as me was among the first victims for the Leninist.

  30. "The real objective of Socialism is human brotherhood… Men use up their lives in heart-breaking political struggles…, not in order to establish some central-heated, air-conditioned, strip-lighted Paradise, but because they want a world in which human beings love one another instead of swindling and murdering one another. And they want that world as a first step."
    — George Orwell, "Can Socialists Be Happy?"

  31. Acts 2-4
    "all the believers were together and had everything in common … they gave to anyone as he had need … No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had … the money … was distributed to anyone as he had need"

  32. pay ratio
    1:1034 — Walmart (one of the US' largest enterprises, owned by the elites)
    1:5 — Mondragon (one of Spain's largest enterprises, a federation of cooperatives owned by the workers)

    Mondragon workers are free to decide what to produce, how to work, and how to spend/distribute the profit. Individual interests are asserted & discussed through bottom-up democratic assemblies. This doesn't happen in typical capitalist corporations like Walmart, which is internally authoritarian.

  33. "Nothing has contributed so much to the corruption of the original idea of socialism as the belief that Russia is a socialist country… I had seen little evidence that the USSR was progressing towards anything that one could truly call Socialism."
    — George Orwell

  34. Communism: From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.
    Socialism: From each according to their ability, to each according to their deed.
    Capitalism: From rich according to their generosity, to rich according to their greed.

  35. Yes, most people choose to stick around for family/friends/familiar surroundings, but when you analyse those who DO CHOOSE to leave their country – the trend is overwhelmingly from countries with high taxes and less personal freedoms towards freer & more prosperous contries.
    I'm sure you know people who moved to/from the US for a better job. but I doubt you know ANY who moved to higher taxing countries for the purpose of utlising their welfare.

  36. Sure I do. Welfare is more than the dole. It is the full spectrum of services and benefits provided by the government to the population. This often equates to better opportunities for those with fewer established advatages.
    Also, you need to remember there are multiple sets of demographics for immigration. The wealthy will seek opportunities to protect and extend their wealth, poor sek support. Poor have less ability to immigrate so they are represented less in the stats. Demographics matter.

  37. I left the US having nearly been close to being homeless, and unable to pay for medical bills. I escaped to socialist France, and the difference is astounding, I have 98% free medical care and should I develope a lifetime or terminal illness all healthcare is free, from drugs, to hospital stay. People are payed a living wage, there is government assistance for the poor or homeless. Damn right I'm happier here!

  38. Very nice way of putting it, though there is more nuance in Marx' statement that people credit him with.
    People assume "need" is just about subsistence for one, which is a very poor way of looking at it.
    A world based on marxist principles would be a utopia, though I was raised with (and still believe in) a model of champaign socialism that rewards deeds, as well as catering to needs.
    Glad to read good commentary on the left wing throughout this thread.

  39. What exactly is "socialist" about labor unions? Until quite recently unions were a fundamental part of American capitalism.

  40. Corporations are "strawmen of the law" that is the incorporating instrument (paperwork) is register with a government (in the U.S. it is done at the state level) but the company is not "created" by the government, but by its shareholder/original board. The government only gives it a stamp of approval.

  41. and often the research and support structure comes from the government and the government is the primary contractor for such services, so these things like gps don't appear out of corporate thin air.

  42. Don't forget the corporations that make those antidepressants also actively lobby to change laws to keep us unhappy so we have to keep buying their pills.

  43. What was the government dept that gave him the education to have the skills to set up a company?

    What was the government dept that gave him the infrastructure necessary to set up a business?

    What was the government dept that gave him the legal structure and protection needed to sustain a business?

    He did one thing, society did the rest.

  44. The stars on the Confederate flag represent the slaveholding states. If what they want is just secession from the federal union and not slavery or racial discrimination, they should have no use for that flag. If they nonetheless use the flag, then a racist implication can be reasonably suspected.

    Nazis hated communism:
    "The problem of how the future of the German nation can be secured is the problem of how Marxism can be exterminated."
    — Adolf Hitler, "Mein Kampf"

  45. The title is misleading. It should be "Extensive european wlefare states" or something of the sort. The "Socialism" in northern europe differs greatly from other socialist states in South America, Africa and Asia. In some aspects Sweden for example is more free market oriented than the US, a well functioning private sector have always been the goal for conservatives and social democrats alike to fund the extensive welfare. There is a reason why swedish labor unions are very pro free trade.

  46. Voting for a lesser of two evils. Many Republicans, too, voted for Obama.

    As for Obama's actual political position on the political compass, google "the US Presidential Election 2012 Political Compass". He isn't leftist, let alone "commie".

  47. What was the government dept that gave him the benefits that come from forming a corporation….oh wait that was what the government did for him

  48. { Mondragon is an inefficient union with overpriced products nobody wants to buy }

    If that were true, it wouldn't have survived for 50+ years and become one of the largest enterprises in Spain.

    { not customer driven }

    The workers are connected to many of their customers as members of the same community. Bottom-up cooperatives run directly by local workers can reflect more local interests than top-down corporations run remotely by elites.

  49. The higher wages are possible by proper mutually-agreed distribution of the profit. And it's not that their wages are high; it's that the wages in typical capitalist corporations are too low, as a result of the top elites despotically giving themselves 300-1000 times more from the profit than they give the average workers.

    It's true that Mondragon's workplace democracy is not perfect regarding foreign workers, but that isn't a fault of the cooperative principle itself.

  50. You did not refute my point that people don't seem to gravitate to countries with less freedom, higher taxes & generous welfare programs for those reasons. They move to where the jobs are.
    You just repeated the same claims I addressed before.

  51. I've been to Norway, Sweden AND Denmark, and they all looked "free" to me. I said "no abnormally high police presence, streets are clean, people are well dressed, they have good health coverage, the sky is blue, they drive nice cars, there's good public transit, lots of tall blonde people walking around everywhere.. what's so bad about this?".

  52. Socialism or social democracy is about the working class taking control of the state and instituting policies that serve them.
    In our current state-capitalist society, well, we're essentially corporate slaves.
    I know. Work hard… and become the next Bill Gates. Problem is: it's a zero-sum game. And the problem is wealth is so heavily concentrated…. So wealth is not spreading out.
    And when you've concentrated wealth you've concentrated power. Hence corporate tyranny… or FREEDOM.

  53. it's getting lame because you still don't understand it.

    Rather than teaching a man how to fish

    You tell him ''It's time you pick yourself up by the bootstraps and make something of yourself. Now go forthwith with no skills, no assets and only debt and make something of your life damnit! you mooch!''

    yup gread advice.

  54. just like america isn't remotely free market. Russia wasn't remotely communist.

    Socialist kleptocracy with authoritarian tendencies at best.

    That's hardly a socialist merit-based democratic system.

  55. I would say that the way Russia acted was enough to make a lot of Americans afraid of communism. I once read a book called "Coming Out of the Ice" by an American who went with his family to Russia during the Great Depression thinking it might be a good way to make a living during the Depression. He was 15 when he went over there and at first he liked his life over there. But later, when he decided he wanted out, he found he was unable to leave. He was 63 when he finally made it back.

  56. In capitalism you sell something to gain something. You either have a good to sell or a skill. The more valuable your skill or good the more you can sell it for. There is healthy competition involved as well so nobody can corner the market. Socialism is not taking control of the state but opening the doorway for the state to control you.

  57. This is a deceptive study. A very "happy" state is Norway. Norway has a population that is less than 30 US states and is 89% Norwegian. If you live in an area of few people that are all the same then you will be happy as well. People naturally segregate to other people like them. There are other factors to happiness then socialism. Really, socialism is probably the last cause for happiness.

  58. That's ridiculous.

    Unless you are a total racist diversity is irrelevant.

    There are plenty of states and counties in the US that have concentrations of the same race and the people are still just as unhappy or more so.

    The true cause of unhappiness is economic instability, lack of safety nets, and lack of healthcare all of which aren't an issue in socialist countries in Europe.

  59. Diversity is important. People come from different backgrounds and culture. It does create some issues when establishing a system that works. Look at areas in the US that have minimal problems. They are rural areas with small population of basically the same people. They have systems that work. Policies that hurt them are ones set by the federal government, policies that are trying to work with over 300 million people. Policies that try to develop safety nets or healthcare.

  60. Capitalism is about freedom to do stuff – and inevitably includes among many great stuff the freedom to pollute destroy and kill.
    Social democracy is about freedom from worries – no worries about health, no worries about pollution, no worries about education.
    also there is the economy of scale thingy – social democracies end up spending about the same and get a better result.

  61. "it's a zero-sum game"
    Political gain is a zero sum game.The taxer takes the the taxpayers money. Economic gain is not a zero sum game. It is win win exchange (in a free market). I trade 100 dollars for an ipod, and both the seller and I are happy. Trade is mutually beneficial.

    Corporate tyranny only exists because of government. These angels you envision "taking control of the state" have their own interests.Granting ultimate power (political) to serve your personal agenda is not the answer.

  62. Capitalism is the freedom to exchange and own property. It involves negative rights (the right *not* to be aggressed against).

    Your definition of social democracy where people "don't worry about health" implies someone else has to provide healthcare. So people have "positive rights" in which someone else is forced to provide them with something. If I have a "right" to education, someone else necessarily must be forced to give me that education.

  63. For all those worshipping the merits of "social democracy", please see youtube user Lenghtyounarthur's series on "Democracy, The God That Failed." It is based on a book with the same title, but outlines the fundamental problems with democracy.

  64. So persuit of happiness should be struck out and persuit of socialism should be replaced… It will keep the people focused on tge prize and drive the nasty bigoted rigyt wing scum insane – win win…

  65. so do you want to be happy and have a society that works, or do you want to be ideologically pure? sadly most americans only see black and white.

  66. Its funny to know that the worst/least happy countries are either capitalist or communist, US, UK, Spain, China, etc. While the happiest are socialist like Sweden. What a strange turn in events.

  67. What liberal garbage. Of course socialism makes people happy–they're getting other people's money without earning it. It's not the job of the government to make everyone happy and jolly.

  68. At 1:35 he says labor unions have a similar "EFFECT," suggesting the nanny state and labor unions CAUSE happiness. You don't infer that from a correlational study lol. That would require a controlled experiment. Amazingly, a "professor" doesn't know that correlation doesn't equal causation lol, which by the way, every freshman understands (and repeats over and over) lol.

    SAD. I've read the work of actual happiness researchers who thought it was most likely a genetic difference (though we again can't say causation here without an experiment, or we'd be like the baboon in the video).

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