1. People like Varney don't even understand what Capitalism is (hint: It's not the polar opposite of "Socialism", and even Adam Smith advocated for taxation and regulation) and seem to think of it as a mystical, almost god-like force for good. The end result, what they actually end up supporting, is plutocracy.

  2. Know this- Leftists want to grant more and more power to politicians to check and balance power of corporations, meanwhile they are in bed with them. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Sanders, Trump all make promises to the people yet break those promises once in office due to the fact that they answer to the corporations. Leftists are fools, and must realize that the Frankenstein country you rail against is in fact your own creation. You are Dr. Frankenstein.

  3. Stu is a propagandist freak who mows charles and davids lawn on weekends. He tosses the salads of billionaires so he gets millions. Ironically his life is then worth about three cents

  4. 1:26 – I'll be sure to quote that whenever a conservative complains about being banned off Twitter or whatever.

  5. One good thing you can say about Stuart Varney is that he might be an awful person, but he'll be dead soon. So there's that.

  6. Fox entertainment supports Trump criminal actions. Capitalism only exists where the rule of law exists. Fox entertainment does not support the rule of law therefore they don’t support capitalism. Lol

  7. capitalism is great when its not mismanaged.
    we dont use capitalism in the U.S. we use oligarchism.

    if your born rich the government makes a separate economy for you to compete in and a special legal system so you dont go to prison for anything so local politicians dont lose the jobs that you offer.
    i knew a kid in 7th grade that coulda told you the problem with google that was more than 20 years ago. i woulda been rich if i had ANY money to invest at the time. this kid knew exactly what bill gates was doing.

  8. Stewart Varney slavishly worships the demon gods of money, greed and avarice. It is so grotesque to see this obscene reprobate grovelling before his Satanic masters on his show, so outraged that people would dare to criticize the oligarch billionaires that rule the USA. Stewart Varney a puerile pompous propagandist for peccant predatory patricians and parsimonious plutocrats.

  9. Bernie Sanders 2020.

    -Medicare For All
    -Get money out of politics
    -Progressive Tax System – most effective on 1% billionaires and these corporations Varney cries over
    NOT more tax breaks for the rich and corporate investors
    NOT accounts in foreign tax havens like Panama, Caman Islands, Bahamas, the moon…
    NOT pay into charities that you own as a tax dodge
    NOT technically headquarter overseas to exploit tax loopholes like Apple does with Ireland


    join us in championing Bernie Sander's and Progressive policies ad nauseam, spread it all around the Internet and shove it far up corporate media's ass.

  10. Fox "News" Network puts this on their 'Business Channel' and is not going to present this on channels to their regular
    viewers, that are already uninformed as it is, as they would riot.

  11. 0:50 — Two quick examples of capitalism gone wrong: The Wall Street crashes of 1929 and 2008. Okay a bonus example of the sin (sin) of the ever-expanding wealth gap, and how most working folk literally would have to work two to four MILLION years (years) to get to what the Amazon CEO is sitting on….. There ya go, Stewie.

  12. My God this is a joke… Do you earn less than $100k A YEAR? Capitalism is not working for you! You are a drone..

  13. Socialism sounds very just, moral and promising…. socialism works fine when the taxpaying rich are in business and stay within the country and keep their money in circulation… but never works out because the government always imposes new regulations and taxes which cause them to split with their wealth… when the government takes over the companies corruption sets in… with falling profits the government has to subsidise and them eventually… without profitable companies pumping taxes in the system the economy collapses and the government tries to print more money which leads to inflation… no wonder theres not a single piece of innovation or fortune five hundred company that came out of socialist countries… ask any Venezualan or cuban that migrated to the US whether they recommend socialism…. these turds will say that we dont want the Venezualan or cuban socialism but we want the scandinavian one…. when in reality those countries practice capitalism and free market economies… they only have larger welfare programs for their tiny homogeneous populations which they pay for with their huge oil and reserves exports… but they also have been slowly pulled back for the past 30 years because of drop i oil prices, mismanagement and cost to the taxpayers… plus socialism is impossible with unchecked unskilled aliens entering the country, birthright citizenship, easy asylum laws, high corruption and higher percentage of the population that cannot afford to pay taxes…

  14. Varney was born in Derby U.K, next but one county over from here. Believe me that absolutely NOBODY from there has ever spoken with an accent like that. He is a 100% phoney.

  15. 170 years ago stuart varney would say the same thing about slavery, "i don't think that's an example of capitalism gone wrong, (selling humans for profit) i think its a fine example of capitalism being innovative, dynamic, a remarkable employer and creator of wealth."

  16. When I was and young person in school, we were taught about the breakup of big oil and other conglomerates and how it was good for America. Now, people look up to an orange face turd who steals other people's money so he doesn't have to pay taxes. Oh wait, Deutsche can't break the law and siphon money to him anymore. Perhaps that's why he lost $600 million in 2017 … per Forbes. TOOOOOO Bad.

  17. Corporations not paying any taxes with the help of a lobbyist bought government is the perfect example of Capitalism gone wrong.
    Vaaahney is a corporate shill douchebag.

  18. Move the fuck home asswipe. I for one am tired of listening to you scream your tired lame bullshit out on state run tv. Don't like it? Get the fuck back to whatever social democratic country that shit you out!

  19. Stuart lol. Show this ignorant, old white man the long list of western MNCs here in china that are in joint ventures with the communist party and its SOEs.

  20. 3:17 Whoa, when did this giant-screen thing happen? It's an improvement on the bottom-corner screen, I like it.👍

  21. Let's talk about pharmaceutical companies price gouging, let's talk about how a third of bankruptcies are medical. We are fucked until someone flips the board here

  22. Stuart varney. The reason Americans had a war to throw us out my apologies on behalf of England, we didn't think he would last that long over there

  23. Not sure why this part wasn’t mentioned, but Jackie DeAngelis weak presentation and defense of her point is part of the problem.

    For example, when she said Amazon was not “paying their fair share of taxes” no, Amazon is a trillion dollar corporation paying ZERO in taxes. Make that clear. She also conceded to Varney that saying “Capitalism gone wrong” is somehow too far? This just makes it easy for Varney to control the narrative.

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