Streaming Services Are Destroying Our Culture – South Park – “Basic Cable” – s23e09

Look at that.
Look! 240 channels of anything
we want to watch. No accounts.
No fucking passwords. Just pure, simple,
basic cable. [ Door opens ] Ma! Dad!
Guess what! Not now, Scott. Your mom and I are enjoying
watching whatever we want and not signing up
for anything. But, Dad, there’s
this new girl at school, and she has diabetes! Oh!
That’s wonderful, Scott! Yeah,
and guess what? She wants to come
over to our house! So, we have to
get Disney+! Aw!
Not this shit again! The answer is no! Dad, please!
This is my life! Streaming services
are destroying our culture, Scott! People got a thousand shows
at their fingertips 24/7, so now Hollywood has
to make shows within their shows to make more shows! But, Dad,
what’s wrong with people watching what they wanna watch
when they wanna watch it? [ As Scott Malkinson ]
What’s wrong with people watching what they want
when they wanna watch it? I’m Scott Malkinson.
I have diabetes. Unbelievable! [ Scoffs ]
Yeah, it’s me. It’s time we took all these
streaming services down. Tell all the guys
we’re meeting A.S.A.P., in a window between 10:00 a.m.
and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday.

  1. And there's the issue of shows being locked behind too many streaming services. So now people are resorting back to pirating.

  2. I love how he uses a phone call to do the same thing people do on!

    Also, my response to his “Streaming services are destroying our culture’” would be, “Yeah? And video killed the radio star. Cultures change. Cultures evolve. They don’t remain static and unchanging forever like they’re carved in stone.”

  3. I want to see Scott sit his dad down and show him the first episode of The Mandalorian.

    Scott's dad:…Son I want you to know two things. One, I think I'm starting to get streaming and two? I wish you had been born a Baby Yoda.

    Scott: Me too dad…me too

  4. He is right in the sense that you have to be signed up to ten different streaming services now if you want to be able to watch everything since now every company wants to make their own streaming service and make their original programming exclusive to it. That shit has gotten beyond ridiculous.

  5. Could you please (if it's fine or even possible) make an another yaoi episode but with an other ship like bunny (Kenny x butters) kyman (cartman x kyle) or style (Stan x kyle)?

  6. I don't mind the streaming services but I can see that's it's starting to get out of hand. For Example. Amazon and Apple TV. Hulu, HBO, Roku, Disney plus. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting 1 or more

  7. Yeah yeah, streaming is better than broadcast TV, yada yada yada… but Disney is still the #EvilestCorporationOnEarth.

  8. The only thing wrong with this episode was there wasn't any nipple rubbing from the cable company people like a previous episode a few years ago

  9. Awe you don't want thats too bad. Unbottons shirt starts squeezing nipple's. Let's see if Mitch can help 😂😂😂🤣

  10. Ironically, South Park was on Hulu (one of Disney’s streaming services) and is now coming out on WarnerMedia’s future streaming service, HBO Max.

  11. His mom seems like a genuinely nice person at least, even if she did technically say the idea of a little girl having diabetes was wonderful she was just happy her son had found something that made him feel like less of an outsider.

  12. Red letter media does a funny video on the market being saturated with streaming services
    Too many shows in too many different places

  13. My ISP called me offering me to select 10 of my favorite TV channels for $15 a month. I never thought I'd see a la cart television programming.

  14. Remember that all ISP workers are scum and should not have any access to our personal information or how to harvest it. Period. they all deserve death for even looking at it.

  15. 0:57 Even though that was Funny, I would never make Fun of my Dad for having Diabetes. I would then expect getting Bad Karma, then obtaining Diabetes myself.

  16. I like how his family has a tiny chair for Scott to sit in like a dog and that every table is covered in sugary soda pops.

  17. It’s true though, streaming gives people way to much availability compared to watching what is on, that’s not a good standard for life

  18. U know when pete went up to the new girl he said he loves Scottsdale but in the episode where they take the "vampire king" to Scottsdale to "torture" him he says Scottsdale is the worst and he also says Michael is a poser which is another goth kid.

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