Stossel: Socialism Leads To Violence

socialism is responsible for 100 million deaths more people than fascism a single rocket hitting the center of the city killed 11 people it also increases poverty so why does it appeal to so many people democratic socialism is about young politicians say socialism will help the poor at in a modern moral and wealthy society no person in America should be too poor to live don't they know that socialism creates more poverty the oil-rich country is now leading Latin America in what is called acute malnutrition even people who understand that socialism is bad for the economy may not know that socialism almost always leads to violence 120 people would kill during 2017 why does socialism lead to violence socialism gives absolute power to the state no one is allowed to own private property or trade yet everywhere under socialism people still do maryanne is able to find a listing for diapers the black market online price is almost 10 dollars cheaper people have to trade in the black market to survive but then government gets violent they throw some of them in jail my father was a political prisoner for almost a decade because he's in his 20s sold soaps and perfumes and did not want to relinquish all his profits to the government today in America capitalism is vilified but if capitalism is so bad why hasn't there been a max that mass exodus out of America because of capitalism sorry you just don't see it socialism is like the perfect perfect excuse for someone who wants to rule an authoritarian regime as people rebel against government controls the politicians to preserve their power use violence to stop them and they threw me out on the floor and they started kicking me they tortured him asking who organized the protests how did you answer I said the people are just tired of Daniel Ortega Ortega has governed Nicaragua for twenty-two of the last 39 years in Nicaragua people have again fallen for Daniel Ortega and his socialist promises well inland but under his policies Nicaragua has gone from one of Central America's safest countries to one of the most dangerous in Venezuela where there are similar protests this man was a major in Caracas the Minister of Interior Affairs was call me several times a week asking me to use the police department that I was in charge of to go against protests in check out the mayor refused to have his police punish the protesters so he was threatened with jail he then escaped to America why do you think Venezuela followed the same path when we had Cuba's example for decades and it was terrible yeah well seems to me we're not able to learn they will always be dreaming about the future and never delivery and people keep falling in love with that camera kind of crap they do socialism repeatedly leads to violence and yet around the world people pray sit I don't think they realize how deep socialism is involved in all that this man fled Nicaragua he understands America is a great country and people really don't appreciate it much they should travel a little more to poor countries to really get a feeling for what they have here in the United States look around just look around you know and really get some knowledge

  1. As the great Milton Friedman once said, the fundamental driver of socialism is force. What do you expect from a government that has to force this on you? Nice people?

  2. Socialism is pretty terrible. At the same time what ever Neo Capitalist monster America has turned into is also terrible.

    When will a country give free market libertarianism a try? Oh that's right!

    Because humans crave power… smh

  3. "Cuban American" that's stupid.. AMERICA isn't the United States alone. All of Latin America is AMERICA also. Canada is AMERICA too.

  4. Are you gonna cite some sources for some of these fear mongering statistics or are you just gonna assert them and hope stupid conservatives assume your Cuban accent makes you credible on the subject? In what way is this economic policy responsible for any of the violence you talk about? You fail to make any causal link.

  5. Stupid bitch… Most Americans brain washed ignorant fat ass useful idiots for cabal… In China Communist state controlled partial capitalism proven much better than Nazi Central Banking Cartels & their Deep State controlled capitalism in U.S & West… U.S military & NATO is their bully NAZI terrorist army… Their corrupted Fiat-Dollar debt/tax slavery system they spread worldwide under name of (fake) democracy… In this system elected many unqualified greedy people thru money… even crook w/fake birth certificate became president… lol That's why they so jealous on China…Remember All Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism, WW1, WW2 came from Western country… & most other wars created by Empire of the Evil U.S. terrorist, gangster, criminal corp. govt. if WW3 it’ll come from them… They owned & controlled by the Nazi Central Banking Cartels & their cabal/minions Deep State. The Cold War was Rothschild, Cabals fabrication to create NATO & plans to kill 90% of the world’s population…
    They see you like slave nothing more… Believe me, your fat ass won’t be in that 10%… haha

  6. Pure capitalism leads to crony capitalism, pure socialism leads to communism. We need a blended economy.

  7. Socialism is just the macro scale manifestation of the basic biological drive towards violence against high status individuals who refuse to share their fortune. The biological drive exists because, surprise, violence actually works. The top chimp who keeps all the spoils to himself is no match for a whole group of weaker chimps when they team up.

  8. Leftists claim to want democratic socialism, not outright socialism. Democratic socialism means extremely high taxes and a massive social safety net. It can work to some degree in places like Norway and Denmark which are small and very homogeneus but prices are very high, taxation is very high (think 40-45% of all income going to taxes) and economic growth is usually slow as a result of government interference in the economy. For example, Denmark has only achieved 2% GDP growth in one single quarter in the last 10 years. Most quarters between 2010 and 2018 hover between 0-1%. This years growth is projected to be less than 1%. Contrast that to the U.S. that will probably average 3.5% this year and even under Obama's worst every GDP growth in 8 years still averaged 2.6% or so.


  10. Socialism takes power away from each individual and places it in the hands of the government

  11. Stupid woman. Socialism is caring for the sick and feed the poor. Communism is take away personal properties and one party rule. Of course people riots because they hungry. There Good Capitalism and Bad Capitalism. Bad Capitalism is when money become more important than your fellow man and cause inhumanity.

  12. Capitalism leads to fascism and violence. What socialism and fascism have in common is the attempt to gain the support of the working class.

    Often you will find fascist parties and groups using socialist rhetoric to gain the support of the working class. The obvious example being the National Socialist German Workers Party or commonly known as the Nazi’s.

    Socialism includes a variety of different ideas and many socialists are at odds with each other. The original split in the international socialist movement was between Marx and Bakunin. There are anti-state socialists (anarchists) and state socialists and those that are in between. Some socialists support markets and others oppose markets. It is based primarily on class. A great deal of socialists theorists e.g. Marx on Proudhon are based on a materialist view of the world. This is not to say that they are not religious socialists e.g. Martin Luther King. Socialism is international in its outlook seeing class as something that transcends borders.

    Fascism is influenced by the right wing of the Catholic church. There are a couple of tenets of fascism and historical facts that put it at odds with socialism. Corporatism is the economic system found in fascism. It involves the government and corporations working together running their own sectors of the economy. The original ideas were developed by theologians commissioned by Pope Leo XIII. It goes with saying that religion is anti-materialist. A feature of fascism is its extreme xenophobic nationalism. Nationalism is inherently opposed to class issues as nationalism transcends class boundaries. Nationalism is, obviously, nationalist and is strongly opposed to the internationalism found in most strains of socialism.

    The Nazi’s were also influenced by race myths and pagan myths that was not found in Mussolini’s fascism.

    All fascist regimes enjoyed the support of the Catholic Church in Rome.

    Francisco Franco, the fascist dictator of Spain had massive support from the Catholic church and crushed the anti-clerical social anarchists during the Spanish Civil War.

    Slovakia’s fascist dictator in the late 30’s-mid 40’s was a priest.

    One of the first concentration camps set up by the Nazi’s was Dachau. It was set up to imprison political prisoners who were communist, socialist and trade unionists

  13. In Marxist thought, it is the stage of human development in which Capitalism has been defeated, and the People, through the Government, have seized the means of production. The government is either in the process of or has purged the Bourgeoisie (large business owners) and Reactionaries (the previous government). The Bourgeoisie will either be forcibly assimilated into the Proletariat (the working class and middle tier peasants) or will be destroyed. The government nationalizes all major industries, while small business and communes are maintained by the Proletariat. In a Socialist country, the idea is that production will become more and more efficient due to a centralized Planned Economy, at which point there will be a surplus of everything. Once a post-scarcity society has been established, Government will become unnecessary to representing the interests of the People, at which point it will voluntarily collapse. In theory, the end product is a Communist Utopia. A Socialist country can be democratic, but due to the revolutionary nature of Marxism, usually ends up as a dictatorship.

    If you want to get technical, by Marx’s own definition, there has never been a ‘Communist’ country. There have only been Socialist (e.g. Soviet Union) and State Capitalist (e.g. People’s Republic of China) countries, but that’s an entirely different can of worms.

    Fascism is a far right ideology that advocates sacrifice of the self for the glory of the Nation.Fascism is the by-product of World War One, nationalism, militarism, and certain aspects of Socialism, but it is not Socialist! In Fascism, a mix of Monarchist, Capitalist, Conservative, Militarist and Socialist thought has coalesced together into an Ultranationalist brew. Either a single dictator or a military junta rules the country, and ensures the primacy of the state. The State is considered the ultimate good, and must be directly served by every citizen, organization, and business owner. In exchange, the citizens are cared for through a living wage, state housing, and so on. Corporatism, in which several corporate giants work as extensions as the government with some autonomy, is the basis of the economy. Some private enterprise is allowed, but is generally discouraged. Fascism is always authoritarian. In a Fascist’s ideal world, their country has annexed some of their neighbours, and put the rest under their sphere of influence. A colonial empire has been established to serve the economy of the State, as well as to improve prestige and establish military dominance.

    Now on to the comparisons. This is very important: Fascism hates Socialism. Fascism is not Left Wing. Nazism (National Socialism) is a special breed of Fascism. Despite having Socialism in the name Nazism hates Socialism equally, if not more, than standard Fascism.

    The State and Government: In Socialism, the Government is a temporary measure. It works for the People. Once the Government has destroyed Capitalism and the Planned Economy has produced a total surplus, the Government will be abolished. In Fascism, the State is permanent. All citizens serve the State, and will never attempt to abolish it.

    Economics: In Socialism, the economy is Planned Economy. The Government directly controls all industry. Capitalism has been abolished, and the Bourgeoisie have been removed from power. Unions work closely with the Government to facilitate the Post-Scarcity society, but they are generally subservient to the Government. Independent small business (what a Marxist would call the Petty Bourgeoisie) is allowed to support the economy. Peasants will be encouraged or forced to work on communes to develop agricultural surplus and to gain “Class Consciousness”. In Fascism, some aspects of Capitalism remain. Several corporations work in closely with the government, to the extent they are almost indistinguishable. Unions are allowed, but must be totally subservient to the State. Both Socialism and Fascism support caring for all their citizens through guaranteed housing, employment, and income.

    Internationalism: In Socialism, countries are irrelevant. Eventually there will be no countries, and all the workers of all countries and ethnicities will come together and overthrow the upper class of all the countries. Free Trade will be allowed between Socialist countries only, so as not to “corrupt” the Proletariat. In Fascism, the State is one and inseparable. It will never be destroyed, and the State will be stronger at the expense of other nations. A protectionist and mercantile trade policy will be used.

    Military: Socialism is non-interventionist in Capitalist wars, but encourages violent overthrow of Capitalist nations if a peaceful Revolution cannot be done. In Fascism, war and violence is encouraged as a method of glory, and expansion of the State.

    Culture: Both Socialism and Fascism encourage Collectivism, but in different ways. Socialism intends to destroy class, traditional family structure, all national boundaries, religion, discrimination, and superstition through Collectivism, and then create an entirely new Utopian society. Fascism intends to establish a great State, religious devotion, national devotion, a greater race, and a sprawling empire, at the great expense of others.

    Well that took some effort. I hope I’ve enlightened all twelve of you who made it to the end of this.

  14. Why aren't people leaving the US? Where is the alternative system? They have invaded and installed puppet dictators everywhere else…. Look at the protests in France… This is the beginning of not so much an exodus but mass dissatisfaction with capitalism. People leave their country through war or economic degradation forced on it by the usa

  15. Yes people, get some knowledge, you will then understand why Cubans, Nicaraguans or Venezuelans are so critic towards "idealistics" speeches selling utopies…

  16. In a modern, wealthy society people have ample opportunity to better themselves by making decisions that will lead to a gainful employment and increased earning potential, not sucking from the responsible segment of society.

  17. Obama won the presidential race based on his rhetoric of socialism. If he was to become president, we were all going to get a nice house, a nice car, a white picket fence, two adorable children, live happily ever after, and never have to worry about anything.

  18. The keystone principle of Socialism is violence. Therefore Socialism does not lead to violence because violence is a prerequisite for the formation of Socialism.

  19. Ummm Norway🇳🇴 Denmark🇩🇰Holland🇳🇱. Who sponsored your "Fake News"?…. Rodent faced idiot

  20. Fallout 76- Worldwide economic collapse and ecosystem collapse. Reality is way better than the crappy video games your using to escape "Reality". Prepare for the future! Rat soup for Californians mhmm…

  21. The historic irony is that capitalistic behavior has led to socialism and facism. greedy capitalist exploited the workers of the industrial revolution and then they stood up. So radical capitalism leads to socialism leads to violence. The best Antidote against Socialism is not more capitalism, rather fair wages and a fair society – a social-market economy a balance between free market and social needs.

  22. Government can't deliver the goods (literally and figuratively). Nor should it be expected to; Government should be negative—i.e. act only to prevent injustice, i.e. prevent violations of people's rights—and not be positive, i.e. not act in ways to provide or produce things.

    It`s not socialism, capitalism is the same it`s just a smarter way to milk the people.
    decentralized wealth data and power is the only way. Yes we need leaders, but only ones that are not centred towards their own greed and power but to the best possible distribution of the worlds wellbeing and wealth.
    Enter decentralized everything, the system of the future.
    decentralized blockchain technology`s like bitcoin.
    This is what capitalism brings, cloaked poverty and a ticking time bomb called national debt….you ain`t seen nothing yet girl :

  24. In the capitalist world, 8,000,000 die each year because they lack clean drinking water. 7,665,000 die every year due from starvation. 3,000,000 people die each year from easily preventable disease. 500,000 die each year from malaria. That's about 20,000,000 deaths a year . The Black Book of Communism alleges that socialism has killed 94,000,000 people over it's entire existence from 1917.

    Capitalism has killed more people than socialism in just five years.

    These deaths are easily preventable. They happen not because we lack the means to prevent them, but because preventing them is not profitable.

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