Stossel: Socialism Fails Every Time

in America socialism is hot again democratic socialism is your kids public school it's our interstate highway systems the researchers and scientists paid with our taxes we can do better when we do them together really I know better because I'm from Guatemala I've seen the impact of socialism my father escaped Cuba my grandfather suffered under communists in Hungary before escaping as a child I was thought socialism was wrong I grew up mocking it but democratic socialism sounded okay it made sense to me that government should take care of the economy it's complete anarchy but then I watched socialism fail in Latin America nada I learned that every time a country started down the socialist path it failed when Castro came to power people were excited they cheered he was going to help the poor and make everyone equal but there is salt sailing for freedom aboard an old green Chevy truck hundreds of thousands fled Cuba here in Little Havana in Miami humans who escaped are eager to remind people how bad life in Cuba had become this man's father was a doctor my father had to sell illegal meat out of his ambulance in Cuba because the government wouldn't pay him enough I mean Cuban doctors and like less than 1% than American doctors you don't see any future everything is stagnated healthcare education nowadays daring ruins I told a Venezuelan my penicillin friends we want you guys Bennis wallah did not listen they followed Google Chavez down the socialist path la grande la grande rakissa kkd 3 will pour avoir de manera kita Teva Chavez promises impressed American celebrities – fascinating guy this is you and Hugo shop help me write my speech kill capitalism already know the language please have a said I'll take from the rich and give to the poor when there was no money left the government just printed more that cost inflation a million percent inflation now a chicken costs this much venezuela has of today the highest inflation in the world when business owners raise prices to keep up with inflation government often took away their businesses that's what's happening to this man Travis sees lots of private property yesterday vco Travis sees thousands and thousands of businesses just took them away from their owners yet most – Whelan's like that people was clapping so hard they were like oh finally there's somebody here making social justice but government grabbing private businesses created shortages of almost everything why did you leave your country just like the apocalypse it's no food no medicine how do you feel when you see other countries with the same mistakes that Cuba has made for the past decades terrible michel ivara escaped Cuba and says Venezuela should have learned from Cuba's failure people in other countries in Latin America they will blame anything else besides socialist blaming socialism for Venezuela's riches-to-rags story is grossly misleading and there are plenty of socialist countries that look nothing like Venezuela when I talk about democratic socialism I'm not looking at Venezuela I'm not looking at Cuba I'm looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden why not try my Swedish to do Scandinavia is now called a socialist success even people jailed in Venezuela like Francisco Marquez say that I mean you have no way you have Finland you have these type of countries that are democratic that have democratic institutions and many of them have socialist policies in Scandinavia private business is largely left alone governments don't even set a minimum wage freedom rankings core Scandinavian countries high on property rights and business freedom all Danes enjoy welfare benefits yes there's a big welfare state but it's funded by thriving free enterprise there we go Denmark but so many American politicians say Denmark is a socialist paradise that Denmark's Prime Minister felt compelled to reply Denmark is far from socialist plant economy Denmark is a market economy so if Scandinavia is not socialist where has socialism ever worked nowhere why would you say to the Americans that like the idea of socialism and supported here I would say that they should wake up and you don't need the government to dictate how your how to live your life how much money you should make how your family should be treated or how much you should pay if anything I think taxes are still a bit high here but it's the best we have in the entire world think about that the next time you hear Michael Moore and celebrities praising socialism socialism wrecks economies wrecks lives and in addition it kills in my next video I'll show you why under socialism violence is inevitable

  1. This is the message people continue to ignore. I dated a Cuban woman a couple of years back and she would constantly remind me of what they did to her mother and grandmother. People in the US pretend as if things will be nice and easy if we are all equal. They have no idea what that level of power can do when you hold it over your head.

  2. Yes but corporations are getting away with murder with their employees and it needs to change.I agree we do not need to go towards socialism but we can't have people working and not being able to pay rent.

  3. AND yeah, Argentina Is a good example that right wing movements Works, look at theirs infation

  4. Bernie says it will work this time! If you can't trust a man who became a millionaire without ever doing anything who can you trust?

  5. Aim low for your life, vote socialism! It's great to sit around in a slum thinking about which cat to eat next!

  6. Socialism means big government and we all know that government workers and officials look after themselves first. They make much more than the citizens, and have generous pensions, meanwhile taxes go up and up! The real workers are just exploited and unless you have a union job, you will struggle. Socialism does not make people equal, some benefit, but most do not!

  7. If socialism works so well… Why aren’t people from capitalistic countries fleeing toward them, instead of the other way around?

  8. “Socialism fails everywhere” Lol that’s so dumb. Look how successful the Soviet Union during Stalin was. Don’t forget Eastern Europe and how they rebuilt right after ww2. Explain Israel. They used to be socialist (now they are Market Socialist). These countries were paradises.

  9. Democrats are full of stupid ideas, but this is stupid and dangerous! Sure, Hillary might have been a horrible, ugly, lying, repulsive, old, hag; but Socialism? They must really hate our country!

  10. "But it's DEMOCRATIC socialism. We're not going to tax EVERYBODY into the poor house, only the tippy tippy top earners." That's the sales pitch, but it's bait and switch.

    Beloved children's author Beatrix Potter was a vocal advocate for socialism. While her father did well making wise investments and her books were a hit, it's safe to assume she was not a top 10% earner let alone 1%.

    After a few years paying her new tax rate which was 110% of her annual income, she became a VERY vocal opponent of socialism.

  11. Im in college and there are idiots who think socialism only cost 500 more in taxes every year. I dont even bother trying to correct them because their mind is closed.

  12. The rat bastards have to take away our guns first or we would just shoot the bastards when the food riots start.

  13. Socialism works with out sanctions from the major world power. Otherwise look at China and it's belt and road initiative. China is socialist but unlike the Soviet Union it is not isolated.

  14. Socialism does work! What makes socialism not work: Lack of automation and technology, corruption and lack of political will.

  15. Why are the democrats going for socialism? Democracy needs capitalism to be democracy and democrats are supposed to fight for democracy and capitalism, not socialism.

  16. Socialism/communism is for lazy people who want everything for free wake up people celebrity's dont mind socialism because they are the real top 1% I dare you to try it in America ready for the American revolution the 2nd

  17. The Commies always take your stuff. New Yorkers are trying to do that now as well. We need to build a wall around New York.
    Socialism is an atheist system. It always seeks for totalitarian government, slavery, anarchy, nihilism and god-making.

  18. And Mexico is following suit with their Democrats friends, Mexican president MALO is filling Mexico with illegals from central & South America as well as terrorists from MENA. Social Marxism, the best friend of the elites, the sworn enemy of the middle class!

  19. This girl wants to be presidenf of Guatemala. She tries to confused with the socialism so becarful. But what is the concept of Socialism? Is China socialism? Canada? Germany?

  20. The Democrats and Liberals are waging war on America everyone whom wants move to a socialist country

  21. Oh but democratic socialism will be better….my ass! The left is on a mission to bring this country down! They are NWO TOOLS!

  22. Keep up the good work. Maybe showing a more in depth video of why smaller Scandinavian countries don’t practice pure socialism & why it won’t work in a country like the USA will help.

  23. Give it time SOCIALISM always self-distructs,BERNIE that idiot been preaching 45 yrs on the GREAT LIFE while 8 countries failed around the world,that guy is STAND up STUPID!!

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