Stossel: Rand Paul Wants to End America’s Wars

President Paul! President Paul! A couple years ago, Rand Paul ran for president, and the media asked: Has the libertarian moment finally arrived? President Paul! President Paul! But Paul’s Presidential campaign went nowhere. Rand Paul shouldn’t even be on the stage, he’s number 11; he’s got 1% in the polls. I had high hopes this was going to be the libertarian moment. The crowd was cheering. [Applause] We have come to take our country back What happened? I would say that either the people aren’t ready or perhaps the people in the Republican primary aren’t ready. Since Trump was elected, federal spending has risen about half a trillion dollars. It doesn’t mean some of us aren’t fighting. It just means we’re losing the battle. But I think there are a lot of battles you lose in Washington that you may be winning the hearts and minds of people who aren’t in Washington. Are we winning hearts and minds? That’s what I try to do with these videos, but I wouldn’t say that we’re winning. With socialism newly popular, Senator Paul felt compelled to write this book making the case against it. More on that in another video. But Paul says progress has been made, and evidence of that is President Trump implementing Senator Pauls’ free market ideas on healthcare Let competition drive prices down. The President said, it’s a great idea! Paul then tweeted that he’s proud to stand with President Trump, that together we “cut taxes, repealed regulations, and put better judges on the court.” The plan is to get out of endless wars Paul also praised the president for saying he’d bring our soldiers home A very bold move from President Trump, it’s exactly what he promised the American people. Paul tweeted “The first president to understand what our national interest is.” But he hasn’t pulled out of anywhere. Compare it though to George W. Bush, who got us involved everywhere. Or compared to President Obama, who sent 100,000 troops to Afghanistan. The rhetoric of President Trump has actually been, I think, a relief. Bring our soldiers back home, to not be policing agents all over the world. Has it happened yet? No, but I continue to push We should get out of Afghanistan But when the president has said anything about it, when I have supported him, immediately the Republican leaders and the Democrat leaders get together and they hurry, and they immediately pass a resolution saying it would be precipitous to leave Afghanistan. the danger of a precipitous withdrawal. Really after 19 years, precipitous? [gunshot] America went into Afghanistan to take out the killers behind the September 11th attack. We did that, but we’re still there 18 years later. You look at intervention, after intervention, after intervention, we haven’t had the intended consequence. We’ve got more chaos Chaos erupted at an American outpost in Afghanistan In Iraq, we took out Saddam… Saddam Hussein captured alive But the people who replaced him were often worse… We got rid of Ghaddafi the dictator, but what replaced him isn’t better. In Syria we armed rebels to fight Assad. But often our weapons ended up in the hands of Al Qaeda – Everything we think we’re going to get more of, stability or less terrorism, we end up getting more chaos and more terrorism So, President Trump is right, says Paul, when he says: We want to bring our soldiers back home. Recently, Trump moved some troops from northern Syria He moved 50 out of the way and all the war hawk caucus have gone crazy Leaving the Kurds for slaughter! This reckless action This is the most screwed up decision I’ve seen since I’ve been in Congress he had the audacity to move 50 soldiers. And it’s like, these people are insane. A betrayal of the strongest allies Four years ago, you said, “The United States should arm the Kurds. Promise them their own country. And now, those 50 soldiers were presumably keeping the Turks from killing the Kurds. You’ve abandoned them. When I refer to the Kurds having a homeland, they kind of do. They have a of section of Iraq. I know they would wish it; they would hope it to be a country. But I never really have advocated that we would mandate or protect some sort of new country within Syria for the Kurds. The bottom line is that the people who live there know better about this It’s a very complicated war over there. There’s four or five different countries involved in it. We can’t know enough about these problems. And unless you want to put 100,000 troops in there and fight Assad, Russia, Turkey…. We ought to rethink whether we should get involved in these wars to begin with. [Chopper Noise] I promise you, 50 soldiers or 2000 American soldiers are nothing more than a target for bad people to kill or to maim, which will get us drug into a bigger war. I don’t know whether Senator Rand is right about Syria. But 18 years of war in the Middle East, America’s longest war ever, hasn’t done what our leaders said it would. We need our troops. But we should use them sparingly. Only when we’re sure it benefits our defense. And if we go to war, the Constitution says Congress must vote to declare war. I’m glad Senator Paul argues those points.

  1. In my view only about 2% of American voters vote on logic and reason. What politicians know is that 98% of those who vote vote on EMOTIONS! Democrats are the best at exploiting this. Trump took it on and said what a lot of those 98% of the votes were thinking! Impeachment move is to keep emotions high until the next vote!

  2. Newsflash: Afghanistan had nothing to do with "pursuing the perpetrators of 9-11", or we'd not still be over there. It's an occupation force, so I'd suggest following the money.

  3. I love Rand and Stossel but the fact is America isn't libertarian. We've certainly made huge progress since Rothbard in the early 70s where there were maybe 25 libertarians in the U.S.

    We're a nation of warmongers, moral busybodies, handout grabbing layabouts who rely on the state in order to achieve their immoral ends.

  4. The United States has a responsibility for the Kurds. When George W. Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and falsely connecting Sadam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks as a justification for removing him from power, Bush destabilized the entire region. One of the dominos that fell was Turkey immediately mobilized troops to cross the Turkish border go into northern Iraq to slaughter the Kurds. The only thing that stopped a full-scale Turkish invasion was the No-Fly-Zone established by the United States. George W. Bush created a power vacuum that reignited an Islamic sectarian war. So again, the United States has a responsibility for the Kurds.

  5. He's bringing troops home so they can help erect better fencing on our southern border, and to help "police" our southern border. Since our military is best used as world police, it makes sense to use them for policing at home! To be sure, with all of the shootings by police of unarmed civilians of color, maybe the military would be better at domestic policing? At the very least, they'd definitely be more accountable for their policing actions!

    We are really good at making war, however, we suck at defining the objectives of our wars. Why are we always sticking our nose in other people's business? For oil? (Our 'national interest' du jour). In doing so we create the very conditions that foster the creation of enemies like Al Qeuda, and ISIS.

    There's even been talk about re-instituting the draft because we're running out of volunteers to fight endless (and needless) wars. That's a consequence of being openly hostile towards immigrants and a persistently low birth rate. Sooner or later, you run out of willing soldiers if all you do is make war endlessly!

  6. Bringing the troops home and cutting down on migration. These two are the most important things to do for the President right now.

  7. The 50 troops in Syria were largely Green Berets. Those guys are not a direct fighting force. They train and advise indigenous forces. If there are instances when getting involved in foreign conflicts becomes necessary, that is the way to do it. Not like Iraq or even Afghanistan. The troops in Syria would have been the peacekeeping force to leave in place. Instead he pulled green berets and is sending tank crews to Syria to take oil fields. Trump all but said ‘blood for oil’ on Sunday. He also said that US forces are officially paid mercenaries for the Saudis. Trump is a hypocrite and so is Rand. Rand’s father was an icon. Rand himself is compromised. We ran a trillion dollar deficit. Don’t tell me we are losing a battle but winning hearts and minds. Bullshit.

  8. John, I think you need to Interview John McAfee next………. he's probably the best libertarian candidate right now although he's a bit crazy…

  9. Lol, you don't know if he is right about Syria? Hey dumbass, Google "Timber Sycamore." We armed and trained the same FSA head choppers now attacking the Kurds. From the very beginning, the CIA turned Syria into an illegal undeclared war against Assad. Just listen to the people who supported this bloodbath… David Ignatius has bragged about US proxy forces killing 100,000 people in Syria. If the US gets attacked again, it will have something to do with Syria… you KNOW this makes us less safe. Stop playing dumb you corporate sellout FAKE libertarian.

  10. try to imagine how great America would be today if 50 trillion dollars wasted on 20 years of war in the middle east would of went to MAGA? instead that money went into the pockets of the military industrial complex and cost the lives of 10,000 American soldiers protecting the wallets of military contractors. what a pathetic Country we have become.

  11. I agree we should find a way to end our Middle East escapades, but making the same mistake that Obama did when he pulled troops out and the rise of ISIS ensued is foolish.

  12. Im with the Kurds! I have no problem selling them weapons. At-least the ones that arent Idiological. that being said, I do not support sending troops to help them in their fight for independance.

  13. Yeah! What he said! I wondered how 50? I thought it was 36 or 38. People could make a big difference anywhere that big. Pulling them out condemned the Kurds? No. It saved their lives to fight another day, go home to family, raise good kids, and so much more.

  14. Trump is the most libertarian president we've ever had. I'm glad that's being recognized. He did it the only possible way, by taking the republican nomination.

  15. He is right. We need to bring back all our US military to the USA .
    The people in the Middle East and Europe need to defend themselves

  16. Is it true that pulling out the troops led to the chain of events that took down al baghdadi? I heard that because Trump brought the troops home the Kurds had to release isis prisoners whose paths were traced to track down baghdadi.

  17. People are listening- the problem is the libertarians have a hard time grouping together. If that ever happens watch out.

  18. I’m in agreement with most of this. Now I was for the Iraq War when the case was made originally but like most people that support has faded to almost nothing. That said, when we leave ISIS fills the void so just pulling out on a specific day doesn’t work either.

    Now for Afghanistan, I don’t understand this argument that “we’ve been there 19 years” or “America’s longest war”. So what?! How is that an argument?! “Oh, well we fought Japan for 2 years and that’s a really long time, guess we should just stop now. Pearl Harbor? Well that’s just what a WARMONGER would say! You just love war!” How is this even an argument?! If the Taliban fills the void again were we to leave, how long before another September 11th? I get that’s frustrating and we all want the troops to come home. There are still troops in South Korea though and there hasn’t been another Korean War since. Sometimes the price of peace is high.

  19. Oh please we are in Germany keeping the peace for 70 years, we didn't get a peaceful middle east because we weren't willing to do what we did to the Nazis after the war, kill them all! That's how we got a peaceful Germany don't kid yourself…

  20. Government budget can not afford to prices to go down, deflation. Fear of deflation is perhaps the one thing that every student learns trough k-12. Just try it, every post graduate trough mouth breathing moron thinks to fear prices getting cheaper.

  21. Whenever US troops involved then always more shit then before. Thanks for destroing countries.

    Yours democracy implementation fails… everywhere.

    Only oil keeps US there and dirty business!

  22. There is certainly something to said about “ getting our house in order” before meddling in the affairs of foreign nations. We’ve got big problems of our own right here that desperately need to be dealt with and it’s getting ridiculous. 🇺🇸

  23. First video from Reason I've ever disliked…

    This is why I don't support Rand or the libertarians. Trump's done amazingly well. He's stopped doing all these invasions, he's building the wall. He's courted N.Korea and brought Russia, Iran and China down a rung or two with tariffs and thus averted some major wars. But then Paul is against Trump for imposing tariffs because Paul is in favour of free trade. That's moronic.

    Listening to the guy, it's like nothing's changed and Hillary won.

    Yes, pulling out of major hotspots like Afghanistan take time, but we saw what happens when idiots are at the helm like Obama, who pulled out of Iraq too quickly, we got ISIS and horror.

    You guys on foreign policy aren't to be taken seriously and from the looks of things your foreign policy would be as bad as Obama's.

    You live in a fantasy world where if you acknowledged the truth, you'd have no cause to rally behind. Instead of talking about areas where you're strongest, like the domestic havoc the Democrats are bringing, you talk about where you're weakest. But it shows how unsuitable for power you are.

  24. The Kurds cannot be betrayed. They did America's dirty work and now are being slaughtered by the Turks. But apart from that nice video.

  25. Libertarians need to win at the state level first, such as Legislative elected positions, governors, even some appointed positions. Then move to federal elections such as house and senate…..then the presidency. This is a 20 yr strategy at least and likely to target some neoconservatives and neoliberals along the way, which is the main issue to libertarian party growth.

  26. What’s the quickest way to find out which elected officials are neocon war hawks?
    A: announce that you are considering pulling US troops out of ( insert destabilized region) and watch them lose their minds.
    – I’d say that little experiment worked rather well. ✌️🇺🇸

  27. Keep them there so the neocons keep their massive income bills from war. If not then they will need to make more false flags to justify their business!

  28. Endless wars includes proxy wars. I'm afraid both parties are now replacing occupation with proxies. We need to be very careful about who we back, who we fight, and BTW.. let's fix our border before we say "gotta fight em there before they get to here"

  29. The US is fighting the last war with big guns and ships. The new war is attacking the US economy by any means and China (CCP) is winning. Wake up America!

  30. The only issues Rand Paul is libertarian on is privacy and wars. Other then that he is just a cultural traditional conservative,

  31. The middle east has been squabbling since forever. Leave them be. They need to do what Europe did, have a big war amung themselves to get it out of their system and then start an union of nations. Simple as that.

  32. how does one determine the power of Americans who are quiet …. or thoughtful …. or productive …. or non-mean …. or non-vengeful …. or freedom loving …. who don’t seek the spotlight …………. versus those who dominate the news ?

  33. The USA… the richest, most technologically advanced country in the world coupled with the strongest military in the world with 330 million population. Cannot subdue the most devasted, poorest, least technologically advanced country in the world : Afghanistan.
    And for good measure: only 2% have access to electricity and just about 20 million in population.
    Get out of there already. There is nothing but a waste of taxpayer's money. With all that money waste you could have rebuilt the whole world twice over.

  34. People’s minds are captured early in public schools and colleges so generations are affected. Not sure right thinking and love for American constitutional values are being instilled.

  35. The reason we have been engaged in years of endless wars is because too many politicians and their friends are making too much money in the armament industries.

  36. Previous presidents were ignorant bozos who rushed into wars that we should never had been in, wasting trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

  37. Short of going in there Soviet style, and telling people that you will kill them if they step out of line, and annexing it altogether, nothing America can do will ever bring peace to any other nation anywhere. Doing that would be wrong. So, yes. Pull the troops out. The politicians who want to keep the industrial war machine going can go piss on themselves.

  38. Bannon & Trump were both right about upending the administrative state, i.e., the regulatory state. The results at EPA have been impressive.

  39. Here's an idea: have Israel use THEIR troops defending the Kurds. They're in the region, know better about the situation and constant changing alliances, and are as well trained and equipped. Except it would be against their national interest, right? So why is it different with us? No matter what we do, people die in Syria every day, and our presence doesn't help things. So why sacrifice American lives and maintain the idea of the world wide bully? Get out of the middle East steadily, moreso as energy supplies become less necessary. Let them deal with their own centuries long problems with their own lives, and see if they're willing to change. If so, wonderful. If not, so be it. At least we didn't sacrifice our citizens for no reason..

  40. Stossel: This was supposed to be the libertarian moment, what happened?

    Rand: I didn't run as a libertarian and alienated my father's base.

  41. Thank you for interviewing Rand Paul.

    Paul, Massie, and Amash are the only members of Congress defending the Constitution.

  42. Here's what's wrong (and what's "wrong") with the Libertarian movement & why America isn't ready for us:
    1.) Our candidates either act nuttier than squirrel poop, trying to
    perform radical stunts to get noticed (e.g. – coming out completely
    naked for a debate) or are just watered-down Republicans who can't cut
    it in the GOP. Very few are like Sen, Paul & his dad.
    2.) When we explain our policies, we only offer wild examples if policy
    instead of showing how Progressive policy on both sides are destroying
    our nation's economy. These problems have been brewing for centuries,
    they're not going to go away overnight.
    3.) We're more focused on petty social policies than serious problems
    (although it's not always a bad thing). Decriminalizing pot is a good
    thing, but wiping out people's records just because you want drugs legal
    isn't practical. People who commit these crimes don't just do it for
    the drugs but for the thrill of the act (and I believe that those who
    need to view your record should be able to assess the risk).
    4.) Let's be honest, people (in general) are barely better than
    children. If people would accept the consequences of their actions,
    that would be one thing, but people not only want to do whatever they
    want to themselves, they want to also BE IMMUNE from only the NEGATIVE
    consequences. Until we as a society can force you to accept YOUR OWN
    risk for YOUR OWN actions, some of these things, particularly
    decriminalizing drugs, should be put to the side so we can focus on the
    bigger picture.

  43. As the U.S moves to steal Syrias oil with threats of violence it becomes apparent to the rest of the world that no Country is safe from the U.S doing this to any Nations resources with criminal plunder and mass murder. One thing becomes disturbingly obvious the U.S must be put down like the rabid mad dog it is for the greater good of humanity.

  44. Not sure how I feel about this new blur for the green screen shots. Looks cheap. We know green screen is hard. We don't mind seeing a green sliver here and there.

  45. Abandoning our Kurdish allies was a disastrous decision (northern Syria is probably the only place we should maintain a residual presence), but we should absolutely bring our troops home from Afghanistan and other catastrophic regime change wars. Trump has done much more to escalate these disastrous wars than deescalate them. Talk is cheap. I wish Trump's foreign policy matched some of his noninterventionist rhetoric. He's clearly just giving lip service to noninterventionism because it's wildly popular among the American people.

  46. I think more people would be Libertarian if schools had a few Heinlein novels on the curriculum in literature classes.

  47. I smell another false flag brewing… this is just to appease the weaker political junkies, there will be another and they will get their Amerikkan tax dollars to go after the next false target… likely a country that’s planning on backing it’s own currency.

  48. Lotta love for Rand here lol. I agree with him on this one thing here but face it most people don't have the 'stomach' for a truly libertarian state.

  49. Regardless as to how one feels about Rand and/or Trump; they're both right that we shouldn't be fighting other peoples' battles for them. Even the Soviets had the good sense to cut their losses and get out of Afghanistan in the 80's.

  50. It was a great idea, but bagel-munching bol$hevik banKHAZAR$ don’t print up FRNs and pay stockholders NOT To go to “police action”…ERR, I Mean war.

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