1. Stopping climate change will pump trillions into the economy, That money comes from even more Destruction of Nature because we take the Material From Nature to Make Money.

  2. Global warming isnt a believe like a religion, its more like how we are made of elements and chemicals and so is the atmosphere, now the atmosphere keeps us safe from the sun's deadly UV rays. Hurt the atmosphere you hurt nature and human is nature too, made of elements and chemicals too.

  3. "Consumerism" is no accident and very much by manipulation of invention, through suppression of creative thought and mass availability of creative technology.
    The very same people who create the problem, complain, rally against, then coincidentally and magically offer up the solution!
    Problem, Reaction, Solution.
    Carbon is the planets enemy? Somebody skiped their biology and science classes.  
    Cattle have been selling the planet bull$hit for a very long time, but now it seems some people want that market for themselves! lol.. lol

  4. What the hell is this dumbazz talking about? You don't "save"the planet by turning the world into one huge Venezuela. Damn this is one of the stupidest things I've heard today.. Amazing.

    1. CO2 is almost saturated AND CANNOT BE CAUSING much of the warming attributed to it. There are other causes of climate change that need explored.

    2. MWP was much warmer than today with lower CO2 levels, in fact throughout most of this Holocene period that has been the case. It's called the Holocene Conundrum, which has never been properly explained.

    3. So obsessing over the idea of limiting the very life gas this planet's ecosystems need more of is just plain insanity. STOP THE INSANITY!

  5. More mumbo jumbo justify the impossible.
    If global warming was caused by c02 from us, ice would melt at a higher rate over the last 30 years …the only true easily measured proof would be sea level rise. Its impossible to measure the ocean or surface temperature.

    Here are links to NY tide guage and uk official noaa sites….showing no irregular sea level rise in 140 years…you can check Australia , same …no irregular rise? How is this possible if all the ice is melting fast over the past 2 decades?

  6. Zero facts in this vid. Waste of time. I’m trying to hear the other side but they give me nothing

  7. This doesn't need a political solution. The free market has started to embrace green technology. When corporations recognized that people wanted green tech, many retooled to accommodate. We now have a generation of people coming into the work force that grew up learning about climate change. These people will want to design new technology that fits within this new paradigm. The notion that change isn't happening fast enough is hogwash. Climate change solutions were never going to be a quick fix, and nobody moves slower than governments. Education and free market innovation are the best answers to fix climate change.

  8. Could someone plz comment a souce for the statment of the UN Secretary-General on the sentence said at 2:02 – "The Secretary General of the UN says that we need a global mobilization against climate at the scale of World War II beginning this year, 2019."
    I only found this:ónio-guterres-un-secretary-general-on-climate-change-media-stakeout-29-march-2018/5760452130001/?term=guterres&sort=date&page=3 – António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) on climate change – Media Stakeout (29 March 2018)
    I would really need a source to quote it – Thx so much <3

  9. Wild how in 2019 there are still people who would rather watch the earth burn than admit they're wrong.

    Perhaps addressing mass mental health should be the top priority?
    I can't imagine a healthy society failing to solve these problems.

  10. Honestly a misleading video title, should be called something about the obstacle of politics in helping the climate rather than pumping trillions into the economy? From where , give me the ins and outs? Financial stuff mentioned like once

  11. Why is this video downvoted so much? The guy made perfect sense, there was nothing controversial about his statements. They were actually quite generic.

  12. "Political science" made me cringe so fucking hard! FUCK YOUR POLITICS OUT OF SCIENCE POR FAVOR!

  13. We need to think beyond human caused climate change and consider the natural change the earth has been through in terms of climate and temperature. There will come a day when the temperature will change despite our best efforts to curb carbon emissions. We should be looking at climate control as well.

  14. This doesn't really help if you don't list specifics. Also, a serious problem is that you much have corps on board of you are performing Self-flagellation to make yourself feel better without addressing the main cause. Another factor that no one likes to address is the near constant we must fix this in five years or ten years or we are doomed, has been the news story for the last 30-40 years. It makes the next time someone says it all the less believable. Yes, we need to do something, but the near constant chicken little is overused and has lost a lot of its impact.

  15. You're talking about reversing the Second Agricultural Revolution (the Green Revolution – using fossil fuels for pesticides, insecticides, and fertilisers) and the First Agricultural Revolution (mechanised farm equipment using fossil fuels) – each of which is responsible for at least doubling the food production, and thereby allowing for a doubling of the human population. Current CO2 production is 10 times as large as current food consumption, and most of that CO2 is generated along the path of growing or raising the food and getting it hot to your dining table. This train has no brakes (at least not with this population and standard-of-living).

  16. No, it's defintely a money issue. Of course pumping millions into the economy will create millions of jobs because the govt will force millions of jobs to be created. Even if the US does completely solve this issue, we only get rid of 15% global emmissions. We wpuld have to get China, India, and many other countries on board

  17. Unlimited power that grows at the rate of Moore's Law, versus the limiting factor of trying to hunt down new finite oil. Gee, I wonder which is better for growth, lol!

  18. It all depends on where you want money redistributed or really how it is. Maybe this is the real end goal of CCR. Change how capital is redistributed.

  19. Unless we controls our burden on this planet earth…needs should be sufficient for all. Ruthless race of no. 1 is going on.

  20. Rich people:Expensive sports cars, imported articles and luxury apartments all we want.. we don't want forests and want to be number one richest person.
    Poor people: We are hardworking, we need good lifestyle and education to exploit the resources more,
    We dont care about pollution. We will populate more n more..who cares?
    The truth is Mother Earth bear all the pains and always giving and feeding us. Are we giving back what is of the Earth. The planeteers can do.
    Can anyone promote captain Planets series episodes for us ?

  21. Would've prefered if he actually cited the article and how they came to the conclusion that by decarbonization global economy would be better, despite I'm pro-climate change I can't see how they came to that conclusion and so everything he said doesn't carry any weight such a shame!

  22. Right. You have no understanding of economics and an inflated view of man's ability to control climate in any predictable way, while simultaneously underestimating human adaptability. Most likely, you have a vested interest in scaring taxpayers into sending money your way rather than to someone else. Fact is, however, that no wealth is created by simply moving money around by fiat. On the contrary, it would result in less economic efficiency. Give time for free markets to work. The idea that we don't have time for that is merely proffered for political expediency and the expansion of power.

  23. 1:42 I think this is the first time that I have heard someone who wishes to address climate change simply state the truth. We can either choose to make the natural existing cycle speed up, or we can put effort into slowing it down. Bitching and moaning about the cause (man made or natural cycle, when really it is a mix of both), instead of the solution simply delays agreement or implementation of a solution.

    Ask yourself if your politics, or the earth remaining habitable is more important. Once you do that, realize that you may need to bite your tongue and eat your words in order to cooperate with people whom you would otherwise disagree with in order to address the problem. OR choose your politics, yell, argue, fight, while the planet burns.

  24. I noticed how you said we have the means to make money off of Green energy and grow the economy. But then you fall flat, failing to explain how this will be done…?
    Ergo: Saying it, doesn't make it so. Proving it makes its so. Yet, the GREEN NEW DEAL proves you have empty hands.

  25. There's something to be said here about how currently the people who pick up trash off of beaches aren't paid. There's lots of jobs to be made in cleaning up the world but no one benefits monetarily from them so no one is willing to pay for the work. That's the failing of a capitalist society.

  26. man made climate change is the biggest lie ever. If you are really concerned
    talk to China & India they are worse than America & Europe put together.

  27. Veganism is not sustainable for farming. It kills animals & soil unknowingly. Some plants have anti-nutrients, toxins, & poisons as a defense mechanism to not get eaten. Mono crops are bad for the soil, kill insects, birds, rodents, worms, bees, good bacteria, diversity, & are destroying rainforests. Sustainable Grass fed agriculture doesn't need mono crops or rainforests. It can turn desert landscape into amazing grasslands improving the soil / nutrients. Reverses climate change by carbon sequestration. Improves the whole ecosystem with more wildlife. Nature works if we embrace it. Factory farms & mono crops are destroying nature's circle of life & balance.

  28. Factory farming is bad for the soil, animals, humans, & environment.

    Sustainable Grass fed Farming restores the natural ecosystem, good for the soil, animals, humans, & environment.

    It is one solution to actually reverse climate change by carbon sequestration.

    Many TED talks & Documentaries about Sustainable farming is healthy for the soil, animals, humans, & environment. Here is one:

  29. No, it would DRAIN trillions. This will involve huge sacrifices. To suggest otherwise is to commit the broken window fallacy.

  30. The Big Think really has the worst subscribers… every time I watch a video I go to the comments section and notice that it's full of red-pill incels who are just here to troll -_-

  31. Current government isn't forward-thinking enough to push for it, though. It takes regulation to switch gears and to create volume, scale, and opportunities. The federal government has been busy ripping itself to shreds for the last 3 years. And half of them think that the second coming of Jesus is just on the horizon and will fix everything for them… so its a bit of a problem. (I'm only half-jesting).


  32. To satisfy 100% of New York City's electricity needs with wind power would require impossible around-the-clock winds within a limited speed range, and a wind farm the size of the entire state of Connecticut. After billions of dollars wasted on solar subsidies, solar energy provides just a tiny insignificant fraction of United States electricity. Solar photovoltaic cells and windmills suffer from the incurable problems of intermittent and unreliable operation and LOW ENERGY DENSITY. Would you hire a drunken employee who only showed up for work part of the time, and on his own erratic schedule, not yours? On top of that, the sloppy drunk demands a far higher salary than do reliable workers. Wind and solar are fairy tale energy solutions for people who do not understand the real-world mathematics of energy production, and for those who wish to make money on a fad that should have died out years ago. Here are four quotes relevant to climate change enthusiasts.

    1) "Because the idea of climate change is so plastic, it can be deployed across many of our human projects and can serve many of our psychological, ethical, and spiritual needs." — Famous English socialist climate change advocate, Mike Hulme

    2) "No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world." — Former Canadian Minister of the Environment, Christine Stewart

    3) "The challenge I think we have is for some reason climate change has become a religion — a politically induced religion instead of science fact that now we have to embrace and move forward on." — Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

    4) "If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted as truth." — Joseph Goebbels


  33. This moron again? He better read Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson. These studies are a variation of the broken window fallacy.

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