Stop the Tape! Socialism Explosion in the Democrat Party

now page for big government socialist growing pains for the modern Democrat Party the once proud party of John F Kennedy is now the party of alexandria Castillo Cortez is true and as such the Democrat candidates seeking the presidential nomination are being forced to embrace full-blown Marxist socialist policies or they run the risk of being marginalized witness the two John's Delaney and Higgin looper both of these men are rejecting socialist policies like Medicare for all because they understand it would bankrupt our society not to mention replace Liberty with government and now both of these would-be Democrat nominees are effectively toast in the race for president so much for the party of inclusion Oh Bernie Sanders who has never met a communist program that he did not like is running number two behind Joe Biden who's embracing socialist doctrine as often as he embraces the shoulders of unsuspecting young ladies ironically the modern Democrat party can thank the independent Sanders for his recent lurch and its recent lurch to the left on policies ranging from free health care to free college but it was only a matter of time for the party of FDR to come out of the closet as Full Tilt anti-constitutional after all Democrats have been sliding toward tyranny for many many decades now FDR laid the foundation for Barack Obama and Barack Obama laid the foundation for the anti Liberty zealots of today like the radical senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren she is at the vanguard of leading the Democrats off the constitutional cliff as her party rejects any calls to protect freedom and instead grows more socialist and more anti-government centric by the minute so what can we do we've got a two-cent wealth tax see the true colors of a Marxist socialist this woman truly believes that she is smarter than you and I she he believes that she knows how to use our money better than we do she's a classic example of this and and the thrusting of the fist in the air over attacks think about it and think about the roots of this republic and how we broke off from Great Britain why senator why did we break off from Great Britain because of people like you and because of policies like you of taxation this is what founded this Republic but this thrusting of the fist it's perfect for Marxist socialist and you know this is probably what took place in the Oval Office behind the scenes somewhere in the White House when Barack Obama was imposing Obamacare on us all and as it was moving through the process and how we got it through 1/2 of Congress than the other half of Congress and he knew it was headed to his desk I know behind the scenes era it was always cool as a cucumber out in public for Barack Obama but behind the scenes I guarantee you he was thrusting fists up in the air during that moment and probably other milestones when he was running rampant all over the United States Constitution that's what marks the socialists do they care about their ideology first the people second they care about consolidating their power around government they don't care about the liberty of average Americans and that's what Elizabeth Warren is all about roll tape on the biggest fortunes in this country the top one-tenth of one percent 50 million dollars above that right stuff tapes see here's the problem with these people that it changes the definition of rich changes right I mean if you think about your tax structure if you make more than I don't know what the thresholds are anymore maybe 150,000 160,000 then you're considered quote rich well if you make $160,000 we live in say the heart of Los Angeles or in the heart of downtown Midtown Manhattan Inn in New York you're not rich you're barely getting by but by government standards you're rich and so here we have this mastermind coming out and saying she says throwing a number of 50 million it could be five million five years later five years after that it could be a million five years after that it could be one hundred and fifty thousand is defined as rich and this is the problem they keep moving the ball they embrace this Marxist socialist doctrine instead of embracing the United States Constitution and freedom and liberty which is what the Constitution is supposed to protect is supposed to protect this against people like Elizabeth Warren roll tape do millions in first dollar to cents and then what do we do for the two cents universal child care for every baby ages zero to five that fixie this is very important for the marxist and socialist because like what's happening in california they can indoctrinate the young people at a very very early age want to see more videos like this click on the link below and subscribe to one american news on youtube and call your cable provider and kindly demand that what american news is added to your lineup call and subscribe today

  1. Thank goodness someone besides myself and a few others have called these traitors for what they are, what they want to see happen, the thing missing is : what we gonna do about it…when they come again and they will … we will be ready next time

  2. Babies aged 0-5 need to be at home with their mamas, IMO. Not in some institutional indoctrination center. Reeks of Red China.

  3. Except for Trump, there isn't one pos politician that knows there job, cause they never did or had to do there job, the top one percent??? Is that the same one percent that idiot says she is fauxcunthontis??? Usually things look good on paper , but that idiots crap wouldn't look good on the bottom of a bird cage, period…..🐦🐦

  4. Obamacare is a whole different animal, it's just like mandatory car insurance. Just as many uninsured drivers as ever, but massive, thousandfold increases in profits for the already lucrative insurance industry, and taxes, fines and fees for the judicial system; it all equals "rooking America" and has nothing to do with American values, the good of our society, or anything.

  5. AOC is an actor puppet. Democrats have always been socialist. Why do you think (((they))) killed Kennedy.

  6. warren and cortez are so stupid they dont even register on the moron meter, jokes, laughing stocks, frauds, and parasites.

  7. As the rich forfeit their wealth and that runs out they have to lower the bar, then lower the bar, then lower the bar to the point where if you make minimum wage you will be considered rich because they've already spent everybody else's money and yours is all that's left

  8. The Dems are not for the American people,they only care about them selves! Americans don't want socialism! You pieces of shit! Trators to Americans! Selfish greedy…!

  9. No no go ahead and let these idiots do exactly what they want to do because nobody in America in their right mind wants anything to do with this crap! We see Nazi Germany not going to happen! We've seen every socialist wannabe country go down the toilet real fast and the only one that gets out ahead is the Indians at the top that have all your money because you're a socialist idiots got a good idea for you read a book instead of burning the books!

  10. We elect one of these morons and l can see it now, just like Venezuela, hi honey l am thirsty, any more sewage water left? Whats for dinner l am dying for a tasty Zoo animal again. Socialism at work.

  11. Bernie was in Bentonville Arkansas today to protest for a $15 minimum wage at the WalMart annual stockholders’ meeting. The news showed the crowd he gathered and there were about 50-60 people out there protesting. The turnout shows he has no support in Northwest Arkansas. There are approximately 550,000 people here in NWA.

  12. Warren is a fake…a liar.She pretended to be % of native American heritage! Liar….fraud.Do NOT believe all you hear.Look it up yourselves.Critical time.

  13. The beast of Revelation 13,14,17 and 18 is a socialist. One only has to read his encyclical Laudato Si.

  14. So democrats are ready to soon be eating their pets and trash the rich socialists leave them in their trash cans, like in Venezuela.

  15. The Dims have let many terrorist groups infiltrate us and the Americans will pay the price for it. They are dug in like ticks and it is going to be a major task to get rid of them and make our country safe again!

  16. I beg to differ. Socialists care about their ideology period. They never have and never will care about the people under them.

  17. It was a 2% tax on tea. Now, with open and hidden taxes, we pay over 80% of each dollar. And the Dims want bigger government?

  18. These are communists folks Americans need to keep an eye on the voting support for Democrats because communism is coming….BTW the indoctrination of kids in America that is currently happening is beyond sick

  19. The Democratic Party has become the enemy of the country.

    The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that "when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is theirduty, to throw off such Government" 

    Trump 2020 or we'll rise up!!!!!

  20. It's not surprising the majority of people who comment on socialism have very little knowledge of it to begin with.

  21. They will soon be renamed the National Socialist Workers Party!!!   Brahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  22. That fist in the air supposedly represents "power to the people" but in fact means "power over the people" which all Socialism is about, controlling and regimenting everyone's lives

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