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hey welcome to revs reals don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification button so you get all our new videos also don't forget you can subscribe to my personal blog the rogue funded Jellicle at RC Wilkinson comm all the links are down below feel free to go ahead and click through all those today I want to talk about fun Angelica's and sexual responsibilities just recently I read this great book it's by Jennifer Wright newts and it's called unprotected text the Bible surprising contradiction about sex and desire throughout this book Jennifer points out that there's not necessarily one single view on sexuality throughout the whole Bible that at times it can be quite positive and affirming and other times very restrictive and sort of anti-woman one of the things that I like is in her introduction to the book she talked about something that I was familiar with they were called Bibles eenz if you don't want a Bible Xena's it means either you don't have teenagers or you haven't been hanging around youth groups Bibles eenz were New Testaments that were printed to look like magazines and oftentimes their covers look just like say PC gamer or Seventeen magazine one particular one that Jennifer points out is revolve a Bible zine for girls so here you have a New Testament with this really flashy cover on it and little insert boxes throughout the text and those little insert boxes would give fashion tips beauty advice and romance advice and sometimes these funded Jellicle who put this together give some really bad advice she points out that the fashion advice says go ahead put on a few bracelets bangles and beads and go ahead and do an updo God likes pretty girls and so do boys but one of the things that it's also pointed out in the little insert boxes is pretties okay but don't be sexy because that's bad apparently as they like to point out that guys are turned on by what they see but if you really love God and you're doing things for him and the love of others well you don't want to cause your guy friends to stumble into sin and this is what I have a problem with this is the problem exactly with funded Jellico's and sexual responsibility they're always putting the blame on the girls why is it that if a guy suddenly starts lusting after a girl it's her fault that doesn't make much sense I don't know what bunch of middle-aged advertising geniuses got together to pin this on them but I bet they were all a bunch of drunken frat boys let's face it these Bible scholars never read Genesis chapter 3 in Genesis chapter 3 the story of the fall the serpent tricks Eve and she gives Adam some fruit to eat and as soon as God confronts him what does he do he Flynn's fins to blame on her he says it was the woman you gave me but God isn't buying it you can't shift the blame he held them both responsible for their individual actions and both of them fell under a curse in that particular story it's time for Christian men to stop trying to shift the blame upon the girls that's just messed up men get aroused they have sexual feelings that's okay but if it stops there no problem if it goes on and they dwell on it they begin to lust in their own heart that's their problem not her problem less starts in your heart not in her blouse perhaps you've read the story in 2nd Samuel chapter 13 this was where Amon begins to lust after his half-sister came our and he lust after her and lust after her and he thinks about her constantly and he even talks to his friends about it and his friends help him concoct some plan to get her and it ends up in the rape of Tamar nobody would ever say oh it was definitely her fault and yet that's what we're teaching young girls today in these crazy Easy's romance advice that it's your fault if you get abused because you just look too sexy stop it that's not the way sexuality works sometimes I just say to myself Jesus would you protect us from your followers that's it for today until next time god bless you take a little responsibility

  1. The Southern Baptist high school I attended in Houston had a serious teen pregnancy issue. The girls were always expelled, but the “fathers” weren’t. Most times they weren’t even known. The class above me had 1 in 5 girls who got pregnant between 9th and 12th grades.

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