Sticky Smooth  - Lofts (I Love Gentrification) [The Music Video]

what's up and they look to buy a mattress I can't wait around the nation I can't see I can't wait until they tear this block down Sarat what do you think it's here the belt line the belt line isn't that what the affordable housing was supposed to be like that ever happens this was an elaborate scheme by international builders to move in tourist cities cheap building materials to create monolithic box light structures with way too many picture frame windows and then make a huge profit big glass wall check out my workout room watch me sweat I am such a giant dude gentrification learning loss around history means nothing to me so cloud down the houses and the tree we absolutely must have a brunch here in the 2008 economic depression investors came to buy in succession they got Crocker Memorial Marlin out until nothing was affordable for me to have billed him quick Bodum cheap bill time right by the street watch the people walk by while I'm living high till I lose my job on the market drop bank mortgage crisis and I'm back on the block so Roz you saying that having a loft is like living in Europe yeah it's like Paris gentrification when they're building lost all around the nation I can't seem to get into the alo cuz they changed the code again I wanna live next of a star I wanna pay a nation away I can't seem to get enough I can't Sam I can't say to get region I can't look out the window Ross it's the most beautiful view it's another loft yeah I know


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