Stewart Alexander on Stossel - Could America Accept a Socialist President?

we're back now with the second of our other presidential candidates stuart alexander he was nominated by the Socialist Party thank you very much for the invitation what do you stand for well we believe that working people should be able to control the destinies of their communities their nation and also control the resources in our communities also the distribution we believe that the factories the businesses in those communities should belong to those people so that government should come in and take it away from the fat capitalist and give it to the worker no we don't we don't believe the government should come in and take it away that that's not how would it get there I don't well it is very important that people have be able to have cooperatives in within their community we don't have that today we have the government have massive interference and regulation or small business from the county state and also on the federal level and we we see that as you're against regular and also when you look at quarter against this regulation that is the over-regulation of the / of where we have an abundance of regulations on all levels of government which is pleasing yourself as a stranglehold on people being able to manage their own affairs in their communities but we believe that people should be able to determine what the Destiny is for their communities how that community is developed whether it's with the schools whether it was fixing the highways taking care of the properties that they live in people should be able to do this themselves without massive interference from government well we agree on that oh well we got you what you want to end the wars we we agree on that but you want to nationalize oh man a few things that we agree on good you want to nationalize the banks you want a single-payer health care system you want free quality education from cradle to doctoral degree for all yes indefinite extension of unemployment benefits when I where you get the money when I went to university of the state university in the 70s education was free many young people can't understand in the 60s and 70s education was free your education was probably free now we have gotten to the point where we strap tens of thousands of dollar are you going to get the honey though to pay for all these law college yet they realize that big corporations and big businesses are not paying their fair share they're not okay and I wanted to ask not should I call you comrade because I may ask on the banner on your website says welcome comrade your party symbol has a slogan from Marx's Communist Manifesto workers of the world unite and I think anarchism and I think workers of the world should unite Marx is a week marks get it right right Marx had that right all right when that note panel I give you a chance to pose some questions who wants to go first here no not you on the left there mr. Jones do you do you support living wage legislation let's say to take the living wage to ten dollars an hour and if you do why not go straight to seventy five dollars an hour well I believe that a living wage my the party that I represent the Socialist Party USA we advocate fifteen dollars per hour personally I think fifteen dollars an hour's not enough if you consider most people in the communities where i live at to have to live in just a one bedroom apartment will cost you over a thousand dollars a month if a person is making ten dollars an hour essentially they are making around sixteen sixteen fifty sixteen hundred dollars a month once you take the tax out of that they're essentially have fourteen hundred dollars maybe less than that a month to live on a person cannot live on fourteen hundred dollars of net income in any community so he's my eyes that's why you so cheap why not seventy five dollars an hour why not two hundred dollars an hour there needs to be a balance taking care of the needs of the individual and also taken care of the needs of the economic the economic needs of our communities congressman good you have a question if you were president mr. Alexander would you sign legislation repealing obama calf it came to your desk I believe that Obamacare first of all I do believe it needs to be repealed but I believe that we need to introduce legislation where we could maintain certain provisions it needs to be repealed first certain revision provisions that are in Obamacare but also to make certain that we incorporate single pair with in that formula so more government car all right we'll get to that later we're on an ultimate ultimately I think Stuart Alexander the socialist party thank you up next the

  1. Wow, somehow I missed seeing this four years ago. Anyone know if there's been similar media attention for the Soltysik/Walker ticket?

  2. It's a shame Alexander let them walk all over him. I'd have said "No! Wait a minute, let me finish what I'm saying." And this broken record of "in our communities" just uggh. SPUSA let me run your PR you obviously don't know how to do it yourself.

  3. …nice to see Socialism at work in America. (simply, Socialism, by definition, is ALL the folks working together for the common good of ALL)
    so……thanks to Socialism…we are privileged  (for ALL ) to have: Public Schools, the Fire Department, the highway system, the Military, the Post Office, safe drinking water, Child labor protection laws, the FDA, the FBI, the CIA, garbage collection and an electric grid in all 50 states…pretty good, huh?      Wait there is more…..
    let's  mention Social Security for our seniors, Student Loans, and Consumer Protection…..and one day Socialism will  provide complete Medical coverage for ALL….each and everyone of us!
    There is more, much more, ……….perhaps you get the idea!
    Bravo Socialism…Bravo Stewart Alexander
    …….Observer Jules

  4. Why don't you just start burning American flags and making voodoo dolls of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. 

  5. socialism will allow the Russians to take over, you might as well take a dump on some world war two vets grave.

  6. @thewalkingjesusfish Not really, he just recited vague moralistic slogans. Compare him to Eugene Debs who could coherently put forward the case for socialism.

  7. i wish he would have handled the questions a bit better… "would you repeal obamacare?" yes i would repeal obamacare cause its a disgusting law (hooks the conservatives) the bill forces people to pay insurance companys for coverage, i would support free government health insurance paid by tax dollars and still allow people to choose their privately owned hospital

  8. I kinda like how stossel plays dumb on his show… he gets a communist on and he says things like "do you want people to own the money they work for" VERY PROVOKATIVE… then he will get a conservative on and say "but should everyone own a gun" also very provocative… he acts like a little kid asking questions, which is perfect for fox news fans lol

  9. Thanks grant it's good to know I'm not the only educated person. If you think Obama Is a socialist you are a right wing crazy. I am a socialist I know what it looks like and bailing out Wall Street is not it

  10. I like that Stossel allowed this guy some time on his soapbox. If you don't shine a light on the kooks early and often, they get to rise out of the shadows and be elected President…

  11. Russia is the most capitalist nation on earth, almost no tax and absolutely no government assistance… if u want money u gotta work like crazy to get the money from other people, or just start a mob cause they cant afford cops lol

  12. Obama is capitalist, but he is out-of-control capitalist. Capitalism was supposed to be a good thing in theory but it turned into corporatism because the right wing wants to deregulate everything. Obamacare is still healthcare based in the private sector…there is no way that is anything close to socialism.

  13. Sorry, but most socialists would consider Stossel to be conservative. Libertarians are pretty much the same as Republicans. They are only more socially liberal because of their anarchist tendencies.

  14. @David Wayne
    You just called President Obama a Socialist, then you call him a Communist. They are not the same. Anyway, Obama is neither. He isn't even a Capitalist. A lot of people mistake the U.S. economy as being free market Capitalism, but it's not. It's Corporatism. Obama is a Corporatist.

  15. While I mostly agree with Stewart Alexander, he needed to be a bit clearer on some of the themes that gets people confused on what exactly is socialism. I would have made it clear that socialism is NOTHING at all like communism. It would have been made clear that socialism (or social democracy) is a westernized political movement that retains the non-explotive nature of capitalism while having public services available to eliminate poverty while also preserving and expanding civil liberties

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