Steps for personal Responsibility

these videos I have been talking about personal responsibility and today I want to give you some practical steps on how to take personal responsibility these steps are going to help you to become more and more responsible for things you do and for where you are in life and the first step is to take personal responsibility in each and every aspect of your life if you have goals if you have things to do do not be independent or on someone or do not blame someone or do not make excuses because of the situation because of the government because of my circumstances because of family because of money because of this because of that never let anything come in between you achieving what you have set out to achieve always find a way take responsibility that I have to achieve this I have to do this and and do not let excuses come in waves Henry Ford has a very good quotation that I really like he says never complain never explain so who the things you want to do do not complain about them do not explain just find a way the second step that you can do or you can take to be more personally responsible is think of someone think of someone that you are unhappy with and instead of blaming them think of at least three reasons at least three reasons where you were at fault and that you did something wrong or you could have handled that situation better maybe they are at fault but maybe there was something that you were big it was because of you and you could have acted better so look for at least a partial cause of the situation that you are or the person that you're unhappy with and the next step would be think of someone that you are angry okay so this is the step going forward think of someone that you are angry with and resolve to forgive that person even if they are at fault forgiving someone will give you a sense of responsibility it is going to let things come into your code into your control and it will give you the habit of becoming more responsible it will also give you emotionally operation and you will feel more control in control of your life now the next step would be think of a relationship that you are unhappy with again your family member or whatever and if in that relationship there is some sort of happiness or there's some sort of resentment or negativity resolve to find a solution take steps to make though that relationship better from your behalf friends family whatever so take steps whatever steps you need to do forgive someone go and have a chat with someone talk to someone say I'm sorry whatever you need to do do that to make that relationship better now the next step the fifth step would be to take complete and full responsibility for your financial situation do not blame anyone else do not blame anyone else do not blame someone for the financial difficulties that you are in or if you would like to earn more money or if you want to be financially well-off take responsibility after you have taken responsibility say say that it is because of my homes and not the government not my boss not my job not my business not my associates nobody else but it is completely up to me my financial destiny is completely to me now once you have taken responsibility then think of the steps that you need to take to improve that you know it could be I'm making a budget it could be reducing your expenses it could be working more it could be working smarter it could be anything else think of the steps you need to take and take those steps the next step would be to accept complete responsibility for your health so whatever situation you are in whatever you're feeling so instead of blaming someone instead of saying you know that X this or that it's this person or it's the food or it's the doctor it's this it's that take responsibility and take steps to make your health better it could be a change in your diet it could be changing your sleeping pattern it could be a change in your exercise it could be changing just going around the block for a walk it could be having an apple instead of a candy bar it could be eating a salad instead of fries with your with your main course or whatever it could be small things but resolve to take steps to change your health when you start taking responsibility towards everything in your life and you start to take steps then you will get on this ladder towards success and you will live a more fulfilled a more happy life so be sure more successful more fulfilled and more happy life thank you

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