Stephen's Tungiasis, Pt 2 Popping Rise Up Society

who is being helped we have those victims who will be very comfortable and they'll be talking as the digging is being done not everybody talks you can't engage them in speech because what rush what we do is just you know to kill the Jigga if there is any other connection that comes it comes as they get well well we come to first of all help them with Jigga's that is there a big concern Jigga's first priority jiggers and then as people get well then we can we can have time to connect make friends as we work on the economic end to help them upon ependymoma totter gonna come to Papa I just wanted to thank the folks every game I've suffered from migraines headaches and a general ability to focus now after I started taking Brain Gain after a few weeks I felt so much better none of those symptoms and honestly Brain Gain really changed my life so get ready to live without limits with this powerful of natural nootropic available on Amazon we can media chicas are just jumping everywhere they're this small small type that is become a lot of unit anemia normally weather is a jitter it feels different from this just normal flesh and it helps us it helps the Jigga technician to dig out because the the feeling is different the this couple will transfer that pressure into the fingers and you can know that you're cutting through a foreign element in a given place ever darker one of these b-29 but Monica Puccini what you get our local madam a couch I'll coach in Aikido go No hydrogen there are peroxide unlock your brains full potential with America's hottest new nootropic boost your cognitive abilities with better memory concentration focus and clarity it's an all-natural blend of vitamins herbs and minerals that tend to be lacking in the modern Western diet and are all essential for your brain to operate at its peak so get ready to live without limits with this powerful natural nootropic available on Amazon

  1. Do this get into the blood stream? Do they get biotics after they cut into their skin like that or even painkillers it seems so painful

  2. He is crapy at that. It looks like he's using a dull blade and is making it harder and more painfull than it needs to be.

  3. There are a lot of people who criticize the staff that are working tirelessly. I hope this does not discourage you, the majority of people are praising you.

  4. I too am so amazed at the huge differences in abilities from one ‘digger’ to the next. For me, it comes down to physiology. I have watched enough of these videos for my family to begin worrying about me, and I’ve yet to see a single victim at some level of malnourishment. Anyone with even basic knowledge of how the human body works knows that every extra cell of rotting tissue left on these poor people is just more calories of food that they aren’t getting that has to be used to fight off decay and infection rather than improving or just sustaining their health. Too many videos of people with the entire bottom of their foot needing to be carefully cut off and cleaned, and they get a squirt of peroxide (?) in a couple holes and call it good?
    This is a tiny place with a relatively tiny affected population, and mankind can’t come together better than this to help these people and others like them? I would give up a few ‘conveniences’ to help pay for care. I think most people that aren’t wrapped up in trivial B.S. would, if we could be guaranteed one person wasn’t profiting off of these people’s suffering.
    Start with doing a better job for these people instead of trying to ‘help’ as many as possible. All that accomplishes is return visits by the same people.
    Tell us how we can help, and prove to us that we are indeed helping. Let’s change lives

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  6. Jim as soon as I am able I will be sending you a few hundred more scalpels. You are a shining light and I pray only good for you and yours. May God hold you all in the palm of His hand while you do the work of many, and your angels may God shine His Almighty Grace upon them!

  7. Awful, makes tiny little holes instead of slicing off enormous jigger bump right there and so slow. Needs more training!

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