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many meaning organizations and governments there's so much so many things that go on in these hidden parts of Africa and unfortunately nobody hears about these things because people die of strange diseases and it's never reported it is shrouded into superstitions and we managed to get here and we drive for some distances and into places where people who are not really Kim won't even reach they try but they give up on the way and go back because it's not something that can be done by just anybody you must have the heart to do this and I know we have the heart right sub Society has the heart we may not have the money we may not have the backing sometimes we may not we may really lack a lot of things when we have that heart in that heart leaves the passion to actually pursue the desires of our heart they are that we may bless somebody who is in pain people who have been left out they are our friends they are our calling they are our passion we believe in getting them better in relieving them of the pain in giving them hope in opening doors for them and so how do we get and we drive for a long time on very bad roads sometimes we get stuck in the mud until we arrive and we're able to bless them we walk in a big area I'm going to be doing a video to just show our patrons how far we can push our viewers how far and wide our movement has gone and we will believe that I do that real soon trying to avoid focusing on the blood because we know and so here we stand in the massage the area doing a little we can do courtesy of our supporters people who love us and who have stuck by our side through thick and thin the big number proud of you he has this type of small she does that are normally very painful I just wanted to thank the folks every game I've suffered from migraines headaches and a general ability to focus now after I started taking Brain Gain after a few weeks I felt so much better you know none of those symptoms and honestly Brain Gain really changed my life so get ready to live without limits with this powerful natural nootropic available on Amazon really tiny it takes the skill of hand and precision of the eyesight the goodness of the eyesight to get this thing going removing a small one system another very a bit hard let's look at that small one Hermia and I will see when the Spirit says see and I will see the goodness of I have every friend who wears the studio in his lemonjon we will be doing some singing I'm so excited whoever says he does I missed it's actually not a very serious person I can look at those places that seem like they have no cheaters and she's able to get them out many times you would think this no cheater somewhere but then you see it come out it cannot be that what can be seen through the lenses of the camera can be missed no way no way those are clean cuts that would give anybody a nightmare because of the practice and experience precision has been achieved and good work is done the who is being helped we have those victims who will be very comfortable and they'll be talking as the digging is being done not everybody talks you can't engage them in speech because what right what we do is just you know to kill the Jigga if there is any other connection that comes it comes as they get well but we come to first of all help them with Jigga's that is our big concern Jigga's first priority jiggers and then as people get well then we can we can have time to connect make friends as we work on the economic end to help them upon a penny mimetic are gonna come to lipo and yet you guys are just jumping everywhere they're this small small type that is become a lot of you in a panini amount become married normally where there is a jitter it feels different from this just normal flesh and it helps us it helps the Jigga technician to dig out because the the feeling is different the this couple will transfer that pressure into the fingers and you can know that you're cutting through a foreign element in a given place they're not gonna forgive you go darker all of these be cured but Monica Puccini Oh Jacob a local matter my couch I'll coach in Aikido No drogyn there our peroxide unlock your brains full potential with America's hottest new nootropic boost your cognitive abilities with better memory concentration focus and clarity it's an all-natural blend of vitamins herbs and minerals that tend to be lacking in the modern Western diet and are all essential for your brain to operate at its peak so get ready to live without limits with this powerful natural nootropic available on Amazon

  1. The knives seem very full. Areas seem to be cleaned hap-hazardly, no offense. My point is maybe sharper tools less digging. My OCD would start at top work bottom throughout cleansing

  2. When are you going to get a blade that's sharp enough remove colonies and scales, Lord help those poor people.

  3. You are indeed performing a labor of 💕 ..Dear Lord, Bless them all and please grant them resources, canada 🇨🇦

  4. I would recommend changing your blade more often. You were having such trouble slicing into those very moist lesions because your blade had become too dull

  5. How much training do the jigger diggers get, and I'm looking for a way for me to get there as a volunteer worker

  6. A little cutting or slicing rather than just digging with point would expose more jiggers at once. But, bless you for what you're doing.

  7. These Diggers who opt for the Hunt n Peck Method annoy the crap out of me, they have a SHARP scalpel blade and for the most part they just dig it and tear! FFS! Slice the top of all the lil beggars, not tear the skin to shreds. They miss heaps of them!

  8. I know it's hard to understand why some people are so critical of you and your mission. Some of this criticism could be caused by racism as you have already mentioned in a few of your videos.
    Your faith in God will see you through. Just keep going and ignore the comments. Ask God for strength and He will provide.

  9. STOP! STOP! STICKING THAT POOR CHILD WITH THAT KNIF. It got to be a better way of cleaning them jiggers out. Pleases!, Pleases!, get some one that is well trained for the job.

  10. What is amazing to me is that some of you really think they're leaving jiggers in place. Why would they do that? What would they gaain? These people sacrifice so much to try and help these unfortunates. We must give them the benefit of the doubt. They are on scene with eyes directly on. We watch a low rez video.
    Maybe try some of that Brain Gains? 😁

  11. I see on MANY of these videos the flea eggs being expelled EVERYWHERE the tiny white socks are tge eggs– so what are they doing about that. They remove the infected skin and whatever the white mucosa type stuff is– but there's eggs EVERYWHERE so what are they accomplishing in the long term?? Can you get DDT and treat these infected areas of pathways and yards etc where the people walk– barefoot of course because they don't do anything themselves – – tgey just seem to wait around for somebody else to do something. Much like American minorities who wabt SOMEBODY to feed they're Six illegitimate children. I'm sorry if you are offended but it is what it is and tge truth hurts

  12. All you people putting the technician down make saying she doesn't do a good job well she's there she's doing a job where are you what are you doing

  13. What kills me is they spray the infected spots with peroxide but immediatly wipe it off. As a nurse I can tell you that does zero for the infected area. It needs to sit and bubble a bit . they'd do better to wash it and put antibacterial ointment on that area while they work on the rest.

  14. You are wrong that not just anyone can do this, yes they can but they have to have the want to do this. This is just a sad issue they choose to live with. It's a taught condition.

  15. HE IS DOING A GREAT JOB, please tell him this! I know nothing about cutting out jiggers, but I see he is good with the knife, careful, and very good at finding the hidden jigger

  16. We are not standing out in the villages like you are in the heat and the insects we have no idea what you go through. You are dedicated.

  17. I think this person is leaving some of this undone so they can come back. I don't understand why he or she don't take the big and black one's off instead of the little one's you can bearly see.

  18. Why not drop a few water wells and build washrooms and outhouses not that expensive pesticide and shoes Solutions to the problem. Load up truck and take them 5 miles to a hospital. So many open places for diseases. SEPSIS KILLS

  19. Having read through most of these comments, it seems to me that this video would make excellent material for training and peer review. There are times when the volunteer is careful to not hack away, and others where jiggers are being missed. Maybe it’s down to the editing. Keep up the good work; God bless you all for making a difference in someone’s life.

  20. With the invent of the internet our world is becoming smaller. People around the world can see what is happening in small villages in Kenya. A positive development!

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