#StateSmashPodcast | Interviewing Jay Caetano: Coffee, Cannabis, and Capitalism

– and we're live according to the bullshit this is state smashed podcast for any of those of you who don't know this is where I talk with somebody who's got an anti state project for an hour and I have a patron only thing that I'll be doing but that won't be happening this time because I've got patrons that didn't get to me sorry I've got my preview over here that was set up but if you are a patron and you would still like to get in on that then feel free to hit me up or if you become a patron while this stream is going you can get access to the patron only stream as well where you can ask questions of my guests that that you want to make sure get asked in case I do not so feel free to hit me up on any of that sort of thing this is my first time back in a while so for those of you who have missed my bullshit I'm gonna be firing pretty much everything back up this is a new webcam new setup new room new everything it's fucking gonna be much more intense much more personal you get to see my fucking face which you know I don't know if that's a positive or not but some people claim to like it except of course my guest – apparently can't see it because I guess like you can't have OBS capture your face with a webcam and also have Skype see it so that's aids but you know whatever I mean if if if my guests really want to see it I guess they're gonna have YouTube open in another window I don't know the okay so to introduce my guest he is Jay Caetano I think that's how you pronounce the name and he does a narco coffee and Arco CBD and a narco incorporated podcast feel free to introduce yourself let people know what all of those are and we will get into the show after the sponsored whatever blah blah that I'll be doing right after you introduce yourself feel free to be as elaborate as you want yeah so my name is Jay I am the owner founder of anarcho Inc and as I like to say it's your home for buds bruised beans and Bitcoin and if you don't know what that means then you haven't been listening to my podcast but anarcho Inc is the owner of an arco CBD calm your buds and Arco beer calm your brews and a narco coffee calm your beans and all of our businesses gladly supports and believes in the power of cryptocurrency it's the only way we can end the fed all right so well before I introduce why don't you tell people a little bit about what makes your products special yeah so the idea of my art products starting with the coffee that was the flagship product is about keeping money in the Liberty movement and keeping the money out of what I like to call crony capitalism all right so and how do you how do you do that so every every every dollar that comes in to a narco coffee either gets put back into the business helps either helps me financially or we support groups or nonprofits like the Mises Institute okay okay so that was gonna be one of my first questions but I'll save it for after the sponsorship so if you want to skip this message when the video is recorded you can do that if you don't want to listen to the sponsored message you can mute it for like a minute while I say these things and go check out his sites if those sounded interesting to you but the sponsored messages this is brought to you by Liberty mugs browser cache app fucking honey honey miners honey Hotel which is where you can get affordable cryptocurrency mining and fucking coin base and also privacy which is fucking cards that are disposable that you can use for like whatever subscription you want and they will give you five dollars to sign up for privacy they will give you ten dollars once you use a hundred dollars in buyer sell on coinbase that a lot of these services will just give you something but it's also primarily brought to you by the patrons the people who make this show run so feel free to become one of those feel free to donate if you want anything anything helps and I want to make this show the best it can possibly be so if you've gotten a anarchist product that you want to that you want to promote also hit me up for ads do whatever you want anything helps all that said my first question to you would be you say you donate to certain anarchist things is that only a right anarchist in terms of the Mises Institute or do you donate to any accuracy initiative any syndicalist or ENCOM initiatives so right now you know I donate a portion of our profits like anti-war calm yeah Scott Horton stuff you know or we'll buy priority byproducts from there you know and help him support you know what he's doing Mises Institute Freedom Foundation you know a you know and if there's ones that people want me to know about I'm still learning as an anarchist I've been more in the libertarian camp but after this you know after this last election I'm just kind of done voting there's no point to any of this this whole game anymore it's just really a fucking joke I don't write gonna say it well and you know it's funny that you mention that because it's it's it's a very interesting thing to bring up that Hillary won popular because it's like yeah Trump won but only because they ignored the actual popular vote so I mean yeah and I see you in chat Trey welcome to the show welcome Nick so and by the way Nick at the dank pod stash he's a good guy he's helped me out a lot lately with a lot of stuff he's the one who recommended Jay so feel free to go check out the dank pod stash as well they're also going to be a partnered site I'm gonna have a banner up on my site hit me up for rates to be a partner in site as well if that appeals to you so I guess my next question to you would be you sell CBD that a cannabis product that is still federally illegal in many and in many places they will call the feds on you where are you or if you're not comfortable saying that are you in a place where they don't generally snitch or are they in a place where it's sort of a guerrilla operation so the CBD is not a guerrilla operation at all it's a it's a known distributor called hemp works affiliates right and so you know anything like in terms of legality is with hemp works I'm sensually just the idea of pushing their products and a lot of people have knocked me because they're marketing a multi-level marketing scheme or Ponzi scheme well so far it's the first affiliate program that I've been a part of where I'm actually making money and number two their products are not cheap and the reason they're not cheap is it's composed with its high quality cannabis the shit is green out of the bottle and the second another reason I got involved with CBD is and I've said this on my podcast and I have no problem saying this publicly because of all of the stresses from society in the American dream that we have to live I've developed anxiety right and so CBD has helped me with that and particularly the hemp works brand and there are you know other good brands too but when you get involved with the CBD market it is it's it's really an individual you have to do your own individual research and determine what CB products are gonna be right for you for me hemp works is lab tested by private labs it's made in Kentucky at Kentucky farms it's american-made and it's a hundred percent pure CBD and if you want some with a little THC they have that too so in terms of the legality i I don't I don't fear for that because essentially you know someone if the state comes knocking at my door I'm saying talk to hemp works because they're offering affiliate programs and I'm just selling their product it's not it's not like the coffee where it's it's my brand ID like I wanted it to be but again when I started looking at the paperwork just like with the beer it's insanity be way I mean selling CBD should be like setting a lemonade stand up that's how it should ease e it should be and it's not well I mean to be completely fair on that score country time digits do a recent marketing campaign talking about how setting up a lemonade stand shouldn't result in fines penalties and illegality at all it should be it's not a crime it should just be something you can do although of course they are a corporate brand and it did sort of make me laugh to see a corporate brand it's essentially promoting free market capitalism when a lot of this that the corporate ethos is to distract from free market capitalism with with essentially subsidized of plants subsidized sugars that like citric acid that's that that's grown and manufactured by GMOs that were CMO companies that were subsidized so it was interesting to see that but anyway I mean you're not a representative for country time but enough it just but yes I'm all I was saying like you know it's it's not that easy to set up a lemonade stand anymore either they know it's not easier yeah right it is absolutely and and so that's and I'm glad you actually touch upon that with with country time that's the idea of a narco Inc it's the true free market capitalist is who I want to talk to the people who are bootstrapping their companies right that are not taking you know corporate handouts from large vce capitalists or you know even crony capitalist pigs this is money funded by me I you know I started it with the money I make full-time and and I hope to grow it can I grow it to a place where it you know that I can sustain a lifestyle that is comfortable for me and my family and then that's the other thing is that you know with the CBD and the coffee our stuff is organically farmed this shit is you know the the distributor I work with for the coffee he tries to give he the the stuff is ethically sourced so meaning there's no slave labor or child labor happening so that's why the coffee is at the cost it is right so you know I guess real trickle-down economics right well of course you don't seem to have a big ass man you flat manufacturing whatever manufacturing plant so no like if if you don't have one of those then make making the actual product by hand in in certain terms is a lot harder like for instance John Oliver who I disagreed with strongly on many things but not this particular thing he went over Amazon and how it cuts costs on everything by basically having humans do a lot of really underpaid grunt work where they're walking up to like 15 to 20 miles a day for like not very much money an hour and we'll get there rate their wages cut if their rapes drops so they're they're all trying to compete and it's anti-union and all that sort of bullshit so but but the the point the reason I brought that up was like essentially when when you're dealing with mass manufacturing and things like Amazon or Folgers a Maxwell House or any of these big ass companies they have not only the the quote slave labor which is you know it's they're getting better with that because they have to because people started to blow whistles but like they're still cheap and the reason they're still cheap is because they found found ways to cut costs in other ways they they leaped up they're manufacturing they automated more of it so that they could remove more humans from the equation and result in less insurance less liability less people involved that sort of thing you know so I don't think like if it's if if people are talking about expense I don't think that a lot of people look into why things cost right the way they do they just look at the fact that they do cost what they do yeah so I mean do you have any experience with dealing with people like that yeah pretty much fuck off but no I try to do the best explaining why the expense is the way they are right and I try to present a fair price I guess whatever the fuck that means in terms of our coffee we're pretty equivalent to our competitors like black rifle coffee and I always say you know if you want to support the war then you can go buy that shit but if you want to support the anti war then you can buy our stuff right so you know I think we're equivalent there and again when it comes to the CBD stuff I think you know you get what you pay for with CBDs a lot of CBDs they'll charge thirty or forty dollars for their tincture stuff but when you're paying seventy dollars or you know seventy eighty dollars because you know with shipping you're getting a higher potency in H in a higher quality CBD for sure and okay so actually that'd be something I would ask so since you don't hand make the the CBD and since it does go through somebody else if there's a problem do they contact you or do they contact headquarters is it like no it's me in the same with a coffee you're dealing with me every two actually and people don't know this probably but anybody who's ever bought a narco coffee and quite a few have already have it's me there's nobody else I individually hand hold your in fulfill your orders I make sure it gets to the distributor correctly it goes to the right address I'm printing the Schiphol labels and giving it to the distributor and in making sure everything goes right if something fails you have to contact me actually the chat on our website in our Co coffee comm is me so if I don't answer it's cuz I'm asleep there's nobody else this is it this is my operations right here but what I was asking is the the the CBD specifically so do they contact you or do they contact headquarters no they contact me there's yeah so so what do you say if they say that a product is low quality for that run do you well tell them that that they you know do you tell them to send it back to you so that you could send it back or do you just process a refund somehow from I wait for orders I will process a refund through through the their system but if if I continue to sell the CBD their CBD and people continue to say it's low quality I'll drop it and I'll find another another person to do the CBD right yeah because and and see this one of the things I don't like is when people knock this sort of business while not also knocking its basic sister like there's a your your local corner store operates essentially the same way it orders from a product from a man you facture it you know it calls itself Joe's store even though Joe doesn't make coke and it still it sells Joe's coke even though you know it had never had anything to do with the coca-cola company you know so this is essentially the same thing and a lot of people say that because you got it from another organization it's somehow wrong and then they'll go and support another middleman you know they'll go by Taco Bell which is a Yum foods thing where they get all their stuff from the same people to make the stuff that goes in Walmart you know like a lot of people seem to have a fundamental disconnect from the way economics works is that part of the the reason that you connected the ideas of Austrian economics to the ideas of coffee etc and CBD and all these businesses you're trying to run because it makes it easier to explain the invisible hand when you already know about it yeah I never thought about it in that way but yeah it's essentially the idea I had in my mind is libertarians maybe not so much in our kiss but maybe anarcho-capitalists talk about the free market so much and talk about how awesome the free market is and how we could privatize everything well this is the test right can can I guess you know can I take these businesses and and make my own pave my own way right and I'm and who knows maybe one day in our coffee can support to build the roads you know I don't know but you know I'm one man I guess with a dream and and I'm just trying it and and you know that's that's all I can I guess really say about that right okay so I guess that was another thing I was going to ask what's the what's the scale of your operation how many plants do you have at any given time with the CBD or the coffee oh the coffee so the the coffee is is I don't I don't I'm not growing growing the coffee it's it's a pretty small operation I mean it's one guy in California and he's got maybe three to four locals that he works with out of like Ethiopia Nicaragua and and I forget the other places but yeah he's only got like three to four farms that he's working with and he's and he's got a plane I guess that or I don't think I don't think he has a plane but he flies down there to meet with these people locally one of the things actually there's sugar at work with did recently was they took some of the money they made and built a school in Ethiopia right so this is the one of the reasons I partnered with this distributor he has has like-minded views and you know his his skill set was different from mine right he he's got the skills with the farmers right he has he's made the connections with the farmers to get the coffee I've done the marketing right and he's worked he works with other people to to kind of essentially white label the coffee right and sell it and so what I've done was you know I've taken dit and white labelled it and niched it down and I've also opened it up to accept cryptocurrency which he couldn't technically fill it figured out so you know if you know and if somebody else does that you know somebody at work would say well couldn't I just go out and get the same distributor absolutely go for it that's what the free market is all about if you can do it better than me please do I'm not you know you know that that's but most people don't because they're afraid to take that first step right that it's there's always that fear and that's really the CBD helps yeah well and you know for me I just take more caffeine whenever I need to deal with something that's my particular bias I've got okay the fucking little bottle a jet alert over so right so okay I guess my next question would be what kind of traffic do you normally get to your to your sites is it normally people who are more anarchist and looking for an anarchist coffee company to support or is it people who want good coffee and they don't mind the fact that your anarchist would like which would you say is more the audience that you get I think it's the first one so it's libertarian Liberty minded people more anarchist aghoris –ts is the market so and I'm stealing the line from Kevin Michael Gary who I had in my show about creating businesses I found a niche and I scratched the edge is what I've done and and people like what I do and they like the artwork I put out we also sell t-shirts and stickers and mugs too and it's all pretty much Liberty minded messages right we just actually released a couple new graphics where we hooked up with Graeme and design on a goriest graphic design company so this is another way we are trying to create the alternative economy right so we purchased services with Bitcoin cash through grey man and we've got a new graphics with the killdozer and agora anarchy in action and the second I put those up last night there were three orders so there's certainly a market for this stuff 100% you know in the beginning I was scared because a lot of anarchic communists were like bashing the shit out of me and I just had to ignore it you know there's gonna be haters with this any time you put yourself out there people are gonna hate on what you do and pick apart what you do you have to say fuck it and move on you know okay so I was gonna ask you about that because I assumed you would get some backlash to be completely honest because I did you're calling it a narco coffee and your colors are appealing to only one so of an arc so I was wondering about like like not only what kind of backlash you got but also the the way you responded to the backlash so I just said you ignored it did you respond to any of it and how did you respond to it or how did you respond to it if you like had some time to think about it yeah so yeah so we try to appeal to more than just an anarcho-capitalist in the libertarian right we have it we have a brew called the Agora seroma and that has actually sold quite well so you know we we do we do appeal to the Goris as well but when it comes to an anarchic communist yeah there's I don't think there's any appeal they are unfortunately you know because you know they want to seize the means of production or whatever the fuck that means it doesn't click with me and I'm sorry it just doesn't I just wasn't it doesn't make sense and so how did I do it with the black flash was one I ignored it and then if it was essentially life threatening to me or my family or abusive I blocked it I mean I'm not gonna deal with that I mean you know and people can call me out on on that saying well your your whatever you're not an anarchist because you're black people but you know at the end of the day I have to do what's right for me as an individual so I can provide for my family and then help others well and you know it's interesting that you would say that that that people call you not an anarchist for blocking it seems to me that using a tool that you have been given license to use for its intended purpose is like in line with Anarchy I mean it's not like you forced anybody to do anything and it's right like anybody forced you to hit block it seems like voluntary association like you know I refuse to serve XP because they're being noisome in my store like is is that is is is that like your mindset behind it and like how did you respond when people said you weren't anarchists because you blocked people yeah and and did that happen more often than not or did no more often than not they just walk away most people walked away you know I and I'm not gonna lie I mean I I sometimes would be a little troll II myself and I would make a meme about the shit they were saying but most people walked away and you know and and just kind of let it be so you know I haven't had a milkshake thrown at me yet so I guess I'm doing all right well as long as it's not one of the ones with quikrete in it you could probably just use that as Cramer's so whatever right so there there there are multiple comments here for you oh shit yeah so it's my audience is mixed but they're there they're normally pretty understanding which is something that constantly surprises me because I'm a cynical asshole and somehow people gravitate toward me anyway but whatever that's that's a topic for another day I could sell flagellate on shit for a while nah so Devin says nice microphone Jay nice thanks brother ty agon dis Faraj says and i think that's how you pronounce that name i might be butchering it says seizing the means just means partnership does not mean to not have a business also means no bosses in a business but working together and exploiting it and and not exploiting each other and I'm guessing that's what he meant okay oh yeah that he just he clarified like a few comments later also yeah because because I have a lot of I run with a mentality that I coined called a narco coalition ISM which involves trying to work with anarchists of all stripes to build the the overarching coalition of ending the state with missions of people accomplishing certain anti-state tasks tasks so for instance your task could be getting big farmer less relevant by by providing CBD and you could do that by a mutual list arrangement with your neighbors or an accurate relationship with people over the internet you know things like that but so so I get a lot of comments that like aren't from the ancap perspective but they're normally from people who are pretty understanding like ty agonda so awesome no no it's glad to hear and so an example to of how I and I like this idea of an anarchic coalition really do I've had an advertised recap for in our Co Inc podcast the aghoris nexus so if you've got a business or some sort of service I highly recommend that you list with them and that's a that's an advertiser I did not turn off down because I'd like the idea of the aghoris Nexus so yeah I mean it's gonna take all stripes and all ideas to abolish the state or and I even hate to say this but to at least limit it from what it is today I mean I just just look around you is what I always say I mean this is I think there's a meme out there and I'm all about the meme education but it's like we're between 1984 Fahrenheit was that book Fahrenheit MD one 451 right and in another book and we're rights to smack that in the middle of all of this shit well you know um truthstream media who I believe both subscribes on YouTube and follows the weekly hellscape so they might be listening to this podcast right now I'm not exactly sure but they have a they have a really good way of putting it they they have a Venn diagram that says you know I don't remember the order but brave new world that's what it is 1984 and Animal Farm or something like that I can't remember what the book was and then they said you are here mm-hmm there we go you can't see that right now but fucking I was pointing at my camera awkward in the middle right I'm an I'm an awkward person but the but but but the point is like we do live in a dystopia I'm curious as to your response to that dystopia we talked briefly about technology when before before we we started this broadcast what are your thoughts on that and how does moving business to an online forum help with that yeah so with the I guess the ever changing of technology in all this crazy technology we have we've got cameras everywhere people have Alexa in their home constantly listening your phone constantly listening right things said we're snowed in and and you know people of that stripe and being a web developer myself I can tell you 100% that many of the sites you visit and and most people most your listeners probably already have blockers but 100 percent most of the sites you visit are tracking you and it's not just Google Analytics you can go ahead over to hot jar calm this is a website that takes screen recordings of what you're clicking on on their website to improve user experience and other tools like vwl which is visual website optimizer so there are like cookies that get put on your website so they can advertise to you better I mean we know this is happening right I mean you you talk about cat food long enough and you're gonna see an ad in your Facebook feed for cat food and people people are gonna fucking call you crazy but these things are sort of happening I think the alternative is open source a good book to read and if you can't remember it's something the bazaar I'll have to look at it's about the idea of Linux and UNIX and these other types of systems that are open sourced and so this is why I try to build all my websites on wordpress.org because it's an open source platform yes there is some tracking with this platform but it is limited to the person server and and and what you're putting on that server so for instance we I try not to use Google Analytics I try to use jetpack which is the kind of the VIP version or made by automatic which is like a wordpress company and I've I've been to the WordPress community it's a good group of people you know attends the leading left but again all really good ideas it's the it's the idea of democracy doing publishing website publishing in the having anybody for the ability to publish online even people with disabilities so it's another platform i-i-i-i support at least you know okay so and and yes I would recommend WordPress I used the same thing I also use jetpack mostly for the analytics but the the primary question is so like one alternative thing that you do that that's good as you accept cryptocurrency yes sorry yep so I mean of that vein what else are you doing to separate from the pack like why should an anarchist buy coffee from you rather than just Folgers like this is your basic like elevator pitch I'm asking for yeah so so we accept crypto we're the ignorant organically farmed coffee for the free thinker right and and you know I think I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself but the way I've always said it is we try to give back and keep the money in in the Liberty Anarchy community is is why you know I would say to buy for me I'm an individual this is independent business there's no bank loans there's no you know backers there's no VC investors it's just me and I'm trying to do this on my own so you know that that's that's you know that's the reason I'm you know I would say to buy and one of them is cryptocurrency we we try to accept the you know the the more popular crypto currencies and the ones that are more secure and um yeah sorry to ramble on but yeah well no I mean what I've been doing while you've been talking is I've been scrolling down your site so that people can get a look at them oh thanks so my question to you I guess would be because this is you trying to do this on your own what happens if people start to actually come on mass are you gonna try to find ways to get more staff are you gonna try to scale your operation are you just always going to try to stay small and if like you're limited batches are done you're done yeah that's a good question i I I hope to get there one day and I want to employ like-minded people I want to employ you know people from the anarchist community and I'd like to keep it a relatively flat company I worked for large corporations and I even work for startups that are around 80 200 people and what I don't want to happen is a benevolent dictatorship I don't know if it'll ever grow that big if it does you know I don't know if I'm prepared to deal with it to be honest with you well we'll have to wait and see we'll have to cross that I'll have to cross that bridge when I get there but as of right now I you know if I even get enough just to sustain me that would be great but if I have enough to employ other individuals it would be people who who are think the same way and have the same passion for liberty and freedom and I'd like like I said I'd like to keep it relatively flat I don't want to be CEO or some you know Jack what is his name Jack Dorsey of Twitter or Mark Zuckerberg that's certainly never the intention here yeah okay so that that was gonna be my next question are you a corporation or you nonprofit that's a good question I'm an individual I'm not ll seed no I'm not I'm an individual that's it's me I'm a DBA this is doing business as J so you're a self contractor you're trying to be on your own business essentially yeah yeah I I've uh I've thought about LLC but that doesn't seem it seems contradictory to anarchy and especially because of that it's asking the state for the permission to do business it's writing insane I will get business insurance when I can afford it because I always have the fear of being sued we are a very sue happy country but right now I feel relatively safe and in in in this community and a great example is I've fucked up of couple orders in the beginning and I felt terrible and right away I got online and I said do you want your money back right now like I was ready to you know I wasn't gonna be a capitalist Pig and Billy I know fuck you your order you know it's not fucked up and people have been super perceptive the guys like I don't know just send me another bag and I was like keep that bag and to be honest I had to pay for that out of my pocket you know that I didn't have capital to reimburse that you know real or send a new order I had to give him a free one because I felt like I fucked up and I think that was the right thing to do customer service wise right and so yeah I mean you know I'm trying to be a good human being I guess man yeah well and not because I was gonna ask you've got an accuracy themed brew and it would be contradictory to have that and then ignore something Samuel Edward Konkan said in his new libertarian manifesto the route which was the route of a ger ISM which he this is a chopped-up quote but it's you know not out of character anything I'm I'm quoting pretty directly he says in an address society division of labour and self-respect of each worker capitalist entrepreneur will probably eliminate the traditional business organization especially the corporate hierarchy an imitation of the state and not the market he goes on to say a corporation is a fictitious individual created by the state and is endowed with privileges some privileges besides subsidies and tariffs are special tax rates limited liability exception from regulation licenses and legal benefits and court disputes so my question is how resilient is your business to the shocks are for instance legal disputes and also how how how well are you able to settle the yourself with the costs of like taxation and all these regulations in bullshit like that is that part of the reason the coffee is pricey because you're starting a savings account in case some bullshit goes down with a customer yeah in one way yes yeah I'd like to get business surance in just case I am taking to court legally I don't know why it's just coffee I mean yeah but like there's always that cunt I'm young so yeah so so yeah that I in terms of price yeah that this one for endpoint I'd like to put away some I'd like to get some business insurance to protect myself but if you're asking me today no this is 100% a huge risk operation if the shit were to hit the fan I could lose my house and lose my family so are you comfortable making a choice like that when you've worked in corporate America for ten years and you've done the nine to five grind at some point in your life you have to take a leap of faith and this is my leap of faith and and this is not to be some kind of modern or manifesto it's just that I know I can't sit in an office for the next ten years and sit at a computer and report in to some guy who thinks I'm a fucking idiot or an asshole or whatever or some political bullshit you know I try to get along with everybody and and the office setting has a lot of politics anybody who's ever worked in any job with many people there's always politics and there's always the the political discourse and he said she said and I can't take it anymore I want a way out I guess of the matrix yeah you went off your hamster wheel as a Fenian Cornelison one of my biggest supporters would say yeah yes yeah I won off the hamster wheel yeah and and we didn't get into the other things I mean I followed the American Dream 100% I went to school I have not one not two but three degrees I have student loan debt from those lovely government-backed loans that they promised that you could get with no cost or whatever the fuck it was and I believed that going to school would better my life and it has it has I'm not going to say I'm you know living in a dirt house but what I do deal with every day is a pile of debt right here pile of fucking bills that I have no idea how I'm going to pay in my lifetime and that that's what it is I mean is this the American dream is to be a slave to the banks for the rest of our lives I can't do it anymore you know well I mean if you want to get technical yeah it is but okay sorry sorry not to going on this trip man but yeah I mean you know I mean I yeah I wanted to take it further the American Dream is precisely to be enslaved to banks America is a bankster owned corporation that calls itself a government and in this particular case it operates by putting us all under debt I sympathize hugely with what you were just saying but for a different reason I don't have a credit file I've never publicly taken a loan I've only ever borrowed from friends and family and that means that it was very hard for the past year for me to find a place this is the first lease I've signed in years that I just signed and it's because I chose to live within my means to the best of my ability and you know you can't do that and also live in America right and that's what the American Dream really is it's buying into the corporate fiction it's having a social security number tied to other numbers so that they can categorize you as a good follower citizen like it's it's kind of know my ich bin ein Mensch you know and that sort of shit yeah it really yeah I mean it is it's just yeah it's you're just a cog in in the machine and I'm tired of being a cog in the machine yeah well and that's that's a valuable thing to be tired of you know so like when you say that you have a pile of debt that you're trying to pay back my question to you is you've got the coffee you've got the merch you've got the CBD but you've also got a podcast that you're trying to run you have a patreon there yeah we do patreon even regardless I understand I've heard things that happened to Star gone in that shit and I just and I used bit backer and I use subscribe star as well and I've heard the rumors of mr. Peterson working on a new platform I think with with Dave Rubin ya think spot I signed up for the beta you did okay so it's happening I think it's it's happening and it's also interesting because it has a 50-word minimum word limit on posts so you have to say at least 50 words in order to post there which means that you can't just post some incendiary thing and then walk away it's free speech supported it they will not you know censor anything unless it's court-ordered for them to do so like it's libel or slander or whatever blah blah right but you know as long as it's protected under the extremely fucked up and botched definition of the First Amendment that the fascists these days want us to lick their boots and say is fine this platform will allow it but it will only allow it 50 words plus so it's interesting I want to see how that pans out I'm also on pocket net which I would highly recommend everybody get on you can you can sign up with the link in my description pocket net is fucking great it's censorship resistant every post is on the blockchain and instead of steam it where you get Wales and other assholes like that who get to decide what content on the platform gets the most basically support it's all done by random lottery by people who up both the content you get like three pocket coins lasari two to three pocket coins by sort of a random lottery if your post is four stars or above which means that like for instance if somebody starts posting child porn and their account is flagged and like all their posts are like no stars they won't get paid by the platform and the the data won't be stored on nodes so it's it's not sketchy at all so that sort of thing like it's censor resistant they cannot block you for an opinion so it's it's that that's that's what I like about that platform and I've been pushing it pretty heavily but the reason the reason I asked about all of that is because I think a lot of people think that and this is something that came up recently because I did a couple fundraisers for for my content to continue so that you know I wouldn't end up in a ditch and a lot of people took personal issue with that because like when it comes to watching the content they don't mind doing that but when it comes to supporting it a lot of people think that asking directly is turning yourself into part of the beggar class and I wanted to get your general response to that sort of mindset but I also wanted to ask how you respond to people like telling you that you you're trying to make too much money how do you respond to people telling you you're trying to amass too much capital because from what it sounds like that's a complaint that many people have and I'm wondering like if you haven't responded to it publicly how you respond to it now and if you have responded to it publicly how did you respond yeah so it's an interesting question so uh one of the things I've been called since doing this is a neckbeard shill ain't gotta love that people get hair wrong all the time like it's not a neckbeard if it grows up on your cheeks like that's right Amish people intentionally grow neck beards if you want to see a neck beard you can look at an Amish guy and and on Google Images and it'll show you what that is and somebody called me and said that I had a mullet the other day when it's obviously not a mullet like that let's are short on top anyway just some fucking hair comments because it's paws haircut I mean well yeah and Johnna odermatt has really helped me with this he's like people are gonna do that that's what people do because they have nothing better to do and that's fine you know no though at the end of the day you know I had like the old saying is like six and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me well to an extent I mean it is a mindfuck at the end of the day and so and to answer your question I'm sorry not to get off target but about amassing too much money you know I I – I haven't answered it publicly and I remember I've actually never been answered the ask the question that and when you're and and so yeah that's it's a great question and I'm as I think about this I'm thinking about what I've read up from Murray Rothbard and what I've read up and just forms an anarcho-capitalist and you know it's kind of just like well you know it's it's voluntarily right well people have voluntarily believed in what I believed in and are giving money for product that they like and if it's if it's making you know me more wealthy and others more wealthy you know what is the problem with that voluntary exchange right so and again I'm and I've also said this is that I'm not in this to be the next multi-millionaire I'm again looking to escape the the the rat race or the hamster wheel and it's it's only been a few months and it has been going well er than I expected especially for the coffee well you know when I get there I'll have to cross that bridge you know when I get there and I'm not trying to dodge your question I'm really not oh um you know you know be honest I've been accused of asking like offensively difficult questions in the past so yeah like I totally understand the it takes a while to answer you can take as long as you need for a great time yeah I mean at the end of the day I'm a capitalist right and it's and I'm not trying to be a capitalist Pig or crony capitalist I'm trying to use you know it's like a Monopoly game right I guess and I'm just trying to play the game as well but without being crooked or sham about it I guess right so I'm using the means that we have which is free markets and and and and trying to use those means the best I can to to get out of this situation I am you know so I can do the things I want to do like you know homesteading and homeschooling and being home with my family right instead of sitting in an office for you know 60 hours a week and not being able to spend time with my kids or go fishing or go gardening and kind of have time to do those things right while also trying to make other people happy by offering the products and services that I have yeah I don't know does that answer your question I you know about am at it you know I guess I didn't answer the question about worrying that you know do I worry about the amount of money I'll make not yet you know I don't see it okay so that that'd be the next question are you willing to scale up or is this like you know fucking the shark guy on Instagram where you just want to blow up and then act like you don't know nobody I'm not familiar with that guy what did he do you know is it's it's it's just an amusing joke thing oh okay he has these really fucked up sharp teeth and like a lot of faiths tattoos and he says I just want to blow up and act like I don't know nobody hahahaha and then he like fucking chomps his teeth it's funny you should I'll check it out yeah no no I'm not gonna do that either I've made some great through podcasting and through doing this I've made some great connections you know Nick being one of them right on the dank path that stash so no that's not that's not the intentions at all I mean at some point I will have to retire and a narco so I'll have to pass the torch to a narco coffee if it makes it that far I can maybe but that was my question though is like how much are you willing to expand I want to keep it I want to kid I like the idea of a small mom-and-pop I I have aspirations to own a cafe one day a place where other people of like-minded people can come III am the state of New Hampshire and I didn't move here because of the Free State Project but I've made some really good friends in the Free State Project and so I think this is a great place to have a narco coffee I mean what better place than where the Free State Project is and you know I have I've teased the question at once of you know would people crowd fund a cafe in a narco coffee cafe and I forgot what the results were but most people said yes some people said no but you know it would be a place for you know to do podcast like this and have some great coffee and have you know have a good social life with with this community okay so but but that would like that would that would effectively lead to the next question you're dealing with a manufacturer right now that that as far as you said in another country right yes yeah a distributor who then goes to the farmers yep have you ever considered opening up a more local farm so that you could remove more of the middle Manning from the and have cheaper coffee yes the problem I've read is that coffee would be hard to hear to grow here in this states you need a very tropical weather right to grow coffee so it would be very difficult to do especially here in New Hampshire where it gets zero blown the winters but yeah I mean if if somebody I'm all open for ideas if if somebody approached me and said hey I grow coffee and here's how you can do in the US and somebody wants to you know do you know co-op or work with me absolutely to cut out more of the middle and end but right now I don't I don't see a way of doing that right now right well it would it would it would be sometime down the line when your operation needed to expand anyway and that's right so you would justify the expansion is we're making it cheaper by making it more local or something like that and yeah I guess that would be my second question if there was a similar offer on the table from somebody about your CBD would you also be willing to change that to a more locally sourced sort of absolutely marijuana operation absolutely if I could have my own you grow my own beans for coffee and grow my own plans for CBD and grow my own hops for beer I would love to do that or yeah I just you know just I'm in the position now where I just I can't I have to work with other vendors right so yeah right cuz when the only reason I'm asking all these technical questions is like there's a possibility that this video will be seen by people who might know people who know people who know people oh ok would be interesting who would be interested yet and there's also the idea of if people want to be interested in a service like this then they might want to know how much it's going to expand before it can't expand anymore so that they can tell their friends or you know whatever if they like the coffee and you know what the CBD or whatever and and so I want to make sure that the scale is at least partially known the potential scale here so that people know what they can tell people and so that so that the message is loud and clear to anybody who might want to become involved and that was going to be my next question there are services right now where people can subscribe and get regular CBD or coffee to their door do you have something like that set up yet and are you willing to set it up if not yeah we are working on a subscription service for both the CBD and the coffee my goal is to have that ready by into summer so I do the all development myself so I've looked into solutions they solutions out of the box cost money and so we're gonna go with it on a box solution because I just don't have the time to sitting and coat it and develop it myself right I like a sonic plugin because you're using word right exactly yeah yeah I think there's a WooCommerce one it was like $1.99 it's two hundred dollars for each site so that's two hundred dollars I either got to come out of pocket with which I'll probably do cuz we don't even you know make 200 hours a month yet but but yes I have it you know that's that's the beauty of this company right now it's so small I will take any suggestions people asked for people you know I had a friend say hey you should change a narcos tagline from free-market business to the alternative economy Nick EP from sounds like Liberty and I did that because I was like sure why not I mean this is a small enough operations like I said it's me right now and so your your ideas are heard so if you want to get into something that's very grassroots now's the time for sure the names of the coffee have come from people we've got fun great names like Mises Nick's rothbard roasts Agora seroma voluntary Valhalla so we have fun with the names yeah and so it's it's it's really been a very fun project to work where it goes from here I don't know but yeah we want to scale it something that I don't want to drop off the face of the earth I hope it's yeah well so that would be my next question we were talking before the stream about how we're both gamers and how we both like enjoy that quite a bit we were mocking GameSpot saying that you basically only go there because your kid likes consoles but my question is we also briefly touched on Humble which you seemed familiar with now humble offers the the option to donate to whichever charity you want instead of the gym their chosen charity a month so I'm wondering because you said you donate to to to anarchist causes if that's ever going to be in the works where people can choose from your select list of anarchist charities of any stripe that they want to and just add that to their purchase I love it I have not I have not thought of that and you are now part of an arco coffee and will forever get attribution present idea okay yeah I mean just like rothbard roast came from Danielle Elwood of actual Anarchy podcast and so I try to give shout out to those guys too so I love it I that's a really good idea I never thought of it so yeah man well I gotta figure out how to build it alright well maybe maybe hit up somebody who knows how the humble model works I'm not a hundred percent sure how the humble model works but I do know that it's there and done cuz because I used that to to throw some money to to Mises and antiwar and I think I threw some money at Wounded Warriors in IVA mmm-hmm for some reason this stream viewer is dropped from 7-10 to 720 I'm hoping I still see comments there but I'm hoping that it didn't just like shut down or whatever I'm assuming it's just a blip in the reading of analytics and not the actual stream itself whatever all that aside if anybody wants to check out his stuff links will be in the description and about I want to say an hour and a half and I'll be promoting those those links in the post that I'll be making on my site for those of you who don't know I've got my fucking intentionally abrasive hostile angry fucking psychologically designed site to what to fuck with people called Jeremiah Harding calm you can visit that as well you can also go to a narco coffee a narco CBD and NR Co Inc com all three of those sites are sites that that would help this guy out is there anything else you want to plug no that's it brother I mean I always like to say peace love and anarchy alright well if there's anything else you want to say Cody says that the stream is good he's a he's a supporter and he also runs his own podcast he says he doesn't like some of the stuff that he's been doing but you know I think it's very good stuff if anybody wants to check out renewing your heart Network it's Catholic anarchy but all that aside I want to have him on as well by the way if you're listening Cody feel free to hit me up but all that aside I think we're gonna do a recording for your podcast right after this so yeah I will include the link to that when it's up and this link will be everywhere very shortly I'm gonna spam all my fucking bullshit everywhere also there's gonna be a link in the description for necro topia RPG which is an RPG I've been tasked with with marketing I'm one of the people marketing it of myself and the person who made it if you decide you want to what do d6 style gameplay that that is based in the actively occurring apocalypse like not post apocalypse like fallout but it's happening now then feel free to check out necro topia it's going to be an available link in the description once I end this recording and before we start but all that said thank you for coming on it's been a pleasure hope it wasn't too uncomfortable for some of these questions but the the format's gonna be generally this in the future it's gonna look a little bit spruced up but for all of those of you who listened feel free to support the show using any of the links in the description I would really appreciate any any backing that this show could get so feel free to do that feel free to support his business and I think I think that about does it yeah thanks man and now for me to end the stream so that people can no longer look at my weird face that twitches too much be well everyone anarchy and fuck the system smash the state

  1. There's no way to limit the state. It will always increase and centralize its power over time. We need to simply create our own voluntary society and walk away from the existing one. He should definitely at least set up a pass through LLC. Yes, it sucks, but it protects you from the cunts until we have REA's that can do the same or better. He doesn't have to change any of his business names to do that in the background either. It's easy and cheap. If his loan rates are below 10%, I would not pay them off until the very end. That's especially true because there are politicians seriously talking about using student loan debt forgiveness as the next big wave of QE (Quantitative Easing).

    Peterson's platform will require payment to be on it, correct? Narrative pays you instead and has the same benefits and more over Steemit and other sites. I highly recommend people check into it since it is still a new project but shows a lot of promise with an involved and skilled development team.

    Hopefully he sees this reply. I've looked into NH, but it looks like the property taxes stack from state, county, and local. You end up paying all three. Is that true?!

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