Startup Social Chain Takes Social-Media Marketing To A New Level (HBO)

As big brands look for new ways
to engage with millennials, they’ve shifted their advertising strategy
towards social media. And the people who best understand how to gain
traction on social networks are millennials themselves, so brands are paying very young people
shocking amounts of money to market to their peers. And it’s working. — So this mural here is the answer to the question, “What would The Last Supper look
like if it happened today?” — Social Chain is the creation of Steve Bartlett,
a 24-year-old university dropout. In 2014, Steve started hiring the authors
of popular social media channels, often teenagers living at home,
and brought them into one company. They own more than 400 popular accounts across
a number of social media platforms and use them to influence what young people talk about online. — So, you’re not representing digital influences. What you do is you find the digital
influences and you bring them in. — We are the digital influences. — This morning, they’re creating content for
their “Love Food” channel on Instagram, which has almost 7-million followers. — So you just posted the picture…
and that’s your notifications. — Social Chain’s revenue grew by nearly 600% last year,
to almost $7-million, and is projected to double in 2017. The creative team gave us a demo of
how they can set the conversation. — So today, we’re just trying to think of something
that we can hit the trending topics on Twitter. There’s so much conversation on Twitter
right now, it’s all Brexit and Trump… — Are you going to think of a hashtag now?
What is it that you’re thinking of? — Yeah, I think, if we went with a hashtag…
#AmericanVsBritish. — The hashtag is going to be “American versus British”?
— Yeah. Game on. And… you’ve got half-an-hour. — Okay.
— Let’s do it! — You’ve got a lot of young people working for you, but you also work with lot of companies run by older people. Are you just… blagging it? You’re just a bunch of kids who got together, who are
convincing old people that… this is how you do things. — My honest response to that is
I don’t think you can get this far by blagging it. —While we’re talking to Steve, word comes
from the creative team that their hashtag has already gained traction. — She’s celebrating because it’s trending. — They started trying to make this trend
at four o’clock and, 11 minutes later, number six in the United Kingdom,
trending topic: “America versus British.” “I think we easily win this by not having Trump.” “Who wants to eat a stupid cookie when
you could have a glorious biscuit?” That’s impressive. But are you transparent? Because, when I log into Twitter and
I see “AmericanVsBritish,” in my head, it was somebody who sat around, came up
with something, and then that caused a trend. Do people know that you’re behind it?
— It’s exactly what you just described there. So, you said there’s a group of people that
sit around, they come up with something, they post, that’s exactly what you’ve just seen here. These are the people that, before this
came together, were sitting in their bedrooms, influencing all those trends. This only thing is, now, they do it here. — So you’re a group of influential individuals who’ve
realized that, collectively… you are an Illuminati? — You said it.
They’re not our words.

  1. people in the comments are hating. if you were smart you'd start a business and use social media to market. this is exactly why average people stay average. too petty to help yourselves.

  2. No wonder society thinks millenials are entitled time wasters. "Go do something productive" they might say. " Cure cancer" they say. No no, this is better, talking about food, and making it trend, because you know how young people love their hipster looking shakes with chocolate as a garnish. Hey Vice, go interview Malala, or other young people who are trying to make a difference but seem to be having a difficult time with their causes because the attention goes to stupid shit like this. Crap that makes our society, especially younger people collectively stupider.

  3. so a 24 years old college drop who suddenly has alot of money build a company and now have the power to influence thousand of people through social media and also work with other older companies to promote their wares ? what kind of business do they do with other companies ? also i hope they use this power to promote some charities organizations.

  4. Not clear how #AmericanVsBritish would generate revenue, must be an unmonetized "campaign". In which case, what would a monetized hashtag look like…#Eatfresh? lol

  5. The salt in this comment section, yikes
    They created a 7 figure company from the ether. We should be taking notes

  6. It's a circle jerk of people who got lucky on Instagram and gained traction ,now they use it for financial gain .This world is pathetic .

  7. I don't think these jobs are going to last and when they go out of business, those employees aren't going to have any skills for a real job. Getting likes or creating trending topics is not a job, at least not a sustainable one. And even if the business stays alive the employees inevitably are going to age and no longer be a part of the younger generation. I should hope that they are at least pursuing education while working at these companies.

  8. if I could get paid to do jack Shit, especially something that will not have any impact and I can get paid well??? Shit, I'd do it buuuutttt too bad I get paid Shit and so make a difference.

  9. Why are Millennials still the big talk nowadays? Pretty sure the focus is gonna be moving onto Gen Z.

  10. The sad part is that it works. People nowadays are like a bunch of sheep waiting to be steered in the "right" direction.

  11. I remember when vice had news crews in Liberia covering the things no one else could or would cover. You guys used to be the alternative media getting in everywhere and covering everything. What happened?

  12. They should have to inform their followers that they are marketing/ being paid to post, with "#ad" just like Kim K rightly had to do. Your followers are following you with the belief that you are being genuine. Strategizing about what to market/ Sell while being compensated is not genuine. There should definetly be more transparency. #falseadvertising

  13. wow, this is actually really fascinating that a certain group of people can really be so good at drawing people to them, and getting people to talk about things.

  14. Great rewarding delusional millionals that are spoiled clueless brats. Wait till they have to get a real job. Lol

  15. numbers speaks for itself, dickheads. Yeah, today's young people are on social media, so what? u can't change that. they just making the best out of it and it is working, so why not squeeze it as much as you can?

  16. pretty sure under marketing laws in the UK this is illegal. Social media may still be a fucking joke but it's still technically media. So if any brand came to them for sponsorship or gave them stuff for free to use they would have to disclose it in every frame it was visible just like they do now for youtube. Any one who is from the UK care to explain advertising regulations? I watched a Tom Scott video on it and followed Tomska when he was going through his bullshit with Oreo and a couple other companies

  17. With certain users on Social Media Eventually It Is Going to turn into a cyberspace war zone I think it already is especially on Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Reddit, Pinterest, Tango, Kik, Anygram, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked In, Youtube, Digg, Comic Vine, Amazon, Ebay, Rapsody, Circuit City, Best Buy, Skype and other websites and networks in general even the lesser relevant ones

  18. don't dislike the video. this is good journalism – you hate the people who are described in it, not the news outlet.

  19. The sad part is that I can make a hashtag gain traction simply by using my BOT network. In less than 1 hour people are going to start to catch on the hashtag, and boom. You get it to trending in the region.

  20. Why the hate? They found a vert effortless way to pimp the system- their office would shit all over our traditional boring office system

  21. So many butthurt comments. Too bad none of you are smart enough to actually earn as much as these guys did.

  22. While watching this I knew there would be a lot of hate in the comments… and sure enough. I realized while watching this how threatened a lot of older and more conservative people would. They see these young liberal looking kids being successful and having a huge influence on the new world around us. They hate that. Jealousy pure and simple.

  23. elevated-hustling POC scammer using social media as a platform instead of a parking lot…nothing there, no magic, no imagination..just BULLSHIT with sparkles on top

  24. Innovation at it's Best….. People doing what they love without any pressure. Definition of youth involvement

  25. I think people are more annoyed that this company is making money this way. Purely because it seems to be so easy. When realistically it isn't because if it was that easy, you'd be making millions of it from your home and thats why your jealous.

    stop hating go and be productive!

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  28. I can't believe the comments here. This guy Bartlett is A) a genius B) an archetypal workaholic. They are also a marketing agency, so, they're not in the business of curing cancer but marketing shit and, also, having that in mind they are more honest than marketing agencies of the past.

    Every woman with a diamond on your engagement/wedding finger, that your guy grossly overpaid for, take a good look at it now! There you go, that's a Steve Bartlett of the past, that's his work. Before a marketing manipulation someone pulled on people in the 50s diamonds were just shiny stones someone had a lot of and paid a marketing agency to tell everyone you can't get married if you don't buy one, and/or they're a status symbol if you're a rich woman or a woman with a rich man.

    Even more insidious than that was a campaign to get everyone to smoke cigarettes. Yah, smoking was a marketing campaign.

    This guy and his company quite transparently tell you what social media is, this info is something you should be thanking them for, and you have a choice to be on social media, or not, and how to use it.

    Stop hating on Steven Bartlett, you are simply wrong to do that. He was dirt poor and he didn't use his high IQ to become a drug dealer or gang boss…He isn't living on benefits in UK complaining how capitalism is bad and he's a victim either…Instead he's been working 10+ hours a day since he was 15, and he actually became a fairly decent human being, especially for a marketing guy. He says he was skinny when he was a teen, now you can really see he works out and he isn't skinny anymore…

    Everything about this guy says he works hard, too hard for my taste! Personally, I think he needs to slow down, find someone decent and willing to sign a prenup and get married! Start building a life outside work…His personal life (that is none of my business anyway) aside, to hate on this guy just makes you sound like a bunch of bitter old people that can't keep up with the times.

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