Star Wars Battlefront II: General Grievous – Community Update

Hello there. I’m Dennis Brännvall, the Design Director on Star Wars Battlefront 2. Today we’re going to look at General Grievous… …the notorious Jedi hunter who was just released to our game. I’m also going to cover some changes that we’ve made to Hero Health Star Cards. Now, let’s take a closer look at General Grievous. As you can see, he’s a big guy. We’ve designed him to bring about fear and feel like an overwhelming opponent in the game. Thrust Surge lunges General Grievous forward with all four lightsabers in a stabbing motion… …dealing damage and throwing the target to the ground. General Grievous is also a strategist. The unsettling Claw Rush ability lets him flee the scene in the blink of an eye… …or advance quickly towards his enemies, damaging and pushing opponents out of his path. His final ability is called Unrelenting Advance… …and it’s one of General Grievous’ most iconic moves. When this Ability is used, he will form a spinning lightsaber wall in front of him… …blocking all frontal attacks while dealing damage to enemies standing in his way. It’s really cool! He arrives with the default Jedi Hunter Appearance. You can also unlock his Battle-Damaged Appearance… …which adds even more to his intimidating look. Another to-be-announced Appearance will also be available, coming later in November. Upgraded Hero Health Star Cards are also coming with the General Grievous Update. We’ve replaced some of the lesser used Star Cards with Health on Defeat Star Cards. See you next time… …and May the force be with you.

  1. Alright EA. You've screwed with us for the last time! Where is the new skin for Grievous skin you promised would release in late November? I sure don't see it anywhere!!! You've scored up again!

  2. I finally notice that the player view in his unrelenting advance is fairly slow. But to other players who oppose him are very fast

  3. worst game ever…
    bought it in January and just two or three weeks later Grievous was annouced 😀
    now, 10 months later, i see that he still isn't in the game…

    @EA Star Wars you guys suck so bad… what are you doing on work? really embarrasing, i regret that i payed 60€ for this shit

  4. I mean sure cool and gorgeous graphics and all, but why can't games be historically accurate EVEN IN FICTIONAL STORIES/UNIVERSES?
    I mean WW2 accuracy in video games is humiliated over the past years which is NOT okay. But now Star Wars history too?
    Why put Grevious in GEONOSIS and not COUNT DUKU????? Like the original Battlefront 2?
    W-H-Y ? ? ?

  5. So good. You guys know how to make em! Battle scared Grevious…. Legit!. Now just think of a battle scared Vader skin…. With a cracked Helmit…. Bazow! Haha. 💪

  6. Anybody else notice how two of his lightsabers are just reused models of preexisting ones? Specifically Skywalkwer’s and Obi-Wan’s. Cheap

  7. Look aint no way in hell I'm coming back to this game. I supported you from the beginning got the top edition even spent 150.00 on boxes at release as a celebratory thing. Didn't get pissed when you removed the micro transactions and made hero's i paid credits to unlock free. Didn't say nothing after the first 2 officer nerfs but a 3rd officer nerf and no nerfs to the ridiculously over powered vanguard ability i was done PS. Lego Star Wars Grevious is better too. Wont get the next star wars game by you guys either you duped me enough on battlefront 2.

  8. General grievous is an awesome character in the game . Though I feel like … his claw rush isn’t so impressive or useful too often . If they made the claw rush so he could use it to climb walls and jump off to attack that would neat . Regardless, still an awesome character !

  9. Lets hope they add lightsaber marks to troopers when they die….it would make it look better as a whole when dooku and grievous and maul come slicing through xD.

  10. I wish they made him different like you can switch from 2 to 4 lightsabers by holding Y or triangle and when you do his abilities change so you have abilities that involve 2 arms and when you switch to 4 arms your abilities change

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  12. You can see the changes in Denis's voice in the community updates from this one to the droideka one. He has built up alot more confidence since this update. He should be more confident, he and his team took a dying game and gave it a playerbase again.

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