Star Wars Battlefront II: Count Dooku – Community Update

Hello there. Dennis Brännvall from the Star Wars Battlefront II team here. I’m about to show you what’s coming your way in our latest update, headlined by the arrival of Count Dooku, and additional game modes to the planet Geonosis. Into the scrap heap.
Sith Lord Count Dooku joins his peers on the dark side, bringing his sophistication, skills with a lightsaber, and thirst for power to the battlefront.
I’ve been looking forward to this.
Dooku’s base attack with his signature lightsaber deals lots of damage. Defensively, he’s able to deflect opposing lightsabers with great efficiency. His Lightning Stun throws all enemies within range to the ground, inflicting harm, and leaving them open for attack. The Exposed Weakness Ability influences the target with slower movement, and an increased amount of damage taken from Dooku and his allies. If Dooku eliminates the target personally, this Ability recharges right away. Activating the Duelist Ability showcases the grace of Dooku’s skillset when it comes to lightsaber combat. We’re in big trouble here!
The Ability changes up his attack sequence, with Dooku performing quick slashes, one hand on his back, with a high damage output. Dooku is wearing his Sith Lord outfit by default. Another to be announced Appearance is coming at a later date. We’re also excited to announce that the planet Geonosis will be added to the Heroes vs. Villains, Blast, and Custom Arcade game modes. See you on the battlefront, and May the Force Be With You.
Driven by passion, not what I’d expect from the Chosen One.
Traitors bring out the worst in me.

  1. Character Ideas:

    Light Side: Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, Padme Amidala, Jyn Erso, Qi'ra, Qui-Gon Jinn, Captain Rex, Poe Dameron, Bastila Shan, Sabine Wren

    Dark Side: Asajj Ventress, Jango Fett, Aurra Sing, Director Krennic, Dryden Vos, Savage Oppress, Cad Bane, General Hux, Darth Revan, Gar Saxon

  2. This game is good and all, but you guys really need to fix the matchmaking & bugs, nerf and buff a few things, and a lot more you guys should’ve already fixed by now, but still haven’t

  3. I remember when you guys said you’d fix all this bs but you guys still haven’t! Nerf Chewbacca, fix matchmaking, nerf Enforcer’s overload, if you can nerf the roll so it won’t be hard to kill an enemy as a lightsaber hero so you won’t die easily, fix the bugs, and so much more

  4. Fix the bugs, they’re so annoying, and fix the matchmaking, it’s not fair when one team is better than the other, it’s no fun

  5. Can you fix the matchmaking option, at the end of a match it gives you an OPTION to matchmake, and even if I don’t press the button to matchmake, it still matchmakes, please fix that

  6. Hello EA I have a Question, in Arcade the Map TAKODANA are in the Modes with and against each other ,bushes are bent sideways with me?! WHAT should I do?

  7. Can you pleeeeeeaaaaase add back the feature to know what team ur gonna be on in case you don’t wanna be on the team or to upgrade ur heroes

  8. ea pls bring 1v1 mode for pc in star wars battlefront 2 there was no lightsaber duel in first game but u guys bring vs mode and i expect vs mode for 2 pls bring it

  9. Have they changed the Lightsaber Combat?
    Havent played the Game for month and it looked so dumb and unrealistic but it seems to be better now.

  10. If they had a better Chris Lee voice it would be perfect. Love the graceful fighting style, fits dooku and Chris perfectly

  11. Very inaccurate, he doesn’t have “Kenobi focus” an ability that only works on obi-wan where he just gets thrown across the map

  12. Boo, EA is a rolling dumpster fire, there a bunch of suck ups, your upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is a gonna flop, nobody gonna believe that it isn't a pay to win garbage…single player is a joke in that game, like all your other games they were turned to money pits with your greedy moronic selfs, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is gonna have microtransaction in a month or two, booo

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  14. All this time and they still can't get the lightning to look like lightning

    Other than that I'm happy

    But what scares me more is the low level of intellect among Young people about 16 years.
    Seriously even a potato from the 80's has more intellect and creativity than nowadays 16 years old Generation.

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