Stand Up and Take Responsibility Jordan Peterson

responsibility that's what gives life meaning it's like lift a load then you can tolerate yourself right because look at your useless easily hurt easily killed why should you have any self-respect that's the story of the fall pick something up and carry it pick make it heavy enough so that you can think yeah well useless as I am at least I could move that from there to there the meaning and responsibility is the necessary meaning in life which can serve as a counterbalance to it's terrible fragility and tenuousness life is suffering right indisputable what do you do about that you you voluntarily accept it and then strive to overcome the suffering that's a consequence of that and you do that for you and you do that in a way that makes it better for other people and then that works and one question might be well how well does it work and the answer is you the only way that you can find out is by trying it no one can tell you how it will work for you it's the thing that your destiny is to discover that you can't have the conversation about rights without the conversation about responsibility because your rights are my responsibility that's what they are technically so you just can't have only half of that discussion and we're only having half that discussion and the question is well what the hell are you leaving out if you only have that half of the discussion and the answer is well you're leaving out responsibility and then the question is well what are you leaving out if you're leaving out responsibility and the answer might be well maybe you're leaving out the meaning of life that's what it looks like to me it's like here you are suffering away what makes it worthwhile right we need to take responsibility instead of incessantly insisting on our rights I've been talking a lot to the crowds that I'd be talking to not about rights but about responsibility responsibility is what gives you life meaning and so then you might say well then take on ultimate responsibility and what happens you have an ultimately meaningful life and then you might say well if your life is ultimately meaningful doesn't matter if it's punctuated by tragedy or even predicated on tragedy it's worth it despite the fact that you're a fragile damaged mortal creature you found something to do that announced itself as worthwhile mm-hmm that's meaning it's an instinct like it's not it's a deep deep instinct it's it's maybe the deepest instinct it's like a form of vision except it's not as it's not like an embodied set it's not a specified sense meaning tells you when you're in right place and the right place is between chaos and order and those are real places your hemispheres like your right hemisphere is roughly evolved let's say to deal with things you don't understand that's chaos and your left is there to deal with things you do understand you can't just stay with the things you do understand because you already understand them and you can't just stay with what you don't understand because then you're lost yeah well you need to be in the middle of those two and you can tell when you're in the middle because everything lines up and you you feel engaged and that what you're doing is meaningful it's like that's what you pursue meaning says I'm here where I should be and you can't tell why it's just that everything is right and you you get this physiological sense right place right time right conversation no and that's usually a conversation where you're both trying to expand the way that you look at the world well so you follow this meaningful path that's your buttress against the tragedy that produces resentment and malevolence his meaning is the antidote to that and that's the fundamental religious truth and it's really true that's the thing that's okay life is suffering that's true there's malevolence that's true meaning is the antidote to that yes and it's not it's not some kind of fragile epiphenomena it's the deepest thing so people need to know that it's so

  1. David,
    If Jordan Peterson is the logic in the mind, you are the callus resilience in the form we can see.

    Thank you for sharing your video

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