Stabbing Death Of NYC College Student Shocks Community | TODAY

  1. American justice system is weak. Why Japan and Singapore crime are so low? Because the criminals know what they will get if they committe the crime.

  2. What a horrible shame that a good person get killed by trash someone to do that must be a animal Blasio is full of crap he probably won't do anything to the person or persons that did this God bless the family of the girl and hopefully the person that did this will fry

  3. Tragedies such as this one would be prevented if people (especially women) were to exercise a minimum of common sense and not walk in a park after dark, when the criminal element is taking advantage of it. This is happening much too often – needlessly.

  4. No doubt she assumed that being a strong, independent (white) woman gave her carte blanche to go anywhere at night…ALONE.
    Most likely not paying attention, most likely on her phone.
    I can imagine her last words were something like…"How dare you!"

    Another 'victory' for feminism.

  5. 244 years ago, the people who drafted our constitution knew this could happen to this young lady. That's why we have the right to 'bear arms'. A little studying of the crime stats would have revealed to her how dangerous minorities are. You will rarely be attacked by an Asian,Caucasian, native American, or person from India. You will oftentimes be attacked by Hispanics and blacks. And they have NO hesitation about killing. The 13 year old, if guilty, must not have had supervision. How many people let their 13 year olds run the street?

  6. Remember the Central Park Joggers case? How many oppressed black boys will have to be lynched for this white privileged woman ?

  7. This will go away very quickly once the press is notified that the "teens" are black. I don't know for sure but this has all the symptoms of packs of teens creating mayhem. Don't u worry she will be forgotten by the press

  8. This is only the beginning of whats to come in America. Every town in Northeast , PA has been going down hill in the last 35 years. Gang everywhere. Reading Allentown, Scranton, Wilkes Barre and Williamsport and many more.

  9. This is the diBlasio’s city. We’re going back to the 70s era as far as crime rate goes. He has been too easy on criminals. First the Bail System Got changed, then you have buckets of water being dumped on cops. These young punk teens are not scared of getting arrested anymore. Lets get the tough on crime again diBlasio

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