St. Joseph and the REAL Problem with Communism

yesterday was the feast of st. Joseph the Worker ah the Pope's response to any political uprising they're not totally comfortable with make a new feast day about it communists use Mayday as like the official holiday of the worker and the Catholic Church famously rejected the entire communist idea but the reason they did that is actually kind of interesting the Catholic Church does not reject communism because of the evil communist dictators although those totally exist the Catholic Church does not reject communism because it believes in private property which we're gonna get to in a minute no Catholics reject communism because it is strictly materialistic and therefore completely denies God and the soul you can't build a good society if you're gonna do that so yeah Catholicism rejects Marxism and communism but we still raise up Saint Joseph particularly in his capacity as worker work itself is lauded we're trying to give it a specific respect and rights work is defined very differently from what your boss would tell you and injustice to the worker is a grave sin so let's look at the Catechism point from different places in the Catechism we have a running definition of a worker a worker is someone who does his or her own duty in prolonging God's work of creation in cooperation with God and with and for other people they honor the gifts of God in their talents and therefore fulfill a part of their potential a worker by doing his or her daily work assist the priests in the sanctification of the world they are the primary author and the primary beneficiary of their own work a worker is entitled to the dignity of their work adjust wage ability to procure a whole medical care elderly care the right to emigrate is to employ may their own property without the right to own property the seventh commandment just doesn't make sense but everybody's right to their property comes with a certain understanding all good things have a destiny a place toward which they are ordered humankind as a whole and st. Joseph the Worker was all of these things he was a maker a carpenter continuing God's working creation cooperating in God's actions even when he didn't understand them assisting in the priestly work of Christ himself by just being a dad sanctifying his every action through love and care and labor knowing that all of the good in his life including the boy that he raised was meant to be generously given to humankind so in honor of st. Joseph the Worker it's time to ask yourself are you doing these things are you continuing the work of creation are you sanctifying honestly giving when you were and if you're a boss are you giving a just wage providing employment that upholds dignity and sanctification giving people access to their own property and the ability to take care of their families by the way this all comes out of here one thing that was really weird when I read this was that haying somebody for their work was seen as an act of solidarity not of ownership that's insane don't be a communist just you know make sure the workers get what's theirs while also believing in God and the soul it's not that complicated thank you so much for watching this video please head over to the patreon patreon comm slash Steve TM if you want to see more of these videos there are some amazing benefits and amazing little tears and content going on over at the patreon I want to take a special moment to thank the producers so that's Jacob Alex Adam Ben Andrew Christina and mom so take care everybody this is gonna be a really cool week coming up next I'll see you all on Monday so take care peace and love okay so

  1. Hey dude this is really good video! Congrats! Coming from a formerly communist country – Slovenia – where many still long for that system (no personal responsibility needed, the state takes care of everything for you) I can assure you this teaching is really needed in this world today. The basic communist ideas are attractive to some precisely because they are collectivist in nature – you can be pissed off at the injustices of the world and still don't have to DO anything about them. Paradoxically work loses its value as well – all you're left with is escapism – trying to have as much good time as possible – I did my own "Mayday" video about this too:

  2. St. Joseph the Worker is one of my faves (I also lovingly refer to him as commie St. Joseph to scare people 😂).

    Catholics need more education on the depth and beauty of the Church's social teaching because it blew my damn mind when I started learning about it

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