Sr. Pastor Eric W. Davis: The Idolatry Behind Secret Societies

again at this place got we're not worthy but you keep making ways out of no way for us and we thank you for that we thank you for bringing us through the rain we thank you for bringing us over dangerous highways keeping us here safely we pray for every member that's on the way now God we pray for releasing the atmosphere that you were to bind any hindering spirit anything that is not like you God that we're trying to handle your word and truth from going forth and pray God that you would open the hearts and the minds of your children that they would be willing recipients of your word bind every earthly affection that is not connected to you and we set our affections on things above is in the name of Jesus we pray that every heart say Amen all right I'm a little I know the people are still coming in and we got a rainout there's a little challenge probably hold up even knowing Columbia it's probably 1,200 accidents out there because the moment we get a drop of rain people start swerving off the road at Columbia so all right tonight I'm going to challenge you tonight some of you challenge your your your your core beliefs about some things and some of you I'm going to warn you if you don't watch your affections you're gonna get downright upset with me you're gonna be mad because I'm getting into a teaching what I'm actually doing is preparing a lot of doctrinal foundational teachings that are set in the direction and the course for not only our church but our our movement as we're going forward I know who this is there's only one person who called me now I lost my wife hey what's up there yeah I'm in Bible study okay cut that off right there um and so so so some of the teachin is going to UM is going to is going to create a heartburn for some people because I'm challenged you at the place that your conviction test you at the place of your faith it's going to challenge you because I'm dealing with oh let me finish I'm dealing with principles and doctrines that apply to our church and churches as we go forward with certain doctrinal tenants I said something at eight o'clock service on Sunday morning that going forward that there are going to be certain standards that are going to be set for anyone who comes into ministry or leadership and any of the Word of God churches I speak my faith from when I say that plural and anywhere anywhere there's a Word of God Church there is a standard that will be set in terms of what is required of you if you were to walk and they're calling that office in our churches I said to you that if you are affiliated with any secret organizations if you are to serve and ministerial deacons anything that requires an ordination you must denounce renounce or you will not serve in any of our churches in that capacity I know that create some heart burns because people are so tied into these these organizations that when you start to really deal with them they have more affection for them it would seem that they do the Lord tonight what I'm going to do because I want to do a doctrinal teaching I want to I want to expose it from a perspective of truth the same way I did with homosexuality here's the word here is the lie truth lie and you have to make a decision for yourself where you stand the church is clear where we are Kingdom is clear God is clear Lord is clear it's up to you to decide what you're going to do now we will not lower the standard of God to appease men we tryna we're trying to get in heaven and so I know that the Bible says that the righteous will scarcely make it I don't want nothing hanging on me that's going to cause me to miss heaven with that way I'm already we are already barely gonna make it in so I don't need nothing else that's gonna cause me hinder me from getting in so this teaching is about love it's not about hatred is about love let me be very clear I don't care nothing about two organizations none of Mason's Eastern stars fraternities don't kid nothin about none of nothing I repeat nothing I am however concerned about God's people oh and I love God's people I love but I know that the enemy is a deceiver and people can be the seed and so when I you know so when I do the teaching that I'm about to do understand I have no affection toward your organization if you're in it nothing I'm going to talk about it as plainly I don't care nothing about it and it's going to challenge your affection now where we meet if you're in here and you're posed to be a believer where where we're supposed to meet in Brotherhood is in the spirit of Christ now you Mack because I'm talking about your sisters and brothers over there which we're going to talk about what family they think there's only one family on earth that God looks at and so you ain't you don't have no you know had no dual brother Brotherhood and sisterhood going on the kingdom there's only one family in heaven and so so so if you offend it because I'm telling my two sisters or your brothers then you just gonna have to be offended but I'm gonna lay it down according to truth are you with me all right now and so doing I'm going to bring out some of the actual rituals from some of the ritual books and put them on the screen the symbols imagery the beliefs that that are the basis of these organizations that call themselves Christian and has submitted them so we founded on Christian beliefs and and this is a lie your Greek letter organization and and all of the symbols are from Greek gods that every fraternity of what is called the divine nine which is african-american fraternities and what's called a Panhellenic council each one of them has a god or goddess that is at the base of the organization but yet they're saying Greek or African Egyptian but yet they're saying we are Christian no man can serve two masters he said he who doesn't gather with me scatters so so what I want to do is I'm going to take the first portion of the Bible study and put some slides up that are going to deal with some of these organizations there's a group that's called X Mason's for Jesus and and put put this up on the screen the first four screen exclamations for Jesus are men who if you can't read it I'm going to read this if you're too far back exclamations are men who left Freemasonry to follow Jesus Christ repented for their involvement and Freemasonry and confessed it as sin these remains who are in it who confessed it as sin because of their confession they are free and have been released from all odds I want you to quickly go go go to Leviticus chapter five with me because this is this is where some of us are right here man is some people that need to be in this room that I don't see why the enemy is born tonight you need to be in Bible study all right I don't put a dvd/cd something in a hand so Leviticus 5 start with verse 4 says it this way or if a person swears speaking thoughtlessly with his lips to do evil or to do good whatever it is that a man may pronounce by an oath he is unaware of it when he realizes it then he shall be guilty in any of these matters so here's what I'm saying Leviticus 5 says this you may have pledged to as God tells us not to do a sworn an oath to an organization before you came to Christ and you did it ignorantly so when you were in sent many of us who were in college we pledged these Greek letter organizations and it was the thing to do we was we were being it was it was palpable at the time and that's what everybody was doing friends did it and so we jumped into it and we did it ignorantly we weren't saved we did it the Gentiles did and we pledged an oath of our life which you're going to see with all of these things and we committed our life before we even gave my life to Jesus we gave my life to 2 Delta aka or Omega or whatever the organization was alpha and and you did it ignorantly not realizing that or Mason's or Eastern Stars not realizing that you were making an oath to to an idol or foreign deity and the Bible says this once you become aware of it you are now guilty of the sin now now you can't you can't confess ignorance you can't confess not knowing once you are made aware you have a choice to make once you have been made aware you're not justifying not trying to condone and trying to find a way to clean it up once it you realize that is sin that's what I'm trying to do tonight and I told you I have no connection no passion no love nothing for these organizations my sole purpose in the earth is to promote Jesus Christ him crucified him rather and I'd crucified resurrected and sitting at the right hand of God does all I'm concerned about is is and no man comes to the Father except by him there is no organization in earth there is no other way there's a narrow way they're coming he is the door the Bible says in John 10 and so it's the only way so I'm not concerned about anything else other than promoting him I'm only bringing us out to show you the era because people are trying to show you or teach you or tell you that there are dual ways to do it and there's not all right and so the Bible says once you find out the truth and you're a part of it you understand you're guilty of what the script is calling sin look at this alright it says this and look what it says now when he realizes it verse be portion of four then he shall be guilty in any of these matters once you realize it you're guilty and it shall be that when he is guilty in any of these matters then he shall confess that he has sinned in these things this is what a particularly african-american community we hate to do matter of fact not only do we not confess it we bring it into the church we and only the churches in the pulpits is in the closets and the pews got organizations we bring the magnets into the church rather than confessing is sin and then when you bring it out they tried to attack the one that's calling it sin sin is sin we're gonna keep going farther with us then he says this then he shall confess that he has sinned in that thing once you understand that's the thing that was sin I send in that I did it I did it in ignorance but it was still sin look what he says oh my god and and then he should bring this is Old Testament of trespass offering to the Lord for his sin which he was committed and this is a sacrifice that means that once you I realized I've committed a sin sin requires a sacrifice well what is my sacrifice well quarter Romans twelve that he beseech you brethren by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable not what is holy well now I got all these I got all these brandings and tattoos and markings on me that I got when I was in seeing first thing I need to do is denounced and renounce these things that are on my body because I have images about on my body I did it in ignorance but but I'm still carrying the symbolism of sin in my flesh I'll see you don't even want to can I go a little bit fun all your necklaces and your rings and your and your and your all ulam stuff tags on cars and all the stuff it points to the organization that you went into and said well first I got to prove to the saint let's go to the Masons because some of you are not convinced that is sin well let's see the only way to determine whether is sin you have to look and see what these organizations believe next slide why did it walk away why did the Masons walk away from from from Freemasonry they chose to embrace God's viewpoint versus that of other Mason's and people in general and Freemasonry promoted secrecy and lies and contradict the scripture first thing is was done in darkness must be brought to the light and so you can't defend something that is done in secrecy I'm going to show you this in Scripture to that you're saying all with Kristin but you're doing it in secret God doesn't do anything in secret God is light as you're going to see in Scripture and in him there is no darkness secrecy nothing hidden in him at all so how you're going to be of God and you go against his nature no no look at this he says took an oath to to to ever conceal and never reveal the secret teachings of masonry and it goes on to say this the penalty for revealing secrets was having your throat cut from ear to ear so those who are Masons who are in the organization they understand it reason why you can't get your brother your mama your media your daddy nobody talk about it because because they've made an old that if they reveal it the penalty is death same thing with ease and stars we're going to see it in there you don't know if return –'tis don't go that far but but but we're going to deal with the Masonic are rituals alright let's let's look at this next slide does Masonic does Freemasonry have a plan of salvation imagine us the Masons have a plan of salvation and they say they're not a religion but the Masons have own plan of salvation I'm reading from their own rituals I'm reading from their old doctrine their own booklets it says this the meaning of the legend of the third degree I've heard a third degree Mason's house you can go is explained in the eye he mantras on the monitor published by the Grand Lodge of South Carolina states that it was the single object of all the ancient rites and mysteries practice and the very bosom of pagan darkness to teach the immortality of the soul so the Masons are teaching that your soul is immortal this is still the great design of the third degree of masonry this is there this is their published writings now this is the scope and aim of his ritual the scope and aim of the ritual of the Masons is to reveal the immortality of the soul now I say we're a service organization and we're just coming to help people they write that their scope and aim is revealed that you're immortal but as lesser than all this ritual is implied that we have been redeemed meaning masons from the death of sin it has been remarked by a learned writer of our order that the Master Mason represents a man saved from the grave of iniquity and raised to the faith of salvation now he can be unsaved as it relates to Christ but if he's a Mason he's been raised to salvation that's what this is what this is them now is that this the worshipful master closes with this ritual these are his closing words then finally my brethren let us imitate our Grand Master Hiram Abiff man coming from the east guy hitting the head Hiram some of your Mason's in here Xmas you don't talk about and so let me continue reading in his version was conduct his unfeigned piety to God and his inflexible fidelity to his trust that like him we may welcome the grim tyrant which is death and receive him as a kind of messenger sent by our supreme Grandmaster to translate us from this imperfect to that all perfect glorious and celestial Lodge above where the supreme here it is this is what they call God the supreme architect of the universe precise now here it is so as a Mason what they're saying is you're living this life to imitate and become like Hiram a bit and and living a life like Hiram Abiff gets you eternal salvation in the Supreme Lodge with other nations and the supreme master now I'm gonna go Father Hey the Kentucky monitor removes any doubt about the meaning of Freemasonry symbolism in the preface beginning in 1946 edition and continuing through at least five editions a discussion of various religions and their various saviors concluded that Jesus was a savior for Christians while Hyrum is a savior for mation so let me repeat that in their writing Jesus is a savior for Christians but Hiram is to save your formations let me repeat Jesus is the savior for this isn't their paraphernalia Jesus it's a savior for Christians Hyrum is the savior of me let's read this all believe and here's the other thing they believe and and and and they actually call God a god goat was really God to doctor which means grand architect of the universe but let me let me read this part first all believed in a future life to be attained by purification and trials and this is their writing in a state of successive states of reward and punishment and in the mediator or Redeemer by whom the evil principles was to be overcome and the supreme deity reconciled to his creatures the belief was general that he was to be born of a virgin and suffer a painful death the Hindus his with the message believe we're all believing in the same guy who's calling by different names so what they're saying in their writing here is that the Hindus call him Krishna as remain insane they call him God – so when you come together he's the grand architect of the universe so they don't call him God Jehovah Yahweh God – God – because he's the grand architect now I can be a Mason with a Hindu I'll give you a Mason's with a Buddhist and so he's going to call him Christian he's going to call him something else over here and and they're saying I may call him what I call him but he's still the same guy now here's what they're saying the Hindus call him Krishna the Chinese quarantine got a Qian say the person's social the Chaldeans I can't pronounce all the stuff the Egyptians horas there Plato loved the Scandinavians Mulder the Christians Jesus Mason's Hiram Masons this is in their published information can I go step father run around with cheese and scales on your fingers and architects and all the stuff and don't realize you you're actually operating in another religion calling a Christianity this is their published information people not mine let go stepfather what's happening when they engaged in corporate masonic prayer as one person i was a prayer to God too for all in lives and a lodge his Freemasonry tricking pagans and the worshipping the God of the Bible or Chris's being tricked into worshipping a demon a question you might ask the Masters is the following Grand Master is the god of the buddhas the God of the Bible answer is know if he says yes you will know that he does not know the God of the Bible and the teaching of the scripture if he says got that that he is then that means he don't know the guy he didn't know the God of the Bible if he says no then you will know that he does not believe that all nations were sir one God simply using a variety of different names either way the foundational teaching of Freemasonry that Mason's all worth of God the Bible is false let me go step farther what is the most important symbol of the Masonic Order the most important symbol of Freemasonry is the legend of the third degree it's the highest rank you can go as a mission Hiram Abiff this is that this is the legend of Hiram Abiff he is unjustly murdered buried sounds like Jesus and raised from the grave each man being initiated portrays Hiram in the ritual you got to die be buried and be raised now let Jesus but like high room to become a mission the worshipful master closes with the same ritual to read you before then finally my brother let us imitate our grand master Hiram Abiff and his virtuous conduct unfeigned piety to God so so for sir tells the Masons after you've been dipped in messiah and masonry to imitate height and thereby receiving salvation i'ma close with this final part animation so the meaning of this risk was obvious to those who are not blinded by Satan Freemasons are encouraged to imitate hiring bills so that they may get in the habit some masons attempt to view this as representing the death burial and resurrection of Jesus is saying okay this is symbolizing Jesus no Hyrum is not Jesus this is this however even if the name Jesus Christ was substituted for Hiram Abiff this teaching will still be false who wouldn't be salvation nowhere in Scripture doesn't state that we should imitate Jesus to get into heaven what is required for salvation is faith in Jesus all right and so we're not we're not imitating his life we're in Christ you can't be in Hiram you're in Christ he says there's notice that the Masonic ritual substitutes invitation for faith and Hiram Abiff for Jesus Christ it's another religion can I go to the eastern stars real quick eastern stars you can see this on the screen it's the female version of Freemasonry and it says this and here is the eastern female cat star candidate is subjected to the following teachings and questions it says this are you a sister of Eastern star we have seen his star in the east for what came you here we came here to worship Him who's him I'll show you in a minute have you the Kabbalistic word I have will you give it to me I will with your assistance begin no you begin there is among ten thousand listeners word there is among ten thousand all together lovely put it on the screen look with that look with the acronym spells there is among ten thousand next slide next slide next slide and read it spells fatal fairest among 10,000 altogether lovely and what is teaching is this ISA star recruits are threatened that it would be fatal to the character of any lady for truth who should this dote this goes the secrets of these degrees unlawfully so as you're coding this it is telling it is fatal for you to betray us does this make a law to you you got mamas and aunts and sisters and all kind of people in them but it's always a Cristiano we do good thing we we bake cakes we sell can't we help the community and then in the end in the end the little temple chanting fatal go to the next screen the demonic presence that they really are following is a demon go to the next screen bottle man no no you miss one did we leave it out is it out no go back not get any buffing it right there is it in there Danitra there we go now notice you can't see it is coming in clearer now there it is the symbol of the goat the five-point Pentagon the demonic symbol with the goat in the middle is at the top is not as clearly defined by film it is on the left that's the picture of the demon and the picture of the five-point pentagram which is the same symbol of the Eastern Star which also in Bothell and Baphomet you see the image of the nation's for the scale and all that in there too – retractor and scale but you can't see it clearly I'm sorry you can't but but the imagery is embedded into the organization and so people are worshipping some going back to what I said in Deuteronomy they don't even realize you're ignorant to what you worship and ignorant to which you're following and just blindly going along with it but the Bible says once you are made aware you have to recognize I'm guilty of sin I've committed a sin don't even know I'm in idolatry don't even know it alright and so let's go to the next one let's start with the fraternities and sororities hey let's go there alright same thing return to the sororities say that they're Christian but when you get into the the basis of all the Greek letter organizations and I'm getting into some of their rituals same thing as the Masons yeah got real quiet right – everybody got freaked in here first thing Horus the Falcon god of the Egyptians keep right there this is Phi Beta Sigma this is the the God false god that is that is at the basis of the Sigma's he is the Falcon God and in ancient times in Egypt he was he was actually also because he was one of the first Egyptian gods I gotta get some my nose he's trying to keep all this jumping in my head I got scriptures in my head not dismiss um I'm serious as soon as I teach you this junk I'm trying to forget it I don't need to waste great matter on this but but but Falcon god Horus go to the next one that's this Phi Beta Sigma everyone Bastet Kat guy for the Sigma Sigma what does it notices a toss Zeta Phi Beta so I served up we crashed but they serve Bastet which is the cat goddess of the home and sunlight she's also called a devouring lady uh the next one he go he go cute Oh Anubis the royal one he is a jackal which is a form of a dog uh any Egyptian god of the dead actually it's called a royal a royal arroyo a god anij in Egyptology alright and so there is we're gonna go into different some of the rituals next aka Alpha Kappa Alpha you have the goddess she's a semitic goddess called Kadesh that the egyptians adopted her and and she is the goddess of fertility and here it is sacred ecstasy see sex guy right now you wonder where them girls plays and got turned out next to that and their symbol i'm going to be wrong I told you I have no affection for any of this in their symbol on their craft at the corner of their symbol is Atlas with the world on his shoulder he is the Greek god who was condemned and as a result he was he was saddled with having to carry the world when does a Greek guy carry the world that God formed but on their crest that they're calling Chris and their organization is atlases that you see the next and look what it says look what it says I need my notes right here for Kadesh it says this which we're going to see in the scripture to V o Alpha Kappa Alpha we pledge our hearts our minds and our strip doesn't that sound like Scripture you've got your whole heart your mind but they say no no not to God but to thee O Alpha Kappa Alpha we pledge our hearts our mind and I was trembling I told Samuel get mad at me and I told you again I don't get to foster their teaching their teachings obey thy laws and make the supreme in service to all mankind this was me a Christian or musician but that's what Alpha Kappa Alpha does the deltas the goddess Minerva she is the goddess of wisdom and and here it is it reads there that that is why and if you see the top of the dealt with Delta symbol that female at the top is the goddess Minerva got it you got an idol a Greek god at the top of your symbol sent you a Christian organization and it says that is why Minerva the goddess of wisdom is our sorority mentor she's also the goddess of fertility – she's also known she's a Greek version of that and this is the largest african-american sorority in the in the world look look at the next screen there's green I'm gonna get in the scriptures I'm trying to finish this up our founders this would've read she is also called elephantine goddess that's why that's why the deltas have the symbol of the elephant on everything because she's the goddess she's an elephantine goddess you know they had a lot of animals that symbolized certain things this is the Greek animal to symbolize Minerva and so all the deltas got pretty little elephants hanging all over and on the jackets and it's idolatry is Greek God symbols on their clothing and it resists our founders this is from the Grand Chapter candidate syllabus 1990 page 130 for your dollars it says this our founders were well aware of the need to transfuse the ideals of Greek moral virtues with the later concepts of brotherhood and love so they're trying to transfuse Greek ideology into Brotherhood and love but they're saying their crystal capless next one the god Egyptian god of wisdom the moon Toph so I symbolize my scroll and Kappa the next one with Kappa Apollo is the Delphic shrine and this is from the Kappas ritual book and page 14 of their ritual book that the altar of Kappa out beside the altar which is the sacred Delphic shrine shall be placed in the center of the room and covered with the crimson and cream coverlet that means that when the cappers meet this image the shrine is covered with a crimson and cream coverlet and is an altar that the brothers deal to this is the god Apollo they look like Jesus to you the Delphic shrine is significant in the Greek polytheistic religion because it was the shrine of the god Apollo so if they're if they're meeting according to their ritual book then the god Apollo suppose been to meet are y'all so quiet in nervous Alfa's the sphinx who is the god of the pyramid is God God is the doorway of death he got gods the gods I mean gods the Pharaohs and all those who have died in African symbolism you know that this is Egyptology he says this next screen Alpha Phi Alpha alpha file for the pride of our hearts loved and loved by us dearly art thou we cherish that precepts that banner shall be raised sending something like God to thy glory by honor and renown we hold ever a lot of noble ideals and aims carrying out Earth's and heavens great command our true hearts ever strive success gold gain that our fraternities praises maybe some your fraternities praises really not the praises of God not let everything they have breath praise you too long yours your heart's desire that your fraternities race but there's a Christian order that this once again this is in isn't isn't is in their ritual books to a uh Sigma Gamma Rho I don't know what they say what is that I don't know um the God is not another another Egyptian goddess who's goddess that gods gate with death her feathers when you come to death not essentially weighs your heart to see if your heart is worthy to enter into heaven and or eternal life and if your heart is heavier than a feather as well she has feathers you can't get into heaven not is the gardens not not Jesus being the door my and look at this look at this if you look at the very base of their crest where the ours pointing is a symbol of death that's death because their goddess is the goddess of death but you serve in the Lord alright now I'm moving I can get to some scripture put the definition of their idolatry is a devotion service agreement with a worship render to a false God or material image let's repeat that definition idolatry is a devotion service agreement service is a service organization idolatry is a devotion service agreement it's just it's just with a worship render to a false God or material image doesn't have to be a physical God any kind of material images that you have given your allegiance and agreement and devotion to in in in the definiteness of idolatry that is idolatry go to Exodus chapter 20 with me real quick at each because we want to argue for our Masonic Lodge the eastern starting I told you I felt I felt the ripple go through you when I said you would not lead here and holding the secret organization's Leviticus for said once you know it you are guilty of that sin and you have to confess it you have to confess it you have to confess it I'm gonna show you swimming in Scripture I think I'm about to go crazy how much time do I have left I don't want to waste that much time on that mess so settle down Exodus chapter 20 verse 1 now law first mission a most severe most severe uh uh infraction rate a command and Jesus accident she says what's the greatest commandment when he tried to track him trip trick him he said there too he said and on these two you can hang the whole law and all the prophets so you can hang all of this on these two key members a and here are the first two commandments of Exodus 20 the first one it says very very plainly first one and God spoke all these words saying I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage you should have no other gods before me not in my face not before me no other God you shall not make for yourself a carved image any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth you should not bow down to them nor serve them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the father's upon the children so the third and fourth generations of those who hate me but showing mercy to thousands so those who love me and keep my Commandments I need you to quickly go over to verse 22 so idolatry your fraternities or sororities that's a dollar tree and it is one of the greatest offense if you give you a devotion your agreement your worship your service the anything that is outside of God it is considered a dolla tree look what the Bible says then the Lord said to Moses thus you shall say to the children of Israel you have seen that I have taught with you from heaven you shall not make anything to be with me nothing you don't give anything that kind of devotion you don't dare stand up and say all my love my peace and happiness I give to Delta Omega Alpha you should not give that devotion to anything with me you're standing there singing chants about all of my love my peace my happiness you're giving to a fraternity a sorority and you don't call that worship ha people who do that have ten won't even stand up and give that kind of devotion and worship service to God you won't stand up in the middle of service at all oh my love but you're standing with your so-called brothers and sisters in private and secret and lock-on somehow my love and you and you think that's not worship we have music bands worship leaders choirs and you sit there do all y'all do is everybody stand we got to give our love o do it openly you know once you cross over can't wait to get on the square and everybody and stand with a new level all my love my peace and happiness can I teach he says this you have seen that I've talked with you from heaven you should not make anything to be with me gods of silver or gold or gold you should not make for yourselves and altar of Earth you shall make for me you so sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and your peace offerings for sheep your oxen and every place where I record my name I will come to you and I will bless you so it's saying that your soul devotion and your soul worship is to God all right I want you to go to I want you to go to judges chapter two real quick I'm going to run through some of these Old Testaments so I can get to the New Testament Scriptures y'all rollin with me help me Holy Spirit teach your people you love them 4:16 nevertheless the Lord raised up judges who delivered them out of the hand of those who plunder them yet they were not listening to the judges but they played the harlot with other gods and bow down to them they turned quickly from the way in which their fathers walk in vain the commandment of the Lord they did not do so when the Lord raise up judgment for them the Lord was with the judge and delivered them at the hand of the enemies all the days of the judge for the Lord was moved to pity but their groaning because of those who oppress them and arrest them the spirit of judges came up when people went into total rebellion God's people but they were in total rebellion and the Bible says that that Judge yourselves as what scripture says lest you be judged there has to raise up in the body of Christ a minds in the spirit where we we call one another to judgment so that we can make it into the eternal Kingdom wherever we see the Missouri in Deuteronomy that that it's got to be a spirit now we're where we've got to cry loud and smear not there is no way that we can call the world into question when you have idolatry operating in the church from the pulpit all the way down into the Butte at some point somebody's got to open up their mouth and call it for what it is you cannot serve two masters I need you to roll with me uh go to Deuteronomy 13 is the truth somebody else didn't like whatever 4-6-2 around me 13 if your brother the son of your mother your son or your daughter the wife of your bosom or your friend who is as your own soul secretly entices you saying let us go serve other god if your mother your brother your friend secretly entices you say come join my sorrow come join the Masons with me come join my fraternity with me I don't care if they secretly entice you to go after other guy that's what he says in Deuteronomy this is when he is laying out the standards and this is God who changes not who is teaching Israel hunter be holy and he's telling him in Deuteronomy I don't care who it is if they come to you secretly and entice you to go after other gods this is the attitude you're supposed to have when they try to secretly entice you to do what they're doing Kairi yeah yeah looking at me like I'm crazy other gods but you've not known neither you know your fathers of the gods of the people which are all around you near to you or far from you from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth you shall not consent to him or listen to him nor show your I pity him see that's one of the things that is stuff like this knows I'm teaching a teaching like this is hard and drawing a hard line and safer God I live for God I die and people want you to pity them because I'm a good person maybe you are but you're a bad organization you're going to corrupt our organization you might be a good people person but you made a mistake you're in an organization that's not good and I'm not gonna pity you because it's not love true love is to tell you the truth you're in sin can I go father says this you know so you spare him or conceal him reveal it bring it out oberlin a nice man you ain't concealing you ain't hide call me out now I can't go to the next step because we're in the dispensation of grace we can't kill you converse nicely but you should surely kill him your hands should be first first against him to put in the death and after with the hand of all the people you selling never say your hand the priest your hand should be against you'd be the first one to kill them then all the people so we're going to have a spear the priest again and we don't kill the person we kill the spirit and the first hand this should be this should be raised to kill the spirit is right here but then the people should be right with them if we love God and we consecrate ourselves and commit ourselves to God we all agree to kill that spirit in the house of God in the community of God and the family of God it doesn't belong miss idolatry you have to kill that and you don't kill it by concealing it you don't you don't kill it by pitting it you don't killing it but kill it by favoring it because of the person that you love it's true that's true yes then can we go a little bit father man this isn't quite going quite the way I thought it was fine all right helping you give me Sam and this and go to 2nd Kings real quick 2nd Kings 17 y'all don't think I was gonna be going through all that junk home all by my side he did you you knew I was gonna get into some Scripture yeah like y'all you you know you you what is this frozen spirit in the atmosphere are y'all really not scared are you really a scared that can I just say this before we does see this this is what it boils down to do we really have the kind of passion for the law I go back to the young lady at Columbine who stood on her convictions and died for the Lord that when a gun was in her face and she was active see believe in Jesus and and one day we're gonna have to stand and stand before the judgment seat of God before Christ if we're believers we'll meet him in the cloud and I work to be judged but one day we're gonna have to stand beside someone like that a young person who gave their life meals what is it how many both can't believe in Jesus and don't give another paper to my Jesus who I don't know Jesus as long as you got that gun in your hand that girl stood up for her convictions and died and we got the audacity to be hooked up with idolatry and somebody challenged you on your convictions and you fight for the idolatry versus God and say you really love the Lord I'm not I'm not this the stuff that the people write in their own ritual books nobody's lying on numbers in the ritual books if you have to book you can go over to read it clearly we pointed out is idolatry and then you're gonna defend that do we defend Jesus like that when people lie on the scripture do we stand up and fight for Jesus like that are we as passionate when they twist the scriptures and misuse them always pastor for Jesus okay let me just go step father second King 17 I just want to I just want to Oh God verse 7 for so it was that the children of Israel had sinned against the Lord God who had brought them up out of the land of Egypt from under the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt and they had feared other gods and had walked in the statute of the nations whom the Lord had cast out from before the truth of Israel and if the kings of Israel was was that made first of all they walked when did what everybody else did because they feared their gods I mean here it is if if if you're afraid of talking to get some fraternity sorority of Nations and people always say this about Mason oh you bet I'll talk about the missions that means I fear if I fear them I fear their time if I fear what you can do to me the Bible says fear not man who could destroy your body but fear God who can both destroy the body and catch your soul in the hell I don't feel no Mason to human than men to fear you is to fear the power that drives you greater is He that's in me then he lets in the world what I do look around run around hiding the truth because I'm afraid of a group of men or group of women that devil is alike where's the camera roll up if you want to upload it you stop let me stop Christ already gave his life I had to give up mine let him game you want to UM Peter you leave without a ear let me stop let me stop let me stop God carries us God keeps us that's why I'm standing here boldly speaking the truth I really don't care what anybody thinks I'm not concerned about popular opinion not called for that one day I got to stand before the true and the Living God and the opinions of men is they are not going to matter and you scowl on your face and go mad either let me go what versatile step on seven and uh and feed all the guys and he and had walked in the statute of the nations from the Lord cast out before the children of Israel and of the kings of Israel was it made and also the children of Israel secretly did against the Lord God their God things that were not right secretly so here it is and many of you know you in the organization doing some secretly that in your spirit you didn't feel right about you know you did because if you have to only spear you bowing and saying stuff that in your can didn't here's what some of us did got that want you to say anything cuz you were convicted you knew that it was wrong but yet you didn't leave you didn't walk out you didn't denounce it you just say oh my god I am NOT I'm not gonna be a part of anything that says that no it's just quietly you know instead of fully kneeling we just tap my knee instead of going before you know the Falls altars and so I went into a Masonic Lodge and saw these three alters one time I had to go near to preach when I was the hardest preaching in the world it was spit of darkness in that place man when I look into Lord and thank God they take me to little shrine they took me to side room I when I look at the little shrine room on again Oh keep the world three author's facing each other and all kind of stuff I'm thinking what in the world and I know where you can go up in that kind of darkness and feel good in your spirit about that kind of mess doesn't hold it let me go further and some of y'all folks been doing it for years better if I call some of y'all jokers out going on the moon Elks lodges and all kind of mess out there sitting all alone Deacon boards and all kind of stuff granddaddy's and uncles and all kind of stuff giving secret shakes in church that's why half the preachers get the church or some of the preaching at the church that they do cuz he gives him drunk a hand shaking hey they vote for him because that's the fraternity brother you're gonna serve a Idol so you can get out of a ticket from the police oh really well you know if you join the Masons that help you what help you well if you can stop you you just keep mason sign you won't get a ticket really when I sign up dummy doc this how you fix this don't speed dry up the speed limit you don't have to go join a secret organization to get out of a picket let me stop hm let me go and they built for themselves high places in order cities from Watchtower to fortified city they set up for themselves sacred pillars and wooden images on every high hill and under every Green Tree there they burn incense on all the high places like nations whom the Lord had carried away before them and they did wicked thing to provoke the Lord to anger for they serve idols of which the Lord has said to them you should not do this thing you know your Delta candle that's on your shelf so aka candle your your those idols those are those are sacred things that you get you know I go to some some fraternities or other people's outs I've seen this and they got a little shrine dedicated to they got the paddle and the end and her and the castle and all got a little shrine ain't nothing house for Jesus no prayer altar no prayer room on no place where they go they got a shrine to the fraternity of the sorority you tell me that's not worship man okay let me get to the New Testament I need y'all to go to Luke chapter 14 tell me I thought this is so still in here that I'm confused I mean it's really still in here is it that far out there some of y'all shaking here like yeah yeah you're way out there you will get faster you you in crazy land at night here and you're doing it on the Internet 14:25 now I'm gonna read those two birds I'm gonna read this new King James and and what time is it oh I got plenty time good 14 25 it says this now great multitudes went with him and he turned and said to them if anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother wife children brothers and sisters yes his own life also he can't be my disciple he says this and whoever doesn't bear his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple now first of all let me stop there he says this the read you're not hating your mother and father and mother for hatred sake you hate the sin that is in their life and if there's any sin in their life you said you don't even condone it with your mother you're my logical mother father brother sister if you didn't if you recognize sin you gotta hate it to hate it means to separate yourself from it come out from among and not being the midst of it that I hate it so the Bible say that this is the cost of being a disciple that you have to draw clear lines you don't play with it you don't straddle the fence you don't have one leg over here one leg over there you can't walk as a disciple on the line you gotta choose ye this day whom you will serve it will it be God a living man you have to make a decision you got to count the cost up when you become a disciple you already know who's gonna walk away from you who's gonna turn their back on you who you gonna lose if the drug deal I gotta you lose his homie and his girlfriend why can't you lose your sorrow sister and your frat brother if he has to stop hanging with his homie that's in sin what makes you a frat brother any different I'll tell you what makes it different the homie didn't make no oath you did the homie didn't pledge his life but you did the homie says I'm done two fingers peace I'm out you struggling trying to figure out how to come out of your oath because it's a soul tied to you it's more spiritual than you thought now that you're wrestling with it and crisis telling you let it go be separate come out from among them you can't even throw the powerful nail your way because you got an attachment to it it's got an ax spiritual hold on you you can't release it I'll tell you why because it was a place of worship for you and you don't can I teach ain't finished though look at this and whoever does not bear his cross and come after me it can't be my disciple that's your cross part of your cross is letting go everything that you were affiliated with in sin and and and and dealing with the shame and the separation and the frustration of people who formerly loved you now hate you for Jesus that's part of your cross that's part of your cross the Bible says if you can't bear that cross you ain't worthy to be my disciple I had a bear cross I want any fraternity but I have people who are tight with me I had to go to winds Darrell I had to go to heroin them jokers and tell them I was safe this is my homey so that was a child they knew me they knew what I was about first thing I did I went to all my friends I can't mess with y'all no more I'm saying and guys like down look at me and said you lied we know you you love women too much you'll be back in three weeks we only give you a month you'll be back in three weeks so I had to bear my cross alone had to be separated from pretty from people that I was close to who knew me who gave me support and had to had to deal with the scrutiny of them watching me and not believing in me while I was baring my cross for Jesus I had to walk that out understanding that they were watching me expecting me to turn around but the longer they watch me the father I where they feel like I might either one the longer they watch me now I don't have to come back to them for them to come where I am they saw I was gone and came to me and says how do I go where you're going how can I have what do you have and so my homeboys that I grew up with from sixth grade is now sitting in the church worshipping God and being pastored because he watched my walk as a Christian that was not going to compromise for anybody can teach sit down sit on let me finish there's a witness right there all right can I go look a father blue 14 look what he says we're versatile step off twenty-eight for which of you intending to build a tower does not sit down first and count the Cosworth he is enough to finish it let's after he has laid the foundation is not able to finish all who see it began to mock him saying this man began to build a bill and was not able to finish you started to walk and now you can't finish it mocking you you're in between you have make a choice this is and or what King going to make war I guess another King does not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand the medium who comes out against him with twenty thousand or else while the other is still a great way off he sends a delegation in acts conditions of peace so likewise whoever whoever of you does not forsake all that he has he cannot be my disciple this is what is saying look it's more of them who are against you than those who for you and so when you when you took up the mantle of Christ you should have considered that and so you should run a stood that those who are with you is stronger than those who against you that though they have they have there is more in number and so you should not be in a position where you're trying to make peace with former sin just because a lot of it is coming at you you have to be strong enough when you accepted Christ to understand particularly those of you who in your 20s that when you came to the Lord you got a whole lot more friends y'all are minority that's when I thank God but y'all are trying to stick together that you're trying to encourage one another you can't let Satan get in the Miss and discourage you because right now in the season really you're all that you really have in terms of friends because even though you're in the body of Christ you don't socialize with the oldest things the way you do with each other and so what you can't do is let the enemy get in the Miss and start messing with your minds because you already feel a number so you'll need to stab each other in the back and talk about each other let your friends who don't know Christ do that you encourage one another and exhort one another so that you may stand strong against the wiles of the enemy because he's going to come at you and try to deceive you to come and make peace with sin but what you have to do is stand this is all out dying for the Lord before I make peace with said I die with Jesus before I make peace for what I used to do I'm gonna stand and tell you that what I did was wrong make peace with how do I make peace with it by going back to it by going and sending a delegation and saying how do we come to a treaty how do we come to terms there are no terms the terms are war to the day we die God just read in the end I don't have time to go through it all but in the new English standard version instead of using the word for sake it actually uses the word renounce renounce is saying that unless you can renounce the things of the past you know you're not fit to be a disciple there's another interpretation of the word for say not just leaving it renouncing it not what's the significance of renouncing it because renouncing is an unselfish act that's why I thank God for these guys who are ex Masons who are willing to go on line and put themselves out there knowing that the penalty is supposed to be death and cut their throats they call it their ministry to keep others from going into what they're in now for those of you who have renounced who have who have come out of it that's the first step but the second step is if you're going Minister for Christ is to help some other sisters and brothers who are going into the madness that you went into unknowingly for you said maybe you don't need to get in that mess let me take this ain't number not Dollar Tree but in our community is difficult because fraternities and sororities I told you this and I said this I know we're mixed company we have we have all races all in here but somehow you don't hear Caucasians trying to argue that their fraternities and sororities are Christian organizations did not argue that I mean those of us who have been on on on on majority campuses you ever hear them argue that no see what has happened is because the people who are in our community a mini a large segment of our collisions that have accepted Christ are in fraternities and sororities they're trying to compromise so let me help you with the word compromise – compromise the prefix of the word compromise is calm comm it means to join with but then the base of the word is promise so when you compromise you take the promise of God the Bible says there in Jesus and there yay amen and when you take the promise of Jesus and join it with sin then you get what happened on the cross that when Jesus was on the cross he says father why has thou forsaken me why because he was bearing the sins of the world and wherever sin is God is not and so if you compromise and join the promise of God with sin you hold the sin and remove God out of your life so each so even though you're still in the church holding on to your sin God backs up off of you and let me help you what makes you think you're so special if he did it to his own son what makes you think you're exempt if you backed up off Jesus when he was carrying sin what meant now what is carrying sin it is it is it is it is not as any sin because their sins of omission sins of commission that is the knowledge of sin in other words he knew he was carrying this into the world and so God did not did not back up off of him in a way that was that was evil enough areas or hard-hearted he was he was doing this because this is the order of God that those who in the presence of God must be sinless and this is the cross that he had to bear he went just about dying on the cross Jesus had to internalize and take on your sin my sin he was our high priest and for the first time he was forsaken by his father because God is not where sin is where sin is God is not and so Jesus had to endure that season that's worse than the pain and worse of dying he was separated from the final assault when you have the knowledge of sin in your life and that's what my job is to teach you what the knowledge is show you what your in show you that is idolatry now you have the NAS and according to Deuteronomy 13 you're now guilty of what you know now here's the deal he has right to back off sit make a choice because you know what you're doing you can't justify it can't compromise if you compromise your nullify the promise in your life that's what compromise does learn that now young people when you compromise you nullify the promise in your life a lot of old folk still going to church don't be like many of us have been and allow that to manifest in your life that the scripture says that by the traditions of our fathers we've nullified the Word of God will hold on to traditions even though we heard the Word of God there's some people right now who are hearing me right now and they've made this this return on stuff in Mason's this particular the Masonic stuff listening right there on a line they're so rooted in that Masonic stuff is a tradition in their life and they will nullify the word of God in their life rather than to let that madness go there is nothing unclear about this teaching and yet they hear it and we're still continue doing what they're doing why because they have an affection toward that's what I've been teaching the past two weeks you have an affection toward the sin that's killing you can I teach first John to few more minutes I'm trying my best try my best people trying to make me feel like I'm crazy when you ever seen crazy man give a defense very clearly 15 don't love the world or the things in the world if anyone loves the world the love of the father's not involved us in the world lusts of the flesh the size pride of life it's not of the Father but is of the world and says in the world's passing away in the lust of it for he who does the will of the God of God abides forever you're not going to buy forever doing the will of the world you're not going to be eternal doing the will of the world and repeat that you can't be eternal doing the will of the world at some point the love of the Father constrains you where you have to stop doing with the world wheels that the will is desire if you're doing what everybody else desires to do you're not you're not following the love of the father let me repeat that if you're doing with sinner's want to do why are you willing to do but sinners will to do they don't have the love of the Father it's like the child who is satisfied on a beautiful Saturday Saturday to stay in the house and clean the house because his father wants him to all his friends want to go outside he look out the window and sees all of his friends and he's a child like them and and the nature of the child kicks in and says you know that flesh wants to play but his heart and spirit is not to what his flesh is to order being his father and so even though my flesh one wants to play I already heard what my father said and my father said it will please me if you when I come back then I come and find your house clean and swept and put in order it will make me happy if I come back and find you without spot without wrinkle and without blemish then I'm gonna leave you here and clean the house while you're here don't let the pollution of outside get in you so as a child of the father I don't go play with the stuff everybody else is playing with because I know that doesn't please my father how does it please my father me jumping around too much all of my love I give to some crazy organization how's it please my father and here it is you join a church and every time you have a guide right or some social organization you run to that but you can't even bring you behind the Bible study don't sign of any ministries don't have any work that you put your hand to and the house of God but anything your fraternity so Rodya masonic lines call you do you run to that hypocrites that's hypocrisy you can't find the time for the stuff that pleases God but then you do the stuff that the world will so do and then calls it God oh we help some children we help children every week we don't see you they go help a couple of children on holidays bring a camera take some food we helping them every week and you don't have no time for that but they come you go running they call you a runner hypocrite oh my god I'm trying my best John chapter 8 I have a question for you have a question for you I talked about the families of God have a cost question for you if your fraternity on masonic and fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters are your brothers and sisters I have a question who's your father I have a question for you if you're calling them rather and sister who's your father because I clearly understand that God is not the father of sinners you can only become he becomes your father when you confess Jesus Christ thereby you pray our Father but the sinner came pray the the Savior's prayer we called the Lord's Prayer the sinner can't believe it now John 9:31 told us we know go read John 9:31 turn there cuz ya'll yo you hf8 go to chapter 9 go there go there go there go there John 9:31 says this now this is the blind man who had his eyes open my Lord said now we know that God does not hear sinner's but if anyone is a worshipper of God and does his will he hears him everybody can't get the father's attention you got to be a worship of God but those who worship Him according to John far less wise of him yes véra and in true you can't worship him living in a lie so if Yuna laughs he ain't your father let me be real clear about that you have not confessed Jesus Christ you're living in a lie still in sin God is not your father he doesn't even hear you for him to hear you in sin is to love you more than his son his son came and died for you and if he died for you the least you can do is accept his son but if you don't accept his son he does not accept you not until you accept his son so the blind man says we know that the ones he hears are the ones who obey his will and who worship him not false gods and baffle Medan and and Horus and Isis and Apollo's and everything else God through Jesus Christ alone I'll do some studying early this morning on Mormonism is ridiculous I'm John Smith and all that madness I'll be teaching on that down the road but the point is Christ alone but look look look look John go back to John 8 oh man this is a quiet crowd tonight John 839 they answered and said to him Abraham is our Father and Jesus said to them if you were Abraham's children you would do the works of Abraham but now you seek to kill me a man who has told you the truth which I heard from God Abraham a god period Abraham didn't do this you do the deeds of your father and then they said to him we were not born of fornication we have one father God this is the Jews he's talking to he said to them jesus said to them if God were your father you would love me for I proceeded forth and came from God nor have I come of myself but he sent me why do you not understand my speech because you're not able to listen to my word you are of your father the devil how many of you know the devil is a father – and the devil has children in the earth and he says and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth because there is no truth in him he's a killer and he doesn't stand in true anything that doesn't stand in truth and lies is of their father the devil so here it is if I give you the truth and give your brothers to truth and they don't stand in the truth then your brothers are not of God you say you have Jesus Christ if I go on your fraternity go on your sorority or your lives and give them the truth you know they gonna kill me same we didn't want to kill Jesus because they don't wanna hear the truth now where would you stand because if I walked in your lodge wanting your fraternity water your sorority as a pastor and smoke the truth of Jesus Christ you profess to be a Christian and you're unequally yoked with unbelieving if you're calling your brother I'm your brother there's your brother now whichever one you yoke up with that tells me who your father is now we don't have to go into the lodge we in the Lord's house because right now you still split between them right now because some of you who are in fraternities and sororities you mad and want to kill me in the Lord's house because you guys you're holding on to your brothers and sisters who aren't even here and right now you having a hard time listen to this truth is making you mad and on the inside the anger you dealing with right there that's that spirit of the other father that what you mad at God about his word in his house why are you angry what's wrong Cain why are you angry why are you wrong if you do well it will it will be well what's wrong Cain hello if you stop giving them a half-hearted sacrifice a divided sacrifice trying to leave the best for somebody else and open up God have some pain if you do well it'll be well don't get mad at Abel some of you some stars in here man that's Bothell man moving in you down demon down I ain't your husband I don't play them games you better knock when I roll up on me I don't play like that 13 did I finished Johnny I don't think I did yeah I got to my primary point I got other scripts I need to get to uh uh first John four and John three and and I'm gonna try to wrap this up quickly first down for come on come on come on y'all stay with me I don't care what they say this is good teaching call me what you want to call me this preachers running around here with tags all in front of cars all kind of stuff they're gonna be mad at me – you know cuz its place I can't do nothing about the older somebody comedy and he'll talk about you in a beauty shop today I don't ever gonna beauty shop what do you tell my me in a beauty shop how life in the beauty shop why did I let me get busy um what I say first time for um verse four time four and five uh oh my god oh no it's not where I want to be I apologize Oh go to first-time one and five let's roll not to be 1 in 5 this is the message which we have heard from him and declare to you that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all there's no secrecy Oh dark doesn't God alright if you say we have fellowship with him and still walking darkness darkness the secrets of cloud its clouds if you if you say even fellowship with him and you're still walking in secrecy here's what the Bible says you're a liar you're lying he calls you out of darkness look what he says and don't and and we lie and you're not practicing the truth but if we walk in the light as he sin like you have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ has his son cleanses us from all sin so it changes your fellowship when you walk with God because you want you begin to walk in the open in the light and you begin to have fellowship with people who walk in the open and the light you don't have to walk up to anybody into a secret handshake and say silly little phrases to test them to see what their response is that's that's darkness the secrecy that's not light that's not God oh my god all right go to John three quickly walk up somebody timer you ever got hitting here you talk about hey when I was in the East what I'm just kidding out on our sister I'm just making that up Peter land came from the east and hit him in the head who who cares you should've stay nice John 3:16 now some of those mesas they're being real cool but they are really getting upset with this Bible studies so it's amazes in here and I feel you and you really get upset with this Bible study because because that's an organization is not used to people talking about this stuff and it rituals openly and the guidelines and that's stuff these people and certain some Joker's in here right now you don't try to figure out you know how we gonna handle this you know particular some of them new brothers is here they slanging the hold on man this man can't do this and and ya can and and and and I'm warn you one more time if I hope your lives is pretty big cuz front lockers we're all pretty we we're all pretty deep you better have a big lodge hallelujah Oh God we love God we are dad we are not the coward Church if you look mostly Joker's over six feet tall six three six vote hmm wrong Church I'm gonna go to the one down the street there's 80 percent women we are 45 percent rubber round here I'm serious I'm joking but I'm serious no I'm serious because see we God let me help me up let me help Jesus had no problem with me real men walk with Him see and the image that we've said I know what that means returning to the chica we're not espousing violence but Jesus had killers walking with him he actually disciples he sent him out without coat and tonic without money purses and bags on herself he sent them out so he might teach them faith then it came back in and when it got serious he asked him the course he said are there any swords among you and he said there are two we know Peters got one and somebody else's and the law says it is enough to swords is enough that's enough I don't need to give all y'all sauce to us enough and so and so he says because now you're coming into a season where they going to try to kill you and the reason why he acted their swords because they may come times where you have to defend yourself just a word of God what other reason would you have a sword and we have we're under the misconception that has believers we're supposed to just lay down to the world when they come with us and the devil is a lie I don't read that in my Bible that is no no for this reason the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil so he was manifest to tear it down and so we're not supposed to walk around like cowards and wimps and I feel like we're scared of everything no we got convictions and beliefs or whatever that we're willing to die for we don't wanna hurt nobody walk you'll know about it but we will it die who we believe in I think I'll lay down jesus said no man take my life I'm like a lord no mango take my life how much you to lay it down there's another matter but you're gonna come take it subscription what good is that going to do John 3:16 come on my house with my family on my land to take yours before you take out 316 he stopped for God so loved the world and gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life for God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be seen and he who believes in Him is not condemned but he who believed does not believe is condemned already because he's not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God reading fast and this is the condemnation that light has come into the world and Men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil light has come into the world I'm giving you light now but if you're holding on the darkness it's because deeds are evil we don't have to be exposed look what the Bible says for every one practicing evil hates the light and doesn't come to the light lest his deeds should be exposed but he who does the truth comes to the light that his deeds may be clearly seen they have been done in God so when you're in God you stop doing secret stuff you understand it your life you got to start living your life in the light and you got to come to God so your stuff is exposed and when your stuff is exposed and I appreciate I appreciate you sister back there um I'm somebody on some songs on Sunday I don't want to know who it was put there Delta stuff in the offering basket after first service and denounce right there in service and put the rings and other stuff in the basket and I appreciate that kind of spirit I really do um but I want to know who it is whoever that was if you're in here please come tell me who you weren't because that was a powerful act but but we've got sister here who who she said it was hi how would you give your testimony when she first I told I want to put on screens and give testimony she had a she had an office in her sorority okay and and she said you know the thing made her angry the first time I thought about it and but she had to go back and research the Word of God and once she saw and landed up with the rituals she couldn't deny that it was idolatry and she had to make a decision which it you might stand up succeed you might end up come on give the Lord a hand to praise it second Corinthians six laughs scripted now if we got members in here this is what I was saying on Sunday if we got members who are courageous enough to do that you think I'm gonna lead us walk around who aren't with the door we're the first partakers of it but the first ones and if you can't do it you can't leave cause you can't leave people you're not going secre within six call me what you want to call me just call me I'll be with Jesus final scripture longer than with Jesus when you call me secretin 6:14 he said don't be unequally yoked together with unbelievers for what Fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness what you doing save and you still roll with people who still have frat parties a sorority party isn't enacted drunken orgies and all kind of stuff what fellowship do you have with that let me as extras else live just really having parties essentially good old folk clubs geriatric parties on the dance floor Walker numbers won't make a lie to girls because you're too close to heaven to be acting like that you need to do all good be still trying to have a party you need to get saved there's nothing more distasteful to see an old unsaved person bunch of old folk getting together to have a party that's the most crazy looking thing you ever seen anything like that I used to I grew up in the hood and it used to be a storm on Alice row Cordiale and all the drunks hurt y'all never deal huh me I remember deal remember deals and all the drunks hung around DL and every year it was all old drugs ooh and every year all the old drunks would take a bus trip to Maggie Valley in North Carolina every magev alley when I was a kid it was a neighborhood thing to take the trip to Maggie Valley but all the old drunk people on the bus ain't nothing like being a kid and being on a bus full of old drunk unsaved people going through a mountain I was a kid and knew something was wrong with this y'all too old to be drinking like this in a queue later I'm a child and I know better than that something's wrong with that and so anyway I digress y'all pray for me 6:14 the last verse those done and what communion has light with darkness and what Accord has Christ with Belial we talked about those false gods what part is a believer with an unbeliever what part do you have and what agreement has the temple of God you are the temple of God with idols and he says for you are the temple to living God God says I will dwell in them and walk among them and I will be their guide they should be my people come out from among them and be separate says the Lord don't touch what is unclean and I will receive you you are the temple what you doing taking the temple up in that crazy temple you are the holy one I've got you the Holy Spirit is in you a thousand do you have with people who don't want anything to do with your God what agreement is there that's what the Bible says thank you Frank that the Bible says when we touch and agree there's authority in his power what what power authorities say when you touch and agree with unsaved sorority and fraternity brothers and Masons what authority are you operating in my power I want to pray in a minute but I want to give this closing statement what time is it what that was a heavy 8:25 one minute I teach this because I love you you're so still and it's almost frosty in here but I want to believe you're receiving I'm ask you a question if you can receive what's going forth in your spirit raise your hand can we give the Lord a hand a praise in here how many of you for God you live and for God to die come on stand on your feet if you sold out fatigued come on be a generation and sold out for the Lord come on come on give them a hand afraid let's let's worship the Lord in here me a generation of love Jesus and the hip alone let our idols go it's all about Jesus

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