Sport and Recreation’s  Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund

[music plays] [Coach] The new facilities are fantastic.
The new pitches are being used every single day so we’ve got training sessions on from
Monday to Friday from 5pm onwards. It’s pretty much 24/7. I’m 45 years old I’ve been playing soccer all my life and this is probably the best facility and football pitch I’ve ever played on. [Player] I would just want to get fit and have fun but also the pitch has helped me have more opportunity to go out and kick a ball with my friends and family. [Voice over] The Ellenbrook sports precinct was developed to service the growing population in Ellenbrook and it’s surrounding areas. The precinct was designed to encourage the whole community to get active, get outdoors and enjoy using the quality open spaces and facilities. [Coach] Yeah, certainly to bring in a community closer together. We’ve got some fantastic football being played and it’s certainly bringing people that we didn’t see our at old facility. They’re coming down, they’re enjoying the facilities here at Ellenbrook. [Mayor] We’ve been getting roughly around 4,000 people a year moving into this area. That means that we need playing space and we need areas for people to recreate but we wouldn’t have what we have now without that extra funding that the Department of Sport and Recreation put in. [Voice over] This community project was funded by the City of Swan and Sport and Recreation’s Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund. [Coach] We’re really grateful
and really happy to have the state and local government come together to
deliver such a great facility at Ellenbrook.

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