spooky scary socialists

are you sure we should be having a house [Applause] [Applause] how should we split up all this Halloween candy we must erect the central governing body the distributor as neither to the master no way the people should have free and open access to all candy without the Vanguard how when we pull their counter-revolutionaries from seizing back look on I'm gonna seize your face get over here come on guys stop fighting it's Halloween picture if that's a pretty scary vampire costume actually we carrots aren't frightened of vampires they only drink human blood well what are you scared vegans look at their a big yummy Dracula Carrie nation has taken place so people do regard subordination to external Authority as legitimate whether they should is another question throughout human life there's a whole variety of systems of authority and oppression and domination and so on which are usually accepted as legitimate by the people subordinated to them as far as I understand it anarchists are just people who take this seriously those sneaky socialists could be hiding anywhere if we really want to escape we might have to go overseas did you

  1. I've added the lyrics to the description per request. 5,000 views and I'll throw up a full quality version on SoundCloud 😀

  2. I'm so sorry, socialists
    We're so misunderstood
    We only want to socialize (the means of production)

  3. we have no compassion and ask no compassion from you, however we will not make excuses for the terror

  4. This video sent chills down the spines of 14 capitalists sympathisers. We are Spooky Scary Socialsts.

  5. Wait. Was that Anarkitty the, Non Compete, character dressed up as Tabby, the Contra Points character?

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