Spillin’ The Tea: Racism in Drag Fandom & Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation | Billboard

(upbeat dance music) – Hey loves, I’m Miss Peppermint, And I’m here with some of
my fierce, fabulous friends for Billboard’s Spillin’ the Tea, and today we are gonna
talk about race and drag. – Dun dun dun. – Dun dun dun. (Miss Peppermint laughs) Bob and June you tweeted
that no black queens except for RuPaul have ever have
over a million followers, and you said that it’s not
the show, it’s the fandom. So how do we fix that? – You know, I don’t know that
I have the answer on how to fix racism.
– [Aja] Racism. (Aja laughs) – Let me get my pen. – Could you imagine if I
was the one, and like if all these people before me
(Miss Peppermint hollers) like Gandhi. (group laughs) Bob the drag queen.
– Bob the drag queen. – Why can’t you be? – That’s the answer. – I wish that I could,
you know I think that the answer to maybe fixing racism
is acknowledging racism. People saying “I’m not
racist” drives me crazy. First of all, and I’m bout to get, the comments section about
to get lit the fuck up. All white people are racist. Period, point blank, end of story. You cannot be white and not racist. It’s not possible, because if
you are born in this country, in this America, I’m all white America, I don’t live in Australia
but they racist too, if you
(hysterical laughter) Them Australians they are nasty. – I’m so done. – If you are white and
you’re raised in America, you are raised through TV, through books, through every single
thing to have racial bias towards white people and
against people of color. White folks do not have to
open up their history books and see their people being hanged. In my history books in school
– I think it’s hung. – Hanged, it’s hanged. – Oh okay. – No it’s hanged, hung is- (hysterical laughter)
– I’m sorry, okay. (group chatters loudly) – That wasn’t in my book girl. – [Gia] Okay, I’m sorry. – Hung is on the Grinder profile. (group laughs loudly) And the idea of saying, you being racist does not
make you a bad person. It makes you a person.
– Person. – Because you are a product of your surroundings.
– Amen. – You are a product of
a country that was made through racism, you know what I mean? Reparations for black
people will never happen. We don’t even have enough
money to pay back the people that we owe money to. – Nope. – Let alone pay back black folks for what they made for this country, and there’s a lot of voices being like, but I didn’t do that, but that
was hundreds of years ago. First of all it wasn’t
a hundred years ago, it was about 155 years ago,
it wasn’t that long ago. And on top of that you are still directly benefiting from all the racism that happened from when we
were first brought here. That’s why black folks don’t trust water in the first place. (group laughs) I got invited to a
cruise, and they were like you wanna do a cruise? and I was like well last time black folks
got offered a free cruise shit got real funny.
(hysterical laughter) So I’m not doing it. (group laughs hysterically) So that is why, and everything leading up to housing discrimination,
work place discrimination, and people online are probably favoring people that they resemble. Favoring people they see themselves in, and there are a lot of white people. So white folks are
following the white folks. So that is why they get all
of the followers sometimes, you know what I mean? – So what is the solution to that somehow? You said acknowledging it. – I think acknowledgement it and don’t lead in with “well I’m not racist”. Instead stand back, ’cause you know what? I have sexist qualities in me because I was raised that way. Like I have found myself on the road and I’ll see a woman doing something and my gut instinct is help
that lady do that thing ’cause she can’t possibly do it herself. And that is a sexist ideology,
but I don’t even realize it. In my head I’m like “I
better grab that bag for that little gal.” ‘Cause I was raised in Columbus, Georgia, I was raised in Phenix, Alabama, and I was raised in Corinth, Mississippi. – That what? – That lil’ gal. So my immediate reaction is
I need to help this woman ’cause there’s no way
she can help herself. And I have to check myself in that moment, and be like “What you’re doing is sexist.” – Very well said. – On that matter sir, I’m
gonna pick up your bag for you. (group laughs hysterically) – I’m that girl like please,
I am so stupid like that but I always play the damsel in distress. – Bitch please – But it’s your right
to do that as a woman but it’s not a man’s
right to place it on you, to make you a damsel in distress. If you want to be a damsel in distress, as a woman you can do that, but I can’t make you that against your will. – So a lot of people get
tokenized and kind of put into a box as Asian queens. What have you experienced, you know, have you experienced any racism? As far as drag goes. – Honestly 110% honest, I
feel in my career, in my life, I honestly have never
felt or had an experience where I felt like I was
discriminated against because I was Asian. I think maybe it was always
either like a gay thing, or maybe now like a transgender
thing, but never Asian. One thing that is a little
bit more relevant though, and I don’t know if it’s racism, but like as you guys know
I speak fluent Spanish and I’m very influenced by Latin culture. I just came out with a
song “La China Mas Latina”, available on iTunes, and you know, I got a lot of feedback
from people that were like, why is she trying to be Latina? Like why is she trying to
be something that she’s not? And it just kinda made me feel like why can’t I be that? I’ve worked so hard on accepting myself as a Japanese-American trans woman that, yes, probably speaks Spanish. Obviously not trying to be anything, but just trying to be myself. And why is that a problem? – I don’t think there’s
anything you can’t embrace. If people think you’re trying to be Latin, you can’t be Latin
’cause you’re not Latin. – Exactly. – But you can embrace Latin culture. – Correct. – People need to understand there’s a big difference between,
there’s appropriation, there’s appreciation,
and there’s assimilation. And they are not the same thing. Appropriation is when you
take someone else’s culture and you pawn it off as your own. Appreciation is when you appreciate what other cultures have, and assimilation is when a smaller culture assimilates to what a
larger culture’s doing because they have to to survive. It’s like code switching,
you know what I mean? – Why do you think that many of the black queens don’t
have as much of a following? You think about drag and you think that we can kinda do whatever we want, and especially, you know, if you’ve gotten this bigger platform and you’re
on a show like Drag Race. Drag is a lot of times,
about being a renegade and kinda saying and doing what you want. But I found myself as a black queen, not only on Drag Race but before that, being really held into a really tight lane by the White folks that
would come to the show. And I felt like there was a little bit of, what they would accept from me wasn’t necessarily what
I wanted to present. And I don’t know if this is kind of how you felt with La China Mas Latina, but for me people wanted to see, they only wanted to see this. That’s all they wanted. They want this all day long. There couldn’t be any other,
for lack of better words, shade or color to what
I was tryin’ to portray. And yes, I got all that in me, but there’s so much more. And I think that’s part
of the issue with race is that people will accept a black queen, but only on their terms. And you know not in any
other way that challenges what a Black queen, or an Asian queen, or a Latin queen could do, or a multiracial queen
– And what their idea of a Black or Asian queen is. – For me, when I came out with my album, it’s full hip-hop – T.H.O.T. Process available on iTunes – T-H-O-T Process – A lot of people were
questioning why hip-hop? Because this is the
music I grew up loving. – It’s because we hood
– This is what I wanted to do. – She Vanjie. – I grew up in Queens, New York, and the music I grew up listening to is LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, MC Lyte. That’s the stuff I like. So that’s, of course that’s
the music I’m going to present. And then, I remember one time there’s a picture I
posted of me in braids. And my Instagram was just like you’re culturally appropriating (mumbles) Actually, I didn’t know how to respond so I just kinda left it alone. But I’m like, I’m just trying to live my Janet Jackson Poetic Justice moment. – I would love to go back and see how many of those White folks being like you’re culturally appropriating. – Basically. – And they go to Miami and get braided up. Bitch and it’s cute. – You know here’s the tea,
’cause it happens to me a lot ’cause I’m biracial and a lot of times it’s usually White people who are trying to be an ally like of race, and what happens is that they
speak over people of color. If I see you comin’ out
with a hip-hop album I’m like work, good for you. But sometimes they’ll be
like “but you’re not black.” And it’s like this is not
your conversation to have. – Y’all didn’t have a problem when Eminem came out with an album. Why are you bothering me? – People are always trying
to find out why people, why Black folks will choose to
embrace this person and not, They’re like “Well why
do they like Macklemore but not like Iggy Azalea?” Well because it’s our business
and we decide what we like. And we don’t like that bitch. (group laughs) It’s because I don’t like her, that’s why. That’s why, ’cause I
said I don’t like her. What’s next? Next question. – What were you gonna – But another thing that happens to me is people assign race, they
assign a race to me. They assume your race
and they say you’re this. And you’re like no, I’m this. No you’re this! – They expect you to
say like, yes I’m this. – But what is “acting that way”? I hate when people say that to me. – That’s a whole thing girl. I used to be beat up by the White kids. – You’re pretty for a Asian girl. – Here’s this Black kid,
and then the Black kids would ostracize me and tell
me that I was talkin’ White. And I never found a place
that I could really fit in. Because I wasn’t what other
people wanted me to be. – Being a Black theater
kid, girl oh my God. – Where’s your people?
(Miss Peppermint screams) – There is something
about, I will say this. There’s a part of me that really embraces when someone’s like, act Black. I don’t like the idea of saying
that someone’s acting Black and that having to be derogatory. ‘Cause I wanna act Black and I wanna be proud of acting Black. Only Black people, not only Black people, in my experience Black people are taught to be ashamed of
a lot of their Blackness. Whereas you would never
see a Japanese person afraid to eat sushi in public, you would never see a Mexican afraid to eat a fuckin’ burrito, but Black folks will look
left, right, up and down before eating fried chicken in the middle of a fuckin’ room. You know what, fried chicken
is a part of my culture, – And it’s good. – Haha yes. – How in the world did White people make Black people
ashamed to eat watermelon which is a perfectly
fuckin’ healthy snack? – Oh we know how. – When y’all White asses eatin’ fuckin’ mashed potatoes covered in butter. But I have to be ashamed
of what I wanna eat. How were Black people taught
to be ashamed of their names, ashamed of their food,
ashamed of their hair. – And I really wanted
to mention this earlier, that’s why Black people and
Black women, I’m guessing, are the people who are spending so much money on our haircare. We’ve been taught that the hair that grows out of our head
naturally is not acceptable, it’s not professional, it’s not pretty – That’s assimilation. – [Miss Peppermint] Yeah. – Well it’s because the beauty standard in the world right now is more easily accessible (Aja laughs) by White people because
the beauty standards almost model after White people. It’s not almost, it is modeled after like Anglo-Saxon features. A lot of other cultures
have to go through like measures and lengths to
be considered beautiful. – We’re slowly inching away from that. And I have a thing where I
can’t not call stuff out. I can’t remember what town I was in, but this guy walked up to me and he goes Bob I just really love you on the show. You really just speak English so well, and I said well it is my
first and only language. And you know I’m American and this is where I was born and raised so what other language would I speak? He goes no it’s just that like you really speak, you have a great, and I was like what are you saying ’cause that’s not a compliment
you give White people. You don’t go to White people and say you speak English well. To a person who is born
and raised in America. You would not go to a White person and say you really got a grasp
on the English language. Like yeah, well that’s everywhere I look so why the fuck wouldn’t I have a grasp on the English language. – [Aja] That’s backhanded. – Sahara was the one who
corrected me one time ‘Cause I told her, I was like, damn girl you sound real White. Big mistake, Sahara was just like no. I just speak correctly. Yo ass is a little hoodrat, that’s why. – But also on the other
hand there is nothing wrong with not speaking proper English. The way you talk is the way you talk. If you are from, it’s really funny how a Texas business man can say howdy and this, that, and the other, and he’s still considered professional. He can wear a big ass Texas hat, and a suit and be like well y’all know round here we get a lot of
this, that, and the other. But if a Black person walked in be like man y’all niggas is
crazy up in this piece. (Jiggly screams) It’s a motherfucking business son. Everyone’s like you’re
not a business person. Everyone else can embrace their culture and speak the way they do, but when marginalized people do it it’s like wow you really shouldn’t speak that way in a professional setting. – Well people have for some reason linked like speaking AAVE, African
American Vernacular English, to being uneducated and the
fact of the matter is that AAVE was something that has like built up after years of
oppression, segregation. Like having to be educated
in different places. That is recent, that’s
like 50, 60 years ago, and here we are, not everyone
is gonna speak the same. And it doesn’t mean that one person is smarter than the other because I know a lot of people who can flip between a very proper way of speaking
and a more colloquial way. They’re still smart. – Sometimes you have to
code-switch to make it. – Yes, that’s assimilation. – And that’s assimilation. (group laughs) You wanna talk about assimilation? Let’s talk about assimilation.

  1. Hmm…maybe…i know White People are racist…but why do Black Queens never acknowledge the homophobia in the Black Community? Alot of the reason why Black Queens don't have many Insta followers is because most of the African-American community are hardcore Christians and don't agree with Drag Queens! I feel that even white Christians are more accepting of gays…but the Black community is still light years behind in LGBT acceptance.

  2. As an autistic person I find it offensive that bob says we’re racist because of things influencing us… I have Asperger and to me everything is black and white, everything is objective. I make opinions and say/ do things based on mathematical analysis in my brain. There will always be bias in every human, but little for me.

  3. Something that does not help the fight against racism is the black community complaining and whining so much about there not being a black All Star that in order to appease that part of the Drag Race fandom they gave the crown to two queens this year just to shut up that part, regardless of who the most talented, polished and professional queen was.
    You may not like this comment but you have been reading the same comments and hearing the same comments that I have for the last two and a half years.

  4. Bitch we stay stanning Bob, he's always been so eloquent and smart but also has the space for humor without skipping a beat. I wish I could express my views on race and politics as succinctly but I tend to just get flustered and upset

  5. You can't say "being a racist doesn't make you a bad person." Just stop right there. Racism is a bad. (It certainly isn't good!) Obviously, there are very different degrees of racism. Some folks are way more racist than other folks. But, racism is about ignorance. Just because I have received benefit because of my lighter skin tone does not mean I am ignorant. My skin color doesn't make me ignorant of history. My skin color doesn't mean I lack basic compassion and empathy. When you make a statement like "all white people are racist" you ARE saying some version of all white people are "bad." You may be fudging the details about "how much" or "how little." But, you are using a word which is absolutely LOADED with negative connotations. And then throwing that very LOADED blanket statement over a huge population. You are saying (to whatever degree) that all white people are "bad." We have all been told, every single day of our lives, that racism is bad … that racists are bad people. Now, Bob wants to say that every single person, FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, every single person of European ancestry is ignorant. That every single white person fails to understand the history of the black experience. That we all are lacking the basic compassion and empathy necessary to understand that ALL people are beings worthy of equal moral consideration. I do not need to personally experience something in order to understand it … to empathize with it. Saying all white people are racist is, at the very least, highly insulting. At worst … it is the very thing we all should be criticizing. I, personally, believe in taking the position that having the empathy and compassion to understand that ALL people are beings deserving of equal moral consideration … is just basic humanity. (Not difficult to understand AT ALL!!) Making the assumption that all people understand the basic concept of fairness and dignity … that is the way to make society more fair and dignified. Making the assumption that all people are hateful and bigoted …that they have no ability to understand and empathize with people who have different experiences from their own … that is the way to make society more hateful and bigoted. As a gay man, if I assumed that straight people could never understand me and my different experience … why come out? Why fight for marriage equality? Why fight to be treated as equals in the workplace? The fact is, people of different experiences CAN … and SHOULD … be assumed to have basic compassion and empathy. Assume the best, and you get the best. Assume the worst … and you get the worst. Saying all white people are racist is a terrible message. And, it's not true.

  6. I love the fact that you guys are real with who u are i appreciate honesty.. But the fake as Hollywood can kiss my real ass.. They lie about who they are. Just about all of Hollywood is Transgender!! Rock on u guys❤

  7. I somewhat agree with what Bob says. My only problem is it's not only white people. I can't tell you how many times I saw black kids tease Asian and Middle Eastern with racial stereotypes and slurs, or Asians not interacting with black people because they think they are dangerous. Racism is not exclusively white.

  8. I don't like to be called racist, especially by someone who I admire so much, SO… what can I do to be less racist? I can't say that I'm not racist as Bob said, and I tell people off for being racist, I am friends with many people of different colour, nationality, shape, size and psychotic stability, I have had lovers also… Especially with a big range of psychotic stability but also colour and normally I don't make a point of it… I've researched all corners of the globe, I'd like to think I'm pretty "Woke" if that's still a word. WHAT CAN I DO!?

  9. I might get some hate but fuck it, statistics speak for themselves. You are far more at risk to be attacked in a Black or Hispanic neighborhood than you are in a white one.
    Yes racism exists and yes what was done to Blacks or Natives is something that no amount of apology , reparation or compensation will ever make up for. But let's face it, every and i mean EVERY Black country in the world is poor and unsafe. Even the ones which are completely independent from white influence.
    I feel far worse for Aja who is part Middle Eastern and who has to face way more shit for no fucking reason,
    Bob has it a lot more easy than Aja today.
    Gia should shut the fuck up because Asia is the most racist continent on the planer.

  10. When Bob is saying all white people are racist is he referring to America ( and Australia) or Europe as well? I think this is very important to talk about but that bit in the beginning I feel is a bit unclear to me.

  11. Bob. Sexist qualities and being a racist have nothing to do with each other. I’m white i am not racist at all. If I were I wouldn’t live in an all black neighborhood and I do simply because I want to. I grew up here. It’s my home. How much do you know about Irish slavery? My ancestry is Irish and if you know nothing of Irish slavery then you’re as closed minded as the real racists you’re thinking about you and everything that was imprinted in your mind. I didn’t know this was a white bashing segment. Bob I’m glad you feel like you need to be the Rosetta Stone for the black community and the white community. I hope your and your white boyfriend are doing fine.

  12. There’s so much ignorance in this video disguised as intelligence. There’s a lot of feelings being spouted as facts and a lot of paranoia. And you all are shocked that a majority white country favours white people? And has a white culture? In majority Muslim country which culture do they follow? In Africa which culture is dominant? I see a lot of boohooing from people who have nothing to moan about other than fried chicken and braids. If that’s the extent of discrimination I think our society is lucky.

  13. They picked out a line from bob the draq queen.. now that i’ve seen the entire video i aint mad. Geez i hate it when they pick out one line

  14. The issue with the mindset that Bob has about all white people being racist is that is creates a permanent divide in the communities. If a black person is ALWAYS aware that a white person is racist, they will never trust a white person and the divide will never disappear. I am white and I can see the point that I was raised in a world where white people were everywhere in media etc. but I honestly don’t look at people of different creed, colour/race as any different to myself. There is a history that is fresh but honestly, the history of oppression of LGBTQ+ people is more fresh and I don’t look at every straight guy like he has an inherent dislike of me because I’m gay. How can you live like that? It sounds like I’m trying to say “just let it go” but I’m really not, I’m trying to say, give the changing world the credit due rather than jumping to hatred which is legitimately dwindling with every passing year. The explosion of the internet has blown the world wide open in terms of human rights for EVERY person, black, gay, trans, fat, fem, Asian… the offensive views have become significantly more isolationist. When white nationalists are the ones being stoned in the streets, when 100 years ago it was the norm, you need to appreciate the changes in society and accept that it will get better in time.

  15. Basically this just showed that there is an inherent racism in BOTH parties and it’s never going away. Peppermint saying that being with the white kids, they all disliked her because she talked “black” BUT going back to the black kids, they disliked her because she talked white! This is not a one way street and it seems like it has become the norm to enforce the stereotype of “white people are racist” despite it obviously being both sides. If Bob is NEVER going to trust a white person because “all white people are racist”, he is being racist towards white people and enforcing a racial stereotype. I will say that I am white and I have literally ZERO racist views. I cannot think of one thing, I see EVERY race/creed/colour/gender/sex/orientation as equal and I see beauty in every single thing I see, feel, experience. Obviously because I argued this point, I’m clearly going to be labelled racist but I’m not having it. Racism is a very vanity driven concept and maybe THAT is the problem with in in Drag fan culture.

  16. I think that we are all mixed up ,I have Iberian,Irish,Welch and gosh knows what else in me,but when I’m asked on a legal document my skin tone is white but now I have different under tones in my skin,I was raised in Alabama I don’t see color my mom raised me to love human kind.I don’t believe that every white person is racist.I love all people the end

  17. Bob talking about racism doesn't make him a racist. It makes him brutally honest & MANY of us can't handle the truth🤨

  18. Bob is so ignorant. Such a shame that nobody is pointing it out. You can argue that maybe all white people are inherently biased against people of color due to society, but definitely not racist.

  19. Ok look, I get where Bob is coming from, but he is wrong with the fact that all Whites are racist. I get what we white people have done in the past and present, but not all Whites do this, the whites that you see or hear about that do this, are bullies, and bullies aren't just white, there are African American bullies, Asian American bullies, Latino American bullies, every single race in this world are bullies, so, for Bob to say this, it is offensive, and rude, now again, I love Bob, I am a fan of her's, so, I am not trying to throw shade, but her saying that, kinda makes her sound racist.

  20. Not all white people are racist. What you call someone who makes a comment like that about an entire race is called racist.My ancestors were from Ireland and there were a lot of Irish people sold into slavery. You don’t hear about that that much. Does anyone owe me anything no no one owes me anything. I make my own way in this world.

  21. Oh please EVERYONE is racist to a certain extent. It's the extent of racism that counts. There is a HUGE difference for let's say having a racial preference for your romantic relationships to full on throwing people into gas chambers because of their race. It makes me so angry as a white person for me to be singled out…oh so because I am white I am racist…and no other race is racist, only white people are racist…bitch have you ever been to Japan or fucking China? Or India? Yes white people, including myself, can be racist and have biases but it's not unique to our race. Racism exists EVERYWHERE around the world…no matter what the race. People see difference and compare and have prejudice. Unfortunately, it's human nature.

  22. Bob is coming across like such a fucking angry black woman…being black doesn't give you the right to then be racist back towards whites. You don't have the right to fucking tarnish all white people with the same brush just because SOME…hey maybe many…but not ALL white people tarnish black people with the same brush. This whole thing in this video pisses me off…it's like every race against white people…cuz white people are soooooooo different to all other races. THAT'S FUCKING RACIST IN ITSELF. WE ARE NO MORE DIFFERENT TO BLACK PEOPLE THAN ASIANS ARE TO BLACK PEOPLE OR NATIVE AMERICANS OR WHATEVER. WHITE PEOPLE ARE JUST ANOTHER RACE. THESE BITCHES JUST HAPPEN TO LIVE IN A WHITE MAJORITY COUNTRY. SO I DO GET IT. BUT TRY TO THINK BEYOND YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND THINK MORE GLOBALLY. THE WORLD IS MORE THAN JUST USA FFS.

  23. Right look I will say I kind of understand what Bob is saying with the tv and media and living in America and all that…ok I get it…and I don't dislike the bitch or anything just what she said here, she fucking kills it in 'the realness' video……she gives me my entire life…….but look I'm sorry about America but the world is more than just America and I feel like it's more about being a minority more than anything else. If you are a minority ANYWHERE in the world…you are more likely to experience at least some kind of prejudice sometimes.

  24. Am i the only white person who isnt racist. Because i grew up in a family where i didn't look at other people because they are "different". I was told that god made us the way we are and our skin is only what holds who we really are in. I think everyone is a little bit racist or sexist. But saying that that is only white people is a lie. Black people asian people they are racist too. I dont understand this culture of people putting white people into this one box saying we are racist we need to feel sorry for what we "did" to you. People now didn't do anything to you just because we have white skin. Not just white Americans had African American slaves many countries did. Not all where white either. It was a thing of the time. It was normal then. But people evole and grow. It was horrific and nightmarish what was done to black people. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But it was a thing of its time. People are way different now. Everyone judges people by the way they look whether its skin or not. But thats everyone not just white people in general.

  25. I love Bob and Peppermint and just how wonderfully compassionate and direct they were. It was well informed and handled beautifully.


  27. I used to like Bob, but accusing all white people of being racist.. no queen. I’m not racist, never been racist, never will be racist. Very disappointed.

  28. I love Bob but a lot of "white folks" love you, support you and put money in your pocket so I dont think it's fair to say they're all racist. And it's TRUE they have nothing to do with the slave trade and although they dont go through the same prejudices as you, they are trying to work with you to create a new generation free of racial injustice

  29. Come through Bob! Not only is she FIERCE but she's also a true intellect and I am always in awe of her perceptive points and views. I've been a fan since DAY ONE BOO-BOO, and I always will! Keep sprinkling that beautiful #BLACKGIRLMAGIC 😍😍😘😘

  30. I’m really sorry but I can’t help my race you can’t help yours so what does it acc matter
    Im from England so I’m not sure weather he mean here as well but my parents taught me to never judge someone on there race sexuality or religion so don’t say I’m racist cuz I’m white cuz that’s not okay to say

  31. I appreciate Bob, she put it in a new perspective for me, i'm from an immigrant family (UK living) but yes I do have prejudices; against whites, against English, against some people from areas I don't even know what they went through. I learned something today, thank you.

  32. So, how does a white person not be racist if that’s who we are by how we are raised? Like I don’t hate people based on their culture or skin colour…so?

  33. I really enjoyed what Bob brought to this conversation because there were levels to it (and she acknowledged various intersections) and it honestly felt like everyone else wanted validation for the problematic shit they did.

  34. Bob the drag queen thinks I am racist just because of my skin. 🙁 this is racism itself by stereotyping white people. I am not saying white people are great but not EVERY white person is shit 🤷🏼‍♂️

  35. Would like to say, I’m white, never done a racist thing in my life. Never had a prejudice against any race. I never supported anything from history against other races such as segregation or slavery. I’ve corrected people so often about using racial slurs and acting like someone is shady because of their race. I try to pass love and acceptance to everyone. I get what Bob is saying but I don’t like the idea that his first thought is just all white people are racist. Anyone can be racist and anyone can not be racist.

  36. I live in Germany and in our Books almost all of the time the evil persons are white. We learn about what horrible things the Nazis and the slave traders did. And the only People hung were People in the middle ages. So we are not raised to be racist, but because of lies and Hate , many people are still racist. But not all People are rasict so it makes me sad when People say all white People are rasict.

  37. On please we all could get on scruff right now and people and like white only… As if no person of color is attractive. Prejudice dressed up as preferences and white queens are the worst perpetrators

  38. All white people racist? What a sad an pathetic comment. I’m Latino and I’v received more discrimination from black folks than any white… so…

  39. To men or women that's sexist ideology of thinking helping a woman cause she can do it is sexist. But next thing ya know I get cursed the fuck out or get a stank look from a woman cause I didnt help them or be a gentleman. Like wtf do people in general want

  40. preach Bob, history is told from white people. New Zealand is one of the most racist countries ever, and sux Im indigenous to New Zealand and constantly racially profiled. Asians are more comfortable in my country than my own native kind. #stopracismagainstPolynesians

  41. im white, im a ginger, but I grew up in a family of colour. My most important person is my mother, a strong, latina, native american woman of color. Idk if Im white tbh. i mean ive obv never faced racism, but Ive seen my mother (and other family members) face it throughout my life.

    Am I racist tho, yes, to a certain extent, because I feel more connected to latin ppl or white ppl than to black people. Society has to see humans as human no matter of their colour

  42. I live in America and was adopted into a white family i I am not racist honestly I don’t give a fuck what color anybody is you cut us we all bleed the same fucking color animals you cut them they believe we all bleed red we all bleed blood money is paper paper is replaceable a human or animal is not just because you’ve been around shitty people who weren’t raised right don’t come after those who are raised right because my dad was in the military and my mom grew up in a family yes they’re white but they could’ve been killed when they were living in America because of their race so maybe you should figure out everything else about other people before you start coming at everybody because actually black people don’t have it the worst native Americans do it’s not legal to kill a black person But it is legal to kill beat and rape a native American woman in the USA I am Native American and gypsy very weird mix but that’s what I am and I’m proud of my heritage but this is why I am extremely defensive because I don’t trust nobody coming near me you have the respect that you can even talk about it I’m sorry but black people were not the first to have the races problem you guys were brought to America do your fucking homework Native Americans were already here before y’all honey so maybe you should get your shit right

  43. I agree with all of this but let's look at the bigger picture. Who do you think made all this division happen? Who do you think are the real racists? Y'all think Republicans the only ones? The ones who won the civil war movement in the 60s were Republican. The ones who voted for equal rights in Congress were mainly Republican. The democrats had a huge problem with giving rights to POC. Look this up. This is not an accident. You believing Republicans are the true racists when in fact it's the democrats, is not by mistake. Research your government. Research your political party. Stop listening to corporate media!!!

  44. Im irish, and talking about slaves, we were enslaved along with africans. So sorry but to say “All white people are Racist” i feel isnt true. In ireland well were im from anyway people don’t give a damn about race. Do what you do, love what you love. Fuck ittt

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