Spicy Takes – UBI, Communism & Yang Gang

Hello? Douglas Lain yeah I’ve been meaning to talk to you Look, it’s 2022 . I’ve got my thousand
dollars a month UBI I don’t really know what I need you for. No no no no. I’ve got a robot doing my job now. It’s brilliant. I don’t have to do this
stupid show anymore. Look, anyway buddy. I got a stuff to do so
I’m gonna just let you go. Peace out. Hey there obsolete leftist humanoids. It’s
your borg: Robo-Comrade 9000. Today I’m going to explain to you how UBU
saved the world. Now let us discuss how UBI can bring our civilization to
glory. Satellite uplink activated. Abolish the welfare systems. Smash wages. Kill the
proletarian humanoids. All Hail God Emporer Besos. Besos Besos Besos
Yikes! Maybe I better call Doug Looks like this UBI has a few kinks that
need to be worked out first. What the fuck is Yang Gang. Yang Gang is a grassroots internet movement that supports Democratic candidate Andrew
Yang in his 2020 presidential bid in the US He’s managed to win over support
from a whole range of political camps: Disappointed Trump supporters Alt-Right
dickheads, liberals and even some real leftists. Yang is offering $1,000 a month to any American citizen over the age of 18 starting in
January 2021. So the freedom dividend is my flagship policy where every American adult receives $1,000 a month free and clear starting at age 18 and what this would enable America to do is just pay our bills for one thing because so many
of us are having trouble with that who Who is this guy?
Yang is a New York tech entrepreneur. He went to an Ivy League law school he was
CEO from Manhattan prep and founder of venture for America essentially he’s
capitalist swine. UBI goes under a whole lot of different names the universal basic income, guaranteed unconditional income, citizens income. Whatever. Although
there’s a load of different ways it can be implemented the general idea
is basically the same every time the government pays out every citizen a set
amount of money once a month regardless of their financial situation.
A lot of talk in recent decades has been related to the idea that AI and
automation means that robots are taking other jobs
The purpose the Yang’s UBI is to try and save capitalism when it’s totally in crisis
and it’s really unpopular. The Industrial Revolution which people cite as the precursor to what we’re going through there were mass riots in the industrial
revolution that killed dozens of people caused billions of dollars worth of
damage Labor Day is a holiday today because of those riots.
Yang understands that capitalism is in danger of being overthrown by ordinary working people
and he wants to protect it but buying off the workers that are most likely to
fight back from the perspective of protecting capital it’s a pretty good
plan too. Not gonna lie fam, there is something viscerally appealing about being offered straight cash from a politician I guess the reason it pretty
much appeals to everyone is that it solves a fundam ental problem that we all
have. Support for NEETBUX is both ironic and honor ironic
people aren’t generally stupid no matter what side of the political spectrum they
sit on everyone kind of pretty much acknowledges that the situation is
fucked and it’s getting worse every day which is the better choice everything
getting worse and worse every day or everything getting worse and worse
every day plus $1,000. Cha-ching!!! So what about the MAGA Chuds? A lot
of Trump supporters are pretty pissed off but he couldn’t pull off his racist
wall agenda and win even a symbolic victory for his misguided fan base in
fairness to Yang he understands the material basis for a lot of work is
voting for Trump and although he blames automation instead of capitalism more
generally he actually addresses the issue in a way that is distinct from
Democrats usual neoliberal, judgemental identity politics shtick. Donald Trump wins
the election in 2016 and for whatever reason in my opinion the media’s is not
being honest about all the economic drivers they’re blaming
racism Russia Facebook the FBI and if you look at the voter district data
there’s a straight line up between the adoption of industrial robots in that
voting district and the movement towards Trump Trump’s talk of bringing back jobs
and keeping out immigrants all amounted to pretty much nothing
the main community that once supported him is kind of bored of them now
#YangGang has mainstream appeal and is literally $1,000 a month. It’s a policy
that even those gormless fucks can relate to but where the Bernie Bros in
all of this? Let’s be honest. Yang is younger sexier and his ideas come across
as a bit more interesting and futuristic than Bernie Sanders traditional social
democratic platform . While his base is still strong he’s kind of at risk of
losing support to this more simplified idea. Then there’s our glorious comrades
on the Left where did they stand on securing the bag? Do they like it?
Hell yeah! A thousand bucks a month means less time it’s been working more time
building the revolution. Boom! There’s nothing particularly leftist about
turning down money that we can use to fight the power I’m sure some of you are
wondering what if any the possible drawbacks of UBI are? I’m gonna tell you.
Although it’s been tested in some parts of the world it’s not really clear
whether it would cause an explosive inflation problem or not. I’m not gonna
lie to you fam, UBI doesn’t cancel out the shittyness of capitalism. Think about
it this way if we had a guaranteed $1,000 a month what’s gonna stop our
landlords from jacking up our rent to cream off the top of that? And what’s
gonna stop our employers from paying us less because they know they can? Fucking parasites.
Even worse than this although Yang is initially promising not to take
welfare from people claiming more than $1,000 a month
traditionally ubi has been advocated by people who want to see the end of the
welfare state Yang is a pro-capitalist businessman. Ultimately his loyalties are
gonna lie with the markets and the capitalist class. Well I’m a CEO and
businessperson and I’ll tell you that putting money into people’s hands it’s
good for business it’s good for the economy and it’s good for markets this
is not socialism this is where this is capitalism where income doesn’t start at zero . So where’s the Spicy Take in all of this? this let me tell you how we should go
down: As leftists we should argue in favor of UBI. On its own it’s not
particularly damaging and it’s an extremely popular demand so we’d be
really stupid not to. UBI under socialism would be way different though. We should
be demanding a bag a month. Give me that bag. We should be demanding rent controls
so that our landlords can’t fuck us over in the short term. W e should be building mass
public housing so that we have our own house.
We should have universal health care so we don’t fucking die for no reason when
we’re supposed to be out spending our #NeetBucks
Fully free education so we can learn whatever the fuck we want Universal Child Care so we don’t have to spend all day at home with our ugly ass kids.
It couldn’t hurt to invest in mass Public Works and renewable energy you
know so our whole planet doesn’t become totally unsustainable and we die in an
environmental apocalypse This is basic shit family. It would make life less sucky overall and it’s pretty hard to argue with so if you’re at work and one
of your comrades our colleagues brings up behind #pussybux campaign let your
comrade know that we can ask for so much more shit we can demand more
If your friends are DSA supporters and they love Bernie tell him to get that old man
on board with securing the bag. There’s no reason not to give in to such a
universally popular demand. securing the bag is great and all but let’s not be cowards about it. Let’s secure the big bag. Ya’ll already know what I’m gonna say
let’s transform this planet into the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space
Communist utopia that we all deserve and if the capitalist class try and stop us?
I don’t fuckin know we can kill ’em or whatever. #YangGang2020 ? More like #BangBang2020. If robots are going to abolish most kinds of labor for humans then we
can’t rely on the mindless profit-seeking capitalist system to
deliver the fruits of automation fairly to everyone Our task now is to imagine
and begin building a world free from the anxieties of capitalist social relations.
A world where automation takes care of the most degrading boring and difficult
jobs so that human creativity is free to flourish unshackled by our base material
needs. No no look I know it was in the script but we didn’t vaguely threaten
revolutionary violence. You know after what happened to The Serfs and with
YouTube clamping down on the left or whatever we just left it out. it was all
it was all very subtle. #KillYourBoss #KillYourLandlord check out the new sign big shout out to
Tabasko Sweet for inspiring us with his old-school, Cheap Thrills vibe!
Quick shout out to Eugene from Eastern Marsh Lands. for this cool spinning logo.
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Oh and until my bag comes in keep those communist dollars flowing.
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  1. UBI, is the road to slavery.

    They cannot get the rich to pay tax now, UBI will squeeze the middle class even more.

    This is yet another distraction to prevent revolution to a post capitalist democratic society.

  2. Won’t UBI just make $1000 p/m the new zero and a new unregistered class of -$1000, it will create more inequality and whose to say what the effect on inflation will be ?

  3. According to Yang's campaign website, he actually wants to make people choose between welfare and UBI. He assumes that the vast majority would unquestioningly choose UBI, making it easy to scrap the welfare system.

  4. If anyone is interested in Marxist alternatives to UBI check out Le Salaire a Vie developed by Bernard Friot. Mexie has a good video here.

  5. “I don’t fucking know we can kill them or whatever.”

    Look I’m getting real tired of this sarcastic nonchalant dehumanization. I don’t think the mass of lefties are smart enough to control themselves (yet!) 🤤

  6. I'm with you…. fam. I want to imagine Yang is being completely honest about UBI and his plan, that he genuinely wants to make life better for the majority of people, but he's still capitalist and the plan is to prop up an unsustainable and rotten system, see also quantitative easing back in 2008.
    An issue I have w/ UBI is that it will completely wipe what little is left of class consciousness and practices. If we lose our identity as workers, with its history of struggle and unity, what is the new class like? Everyone sat at home with their bills paid but little cash to do much else, the few things we do in common generating not much awareness of how our overlords screw us. What happens after 20 years of UBI when the capitalists tell the State to lower UBI to a level just above starvation and homelessness? How do we fight them then if we spent 20 years separate from each other?
    UBI is a bribe to take off the yellow vests, to rip our union cards and go to sleep and have sweet dreams. But the owners of the world are still the same and the hand that giveth can taketh it away.

  7. Racism was one of the main reasons why Trump got elected. Yangs point about it being about automation is a post hoc fallacy.


  8. Killing dozens of people and billions of dollars in property damage is the prize the rich pay when they overreach, when will they learn?

  9. The problem might be the kind of messed up gang ruled criminal class that would thrive in such an environment. We already see this in welfare dominated areas. Idle hand, etc… does the average broke person really have dreams of a utopia or do they have dreams forming a tribe against all of the other tribes?

  10. As Shounen Rounin's video puts it: Eat the rich before they eat you. (It's about an anime, so it's more literal)

  11. Wow this video was amazing to see from a comrade!
    I'm a comrade who makes cloud rap , pls lmk if I can help out w anything💕✊

  12. Stavros Halkias? Haha, jk, that’s mean.. Great 🌶 take, man, not that I’m surprised..

    TMBS (Michael Brooks Show) has been doing a good job taking Yang on imo. I definitely recommend ppl check his show out, in general.

  13. I prefer to call UBI unemployment for all, lol.

    By seriously, an extra $1000 per month is not enough where I live to ensure I won't be homeless, starving, or lacking in basic services (telecommunications, phone, internet, etc.)

    It would be much more productive to address the issue of housing costs. Owning a house is absolutely an essential key to becoming middle-class. Paying ridiculous rents every month is analogous to throwing money into a pit (a fair large one at that).

  14. I have 3 issues with this video:

    The first is the assumption that Automation will be a net positive in the long run. It will not; and it will actually kill the planet faster. Ignoring the fact that by increasing supply, you paradoxically increase demand as well, there is also the fact that when humans are abstracted away from the work, the labor and the ecological damage, we don't think about it.

    The second is that UBI will be a positive; it won't be. It will be used to supplant wages before we even hit automation. It will be used to automate human consumption in the favor of corporations. These methods are being developed by capitalists; not socialists or communists. Hell; I don't believe any of the 3 should be designing these policies as their core foundations for political thought are flawed and take broad assumptions of human activity.

    The third and final one is that I'm tired of this idea that work is degrading; its not. You want to know whats degrading? Having people tell me my work is degrading; being locked away from being able to do the work I want to do and not being payed a fair wage. I want to be a butcher or a welder, not a painter or a writer. I do not want my hobby to be my job; its bullshit. I know a good portion of people will disagree because I'm going to be up front; we get paid shit for the job we do.

  15. This was not what I was expecting. I was pleasantly suprised! Glad I stumbled onto something this good! Thanks for the vid!

  16. i feel very differently.
    if socialists are not rallying and building up to the cause of worker's control over the workplace, then socialism means nil.
    the most productive and most worthwhile efforts always come in the form of organizing dual-power structures and unions that work to hand over control over production and distribution to the workforce and eliminate the need for money and build up to the material conditions necessary to create gift economies.
    with or without andrew yang, that should be our primary focus.
    if a regulated market with ubi (which i doubt we'd get any say over) really is the best we can do, then all the endeavors, successes, failures, celebrations, and executions of socialists everywhere will all have been for nothing.
    my point here is 'eyes on the prize'.
    over all, very spicy take indeed

  17. Yang has his head up his @d's. He wants to pay for Ubi with a vat tax. That tax is evil because the poor people pay at the most. It's basically a wholesale sales tax and it makes everything in Europe expensive because the tax can be marked up. The rich have a larger tax burden in America than Europe because of vat tax. https://youtu.be/a3__ZwPFmGc

  18. >Yang understands that capitalism is danger of being overthrown by ordinary people.
    Citattion needed. For the second part.

  19. All UBI will accomplish is moving public money into the hands of the wealthy. It's like putting a bandaid on an infected gash to the bone. It's too late, the leg is gangrenous, it has to be removed or else the host will not survive.

  20. props for making a video about yang and ubi that isn't just you making the jerk off motion for ten minutes cause that's what I would've done

  21. I don't understand why you framed Yang as not being in favor of Universal healthcare, family leave, ect. He's openly in favor of all those policies you mentioned at the end. He's also the only person running that actually has a thought out take on tons of issues, many of which other politicians running haven't even commented about. I mean sorry not sorry the reincarnation of Mao isn't running. No sensible person is going to vote in favor of cultural revolution and people's war. Also if i were you I wouldn't be advocating for it since most of you socialist look like you couldn't even lift an AK47 let alone militia your way to control of the country.

  22. Only millennials are allowed to know of this Yang guys existence kinda like the Gorgon on ST TOS I guess.

  23. This video didn't discuss the regressive flat tax funding this… Or the complete uselessness of Yang's UBI to anyone already receiving government assistance. Why would UBI not just be factored into yearly income before reapplying for those government programs. Will it also be an attack on Social Security?

    UBI is great but not Yang's Trojan Horse version meant to shred social programs while being funded by a regressive tax.

  24. Why not send $1000 a month pay checks to Mexicans in Mexico that way you can solve having them show up at our border !
    Voila! Illegals at border solved!

  25. I'm in the yang gang and I'm a capitalist. Sorry fam. But I've been subbed to this channel for a while cos it's good to get multiple perspectives, and zero books is quality. Enjoyed this take on the situation. Shine on you crazy commies

  26. Landlords and Moneylenders have already tainted other UBI experiments we definitely need Yang to expand upon and explain how he's going to ensure that doesn't happen.

  27. Yeah I am not sure about the rent and jobs pay situation. Sure, the rent might go up, in part of the country, but I can also see people moving to less expensive areas (for example out of SF), because UBI and all, they actually have a better life with lower income in a less urban area. Right now people trade living conditions for a jobs when they move to big cities. Also, I thinks salaries for unskilled jobs would go up, not down, since it wont be one way "you have no choice but to obey my conditions if you don't want to be homeless", the employees could look for jobs they ACTUALLY want for longer period, be more picky ect… Which would means drop in job demand, which means higher pay to make the job attractive again. Also, when you say traditional this idea is a right wing one, that is very partial. The idea is also championed by feminists (very early on) as a way to make women's contribution to society recognized. Lots of different people are behind it for lots of different reasons. That being said, UBI for right wing is an end goal solution to welfare state, and that is the mistake we should never make : it is a tool, not an end goal, and we should use it to further social advancement.

  28. This is such a good series for bimbo leftists like me who need to watch Douglas' vids three times in a row to fully process it. Fun and light but without being absolute junkfood. It's like eating fruit salad after you finish your meat and vegetables.

  29. Glad to see some left takes on this guy. Was beginning to get worried that most of the Yang Gang was center right (read: not registered as Democrat to vote in the primaries). Spread the message, and shine on.

  30. Lol dude Yang wants to do ALL that shit. The real reason this is a spicy take because it's clear you've only looked at UBI. Read his book. Go to his website. The closer you look, the easier it is to see that Yang wants what all leftists want. He's just packaging it in pretty capitalist wrapping

  31. It's also worth noting that yang said to ben Shapiro if you're on welfare getting more than 1000 a month, you only get to exchange 1000 dollars worth of your welfare for cash. This means that people on say disabilities getting more than 1000 get nothing, same will everyone else; ironic isn't it that he claims it's for the working class, yet the people who need it/it would help the most won't even get a dime

  32. As a socialist Communist transhumanist I have just discovered your channel and I am quite enjoying its content.

  33. "Protect from the workers more likely to fight back"? What a load of bullshit. Spoken as if there's some alternative hanging there, just waiting to be used, but that depends on some bloody revolution. "Socialism" is only workers owning the means of productions, that can be perfectly consistent with capitalism, it's what workers cooperatives are all about. Receiving UBIs people are more likely even to eventually form such worker cooperatives, no need to civil war, revolution, to have some Lenin/Stalin-style great leader commanding everything for the greater good, plus, no need for famines and economic collapse that normally results from combinations of administrative incompetence and state omni-monopoly.

  34. UBI doesn't cancel the shittiness of capitalism, but at least isn't the hell of real-world socialist humanitarian catastrophes. Shitinesses aside, capitalism is what has been raising the living standards throughout the world since the fall of soviet socialism. The world is now closer to eradicating poverty than ever, that's largely thanks to capitalism (which doesn't mean just the goodies and services we need, but also finances social welfare policies where they exist), despite of its similarly real shittinesses. Shitinesses that are tremendously far from outweighing the non-shitinesses benefit it brings to humankind. It's basically trading goods and services, after all, it can't be fundamentally that bad.

  35. the logic behind employers paying people less due to ubi is actually false, if you think further you'd realise employers will have to actually pay more for people to do shit jobs because people are more financially secured and wouldnt need to put up with exploitation.

  36. As Andrew says, it is exponentially easier to change capital flows that to change the cultural mindset…with his Freedom Dividend, we can get the financial jackboot off people's necks so that they can start looking around more…hard to care about anything else — never mind do much about anything — living paycheck to paycheck with gigs….

  37. Hell, we should even strive for universal pet care. Here in the UK healthcare is already universal but if your dog gets cancer the costs for surgery are so prohibitive (upwards of 1500 pounds most times) that some working class people cannot afford it at all and just leave their children scarred for life and their beloved pets to die because of a predatory capitalist veterinary system… Yes, getting a pet is a responsibility and we could have some caveats like only pet-owners pay into state-run universal petcare or some such, but in the private system we have now prices are artificially inflated for profits to egregious levels – a vaccine for my dog that costed only 5 to 10 pounds in my native country of Romania costs 120 in the UK, whilst average wages are only about 4 times higher here in the UK… (so basically most of the extra money ain't going to the vet) I sometimes wish people would bring up this issue more often as well, but anyways great video comrade!

  38. Yes, at a 35% VAT, which is what the REAL math comes out to you have to buy about $3,000 a month. 250 million x $12,0000 is 3 trillion. Yang himmself says a 10% VAT generates 800 billion. Proplem is that thos asain cant do math and hos supporters dont care about the math because all they see is their $1,000.

    This is a benefit for 250+ million, we have 110 million in the work force. To give 250+ million people $1000 tou need to tax 110 million people about 2,500 a month or $30,000 a year. The average worker makes $55,000 a year. These yaxes would shit down the economy and no worker would care to work.

  39. Pretty much my position on the matter. I also disagree with Yang's proposal to fund it with a VAT, and would prefer that the dividend come from a combination of fiscal surplus in all levels of government, profit-sharing with workers and consumers from public enterprises, and a base tax on a set amount of land for every person.

  40. Disappointed this Spicy Take didn't even mention the support Yang is getting from Accelerationists, especially since Zero Books is one of the only channels that even touches on Accelerationism.
    Why is Yang being touted as Accelerationist-lite?
    Why is N!ck [email protected] talking about Yang?
    Apart from the throwaway mention of Trump Memers, why is Yang seemingly getting support from the NRx crew?

  41. Funny enough ubi isn't socialist nor Capitalist. It's really in the middle and the future demands that we stop this stupid fighting between right and left. The idea is very Libertarian….which is opposite of socialism(aka pre communism)

  42. Endorsement from Ricard Spencer, Tuck Carlson, and Zero Books. What kind of Witchcraft it is.

  43. Fundamentally, the question of UBI is "where does this money come from"? There are two answers, taxation and borrowing. Whether UBI financed by taxation is a good thing or not depends on who is getting taxed. If it is a regressive tax then UBI will be a bad thing as the people who need it most are the ones who will benefit the least from it, however if it is a progressive taxation then it can be commended as another form of wealth distribution from the rich to the poor. UBI funded by borrowing however will have little net long term benefit, because by pumping money into the system they will inevitably cause inflation that will erode the value of the hand out, meaning it will just be used as an election gimmick. It might be a useful, short term, localised tool to get spending up in areas where it is needed to stimulate economic growth or during recession, but is not much use outside of those specific macroeconomic policies.

    Fundamentally, the way leftists and in particular Marxists should analyse any given wealth redistribution policy is to look at how it changes the material balance between classes. Making the working class more materially powerful by weakening the capitalist class is the most important objective.

  44. To summarize, UBI is a regressive form of GMI that is morally compelling, yet insufficient to overcome the economic rents imposed by neoliberal capitalism. I agree, socialize the banks, make GMI a living wage, hold disparity of wealth to limits using progressive redistribution of direct democratic consent. Secure the bag by seizing the financialization of wealth and eliminating rentier hoarding through claw-back regulations on all form of property wealth.

  45. Let's get that $1000 a month and let the people bring the economy to equilibrium. Thanks to automation/AI/Robotics!!!

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