Soviet Communism - the truth

  1. What a fucking entitled, upper class, snobbish brat. He does nothing but keep parroting the most blatant anti-communist propaganda and shameless lies that have been debunked time and again.

  2. there are kinds of truth about in games too like ghost helicopter,ghost planes and mothman and in world war too like yugoslavia,german empire,british empire and french empire

  3. Aristotle argued for human flourishment? Then he counters that some arts suppression was contrary to this.

    Nice nitpick, but..Eudaemonia does not mean that when translated. It translates to the flourishing of human welfare. Not individual contributions to the arts. Rather, it implies that we should do what is best for humankind.

    Ancient Greeks were almost never hyperindividualistic. Most were very much lovers of people, and happily gave up some freedoms to have a society. Because all society is fundamentally non-democratic, but it is key to our growing as a species.

    I feel like too many people misinterpreted the Greek epics as a comparison to the strength or value of an individual. Though ultimately, it was just a way of explaining the person's relation with regards to the world around them.

    Not too hard to get, but hey…throw a couple philosophers' names out in discourse and somehow you may convince a small audience that you are filling their bias.

    Socialism has worked. It is adaptable. Capitalism can even be leashed in a state system to build wealth.

    …and political science 101.

    "A state has a right to exist provided it has the consent of the popular masses".

    The masses didnt even want the USSR to fall. Chinese arent rebelling. Or Laotians or Vietnamese. In fact, neither are Cubans. If anything, Cuba doubles down when asked about leaving socialism.

  4. The questions are so unoriginal and regurgitated. The Soviets were a massive triumph over feudalism. Leave it to a capitalist to insist that monarchy was somehow a good thing.

  5. Capitalism has not failed, look at the United States, India, and The UK and Many more, wonder why their economies are “acceptional”? That’s because they accepted capitalism into their country. Because of capitalism, America has been the #1 economy on earth every since WW1 and because of capitalism the west won the Cold War against the east.

  6. Haha. He denies the gulag and the millions of killed. What’s the difference between this guy and a nazi sympathizer and holocaust denier. He says that the Holodomor was made up by the CIA.

  7. Harpal should step down , he isn't dynamic enough , you probably need a young smart guy to lead the party

  8. YIKES. Crazy that people can be in favor of a system where the very even they are partaking in would be outlawed and punished with death.

  9. wow) "one gun between two man" we meet again..
    about this myth..
    (you can turn on automatic translation if you interest..)

    about purges and repressions in USSR.. there is research about it by Zemskov, he were real historian and spend years at arcives investigated picture of the past.. not Soljenicin crap

  10. I’d like to see him explain why Russia abandoned communism if the people loved it so much. He denies any facts that don’t supports his theory calling them assertions then uses assertions to support his theory’s. he seems to be a good guy with some interesting arguments but its hard to listen to him without thinking this is all a bit hypocritical.

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