1. 1925, it's interesting that the agri-co.ops are still "competing" with the richer peasants the "Kulaks", I'd have thought that by 1925 all land ownership would have already been abolished

  2. You made the translation incorrect so people will think it is a real propaganda. The person who posted this video has a disease called Russophobia.

  3. Primitive peasant Marxism…How foreign and strange to see a small local "general store" owner protrayed as the enemy, worthy of crushing…the abundance of products promised via collectivism compared to the historical reality is striking as well…but I can see why this film might impress the serfs who saw it…

  4. Too bad Rob Jay, next time we'll make sure they won't so they can sit down their asses and help the rest of society like everyone else does.

  5. 1917: Lenin was true to his word; "What we want is a dictatorship of the Proletariat!" After desperate pleas to tone down his rhetoric Lenin backed off from this chilling declaration for a while… 1933-1950 Stalin brought Lenin's nightmare vision to life. My family escaped before the Terror began in earnest.

  6. You have in a few words, exactly explained why communism as an economic model failed..what nobody owns, nobody cares about..the soviet communist laothing of private enterprise made the USSR a wasteland of low producing agriculture sector and constant lack of consumer goods for 74years.

  7. And the percentage of each on the agrarian economy? Here in Romania all of them were organized as state-owned after 1948, and those transformations were practically imposed by Stalinist politicians such as Anna Pauker… Also, was a workers collective farm really independent? I mean, could the workers really take all the profits as shareholders, or did the state impose them a huge tax rate?

  8. Well…Stalin for the most part did not organize the cooperatives as state-owned. There were two official types of farms in the USSR the sovkoz (state owned farms) and kolkhoz (worker's collective farm).

  9. It's absolutely amazing how this "propaganda" from 89 years ago encourages competitive little agrarian property, while the American propaganda nowadays encourages only big food corporations which stuff animals with chemicals and are responsible for millions of cancer cases and deaths around the world… Typical capitalist growth! Sacrificing life for profits.

  10. Well, it would've worked well if Stalin didn't organize cooperatives as state-owned! Come on! Denmark's agriculture is almost entirely WORKERS COOPERATIVES and, with only a few hundred thousand workers, they produce more pork than any other state in the EU! The difference is that Denmark's agriculture is private and the workers are the owners of their cooperative crops as well, not just state employees! What Stalin did was a reactionary theft from working people, and an anticommunist reform.

  11. three drunked farmers and the rich pahomych
    moral – more work , more coins – more drunked , more stupid and commie

  12. bull**** religion is stupid and because of capitalism we got 2 world wars and 1000's of people who die during starvation every day

  13. Neither America nor Russia base their laws on the Bible, Israel however does base its laws on the Torah. Russia and America are more or less secular. But my impression was mostly "I like Stalin because he modernized Russia" as in the End Justify the Means. He may have been a cruel dictator, but to some estimates a 3rd of Russians, it was necessary to modernize Russia.

  14. Hmmm well it's still not so consistent. Stalin is still the most or one of the most popular leaders in History in Russia as he keeps ranking up in the top 3. Hell my dad who was born and raised in Russia likes him. I myself am from Bulgaria and in both countries the successors to the Communist parties are one of the biggest parties, in Bulgaria they are a huge party winning two Presidential terms (their support is mainly from elders). In Russia they're artificially kept down through fraud.

  15. Согласен. Но… почему бы, вместе с дубляжом, на всеобщее обозрение не выкладывать и оригинал?
    It agrees. But… why, together with dubbing-in, on a public inspection not to spread and the original?

  16. What did you ever do in this world to prove your judgement doesn't require proof (it's a rhetorical question, with judgements like that, you can't have done anything)

  17. Also…I've got my problems with Putin myself…but there's no denying that Russia is more free today than it's ever been since at least the first Tsar. 50 years from now, I have no doubt that Russians will have a similar standard of living as Western Europeans.

  18. That was your experience about the USSR its valid. But when I went to Ukraine and Russia myself I spoke with others (mostly retired people) and some middle aged folks who had positive memories about the Soviet times. It can't be denied guaranteed income, housing, and health care means a lot to pensioners and younger people struggling now in the former USSR. The USSR was not perfect and it was not democratic but I can understand the nostalgia I saw when I visited.

  19. Well, the communists would say that Pahomych was rich because he exploited his workers. The attitude that the poor were that way because they were lazy and drunkards was one of the reasons that the revolution happened in the first place. Last time I was in Russia it looked like the country was doing pretty good it's one of the world's fastest growing economies. The Soviet economy didn't do too bad either they did fully industrialize within a generation under Stalin.

  20. Я не говорю по-русски хорошо. Ну … Я говорю по английски, как и большинство людей на этом сайте. Русские не единственные, кто заинтересован в советской истории.

    (My response in very bad Russian

    Well, I am an English speaker as are most of the viewers of this channel. The Subtitles are needed. Russians are not the only ones interested in Soviet history.)

  21. Communism is more of a religion than anything else. Filled with brain-dead morons who can't think for themselves but carry around little books parroting what their great comrade leaders said a century ago.

  22. Заебали уже эти англоязычные титры в старой отечественной анимации!… Невозможно смотреть!…

  23. No. You're not even close. Please research the topic, because your overarching generalizations, hasty conclusions and lack of actual understanding of what you're talking about is painful. People like you make me weep for the future.

  24. Actually the quality of the presentation just furthers the argument for capitalism. Just another proof that a product created for profit is of a much higher quality than one made under the ideals of "from those according to their abilities, to those according to their needs".

    Greed, Lust, Pride.. these things DRIVE innovation.

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