Southeastern Michigan Beacon Community: Improving Diabetic Care

TERRISA DES JARDINS: Detroit’s gone through
its share of rough times. KIMBERLYDAWN WISDOM: We have a very high
rate of poverty. HERBERT SMITHERMAN, JR:It’s where our patient
population is, and all the issues surrounding the social determinants
of health, the behavioral determinants
of health, the environments. WISDOM: Diabetes in Michigan is just
a major epidemic. We haven’t fully tapped
the capabilities of technology in improving health care
from a patient’s perspective. DES JARDINS: One of the initiatives
that we’re pursuing here in southeast Michigan
is the ability to connect with patients
through mobile technologies. They’ll be able to take
a patient assessment, which will connect them to
the resources in the community so that they can seek the care
that they need. SMITHERNMAN: We’re starting with diabetes, but once we establish this
sort of information highway, we can then use it
for other diagnoses. DES JARDINS: We have a
broad-based set of stakeholders working together on this
initiative, from health systems and hospitals
to large employers and small businesses, faith-based organizations, and
other community stakeholders. I’m very optimistic
about the efforts. The community that we’ve engaged to be a part of the Beacon
efforts wouldn’t be here if they weren’t feeling
optimistic about our ability to really have an impact here
in southeastern Michigan.

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