"South Africa & The Far Right" (MIRROR of RATIONAL DISCONNECT)

why should the South Africans who are facing these little brutal situations and being persecuted by their own government not also be allowed there sighs the whites are now living in poverty in greater numbers with an estimated 400,000 of them living in squatter camps it's not politically correct to talk about the genocide of white people by a black majority government that's what's going on in South Africa genocide going on against white South Africans Queensland liberal Andrea lambing says he's been worried by reports white farmers were victims of state-sponsored persecution by mercenaries who have potentially been trained by the state 47 farmers in South Africa get killed by ANC connected communists this is government sanctioned murder they are now targeted for murder targeted for extinction it is a policy of racism and genocide it's not a conspiracy what's most important now is getting information like this out about what's happening to this persecuted minority that is constantly being threatened with genocide by the majority of their countrymen there will be no white farmers left in South Africa within three years some say they don't have that long the whites are being systematically cleansed from the land so South Africa if you're an average person living in the West you probably don't know or quite frankly think that much about South Africa that's most likely because the media doesn't really care about anything that's happening outside of your country but if you've been paying attention to the far-right you've probably heard a lot about it and that's because South Africa has been a talking point of the far-right for decades but with the recent rise of the alt light and alt right we've seen a resurgence in these are right narratives now there's a very good reason why the far-right covers these topics and a lot of other people don't and that's because things are complicated South Africa has a long and very complex history and as I previously stated not many people in the west know anything about it and as we'll see later in the video there isn't a lot of solid clear-cut data for a lot of the problems that are facing South Africa and this creates the perfect environment for the far right to spread misinformation that helps our wider narrowed it now we're gonna look into those larger narratives and how South Africa plays into them in another video but first I think we all need to get caught up and that's gonna involve us learning some history whoa whoa wait come come come back come come back don't worry I already learned all the boring history stuff by myself so we're gonna do is in a more entertaining way the original reason why I was gonna do this video was because of Lorne Southern she's been talking about South Africa a lot with an upcoming documentary where she focuses on poor whites in South Africa and given the fact that she has a history of citing open racists as her source you know I can't be racist I'm just quoting statistics oh by the way my first source is a fucking Nazi saying she thinks that anecdotes should count as evidence I think you should know what is going on on the ground sure but the way of anecdote I think we need to know what it's not no it's not it's absolutely not it's absolutely not that is not the plural of anecdote data is a carefully constructed and collected thing and pretending that Paris's culture has been utterly destroyed because she walked around a neighborhood and didn't see French braids anyway [Applause] I thought it would be a pretty easy and fun video to the bunk but then I found this it's a video where she's addressing why she's only focusing on white people in South Africa and basically what she says is that the mainstream media is biased because they only cover black South Africans and not news about white South Africans and because of this bias she's gonna create her own video that is also biased because it only focuses on white people and ignores black South Africans Lauren why are you only focusing on white people in this country why are you focusing on white murders white struggle all this is it some sort of like everyone in South Africa faces issues the crime rates they affect all the people so why am I talking about white people well there are two different reasons that I'm doing it and the first one is the international coverage and what they decide to talk about entire families massacred crucified raped and are lucky if it makes the local freakin paper here but I'm focusing specifically on this one story because the other media refused to report on it is politically incorrect to report on it it is just taboo to talk about so based on that as far as I'm concerned she just admitted that she's purposefully creating a biased documentary and that combined with the fact that white South Africans are still far richer than black South Africans and that the numbers of people are in these shanty towns are vastly overstated and from everything that we can see from her trailers it seems like it's all just anecdotal interviews I figured that it would actually be too easy to debunk that video in fact I just did it already it's the her whole documentaries debunked so that brings us to this video by stefan molyneux because it's actually one of the most comprehensive videos that i found on the topic stefan and simon roche more on him later basically cover the entire history of south africa and they managed to hit just about every single far-right talking point when it comes to south africa so this video was an utter buffet of bullshit in fact I'm not even gonna be able to address everything that they either lie about or just muddy the waters on so before we go any further let's talk about Simon really quickly this video was one of many that he appeared in during his US tour back in 2017 during this tour he seemed to focus mainly on speaking with people from the alt-right and that's because the reason for his tour was to raise funding for the organization that he works with Swede Landers their mission is to gather resources and manpower to deal with what they claim is an impending white genocide in South Africa but once you dig past all the fake and skewed statistics you'll find out that this is all based on the prophecies of a man called Nicholas Vaughn Rentschler who was a Calvinist Boer who made a bunch of vague prophesies back during World War one and in these prophecies he predicted black people taking over South Africa and then there being a war of atrocities between them and the whites where a small number of whites eventually took control issuing in a new paradise you said the Afrikaners will rise again and regain their freedom the nation will take their destiny into their own hands we have great silence before the storm I see a pail full of blood toppling forming from the pail arrives the Fiat clear flag to fly again over a free nation so like I said in this video they briefly covered the history of Africa but we're gonna skip forward a little bit so let me catch you up the speed unfortunately a lot of the time when we look at African history we tend to do it through the lens of when white people showed up and because of the topics were covering we're gonna be doing that in this case so the TLDR is that in 1852 the very first Dutch settlers landed on the Cape of South Africa and after that French and German settlers also showed up these people would go on to form the core of the Boer people later known as afrikaners it's important to distinguish the difference between them in the English who later showed up because those two groups never got along and eventually these groups of people start to push further and further into the interior of South Africa 125 years down the line here comes a commander of this the fort at the Cape of Good Hope captain and he wanted to engage in the slave trade but they were no broad-shouldered Redskin people to be exploited he wants to get his hands on station I took him two years to find the first black skinned people between Cape Town and the slave trading ports on the other east coast of Africa he found him on the great fish River South Africa so that means that around about 45% Maps a little bit more of South Africa had never been occupied by other black people of the time so this is one of the first big narratives to pop up and we see a both Simon and Stephane make sure to push on this point multiple times so at that point in time 1858 was when there was first big contact big conflict between the boys who'd gone into the hinterland and the black tribes who were beyond the great fish river in that sort of 50% 55% of South Africa that was indeed occupied although by this time as recorded extensive by particularly the London Missionary Society and Journal after Journal and report after report the the hinterland was utterly depopulated so we have I mean for almost 200 years we have the expansion into generally unoccupied territory I mean it's like setting up your farms on the Antarctic you know maybe maybe this place a few penguins but you're not really impacting human settlements but let's remember for us largely unpopulated land and what they're talking about here is the myth that much of the land in South Africa was unoccupied before white settlers arrived and I say that it's a myth because there's no anthropological evidence supporting it and we have evidence contradicting it this myth dates back to before 1866 and it was originally created by Europeans to justify their move into these lands fast-forward to the beginnings of apartheid and we'll also see that it was the underpinnings of the natives llandaff this Act created ten home lands which black Africans were then forcibly moved into and of course while making these homelands White's made sure that they got to keep the best farmland ultimately this meant that 70% of the population was crammed into only 13% of the land we'll talk a little bit more about the homelands later in the video so the Bournemouth claims the Bantu people move southward into the area of the fish river around the same time that the Boers moved northward from Cape Town during the Great Trek but archaeological evidence shows that the Bantu people exists in an area as early as 300 seee with a second migration in the 12th century that was 400 years before the Boers showed up in the 17th century and in those 400 years they intermixed with the Kois and people who already existed there for over a millennia before the Boer showed up the British not having any South Africa succeeding eventually in beating these 45,000 measurements do and they a population at the time just about 2 million salts in 1950 they famously did a census of their own again to assist for themselves what resources they were taking up in the country and of that population was then 5 million the white population was just about 2 million but the population of blacks under whites a rural but on white authority has been steadily increasing and that is not much people have to think about when they think of you know the decimation of colonial powers are destroying the local population driving the markets and into the ocean and in degrades Nowell between 1950 of the year 2000 the black population as we seen when from civilians family now goes from in 240 million and Eightfold increase in two generations it's a phenomenon and these are the things that make us so frustrated these egregious facts and figures that the world overlooks and we believe it's deliberate because how can such phenomena not be acknowledged okay so this is another weird argument that's brought up multiple times it's weird for two reasons the first is that it's all around a bad argument the fact that the black population grew in this time period says nothing to delimit conditions that they were in or to how they lived as second classes since when compared to whites for example the black population grew in America under slavery even after was made illegal to import new slaves and the black population continued to grow even more under Jim Crow but that doesn't mean that their quality of life was good or that they had freedoms and the second reason why this is a weird argument is because of stefan molyneux whose politics concerning this is a man who thinks that taxes are oppressive he seems very quick to excuse them whoring conditions that black Africans lived under are you against the horrors of the permanent underclass that has been created by government education in the welfare state does your conscience say but this is monstrous and evil and is the most destructive thing that has ever been foisted on the poor outside of the medieval goddamn plague if you're a cow in an electrified paddock and you want to spray paint on your side I don't lack meat paddocks family doesn't care to stay in the goddamn fence said you can do whatever you want the fence is your money the fence is your obedience which is enforced upon you so when your friends say to you I want so-and-so to be in power I want so-and-so to be in power I'm in favor of the war I'm in social security national debts you name it what they are saying to you to your face is if you act upon your conscience and cease to support that which is morally repugnant to you and destructive to the lives are literally of millions of people if you act on that which is right I want you kidnapped and thrown in jail for years you are reigned by the snipers of statism and those who support you being thrown in jail for following your conscience that is the stakes that were at your range buy weapons and you say to people put down the weapons let's reason about this put down the weapons let's reason about how to solve problems in society had about fix things how to get things done so that people don't get caged so the unborn don't get sold off and stolen from so that the solution to problems is not always more guns more laws more fucking cages let's just reason together and see if we can't find a way to have a society which is not murder based which is not cage based which is not violence based this is something that is often underappreciated in this sort of general demonizing Europeans need demonizing of Christianity demonizing of Lights it has swung too far of course criticisms can be leveled upon all occupying powers all governments at all times the question is where would you rather live but the population of blacks under whites a rule but on white authority has been steadily increasing and that is not much people have to think about when they think of you know the decimation of colonial powers and destroying the local population driving them off collapse and into the ocean and integrates just because they had a lot of kids doesn't mean that they weren't poorly treated this is another thing that people sort of me to understand a little bit about South Africa and and poverty as a whole that you know if generally if you know white people are East Asian people get a lot of resources they end up you know focusing on careers and learning how to play the flute and learning how to do Kabuki theater with skiing gloves and stuff but what happens with other populations if you give them a lot of resources or there's more money or food around they just have a whole lot more kids and that of course is the big challenge when it comes to trying to solve the problem of poverty that's not saying that the best contraception is industrialization that's not true for all plantations around the world reality is that some people will react in a certain way okay so this Laurium it goes by really quick and most people wouldn't even think that much of it but both Simon and Stefan know where their messaging towards and the alt-right is all about this and that's because these are all right race realist means specifically the are case selection theory so the point here is to imply that black people will inherently invest a small amount of resources in many children rather than invest a large amount of resources in a few number of children like whites and when they have resources they'll squander them the other stant they like to ignore is that our case selection theory doesn't apply to different races of humans in scientific terms it applies to different species the reproductive organs and how their offspring develop after now there are some people in the race realest community who try to argue that black people are actually different species so arguably you know we could arguably be considered different species this is not to mention the amount of separate evolution that we've gone through individually away from them and but we are definitely by any standard of the imagination different subspecies you know I think that's perfectly reasonable I've tried coaxing was out of a few different scientists and they they tend to just kind of you know silently give a nod of a head without actually saying it because it's so unpleasant say look there are different subspecies here but I thought it was particularly funny there's this guy on Twitter I'm following his Chinese guy and every now and again he tweets Chinese women do not do not mate with other species it ruins integrity of Chinese species so and there are others who have abandoned this on a biological sense and I've instead created the idea of psychological or case selection theory which doesn't have any evidence behind it ignores that for humans environmental factors have bigger consequences than biological differences so let's take a look at the environmental differences between black and white South Africans so between 1950 in 1986 1.5 million black Africans were forcibly relocated to the ten homelands which we already discuss once there they were not allowed to freely move they could only leave a homeland if given permission they also had to carry passports at all times and were regularly beaten by police if found outside of the homelands the prices have been enforced South Africa for a very long time among the main and it has become very clear that the pass system in South Africa is the basis of forced and cheap led not to impose such a system of only African women is to create hardships African women will have to produce these parties on demand if they fail to do so they will be arrested in the streets they will be stopped at stations they will be stopped as they visit one another in the locations and with a haven by those parties they will be stopped immediately and brought before the court because of a lack of resources in government neglect these homelands turned into slums the new apartheid state relied on black labor under the system black Africans were only allowed to do menial labor and the education system was even molded around this as we can see in this quote from Hendrik Evert who was South Africa's minister of native affairs it was later their prime minister there's no place for the Bantu in the European community above the level of certain forms of labour what's the use of teaching the Bantu child mathematics when it cannot use it in practice that is quite absurd education must train people in accordance with opportunities in their life according to the sphere in which they live he then went on to help pass the Bantu education act of 1953 this act ensured that White's would always get better access to education than black people black schools only received 1/5 of what white schools were given this is because he thought that black children should only be educated to a level that they could be wood haulers in water drawers this is one of the routes that still haunts South Africa to this very day remember we're not even a generation removed from the end of apartheid so large portions of the black population stepped into freedom with very little education which is one of the reasons why we still see such a big income gap and as we can see in other countries poorer people tend to have more children and as they become wealthier they have fewer children this is currently happening in South Africa as more and more black people move into the middle class so this argument holds no water and it also ignores science and the history of South Africa well if any of the liberal viewers of your own channel even make a pilgrimage to Nelson Mandela's house in Soweto they'll pass the world's largest Hospital on the left-hand side on old Potts road it's called to Chris Hani marijuana's Hospital the world the largest hospital in the world was built in the middle of Soweto that is what permits people who assist them if they don't write themselves in to produce phenomenal population expand expansion such as with all due respect you viewers Europeans and Americans don't comprehend they they just have no frame of reference to appreciate this I don't know explosion so let's pause for a second and take a deeper look into this hospital at Simon's talking about like a lot of the things that they talk about in this video it seems like a very small innocuous point but once you dig deeper you find out a lot of very interesting things for instance the fact that this hospital has been a large part of Afrikaner nationalists propaganda since apartheid originally it started as a military hospital but under apartheid it found itself within the sweated township which was a segregated area which was formed when blacks were forcibly removed from Johannesburg and then it became a civilian hospital for the black residents the apartheid government used the hospital as a showpiece originally they talked a lot about its size similar to Simon's hospital and of course because it was in a homeland it suffered funding like everything else for example in 1988 a hundred and one doctors from that Hospital signed an open letter calling the conditions disgusting and despicable this was because the apartheid government was only spending twenty two dollars per black patient in the hospital it served two million people compared to the hundred dollars that was spent per person in Johannesburg General which only served five hundred thousand White's it turns out that they didn't even have enough money for beds and despite its massive size it was overcrowded and people were sleeping on floors so it seems pretty dishonest to act like having a big Hospital and access to health care was good for black people when it turns out that the hospital was overcrowded and they were getting worse care than white people despite being a majority in the country and it was not in the spirit of a sort of Christian conservatism you know this is not to say the be entirely benevolent everybody else is bad but the reality is that kind of benevolence where you build the world's biggest Hospital for people that you're oppressing didn't occur in Mozambique Angola and in Congo Zaire under the buildings but it was very much a product of the hard tough were Afrikaner people years apart a year siliceous then guess the other but there was always a kind of thing in the background of we will be judged if we don't do it be a minimum for the people if we have to cruel and too hard we're gonna get punished would you know this Christian is it is a core core characteristic of the people so tell me we can't build hospitals and schools and what-have-you that didn't happen in other colonial environments with the results that you discuss in this video both Simon and Steffen work overtime to pull out these apartheid apologetics well see later in the video they try and push the blame for apartheid onto the English they also completely ignore focusing on any of the negatives of part ID while only playing up the supposed benefits of it which at the most were scraps thrown to the black population so that the white population could prosper none of these things were being done have altruism they were simply doing the bare minimum to maintain a pool of cheap labour it's it's very important to clarify one thing apartheid was begun by the British after their success in ever world war in 1902 that was the British who Senhora these offer cards have been here for a while they're living in more or less peace with the blacks is that done nobody's suggesting that the offer corner boys would not dominant but there is not convict there is an absence of conflicts and the two parties are occupying Maurice the same way the same territory the same sovereign states but one is in is a really nice instance the others are second-class citizens but the fact remains there okay the British then devised various techniques and strategies which later became known as a party well in advance of the politics up to fifty years before and their extensive Raquin suppose even if the English did start apartheid that's still pretty irrelevant considering apartheid took place under the Afrikaner rule but when you actually do look into it like Simon suggests you turned out that he's not being entirely accurate now the English definitely did set up restrictive measures which were a prelude to apartheid but one of the most significant and drastic things that led up to apartheid which was the native lands Act of 1913 happened under an Afrikaner parliament and this was after South Africa was established as a country at the end of the second Boer War in 1910 so the Afrikaners had control the parliament for three years before they passed this act once again when you look at this argument it doesn't even stand on its face and when you go deeper it turns out that it's not even supported by facts I mean this is clearly being done to trying to absolve the Boer people of any responsibility for apartheid and in the intervening period South Africa was an extraordinary successful country wealthy middle class not not egregiously wealthy not not stinking rich but everybody a comfortable laugh of course there was a tier of second-class citizens in the form of the black African people and we color people think about what he just said for a second not everyone was rich there was a comfortable middle class of course there were some second-class citizens but everyone lived comfortably that is unless you were 70 percent of the population who are living in militarized slums fuck you Simon and this has nothing to do with any particular preference for any race or ethnicity my particular concern is as much for the blacks in South Africa as it is for any other group because if the general idea the population swells because higher IQ groups are in charge and then if those higher IQ groups are displaced then what happens is the conditions that have allowed for the creation of a larger population if those begin to fall apart then you face the death of millions of people you know through starvation through war through disease through infant mortality you create a new center stage for a staggering amount of suffering and so the idea that well you know we've just clapped apartheid and now everything's gonna be sunshine roses and magic ponies is extraordinarily dangerous because there is a large population right now in South Africa and in other places of course and if the conditions can't be continued to be met then allow for the continuance of that high population let alone its increase well what's what's going to happen so this is an interesting argument because I don't know what Stefan would have actually wanted because as we've already seen the apartheid government worked to keep black people under educated many well-educated whites left South Africa taking their capital with them so of course South Africa is struggling it's suffering the ripple effects of apartheid to this very day you would think that someone likes Stefan who's so preoccupied with the tyranny of governments with value freedoms more highly he's essentially saying that it was okay that black people were oppressed because they were able to have a better life than other Africans I mean he's also generalizing the IQ of all the black people living in South Africa he doesn't show any evidence that low IQ black people are moving into governmental positions it's just as likely that black people with comparable IQs the white people are moving into government these arguments reek of the white man's burden which is the idea that way people have a burden to help dumber in for your races who otherwise couldn't help themselves and apartheid and I'm not entirely sure that the causes of apartheid the productivity of apartheid regardless of have a look at this morally economically was enormously productive so that was a really quick assertion which they never actually backed up and it turns out that it isn't even true the apartheid economy wasn't that particularly strong in fact that was one of the reasons why they moved away from it despite the fact that unemployment is up the economy has grown significantly since the end of apartheid and wages have increased I'm not sure that there was a very clear sense of how things were going to work other than magic pixie dust difficult airiness and democracy is going to make everything even better than it was before was there anything else in place that I wasn't aware of that that was gonna add in this transition is very much to do with this conservative Christian ethic thing it was easy relatively easy to persuade people to do this unprecedented thing I mean almost unprecedented in history where a group of people says oh all right then you know we feel so guilty we're so bad with such nasty people go on you can have it of course there were many people who said this is going to end badly but by and large people didn't want to be responsible for being the bad guy what they had done what was necessary build up this terrific society this exceptional society and then started to think well you know but too nasty so it was easy to twist people's perspective you know from inside moments now the argument that it was some type of Christian white guilt that led to the end of apartheid is pretty ridiculous because there were a number of factors from outside international sanctions against South Africa to the fall of communism which relieved a lot of fears and also the increase of clashes and riots that killed hundreds of people which sprung up around the assassination of anti-apartheid activists all of these things were contributing factors to say that it was just because of white guilt is patently absurd and let's talk a little bit about the crime the crime is for those who you know maybe if you live in inner cities in America or other places it's somewhat comprehensible but for most of us the level of crime the the fear of being outside your own home the fear sometimes of being inside your own home the need for sort of barbed wire and and safe rooms and and weaponry and so on let look it just just gives us a look us through though the numbers of murders under apartheid versus the number of murders occurring every year in South Africa the moment I think this the reference point that I can give is that South Africa was known for the fact that nobody had brought in walls during apposite and that's indicative of just how safe it was to live in South Africa now everything has changed quite drastically too so this is a pretty weird anecdotal argument that he's making about walls around people's houses which I don't even know how to verify but even assuming that it is true the reason why people didn't have walls around their homes before is pretty clear it's because the walls were built around all of the poor people and as we know crime is correlated with poverty so if you have all the poor people stuck in concentration camps and only let them out under strict military watch of course the white rich population isn't going to have to have walls now everything has changed quite drastically the number of murders of whites by black people since the beginning of apartheid is around about 74,000 nobody is certain the best extrapolations and records show something like 74,000 the danger multiple is 0.44 meaning that as a three year old or three year old South African little girl record or as a 90 year old granny you stand just about half the chance of being murdered as you would have if you'd fought as a soldier in the Vietnam War okay so now we're getting into the really dangerous means the first thing to note is that crime statistics in South Africa are very poorly kept so nobody has a really clear picture of the crime rates for anything in South Africa now there are simons numbers or my numbers are based on solid data everything that I was able to find was working with the best numbers available but none of them are exact and crime absolutely is an issue in South Africa it's hard to find any solid numbers for crimes like theft and rape for example but we do know that those rates along with the murder rate are higher than those in Western countries but the interesting thing is that murder rates have been on decline since the end of apartheid so despite the crime rate being very high it's significantly lower than it was under the apartheid system in fact we can see that at the end of apartheid in 1994 there were an average of 74 murders a day that is dropped to 49 per day in 2015 despite a population growth of about 40% and the whole narrative that whites are disproportionately in danger isn't supported by the data in fact whites are much less likely to be murdered than black people are this is supported by an analysis that was done in 2009 of over 1300 murder dockets this analysis found that over 80% of those cases the victims were Africans White's only accounted for 1.8 percent of the cases despite being over 8% of the population now you have to keep in mind that that data is very old but it's the most recent data that exists there are no numbers to back up simon's claims in fact one of the big problems when it comes to statistics on the farm attacks is that the race the victims aren't kept so despite there being a 23% increase of farm attacks in 2016 to 2017 we don't know the race of those victims and I don't even know where he gets that 74,000 number from it seems like he might have gotten it from this South African singer and she doesn't cite any sources in fact every time that I found this number nobody can back it up and in a few instances when they've been challenged they have realized their numbers and that's because like I said there's no statistics backing this stuff up well and the sentiment missus even as of 2002 60 % of South Africans said the life was better under apartheid which it wholly ended eight years earlier and then you know this is when it's to me sort of like a trajectory like when a society is going hopped and a decision is made that fundamentally undermines the forward or up the progress of that society there's momentum you know the the infrastructure it doesn't fall apart all at once and the economy doesn collapse all at once it slowly goes out of focus you know like I cited your fifties or something like it slowly goes out of focus and so even just eight years after the end people sixty percent of people said that was better under apartheid oh hey now this one was a rabbit hole mostly because none of the claims that anybody makes in this video are supported by citations anywhere by the way if you want to do any further reading I've left links in the description to everything that I've talked about citing all of my sources because I actually care about facts so the 60% number that Steffen quotes most likely comes from this Guardian article but it turns out that when you actually dig into the survey that they reference you won't find that figure anywhere the two questions that you will find our government under apartheid where a majority 57.8 rated apartheid under a four on a scale we're worse was a zero and the best was a ten there was also questioned current system with the last two political parties where a majority sixty-two percent rated the current government at a five or higher when asked is your life today better about the same or worse than it was under apartheid forty eight point one percent said that it was better or much better in only twenty nine point seven percent said that it was worse or much worse and date as recent as 2016 supports this although the favorability numbers are slightly lower so Stefan's 60 percent claim is completely wrong and is he is an example another statistic that people really need to digest more people are murdered in one week under African rule than died under detention of the Afrikaner government of the course of forty years more people are murdered in one week and then who died in detention or do they have the kind of government over forty years saying it's different because the people don't know they said I mean it very sincerely you doing something you with all due respect I've got appreciate fully what you do by exposing these these truths okay so once again this just isn't a statistic he's probably reading this straight out of an article on the National Review but the problem is that they don't cite any data and that's because they're just quoting something that a woman named a lot of Mercer has said whose a lot of Mercer you might ask well she regularly writes for Jared Taylor's American Renaissance with articles that have such as this let not the swirl of statistics conceal the flesh-and-blood causalities of this black-on-white offensive South Africa's farmers undeniably are the focus of ethnocide contrary to the Syrians and Somalis streaming into the United States they would make fabulous refugees President Trump and this an aging white population is speeding up diversity bled a headline in the hill the reverse is likely true corrected the hill headline should have read could speeding up diversity contribute to a decline in the white population the now waning West became great not because it was more populated than the rest of the world and out breaded the West was great because of its human capital innovation exploration science philosophy because of superior ideas and the willingness to defend such civilization and she's also the author of into the cannibals pot lessons for America from post-apartheid South Africa gee that sounds like a fucking unbiased source and even if these numbers did exist who cares because ultimately he's comparing two totally different things one is a murder rate of the entire population and the other is a murder rate of people detained by a government who are under their oversight but I guess if we had to take all that into account we wouldn't be able to push the narrative that blacks are in hand we a bunch of violent savages now would we so let's take a quick detour to something that is not reported on much in the West which is these um the farm murders and here we're going to bring in the term which many experts have brought into it's not just a term that we event bending back and forth but this question of genocide and according to the human rights organization genocide watch South Africa is at a pre tiene side stage 6 of hate which is preparation and a hate of course is extermination so you never want to be anywhere on that continuum but you sure as hell don't wanna be closer to 8 than you wanted 1 so a small amount of credit to Stefan here he doesn't actually say genocide watches saying that there's currently a white genocide in South Africa as many Afrikaner nationalists open racists and Simon himself has said but he and Simon are still overstating the significance of this genocide watch rating the first thing to keep in mind is that just because it's not a six now doesn't mean that it's gonna progress nobody can predict the future we don't know how things are gonna go and we don't know what's going to have to happen to move that number up or down another thing to keep in mind is that other organizations that track genocides and the risks of genocides don't have South Africa as a significant risk or even at a risk at all there are also issues with the data that genocide watch uses and the fact that they aren't transparent with their methods finding in South Africa's most dangerous occupation on the planet there are more murders per capita for farmers in South Africa than on any other community in the entire planet that isn't currently in a war zone it is more dangerous to be a white farmer as you just see then it needs to be a policeman in Guatemala now when we speak about farmers we speak about the family not the male in these statistics so that means that you've got more chance of dying as a four-year-old daughter in a farm State in South Africa then you have if you're a policeman it was Hana once again comparing the likelihood of white people being murdered in South Africa to police officers being killed in Guatemala is ludicrous because there just isn't a solid data supporting that and when it comes to farm attacks specifically the most recent numbers that we have come from a 2003 inquiry which found that 38.4% of farm attack victims were white which granted these numbers are incredibly old and they can't be applied to current trends but like I pointed out that's the most recent data Simon has nothing granted the attacks that do happen are absolutely a problem and in some cases are extremely brutal but when we actually look at the numbers it turns out that none of this is supported by data hate crimes because if it was merely they want you all if they want your cell phone they want whatever it is you've got then this torture and rape a mutilation and someone which we talked about 300 of years ago in in South Africa would be entirely unnecessary but these are ideological crimes these are hate crimes these are race war provoking crimes that are predicated largely on against socialist fuel lefty fuels resentment are farmers who were doing better just as the Communists did in Russia when they went to all the poor farmers and said all those farmers already rich because they'd stolen everything from you and then they took the land for the mow productive farmers and gave it to the less productive farmers everyone stop damn well the guys these are crimes of ideology they are not crimes of poverty so once again this is an assumption there isn't any recent data on this the latest numbers that we can find or once again from 2003 that inquiry found that the vast majority of attacks had robbery as the main motivation once again these numbers are extremely old and we can apply numbers from 2003 to 2007 teen I guess it's up to you to decide if old data or no data is better in this situation probably the best thing to do in this situation is not make inferences whatsoever but you can't scare the shit out of people with that so if there is as has been talked about by a variety of government representatives a forced nationalization of this land how does this not become a race war I can't imagine I can't imagine knowing what I do about it they have to kind of said a lot of them just gonna say well that's fine we'll give up our land we go live in the squatter camps along with hundreds of thousands of other whites they've been rendered unemployable by more than 100 segregation race-based laws they don't coming to effect since the end of apartheid even more than they were under apartheid whoa whoa hundreds of thousands of whites live in squatter camps instead of hundreds of thousands I think what he meant to say was around 31,000 and those numbers are even pretty sketchy this is only briefly focused on in this video but this is a pretty big talking point within the far right in fact that's mostly laurens others the interesting thing is that despite early white flight from South Africa and affirmative action programs whites are still the wealthiest people in South Africa in fact the average white South African earns five times more than the average black South African you know everybody who's out there who watches this who who listens to this you now have an obligation this is the great price of knowledge with knowledge comes responsibilities and obligations if you know how to cure disease well guess what now you're the guy who's responsible for curing the disease so wow we're actually gonna end this video on a point of agreement I agree that with knowledge there does come responsibility I hope that I've given you enough information to help debunk this far-right propaganda and to go out and challenge it that's gonna be the end of this video and the second part we're gonna explore how these narratives work outside of South Africa and where they fit into the larger far-right narrative since you've made you said end this video which I want to thank you very much for sticking it out think it's safe to say that you found this video useful if you did please give it a like and tell me what you thought of it in the comments below and please consider sharing this either to like-minded people or people who might be challenged by it if you really like this video please consider becoming a patron to help me make future higher quality videos I want to thank both three arrows and Claudia Brown who are both kind enough to take the time to record voice orders for this video and I want to thank the MOA who provided a lot of help for research on this video if you don't already follow their channels please go do so they are fantastic I also want to thank all of my fantastic patrons who are currently scrolling up the screen right now I also want to give a very special thank you to you and Wartell Poehler Robin Liam Wadi Jenny Messer Zoe tropes Google Hushabye Valley or I'll give you swirly sleepy slug Adam zero zero and Miss contrary your support has really helped to improve my videos I cannot thank you enough

  1. 9:50 "The Hinterland was utterly depopulated." Accidental truth bomb. He meant unpopulated. The evidence says otherwise.

  2. In my opinion "white genocide" ranks as one of the best jokes ever told, makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  3. I am only addressing this video to the lousy lying left liberals, I am focussing on what is deliberately left out of the Left narative. The Right is as bad though.
    Apartheit must have been terrible. The black population grew under Apartheit by a factor of EIGHT! (Your figures). Government (Apartheit) education and better health care contributed. From 1946 to 2004, real wages (corrected for inflation) doubled, then doubled again. Wages have now shrunk by a 6th. (Gapminder). In 1998, average life expectancy was 74, it's now 62. After 80 years of decline (under various regimes), child mortality has rise in the last 18 years.

    The only remaining resource for the ruling class to plunder is land and fixed property. All the other sources of plunder are insolvent and bankrupt.

    I live near Alexandra Township population 800 000 -, 800 to 1050 murders a year. New Zealand, a country of over 4 million has under 500 homicides, about half of which are murders. Alexandra police identified 11% of the murderers in 2016 and achieved a 6% prosecution rate for that year.

    I am very liberal but the crap spread by The Left, the Right and EFF is sickening…

  4. 17:08 Who's gonna tell her that the scientists didn't dismiss her because she was being "politically incorrect", but because she was just incorrect lolol

  5. I'm South African, white and an Afrikaans person.

    I confirm EVERYTHING claimed in this video based on my personal experience of my alt right family and the broader racism and paranoia of the culture I was raised in as well as what's going on in the media here.

    I live in a rural farming town. There's a lower murder rate here than in the cities, and my neighbours consider the sporting goods store burning down the most exciting event of the season.

    Still they are constantly paranoid about the supposed threat… While nothing actually happens.

    There's no political arrests. No dissapearing leadership. They run openly for seats in parliament. They march openly without state oppression being officious. They can organise mass group meetings, organise online, have a voice on broadcast media like Afrikaans language radio broadcasts and television shows.

    They own 85% of our country's GDP/wealth still. We live predominantly in multi room brick buildings, they in tin shacks or one room buildings.

    I receive good relatively unbiased care at a hospital from mostly black nurses and doctors. I buy groceries in stores owned by black people where these people defer to me for my white race even though they are the ruling faction because we are still upper class to them.

    Basically these far right people are off their fucking heads and stuffed with fake news and crazy beliefs.

    They're just bitter about their loss of privileged position.

    The reason nobody covers them is because they're bulshit.

    Ain't nobody got time for that.

  6. white people: colonize and forcibly segregate land that is already occupied by other people
    those people: eventually rise up to retake their land and reform the social systems that keep them down
    white people: "iT's A wHiTe GeNoCiDe!!!!111!!!!!!11!1!!1!!!!!!!!!"

  7. No black people in S.Africa? Really?! Even so, isn't that where you want all the black people they imported to return? People leave themselves bare, you don't want them near you but you encroach and won't leave, so you really want them extinct. There is no other option. Some people are likem starved locust and white ones are just enough empowered to ruin everything, including themselves.

    Injustice is a byproduct of some aspect of human nature extreme in some: greed/self-destruction and a dysfunctional economic system: capitalism.

  8. I just saw the comments of alt-right supposedly censoring the video. Is that really true? Cause I'm on a little on the right about South Africa.

  9. those whites supremacist almost kill my uncle in Angola, but to be fair is what war is about, he tells that he can not beliebe his eyes, "they where blue eyes blondes racist in africa!, they got a lot of work to ensure they political views" not like UNITA, who was the enemies he was acostumed, " a treacherous group only interest in they own benefits in prejudice of those arround them" , pretty much without knowing it, describes almost all human organizations.

  10. No offense, but… the Afrikaaner settlers, the 'boer'… it's not pronounced 'bore'. Or 'boar'. Though certainly plenty could, I'm sure, be dull piggies. It's pronounced "boo-er" with the final 'r' being tapped, halfway between r and d (much like in Japanese).

  11. Foreign Right Wingers: South African Whites are being culled why won't anyone DO ANYTHING???
    Me, a White South African living a super privileged life: Uh……….. we're fine?

    I mean, no, I'm not saying we don't have violence. HELL do we have violence! So much violence. So much terrible crime. And a lot of it violent murder. But stats lie, and people lie even more. South Africans are all at risk. Yes, economics come into it: if more rich people are white (and they are), then statistically there will be more theft/break-ins of rich white people. And if the majority of poor people are non-white (and they are), then poverty-connected crimes will be perpetuated by more non-white people.

    This is not to say that there are not rich non-white folk, or very poor white folk. There are. And indeed within the corrupt government — worst under Zuma — there is a huge demo of very wealthy Xhosa and Zulu folk. Those people are the exception, and do nothing to help out their fellows. And I very rarely see a white person begging on the street. So rarely that one has the thought 'I wonder how they got into this situation?' since I have the inbuilt expectation that whites will be living better lives here. There is a terrifying juxtaposition of poverty and opulence, areas where holiday homes worth millions overlook hundreds of people living in leaky shacks.

    Our country has a lot of problems. A lot of racial problems. A lot of criminal problems. But White Genocide isn't one of them.

  12. “More people are murdered in one under African rule than who died in detention under the afrikanner government” 😂🤣🤣🤣 these two are delusional.

  13. Hey you! Today I am a racially segregated Peter!


    ::BIG TEXT::



  14. Just FYI — Molyneux isn't a political pundit. He's the leader of an internet philosophical cult. I double-checked Toronto newspapers and confirmed he used to use his therapist wife's office as a recruiting ground before expanding to the internet. She was censured for it and everything. More than once. Its all on the official record.

    You don't need to debunk his videos. Just get people who quote him to read the wikihow for "how to start a cult" and remind them that Molyneux insists on manually approving people to his discussion boards and never breaks eye contact with the camera.

    After 10 minutes of research at a library, you'll realize the guy is just a parasite following an algorithm and repeating other people's talking points.

  15. I've been binge watching this channel and as a South African I was pleasantly surprised with this video. The white genocide mythology on YouTube has gotten out of control.

  16. So we are gonna ignore the fact that he used Wikipedia and also forgot to mention BEE in South-africa. 1% or less than 1% of people care about the expropriation without compensation in South-africa. However murder and crime is an everyday problem in South-africa, the farm murders stand out because they are classified as "Robberies gone wrong" and are extremely brutal.

    Last thing I want to say is that he used WIKIPEDIA!

  17. Lauren Southern is a racist asshole?
    Oh shock!

    Also Stefan Molyneux is a poison on humanity.

    Also there is at least 1 other subspecies of homo sapiens, Neanderthals. And who has the most neanderthal DNA among modern humans? Europeans!

  18. I'm a white South African. I live here. I promise you, there are no hordes of angry black people in my neighbourhood. Well, okay, there are, but they're mostly just walking to work because our transport system works about as well as Donald Trump's brain. We're better off now than we were under the Apartheid government. For a start, we have freedoms. For another, we no longer have nuclear weapons controlled by batshit crazy religious fundamentalists. Policemen cannot arrest us without cause and hold us without trial for months. We can engage in international travel. It's not necessary to be a Christian in order to hold a government job. People don't get disappeared by government forces in the middle of the night. we don't throw gays in prison anymore. Married women can have their own bank accounts and get contraception without consulting their husband. The men who invented and enforced Apartheid were literal Nazis. They thought Hitler was cool. This is a matter of historical record. This country was a festering hell hole in Apartheid, and I would fight to the death to stop it coming back. I don't like our current government, but they're not Nazis, and I'd rather have them than those evil fuckers. It's better now. It's a lot better. Nobody is genociding me or my family. If black South Africans wanted to kill us all, they're taking their sweet time about it, because they could do it in about a week if they wanted to. They don't want to, because they're not psychotic maniacs. You know, like most people. They do want some land, and it would probably be a good idea to give them some.

    Can someone tell her that they are North AFRICAN ???

  20. That’s why I’m able to talk to AnCaps/Libertarians. Once they understand that state power is a problem, it’s not that hard to get a lot of them to understand how capitalism will always create state power, whether it takes on the form of a country or a corporation.

  21. Thanks for the video. I watched the alt right video first and was suprised by their facts but i didn't fact check deep enough, then i found a comment leading me here. It was great to see a strong counter argument. I really appreciate the effort put into this video. Good counter arguments protect the masses who are being led astray when they trust people who lead them astray with false information. Bravo. Subscribed

  22. Great how you use Wikipedia to support your claims of prior black habitation of the land……Wikipedia is never wrong folks, and they are definitely not agenda riven in any way,,,,,always remember that…. This guy is really not very good at dismantling far right talking points.

  23. Far Right whites are just using the SA drama as an alarmist opportunity. Like SJW feminists that point to instances of "oppression" (whether its a legit case or not) the white farmers' ordeal is now "irrefutable proof" that the poor wypipo are now an endangered species, or, something.

  24. I have to admit. As a white South African at first I actually fell for Lauren Southern at first. Mostly because I had recently read on the news about white farmers in my area who were tortured to death on the news and also hearing on the news some of our politicians blatantly spouting hate speech about white people. But then I went and looked at statistics and realised how rediculous it was. Yes bad shit is happening but it is happening way worse to black people. I know I sound super intellectual right now… I have a cold so my brain isn't working properly. But seriously, we're fine. Everything is fucked up and it's everyone's fault. And it's just a whole big complex fuck up. But really if you talk to your average Joe, most people just want to get on with their lives and don't hate each other. So people need to just chill. Empty vessels make the most noise. Whether that be Afriforum or the EFF.

  25. i skipped around the video a little bit and all i could find was a bunch of "we don't have data therefore youre wrong" statements which isn't how arguments work…absence of evidence is not evidence of absence right?

    its just that the few points the guy was trying to make I kinda listened to were just him avoiding anything worth discussing so i really don't feel like watching this for longer than i have to. but im sure a bunch of people who really love their echo chambers will and i would apreciate the link to whatever study this entire video should logicaly be based on if its not a complete joke where he just repeats that theres no data therefore the data he imagines proves him right.

    i didn't find anything suggesting this dude was right when i quickly checked online and i actually found data suggesting otherwise so maybe i just didn't look deep enough but usually if you don't find this kind of data somewhat quickly its because its not there and the "data" you will eventually find is just some made up worthless thing.

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