Some Reasons Why Anarchist Communism is Important

when people hear the word communism they often imagine troubling images of Stalinist Russia and hard labor and think yeah I can't see myself advocating that this is completely understandable because it's how a compassionate person would react if all they've heard about communism is that it happened in Russia and there was a man suffering political elites in the Western world like to spread the lie that it's only possible to have their capitalist system or failing that USSR style communism and Marxist Leninist elites like to spread this lie to for the party or keep suffering under corporate capitalism virtually everybody ends up hearing these stories at some point or another and so for most people it's likely that if they hear someone saying that they're interested in anarchist communism it just wouldn't make any sense to them in this video I'd like to offer some insights into why I think anarchist communism is important for Humanity and an Oracle communist Society has an economy run in accordance with the principle from each according to their abilities to each according to their needs this means that people freely give what they can to the society and take what they need why should we strive to achieve a society like that what's the point well let's think about what it offers to the individual under a market system individuals become isolated from the community because their own survival is seen as something they have to compete with others to achieve alternatively if individuals were free to decide what to give to and take from society they would have an opportunity to rise above merely looking out for their own survival and instead would be encouraged to share their unique talents and visions for self-actualization with others all their resources together for the benefit of all we could use technology to automate the labor that none of us would like to spend their lives twirling away at this would give individuals the chance to follow the dreams that would be difficult to pursue while trying to survive the capitalist system I think that one thing that holds people back from imagining the possibility of a different society is that they don't think human beings are wise enough to rise above mere instinct of self-preservation but I think deep down all of us want to self-actualize in the sense that we want to use our abilities to give something to our surrounding community that we can feel satisfied with it can be difficult to accept the idea that this is what really makes us happy because we know that the labor that we genuinely want to dedicate our lives to carries with it the cost of having lots of difficult experiences and making lots of mistakes but acceptable costs and accepting these costs is key to having happiness the lasts people make up mentally with the stresses of capitalism by trying to accept the difficulties that for example having a boss brings and they might not want to fight against the system because they know how angry it would make them and they can imagine that anger being difficult to cope with but sometimes getting anger is the right thing to do especially if you're in a situation where you know that you deserve better than to be treated in an unjust way one of the greatest pitfalls of capitalist society is that all that the lack of communal spaces takes on the mental health of the individual there are many societies throughout history where communal rituals such as dancing playing and listening to music and eating together would be used to make individuals feel as if they're part of something greater than themselves in my opinion an anarchic communist society should have community spaces where people can gather and spend their leisure time together as they see fit when individuals feel as if something is getting on top of them they can share it with the collective and divide the problem rather than having to suffer in silence we could build mental health systems that encourage people to openly explore their consciousness rather than a system which treats unhappiness is a problem to be solved another benefits of anarchist communism is that an anarchic communist society would avoid the squandering of resources that occurs under capitalism market forces spoil the environment by making production into a race to make as much profit as possible production for human need on the other hand wouldn't suffer this problem as people could democratically decide to play sensible limits on the use of resources so that needs are met sustainably over time this choice isn't offered by the capitalist system another benefit is that an educational system under anarchist communism would look very different from that of a capitalist society under capitalism education is used to train people to be obedient workers and citizens who aren't going to ask too many questions and who accept the rewards and punishments they're given by people above them in positions of authority under anarchist communism with in shape education to promote free inquiry so that people become self masters of their own learning from an early age so that people have the independence of mind that would serve them well in a society where self-actualization through contributing to the collective in a unique way are the key responsibilities of the individual another thing to think about is what might become of gender in a future Society personally I'd like to see a world where we end the practice of assigning people with gender identities at birth because that just doesn't need to happen people could develop their own identities as they go through life as human beings rather than being made to conform to the gender binary trans and genderqueer people are leading the way in this struggle because they're coming up with new language to describe internal experiences of gender that don't conform to the binary carrying out the process of transforming gender from something restrictive into something amazing it also goes without saying that overthrowing the state would liberate people of color from police oppression racial justice on a global scale would entail overthrowing Imperial systems of domination and uniting the working class across national boundaries resources could be redistributed so the communities that have been devastated by colonial systems could be given the chance to thrive unfortunately we're past the point where we can reverse global warming the wiser stewardship of resources that would have made a difference production for need rather than profit hasn't been achieved soon enough and species after species is becoming extinct as the planet is slowly wrecked Stephen Hawking has said that the survival of our species will at this point require escaping from our current home planet and colonizing others because the future for Earth looks particularly grim in my opinion carrying out something like space exploration for the collective benefit of the species would require transcendence of national boundaries nation states would never work together to achieve something like that because that would require putting aside their own power seeking interests which just isn't how states operate not only that but it would require devoting production for something other than mindless consumption and the capitalist system just wouldn't allow that it's not just that an anarchic communist society would liberate people from the shackles of capitalism racism patriarchy in the state but our current circumstances require that we become wiser as a species and overthrow the institutions that are inhibiting the actions that may be necessary to our collective survival without it the future of humanity would simply continue on its current path of business as usual and the political and economic elites across the globe would wage endless wars and squander resources meanwhile the rest of us would be made to continue to take the punishment for the unsustainable luxury that they enjoy this has been libertarian socialist rants thank you for watching this video and thank you to my supporters on patreon Brandon how Gloucestershire Daniel Vincent Shelton divided fair it was rising Jack Reacher Jill Martin Marcie Patrick Gordon Sam Caesar and triple ax swag master 420 XXX

  1. As a leftist, I'm more interested in why anarchy, not why communism. You only say a couple lines on this, I think you should've explained this more.

  2. Very interesting point of view. I love learning about other ideologies. I personally am a centrist. What I took from this video is anarcho communism is very idealist. I personally think a central government is needed to really get any real work done and many people are naturally lazy. There more but those are two key points for me against this. Good video and bye.

  3. I consider myself an Libertarian Communist. And i think gender binaries are the way to go. Feminism should be abolished and patriachy is just a lie to defeat men cous women find them what… too aggressive=?
    In true meritocratic communism you have no need to asign gender as it is never realy questioned. You dont need feminism cous every1 has equal rights (both man and woman). And the only real driving factor is not money but status and reputation that you build by giving to society the best you can offer!
    Gender ideology has no place in it, as it just hinders real progression and forces topics that defie nature and science. Something a secular society should not be doing.

  4. How do you expect people to voluntarily give up things they made or own without a coercive state

  5. Anacho-commuism: We reject a ruling class because men with guns forcing you to live and associate a certain way is wrong.
    Also anarcho-communism: You're only allowed to live and associate like a communist or else men with guns will lock you in a cage or murder you if you offer sufficient resistance.

    You don't reject rulers, you just reject all non-communist rulers.

  6. On
    the "Capitalism is bad for the environment" argument. No where near as bad as Socialism/Communism. Where are the most dangerous and uncontrolled radioactive areas in the world? Former Soviet Union (communist), where is he world's worst air quality? China (communist). Worst water quality? Again China & Former USSR. Most development that damages not just the natural world but the social, economic, health and well being of the people? Again Soviet Russia/USSR (See Ural Sea)…

    Where is the environment been improving because of efforts to not just reduce but reverse environmental damage? The Capitalist West, most notably the USA.

  7. Technology definitely is a game changer when it comes to how we should be governing ourselves.

    I still think the root problem is the feebleness of innate empathy in determining behavior when confronted with perilous circumstances coupled with our extreme fear of death and strong desire to survive at all costs no matter how abhorrent those costs might be.
    Other than the design flaws inherent in our biological systems, what’s not to love! 😀

  8. this is the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard how does it even make sense if you’re not willing to work hard you don’t deserve benefits that he is suggesting

  9. i disagree with the vast majority of the info here, i have never had issues with bosses, never considered capitalism as "silencing my voice" actually its the opposite… which really means i agree with capitalism, and don't understand the reason you feel like your being "treated in an unjust way", furthermore Socialism/Communism/Marxism demands ultra large, centralized governments… and i am trying to understand how that's anarchy <- coming from a machinist who works 10hrs a day and only sees injustice against lazy people who don't want to work which will happen even more in socialism, but idk about the anarchy portion/stage of social development….????

  10. This idiot hasn’t a true clue about the truth! Men and women are not inherently benevolent you dumbass so when you become a capitalist let me know stupid ass and I will come take your shit retard! There are wolves in this world and as long as there are your communist ideology won’t work!!!! So start your communist and I’ll come rob your benevolence and leave you a dumbass retard starving without anything! You are a dumbass retard!

  11. Is not just the USSR, every socialist country has suffered, people are greedy and without strong government it doesn’t work, with it it doesn’t either but that’s not the point

  12. You cannot add Marx rule to anarchism. In anarchy all equally decide the rules. Such equality is similar to socialism or communism but does not generate the Marx rule "To each according to their need and from each according to their ability". Anarcho-communism creates a schism within anarchy, of those for and against Marx rule, each ruling the other out. Such ruling out contradicts anarchy (no ruler). The solution is for all to agree a compromise global rule which removes the schism. There is no such thing as Anarcho-Communism. There is only Anarchism.

  13. I ran by this video randomly but two things

    1.Anarcho-communism is a oxymoron and I’m surprised no one in the comment section calls you out for it anarchism is the lack of government intervention communism requires complete government intervention

    2. Get a pop filter please

    Oh and on a final note hearing communists say they can make it work might just be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard because it implies that somehow their brand can do it better I’m sure that’s what all the other experiments of communist countries thought TBH I thought Russia was the best of all the experiments it was the only one who after Stalin’s death really reformed itself to be a world power and a little more decent than Afghanistan but that isn’t saying much

  14. What I want to know is how would you deal with outsiders or those that don’t agree with the rest of the collective?

  15. Those are the 10 commandments of anarcho-communism:
    I am the Chaos your invisible random god, who brought you out of your private property, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other properties after me.
    Other people shall not make for theirself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is outside the school books above, or that is in the Holy State beneath, or that is in the water under the toilet; they shall not criticize them nor study them. For I, the Chaos your despair, am an envious god, calculating the tax inequality of the children on the fathers to the third and fourth generations of those who worked in the previous lifes, but showing social justice to thousands, to those who redistribute love me and keep my commandments.
    They shall not take the name of the Lord their God in the State, for the chaos will hold their guilt who takes His name in the State.
    Remember the saturday, the sunday and all the holidays paid by taxes, to keep it unholy. Seven days they shall labor and do all your work, but the sixth and the sevenths (plus all the paid holidays) day is the party of the anarchochaos your father. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your surrogate son, nor your surrogate daughter, nor your gay bdsm slave, nor your shemale sub, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is trying to invade other people property. For in a lot of days and years of work our christian and capitalist fathers made the America and the wealth, and it's your right to rest the sixth and the seventh days plus all holidays paid plus illness and boredom paid. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath and we have right to it.
    Dishonous your father and your mother, that their days may be short upon the State and the land which you and every random person has right to it.
    Tell other people they shall not murder, and then complain if they say crime is too high.
    In order to not commit adultery, do not commit to anyone, do not marry a wife and do not make sons.
    You have the right to take other people taxes gathered at gunpoint.
    Tell others they shall not trigger your weak mind.
    You shall desire and envy your neighbor's house, you shall have sexual intercourses but not love your neighbor's wife, nor his gay bdsm slave, nor his shemale fourth girlfriend, except fellatio with his donkey but just if is your neighbor's.

  16. Whether we like it or not, human biology is binary, we have do have a choice, but only within circumstances we have not chosen; asserting otherwise is a gift to the right, otherwise, I accept anarcho-communism may well have helped to avoid our current state of imminent species extinction.

  17. Why does every leftie say that gender is a social construct.
    Also they're no systemacital racism against blacks. Or maybe racism forces them to shoot each other. 🤔🤔

  18. Name me a country where Communism worked and then we'll talk about the importance of Anarchist Communism

  19. Yes it’s fine to let children or anybody decide their own gender. It’s when you start enforcing people to use certain pronouns under threat of punishment that it becomes Authoritarian.

  20. I would definitely take more than I produced. An-com only works if everyone takes less than they produce.

    How many of you would only take from the commune less than you produced?

  21. We Marxists all want a classless, stateless society to arise (anarcho-communism), but recognize that the power of existing states must be seized in order to protect newly-formed socialist societies from counterrevolutionary elements and hostile states.

  22. Well, thats one opinion, and very full of prediction and beliefs, but not very interesting due to those beliefs. This person doesnt understand management of groups at all and many of his assumptions have no proofs.

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