1. You got a lot of Deep Inside Man wisdom. Just hate the fact that you talked a bunch of shit about transgender people.

  2. I'm getting tired of this kind of simplistic and naive critique of society.
    What alternative do you have to offer Joe Rogan? Because your hippie fantasy is just that, a dream.

  3. I am gonna quit next week, but I have some money for 3-5 years to survive. Its hard to quit without money and with familly.

  4. It's not about people being flexible, it's about people just trying to survive. People in society are pushed into a way of life that doesn't care about the worker. People nowadays come a dime a dozen. So we are treated like slaves. The same people that created this slave system sit back and scratch their head and wonder why there is so much homelessness, people living in cars while working full time jobs. The economy cannot sustain in this fashion. I see us heading for a serious economic crash unless something is done.


  6. Joe Rogan I hear you brother it is hard to get there but I am on my way just like you Joe love Godbless !

  7. so how to escape this invisible prison? Always felt that we humans are not here to work 8 hours or more, not being with the ones we love, just to go home eat and repeat. But on the other hand we created a world in which you need money to live, so how to break the vicious circle?

  8. I would never understand my boss and co workers would prefer 8-12 hours at work rather more time with themselves. I also regret having promoted to higher position wich obligates me to make more output which in turn reduces time for myself. As for me Id get depressed that thinking there is no escaping this modern way of life while others would boastfully brag about it. This is it, the millions years of evolution of humanity and the outcome very depressing.

  9. 3:33 "You're just piece of a heartless, shitty machine that makes money" says Joe Rogan, commentator of a violent sport for an organization that makes lots of money.

  10. Illusion of choice = You have 2 choices work full time or work full time (at a chore), you cant afford part time or not working, youre not allowed to stay on welfare for a long time that's fraud = You are a quasi  slave

  11. Pottery makers were broke as fuck back in the day, even the ornate Greek type were dirt cheap when made just not now.

  12. I'm self employed I clean and detail vehicles I'm free I work when I want and I have no boss my clients are mostly commercial so I never see anyone just show up clean the vehicles and charge them

  13. Seth Godin said that our traditional education is part of the industrial revolution that changed the world. You went to school to be a good employee because the industry could give you a good life. What has happened now because of globalization and competition is that industry is failing and traditional education is too. Only companies who understand there employees as people and there organization as a tribe will be fine. Thanks to the Internet now you can find your passion and learn it from a online mentor who cares and has been there and done that. Thanks to the Internet now you can learn what it means to grow a company with culture and spirit etc.. You can learn whoever you want to be and grow towards whatever you want to accomplish. The new society works on peer to peer. As in you need to find your customers your employees and your tribe. Etc… This is all kind of written from an entrepreneurs perspective but if you are an employee just substitute the words and remember you can allways become a freelancer/subcontracter and a small business owner or entrepreneur one day.

  14. First the human condition comes from human conditioning ….
    Serpent Adam poisoned Eve
    Beta Alpha no Omega
    Ego Spirit suppressed Soul
    Left only , Left suppressed Right brain

    Sick of people that refuse to learn anything …… that pretend they know but dont know shit and understand even less……

    Left + Right = Light + Love = Live

    The lesson of two fish that most become selfish and sell their two fish. The snake and the eagle with the snake gone rogue …… that doesn't want to give up being at the top of everything today that doesn't give a shit about human beings….. Thinks we are pets or pup-pets that uses a con fucking science to achieve this con collective by use of the ego disease.

    What they arent is smarter than me ….

    God is Dog
    Fear is Raef Raef
    Disease is Esa es ID , That is ID
    Ego Disease is Esa es I Dog e , That is I Dog e
    Ego Disease dogma is Am God esa es I Dog e , Am god that is I Dog e
    Pup-pets that watch 4 hours avg of TV programming of people pretending to be someone they are not that becomes the same called society that is dead wrong and left only ……

    The 90/10 rule used to capitalise on those capital that live by this ego disease that makes life 90% left wrong and negative , pretend which is pre the end….. 10% right right positive.
    Turns them into pup-pets that behave like dogs the same and on top of shitty behavior to begin with that we conform to at the top of the ladder …… a snake race trying to take over the place at the top of everything today …… that plays a game of lets see how we can make human look like clowns today….. esp politicians and hollywood ….. chicken shit people scared to stand up.

  15. saw this video three years ago working an office job and part-time at kmart. now i'm self employed.

  16. he makes it sound good but in reality people like Warren buffet got to the top by stompin and stealing from others. wake up people the game is rigged folks.

  17. I liked the days when Joe Rogan's thoughts were like this rather than the new Joe Rogan thoughts. 3:20 props on that Wanted clip

  18. you wouldn't have cars to fix if not for companies..
    man you don't seem to get've got to see the whole system in full..everyone can't just do what they like cuz then no one will do what no one wants to do. monetary systems are the only way for society to move forward.
    i agree with your sentiment as a whole though, i feel like that often, probably why i won't have kids in my life. i just don't see the point.

  19. Great video.Can you tell me the name of the movie ? (Not fight club ,but the other one.)

  20. So if you write code for a living that is shit but pottery rocks . Wtf . I love my job , world can't be full of Stand up comedians and UFC fighters and it is highly hypocritical if you are a full fledged consumer of what those jobs produce . If an Amish said this I wouldn't mind because he acts on what he believes also so presumptuous to believe everybody in the world is miserable doing there jobs .

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