SOCIALISTS UNITE: Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders Join Forces To Attack Sleepy Joe Biden

socialists unite Ocasek or des Bernie Sanders joined forces to attack CB Joe Biden tempers are already fraying in the mammoth Democratic field and now that Joe Biden has officially entered the race the knives are out for the man who has been all but crowned by the earth nominee by the media the former vice president is widely seen by the establishment as the man who is the best able to defeat President Trump at the ballot box despite his advanced age dubious mental condition and the skin color but he is killing it nearly every polls which is not a good omen for the rising socialist wing of the party Biden has a tough road to the White House that is riddled with me to landmine and social justice fanatics will spring Manning as ambush along the way but the Socialists are already in the Far mood with the movements to national leaders going to attack against the G erotic gaffe machine with a green new deal which is the Trojan horse for the imposition of socialism still being promoted by the firebrand representative Alexandria Casa Cortez and Kenny old Bernie Sanders and in deviation from its extreme proposals by a fellow Democrat will not be tolerated and that is doubtless oversleeping Joe Biden whose lack of fervor for such radical remarking of society and has made him into the he's a punching bag Alexandria of course accordance has been fairly quiet as of the late but the tech of our revolutionary who went to Washington came out swinging his Biden during an appearance before far left activist on Monday ripping the frontrunner for the suggesting that there was a middle ground to addressing climate change that falls far short for the socialist revolution see SPM tweeted clip represent Liv Alexandria Casa Cortez on green new deal I will be damned if the same politician who refused to act they are going to try to come back today and say we need to find a middle-of-the-road approach to save our lives that is much for me full remarks Bernie sander is using Eli presentative Alexandria Kosta Cortez as a new weapon against Joe Biden in the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination Sanders appeared at Howard University on Monday night with Ocasek orders who received a boost from the Vermont independent who when she challenged relative Joseph Crowley in the Democratic primary in 2018 Oh Kasich or des who has not officially endorsed Sanders is returning the favor by hitting Biden the Democratic frontrunner the former vice president has sold to the top of the polls since entering the presidential race nearly three weeks ago creating a new challenge for the Sanders on Monday night she criticized middle-of-the-road climate's plan in the clear shot at Biden meant to come struck his centralism with the more liberal policies of Sanders I'll be damned Oh cast recorders begin during a rally of the green New Deal climate plan if the same politicians who refuse to act in the past decades are going to try to come back today and say we need a middle road approach to save our lives the Twitter diva of Kasich or is also up the family but suggesting that it voters listen to Biden then children will die Alexandria Casa cordis tweeted this is a deal-breaker this is no middle ground with climate denial and delay blaming blue-collar Americans as the main opponents to the board climate policies gas lobbyists one-zero-one we're not going to solve the climate crisis with this lack of leadership our kids lives are at stake comrade burning also sees establishments board of Biden as a serious threat to office in to seduce young people with promises of free stuff in order for the first list to seize control of the levers of the powering newest next year and is also going after creepy Joe Biden who will younger than Sanders doesn't have the Vermont ranks piss and vinegar Axios treated Bernie Sanders took the opportunity on Friday to slam Joe Biden's middle ground climate change plan that has been crafted with the help of former aide to President Obama none of the boots well for the party as a whole and while the competition for 21 denomination was always going to be a bruising high gouging skirmish probably probably nothing expected needs to start this early but the Socialists aren't going to be loose one opportunity to radically transform America without one hell of a fight even if it destroy the Democratic Party which is on the brink of all-out Civil War now

  1. The dems have proven that they are the goofiest party in the history of our great nation..they are a disgrace to even have people like this…they hate everything good and pure…they only want destruction and greef and they enjoy hatred and are very evil TRUMP 2020 six more fantastic years if non-stop WINNING🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸

  2. The Socialists are all so dumb biggest morons I've ever seen on TV they got all these great plans free this free that all we're going to give you this and that and everybody is going to be equal blah blah blah but they failed to tell you is how they're going to do it and where they're going to get the money they know where they're going to get the money but they're not going to tell you because they're not going to let it be known until after they're voted in and then you know what you're all screwed the Democrats are screwed the Republicans are screwed everybody screwed

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